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Kajun Gal

Our country has entered into a very dark time.

Our so called pResident has brought this country down, so low, lower than I ever have seen in my adult life. In his mind, money is more valuable than a man's life. A journalist's life.

He sows evil wherever he goes. He has no soul. He backs authoritarian people, he backs people who torture, he bashes our press, our rights, he mocks rape victims, disabled people, he has no soul....


A HUGE breakthrough today.

I doubt it means anything outside of my own political battles but...

My roommate (future ex-husband) who is a registered Democrat but who has gotten angry and yelled at me every single time I've brought up political news, specifically Republicans, more specifically Trump, and "that damned woman" - don't get me started....


I once slammed Joe Manchin. I regret it

A Democrat is always better than a Repugnant.

He might not be the senator from West Virginia we want but he's the Democratic senator we need.

Have a nice evening.


Why doesn't the Democratic Party demonize Republican leaders?

The Republicans have done it for years, and successfully, it seems. Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi! Feinstein Feinstein Feinstein! Hillary Hillary Hillary! Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas!

They seem to zero in on women leaders. Tweety on Hardball had a segment on this.

So WHY doesn't the Democratic Party do the same thing? McConnell McConnell McConnell! Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan! And so on.

Would it not work for us?


It Boils Down To This.

Either You Love Him or You Can't even stand to look at him!

There is no middle here.. You just adore his style or simply, he makes you sick.

I think this divide will work for us on Nov. 6th.....

To the Phones I go.. right the fuck now!


The gift for Dems: Trump's immature behavior fueled by false belief that he is winning

Here are the things we knew would happen on election night 2 years ago - The GOP would control Supreme Court picks, the GOP would control congress and be in a position to pass idiotic tax cuts, and Trump would be President for 4 years.

The fact that they got a Supreme Court pick, passed an idiotic tax bill, and that Trump is still president, is not winning. Those were always a given for the first 2 years until the first midterm. But this has created a false sense of security. Trump feels licensed to go completely off the rails, just today calling a woman "horseface" that he, by the way, had no problem banging when his wife was pregnant....

beachbum bob

If any democratic candidate does not go up with ads featuring Mitch mcconnel

Cuts to social security, Medicare, Medicaid.....we DESERVE to lose. I can't believe he said this before the election.

It can be a HUGE game changer for all the close senate races especially where a significant numbers of retirees live.

Time to level both barrels and blast them

This could be a godsend.


I will never vote for a businessman again.

Any businessman who runs for office is only thinking of the money. My experience with my business superiors has almost never been positive. Most of them are basically in it for personal wealth.

That’s the reason corporations are what they are. It’s the reason so many people are paid minimum or near minimum wage. It’s the reason unions exist. It’s the reason why social services suffer. It’s the reason poverty, inequality and disenfranchisement exist. It all goes back to doing business.


Why would any woman ever vote for a Republican?

Over the past few decades, the Republican Party has demonstrated how they feel about women.

They believe a woman's body should be controlled by laws passed by men.

They believe women are lying when they say they were sexually assaulted.

They believe that women should obey their husbands....


Trump Is Getting Closer to What I Call the Jesse Ventura Point.

Jesse Ventura got elected as Governor of Minnesota in a three-way race. He called himself an Independent, and managed to defeat both the Democrat and Republican who were running. It came as a big surprise to many Minnesota voters.

I'm sure it came as a surprise to him, too. Soon enough, he tired of the actual work of being Governor. Not long after that, the voters of this state grew tired of Jesse, as well. Seeing the writing on the wall, the former wrestler declined to run for re-election, to the great relief of almost everyone....


Pre-occupied with Nov. 6 - but enjoying Key West nevertheless Photography : By Mira

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Trump's Attacks on the Press Are Illegal. We're Suing.

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