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'It was a murder in full light of day,' President Biden says of George Floyd's death

(New York Times) President Biden praised a guilty verdict in the murder trial of the former police officer Derek Chauvin, but called it a “too rare” step to deliver “basic accountability” for Black Americans who have been killed during interactions with the police. “It was a murder in full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see,” Mr. Biden said of the death of George Floyd, who died after Mr. Chauvin knelt on his neck for more than minutes, and whose death ignited nationwide protests. “For so many, it feels like it took all of that for the judicial system to deliver just basic accountability.”


United Mine Workers of America endorses Biden energy policy in exchange for job training

(NBC News) The United Mine Workers of America leadership announced Monday they support President Joe Biden’s green energy policies in exchange for a robust transition strategy, a move the union hopes its membership will support as a way to transition toward new jobs.

Fearing further regulations from the Biden administration, the UMWA is pleading with Congress to invest in the industry by allocating funds to training and “good paying jobs” with benefits in renewable energy sectors for miners dislocated by the changes. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., the chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is joining the union for its announcement Monday morning.

In his $2 trillion infrastructure plan, Biden proposed a sweeping investment in green energy such as wind, solar and other renewable energy projects. In an effort to help fossil fuel workers transition to new jobs, the plan also includes billions of dollars to employ dislocated utility workers in the coal, oil and gas industries."


Polls suggest House Democrats will buck midterm curse and add to their ranks

(The Hill) With one of the slimmest majorities for any new president in modern history, President Joe Biden is already banking on the popularity of his legislation and executive actions to buoy Democratic prospects heading into the elections. Polling from last month following the passage of the American Rescue Plan indicated that 63 percent of Americans, including 58 percent of independents, supported the $1.9 trillion package passed with just Democratic votes. Similarly, according to a new poll out from The New York Times, Biden's new infrastructure proposal, the American Jobs Act, "garners support from two in three Americans, and from seven in ten independent voters." Interestingly enough, the plan has the support of more than 30 percent of registered Republican voters according to the same poll.

In addition to the broad level of support behind the Biden administration's two landmark pieces of legislation, new polling from Morning Consult from earlier in the month demonstrates the total dominance of Democrats over Republicans on the most critical issues facing the American people. During the 2018 midterms, healthcare was the leading issue that drove voters to the polls - and that was before an international pandemic ravaged our country. According to data from that Morning Consult poll, Democrats in Congress hold a +25 percent advantage over their GOP colleagues when voters are asked who they trust more to handle COVID-19 - 51 percent to 26 percent. Similarly, Democrats hold a +19 percent advantage when it comes to healthcare writ-large and a +20 percent advantage when it comes to protecting Social Security and Medicare. Even more damning for Congressional Republicans is the fact that voters give House Democrats a five percent advantage on who they trust on issues of the economy, an issue that was squarely in the Republican column in recent elections, including 2020.


Just before midnight, DeSantis reveals he's signed $1 billion tax on consumers

(Orlando Sentinel) Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law late Monday a bill that will cost Florida consumers who shop online an estimated $1 billion a year in sales taxes, with the money used to cut business taxes.

The governor’s office announced the decision at 11:23 p.m. Monday in an email that contained no comment. Early in the day, he traveled to Polk County to surround himself with law officers and publicly sign the controversial “anti-riot” bill (HB 1) that Democrats and civil rights activists contend is unconstitutional.

“Governor just signed a bill into law to increase your taxes and give the new revenue of $1 billion to businesses,” Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, tweeted after the bill signing was announced.


Explaining the possible outcomes of jury deliberations in the Derek Chauvin trial

(MinnPost) Chauvin faces three charges in the death of George Floyd. A video recorded by a bystander showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes last Memorial Day. It could take the jury hours, days or longer to reach a verdict. But when an announcement is made, it may not be as simple as “guilty” or “not guilty.” With three separate charges, each with three separate possible outcomes, there’s a lot of different ways the verdict could potentially go. MinnPost talked with Rachel Moran, associate professor of law at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, about the potential outcomes of the trial.


Eric Boehlert: New York Times drives Both Sides journalism off the cliff

(Eric Boehlert/Pressrun) Pushing the implausible claim that America faces symmetric threats to democracy today from conservatives and liberals, the New York Times' Nate Cohn on Monday uncorked a wildly misguided Both Sides foray that highlighted the anxious tradition of the Beltway media to position Republicans and Democrats are being equally at fault for today's political turmoil.

