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Member since: Fri Dec 9, 2016, 03:29 PM
Number of posts: 1,825

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Now is the perfect timing for Mueller to act!

Even F news turning on trump; we need to seize this moment and make the most of it. Because chances are, the media will move on to the next breaking news as soon as next week. And Mueller needs to act now, before some false flag attack happens (Bolton is a proponent of fals flags).

American flag rules

I had an interesting encounter while doing a photoshoot in city park for an immigrant family who just became citizens. The theme was American flag. Different poses, like holding in front, or placing it on the ground in front and just trying different things with it. A teenager was passing through while biking and (kinda rudely) intervened: ďIsnít there a rule that you canít put it on the ground?!Ē. Do you think it was a MAGA person or it was my bad and I should have known better? I am truly not sure, the family was obviously demonstrating American pride but they were asian and speaking Chinese among themselves so I donít know if it played any role. I felt like I got schooled by a teenager.

UPGRADE just saw last night; MUST SEE

Simply the best sci fi Iíve seen in years because it is extremely realistic and thought provoking. Iíve never really thought about possibility of hacking self driving cars and the outcomes. Really thought provoking movie, the pace of technology has acelerated in recent years thanks to machine learning and we saw what happens when technology gets into bad hands with our own election system.

Love Simon! I am in love with this movie!

saw it last night, loved EVERY moment. Canít remember last time I liked a movie so much, let alone a romcom. Phenomenal acting, many true to life moments. 100% genuine, I can attest as a gay person. Honestly, it is easily the best, most representative lgbt themed movie I have ever seen and it is meant for everyone, especially children/teens and their parents.

Love seeing trumps base meltdown after SOTU

apparently there is a way to crack the cult, if the immigration reform mentioned in SOTU gets implemented, this will be the end of trumpís base. win for everyone.

reps dont need a single dem to avoid shutdown

if anyone tells you its a dem shutdown, tell them that reps do not need a single dem to avoid shutdown. They only need simple majority that they have except that 4 reps voted for the shutdown. 60 votes threshold is a madeup rule has no mention in the constitution and they can easily change all the rules they want - they are the majority.

Trumpocracy, worth a read?

Curious about the book. Please share if you are reading it, recommend or not


Michael Wolff did Trump a big favor

This was the first thought that came to my mind when bannon got smashed. Itís crazy but nothing sticks to trump. He always manages to come out of simingly the most dire situations. A master of all con artists.


But we all should feel a little safer w/o bannon and his extreme advise.

Taking a break from DU

I decided to take a break from DU and news for that matter. I realized the best part of this year for me was when I unplugged myself for two months in February-March, no news, not even NPR, music only and just focus on the family. Doing so really helped clear my mind, improve mood and gain fresh perspective on things.

DU and virtually all the news have become echo chambers devoid of any deviating points of view with strong focus on negativity.

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