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Trump: Not a dime for California disaster aid.

( Mother Jones) A few weeks ago, California requested $7.4 billion in disaster aid following the massive series of wildfires in the northern part of the state that killed 43 people and destroyed nearly 9,000 structures. Actually, let’s back up. That’s not quite accurate. California’s Democratic governor, its two Democratic senators, and its 39 Democratic members of Congress asked for $7.4 billion. With only one exception, California’s Republican delegation boycotted a request for disaster funding for their own state.

Yesterday the Trump administration responded to California’s request. While the request includes anemic supplemental funding for states ravaged by hurricanes, it contains no funding whatsoever for rebuilding the communities in California devastated by the recent wildfires.

Judi Lynn

Roy Moores preposterous threat against an Alabama news publisher backfires spectacularly

(Alternet) Embattled Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, accused of sexually assaulting minors, sent a cease-and-desist to Alabama Media Group (AMG) over AL.com's allegedly defamatory coverage of him.

AL.com, which endorsed Moore's Democratic opponent Doug Jones, was ready with a blistering response: "AL.com hereby rejects your demand.”

A lawyer for AMG wrote that not only would it continue publishing stories about Roy Moore, but Moore's poor image is "self-inflicted" and any litigation brought by Moore & Co. would result in "important information" being revealed about its clients.

The letter told Moore's company to maintain available records of "Mr. Moore's history of romantic relationships or physical encounters (whether consensual or not)."


Alabama ex-cop says she was tasked with keeping Moore away from cheerleaders at high school games

(Raw Story) A retired Alabama police officer told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday that she had to keep an eye on Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in the 1980s at local high school football games because he would regularly harass the team’s teenage cheerleaders.

Faye Gary, who for 37 years was an officer at the Gadsden Police Department, explained to Mitchell that Moore’s reputation for pursuing underage girls was widely known throughout the community.

“We were also told to watch him at the ballgames, and make sure that he didn’t, you know, hang around with the cheerleaders,” said Gary.


Krugman: "Tax bills look like attempts to entrench a hereditary plutocracy."

Top-down class warfare, coupled with false claims to be cutting taxes on the middle class, has been standard G.O.P. operating procedure for a long time. ...

But there are also some new aspects to this latest money grab. This time around, much more clearly than before, the goal seems to be to favor wealth, especially inherited wealth, over work. And buried in the legislation are multiple measures that would make it much harder for the children of the middle and working classes to work their way up.

We’re still waiting for detailed analysis of the Senate bill, but the House bill doesn’t just raise taxes on many middle-class families: It selectively raises taxes on families with children. In fact, half — half! — of families with children will see a tax hike once the bill is fully phased in.


Leading Trump Census pick causes alarm

(Politico) The Trump administration is leaning toward naming Thomas Brunell, a Texas professor with no government experience, to the top operational job at the U.S. Census Bureau, according to two people who have been briefed on the Bureau’s plans.

Brunell, a political science professor, has testified more than half a dozen times on behalf of Republican efforts to redraw congressional districts, and is the author of a 2008 book titled “Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America.”


Ex-Fox News Employee Says She Was Blocked From Investigating Trump-Russia Ties

(Bloomberg) A former Fox News employee said the network blocked her from going to Moscow to investigate President Donald Trump’s links with Russia, one of several claims of news bias at 21st Century Fox Inc. made by former and current workers opposing its takeover of Sky Plc.

“You can’t do in-depth reporting if you’re not there,” said Jessica Golloher, a former Fox Radio correspondent who is suing the division for gender discrimination, at a gathering with U.K. lawmakers and citizens in Parliament on Monday. “Fox didn’t let me go to Moscow to dig into Trump’s Russian connections, even when I offered to pay my own way.”

“Fox is just buying what the White House is selling,” she said.


HR McMaster said President Trump has the intelligence of a kindergartner, at a private dinner.

(Buzzfeed) National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster mocked President Trump’s intelligence at a private dinner with a powerful tech CEO, according to five sources with knowledge of the conversation.

Over a July dinner with Oracle CEO Safra Catz — who has been mentioned as a candidate for several potential administration jobs — McMaster bluntly trashed his boss, said the sources, four of whom told BuzzFeed News they heard about the exchange directly from Catz. The top national security official dismissed the president variously as an “idiot” and a “dope” with the intelligence of a “kindergartner,” the sources said.