Instead of forcefully pointing out the conservative movement's dangerous and proud turn toward authoritarianism and paramilitary violence, Cohn tried to argue that what's happening with extreme polarization represents a move towards “political sectarianism," and that the right and left are now caught up in a ceaseless war featuring equal attacks from each side. At every turn, Cohn could only find examples of right-wing behavior that threatens our democracy, yet he insisted Both Sides were to blame.


Here's why Trump sycophants in Washington should be nervous after the first Capitol riot guilty plea

(MSNBC) On Friday, we learned of the first publicly entered guilty plea from among the over 400 people charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. A guilty plea in such a sweeping and high-profile investigation is significant on its own. But when sealed documents in the case accidentally became visible in the federal court’s automated records system, it became clear that there is more to this plea than a defendant simply admitting his guilt.

The guilty plea contains a provision requiring the defendant Jon Ryan Schaffer — who admitted to the court that he was a “founding lifetime member” of the far-right, anti-government extremist militia group known as the Oath Keepers — to cooperate with the government. That means a long-time Oath Keepers veteran has been "flipped."


Supreme Court scraps last GOP election lawsuit, ending five-month challenge to results

(The Independent) After five months and an estimated 65 lawsuits, the GOP lost its final legal bid at challenging the results of the United States’ presidential election. The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed as moot a Republican challenge to the extension of Pennsylvania’s deadline to receive mail-in ballots. It was the last challenge over Pennsylvania’s results, and the last of 65 cases brought by GOP plaintiffs.

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'It is much worse this time': India's devastating second wave

2 replies - New variant suspected of stoking surge that is overwhelming hospitals and crematoriums April 21, 2021 12:31 am by Benjamin Parkin , Jyotsna Singh and Stephanie Findlay in New Delhi, and John Burn-Murdoch in London Every night funeral pyres blaze o ... (Financial Times)

China's Xi to participate in Biden's climate summit

2 replies - BEIJING (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping will take part in President Joe Biden’s climate summit this week, the government announced Wednesday. Xi will participate in the online event by video link from Beijing and “deliver an important speech,” t ... (AP)

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U.S. judge rejects ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's bid to end sentence early

11 hrs ago - NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a petition by Michael Cohen, the onetime personal lawyer and fixer for former President Donald Trump, to release him from home confinement in May, six months ahead of schedule. U.S. District ... (Reuters)

Columbus police shooting updates: Aunt says teen girl killed; crowd protests

11 hrs ago - [div class"excerpt"]An angry crowd protested near a home on the Southeast Side where a Columbus police officer fatally shot someone while responding to an attempted stabbing call. The shooting happened just minutes before a guilty verdict ... (Columbus Dispatch)

ADL CEO asks advertisers to boycott Tucker Carlson, Fox News

11 hrs ago - Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt on Tuesday asked advertisers to pull their ads from Fox News and its prime-time show "Tucker Carlson Tonight" in a speech to the World Federation of Advertisers. "Choose to pause or ... (The Hill)

Ducey to send Arizona National Guard to border, declares an emergency in multiple counties

11 hrs ago - TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced Tuesday, April 20, the state will set aside up to $25 million to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border to help support local law enforcement. He also declared a state of ... (KOLD-TV)

'It was a murder in full light of day,' President Biden says of George Floyd's death.

12 hrs ago - President Biden praised a guilty verdict in the murder trial of the former police officer Derek Chauvin, but called it a “too rare” step to deliver “basic accountability” for Black Americans who have been killed during interactions with the police. ... (New York Times)

Sen. Durban: Republicans alarmed that 'too many voters are showing up'

14 hrs ago - "The problem is obvious," Durbin said. "Too many people are showing up." The Delaware Democrat chaired a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday titled, "Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault on the Right to Vote," fo ... (Reuters)

Grizzly bear kills guide just outside Yellowstone National Park

14 hrs ago - A Montana backcountry guide has died after he was mauled by a large grizzly bear that was probably defending a nearby moose carcass just outside Yellowstone National Park, officials said Monday. Charles "Carl" Mock, 40, who lived in the pa ... (CBS)

