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Member since: Fri Nov 13, 2015, 12:08 PM
Number of posts: 367

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I'd like Bernie to ask...

...of his opponent... where the money comes from for the corpos to pay Hillary and how can She justify taking the equivalent of someone's foreclosed property for a one hour speech and then expect us to belive she's on our side?

Bernie should put a foreclosed real estate address next to each and every 1/4 million dollar speech to bankers and realtors... Names and pictures of folks who died as a result of overpriced medicine next to the speeches she gave big pharma... And so on down the line...

We're told we should just be happy for her success but it all seems to have come from someone else's misfortune... Her and her cronies good fortune!

Someone needs to personalize it.

My address wil likely soon make the list... a life's work for a one hour speech to a bunch of fraudsters...

So yeah, I'm biased!

Go Bernie!

Since Hillary is our inevitable candidate...

... I say we send her a message by voting for Bernie in the Primary.

What better way to show her what the people would like without interfering with her scheduling fundraisers with her more important demographic of the top 1%?

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