A sixth source who was not familiar with the details of the dinner told BuzzFeed News that McMaster had made similarly derogatory comments about Trump’s intelligence to him in private, including that the president lacked the necessary brainpower to understand the matters before the National Security Council.


The Hidden History of Trump’s First Trip to Moscow

(Politico) n 1987, a young real estate developer traveled to the Soviet Union. The KGB almost certainly made the trip happen.

It was 1984 and General Vladimir Alexandrovich Kryuchkov had a problem. The general occupied one of the KGB’s most exalted posts. He was head of the First Chief Directorate, the prestigious KGB arm responsible for gathering foreign intelligence.

Kryuchkov had begun his career with five years at the Soviet mission in Budapest under Ambassador Yuri Andropov. In 1967 Andropov became KGB chairman. Kryuchkov went to Moscow, took up a number of sensitive posts, and established a reputation as a devoted and hardworking officer. By 1984, Kryuchkov’s directorate in Moscow was bigger than ever before—12,000 officers, up from about 3,000 in the 1960s. His headquarters at Yasenevo, on the wooded southern outskirts of the city, was expanding: Workmen were busy constructing a 22-story annex and a new 11-story building.


Mueller Requests Wide Ranging Documents From DOJ

(ABC) Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team investigating whether President Donald Trump sought to obstruct a federal inquiry into connections between his presidential campaign and Russian operatives has now directed the Justice Department to turn over a broad array of documents, ABC News has learned.

In particular, Mueller's investigators are keen to obtain emails related to the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the earlier decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the entire matter, according to a source who has not seen the specific request but was told about it.

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Winning a bet, Tesla builds the worlds biggest battery for Australia

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China unveils next-generation nuclear missile that can strike anywhere in the world

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'Explosion' heard near missing Argentine submarine's last known location

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Trump vows to repeal and replace ObamaCare 'disaster'

4 hrs ago - BY JACQUELINE THOMSEN - 11/23/17 06:30 PM EST President Trump attacked ObamaCare on Thursday night, calling the healthcare law a “disaster” and vowing to repeal and replace the law after the GOP passes tax reform. https://twitter.com/realDonaldT ... (The Hill)

Facebook Thinks You're Gay Based on Three 'Likes'

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U.S. Abortion Rates Fall To Historic Low

5 hrs ago - LEGAL ABORTION RATES FALL TO HISTORIC LOWS IN THE UNITED STATES BY NICOLE GOODKIND ON 11/23/17 AT 4:35 PM Abortion rates in the United States have dropped to historic lows, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control an ... (Newsweek Magazine)

GOP Hopes For Quick End To Russia Probes Begin to Dim

5 hrs ago - By Drew Harwell November 23 at 3:24 PM WASHINGTON (AP) — Some Republicans are hoping lawmakers will soon wrap up investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election that have dragged on for most of the year. But with new details in the pro ... (Associated Press)

An Arrest in France Freaks Out the Kremlin Kleptocracy

5 hrs ago - Oligarchs close to Putin thought they were beyond the reach of law in the south of France. But the arrest of one of Russia’s untouchables may bring an end to that thinking. ANNA NEMTSOVA 11.23.17 2:17 PM ET MOSCOW—He was one of Russia’s untoucha ... (The Daily Beast)

Exclusive: Manafort flight records show deeper Kremlin ties than previously known

5 hrs ago - BY PETER STONE AND GREG GORDON ggordon@mcclatchydc.com NOVEMBER 27, 2017 05:00 AM WASHINGTON- Political guru Paul Manafort took at least 18 trips to Moscow and was in frequent contact with Vladimir Putin’s allies for nearly a decade as a consul ... (McClatchy DC Bureau)

Russia likely to reduce troops in Syria before year-end: military chief

6 hrs ago - NOVEMBER 23, 2017 / 9:09 AM / UPDATED 4 HOURS AGO SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) - The size of Russia’s military force in Syria is likely to be significantly reduced and a drawdown could start before the end of the year, the chief of the Russian militar ... (Reuters)

Whitefish Resumes Restoring Power to Puerto Rico After Payment

6 hrs ago - By Ari Natter November 23, 2017, 2:27 PM EST Whitefish Energy Holdings LLC said it resumed repairing Puerto Rico’s storm-ravaged electric grid after receiving a payment from the territory’s bankrupt utility. The company, which saw its no-bid $30 ... (Bloomberg)

A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller

6 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, notified the president’s legal team in recent days that they could no longer discuss the special counsel’s investigation, according to four people involved ... (New York Times)

Hunter, Trump and Issa refuse disaster aid support for California wildfire victims

7 hrs ago - Feds provide not one penny November 23, 2017 (San Diego's East County) -- Just in time for Thanksgiving, President Donald Trumps White House sent Congress a skimpy disaster relief funding request that includes not one penny for survivors of the wors ... (East County Magazine)

Woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Greg Abbott. The Texas governor opened his.

9 hrs ago - A Texas woman has been accused of mailing homemade explosives to President Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) that could have maimed or killed them, according to documents filed in district court last week in Houston. Julia Poff, 46, mailed ... (Washington Post)

Retired Lt. Gen.: Trumps Boastful Thanksgiving Message to Troops Somewhat Insulting

9 hrs ago - by Aidan McLaughlin | 12:22 pm, November 23rd, 2017 Retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling appeared on CNN Thursday to discuss President Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving call to U.S. service members — and called the president’s remarks “somewhat insu ... (Mediate)

Youre fired: Trump falls back on TV catchphrase to attack reporters as Thanksgiving meltdown cont

10 hrs ago - TRAVIS GETTYS 23 NOV 2017 AT 12:39 ET President Donald Trump used his reality TV catchphrase to insult reporters during a Thanksgiving Day event. The president spoke to military service members via teleconference, and complained their conver ... (Raw Story)

Obama wishes Americans a happy Thanksgiving

12 hrs ago - BY BROOKE SEIPEL - 11/23/17 10:03 AM EST Former President Barack Obama wished Americans a happy Thanksgiving Thursday. https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/933707825821421568 Thursday marks the Obama family's first Thanksgiving since leaving t ... (The Hill)

Report: Abbas Refused Kushner's Phone Call Following Decision to Sever Ties With Washington

12 hrs ago - A source tells Haaretz that the Palestinian president is determined to ignore the White House until the future of the Palestinian mission in Washington is determined Jack Khoury and Amir Tibon Nov 23, 2017 12:39 PM Palestinian President Mahmoud ... (Haaretz)

Netanyahu Rebukes Deputy After She Criticized U.S. Jews for Not 'Fighting for Their Country'

12 hrs ago - 'There is no room for such attacks and these comments do not represent Israel's position,' says Prime Minister Netanyahu Haaretz Nov 23, 2017 11:32 AM Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned disparaging comments made by Israel's deputy f ... (Haaretz)

Trump Replies to Tweet About Stoking Resentment Against Minorities: 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!'

14 hrs ago - by Aidan McLaughlin 7:02 am, November 23rd, 2017 On Wednesday, Washington Post writer Greg Sargent tweeted out a link to his article on the feud between LaVar Ball and President Donald Trump, with the caption: Trump regularly attacks high-profile A ... (Mediate)

AG Jeff Sessions orders review of FBI gun background check system

14 hrs ago - WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday ordered a far-ranging review of the FBI database used to check the backgrounds of prospective gun buyers, after the Air Force failed to report the criminal history of the gunman who slaughtere ... (CBS News)

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: Deal to allow return of Rohingya Muslims

16 hrs ago - Bangladesh has signed a deal with Myanmar to return hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled a recent army crackdown. No details have been released of the deal, which was signed by officials in the Myanmar capital, Nay Pyi Taw. Bangladesh ... (BBC)

Argentina missing submarine: Loud noise investigated

16 hrs ago - Argentina's navy is investigating reports of a loud noise detected a few hours after a submarine went missing. ... A spokesman called the noise a "hydro-acoustic anomaly" and would not confirm whether there had been an explosion. Captain E ... (BBC)

JPMorgan's Dimon says Trump likely to be a one-term president

20 hrs ago - CHICAGO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jamie Dimon, chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co, on Wednesday said he expects to see a new U.S. president in 2021 and advised the Democratic party to come up with a “pro-free enterprise” agenda for jobs and ec ... (Reuters)