U.S. Unveils Plan to Protect Power Grid From Foreign Hackers

16 hrs ago - The White House unveiled on Tuesday a 100-day plan intended to protect the U.S. power grid from cyber-attacks, mainly by creating a stronger relationship between U.S. national security agencies and the mostly private utilities that run the electrical ... (Bloomberg)

George Floyd: Biden 'praying for right verdict' in Chauvin trial

16 hrs ago - US President Joe Biden has said he is praying for the "right verdict" in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis ex-policeman accused of killing George Floyd last year. Mr Biden, who spoke to Mr Floyd's family on Monday, implied he fel ... (BBC)

CNN Stands by Reporting on Capitol Officer's Death: New Ruling 'Doesn't Change What Happened'

16 hrs ago - CNN defended its coverage of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's Jan. 7 death on Tuesday, saying the new ruling that he died of two strokes "doesn't change what happened" during the Capitol riot. Sicknick was on duty on Jan. 6 and defe ... (The Wrap)

Ex-cop Derek Chauvin convicted of all charges in George Floyd's death

16 hrs ago - Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted Tuesday on all counts in the death of George Floyd in a case that sparked worldwide protests and a reckoning on race in the U.S. After about a day of deliberations, the jury found Chauvin guilty ... (CBS News)

Connecticut lawmakers vote to rescind religious exemption for school vaccination requirements

17 hrs ago - State lawmakers in Connecticut passed a bill Tuesday that would end the state's policy of allowing families to claim religious exemptions from the public school system's immunization requirements, except for those who have claimed them in the past. ... (The Hill)

Progressives formally reintroduce the Green New Deal

17 hrs ago - Progressive lawmakers, led by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), on Tuesday formally revived their push for a Green New Deal, leaning into the framework to swiftly transition off fossil fuels that’s become a prominen ... (Politico)

Bush Criticizes Republican Party in Interview

18 hrs ago - Former President George W. Bush, whose push for immigration reform and the invasion of Iraq spurred a backlash that helped lead to the rise of Donald J. Trump, is not happy with the current state of the Republican Party. “I would describe it as isol ... (New York Times)

Biden administration says it 'strongly supports' making D.C. the 51st state

18 hrs ago - The Biden administration issued a [link:https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/SAP-H.R.-51.pdfpolicy position] Tuesday in support of D.C. statehood, forcefully backing legislation to make the District the 51st state ahead of a House vo ... (Washington Post)

Ukraine says Russia will soon have over 120,000 troops on its borders

19 hrs ago - Russia will soon have more than 120,000 troops on Ukraine’s border, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Tuesday, calling for new Western economic sanctions to deter Moscow from “further escalation”. Washington and NATO have been alarmed ... (Reuters)

J.&J.s vaccine should carry warning of potential risk for rare blood clots, the E.U.s regulator says

20 hrs ago - BRUSSELS—The European Union’s drug regulator on Tuesday said a warning should be added to the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine indicating a possible link to rare and unusual blood clots, but stopped short of recommending it be pulled from use, sayi ... (New York Times)

Covid-19 deaths are accelerating, WHO warns, as world records most cases ever in a single week

20 hrs ago - (CNN) -- Covid-19 infections have been rising at an alarming rate for eight consecutive weeks, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned, as the virus sweeps unabated through hotspots in several corners of the globe. More than 5.2 million new ... (CNN)

Harriet Tubman's lost Maryland home found, archaeologists say

22 hrs ago - Archaeologist Julie Schablitsky found the coin with her metal detector along an old, abandoned road in an isolated area of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She dug it out of the ground and scraped off the mud. She hadn’t been finding much as she and her ... (Washington Post)

CN makes $33.7B bid for Kansas City Southern

23 hrs ago - By MICHELLE CHAPMAN A bidding war is breaking out for Kansas City Southern, with Canadian National Railway making a $33.7 billion cash-and-stock offer for the railway. The bid trumps a $25 billion cash-and-stock proposal made by Canadian Pacific la ... (AP)

Search for survivors of capsized lift boat ends

Yesterday - By KEVIN McGILL and STACEY PLAISANCE CUT OFF, La. (AP) — The search for survivors from a capsized lift boat in the Gulf of Mexico has closed and attention now turns to comforting the loved ones of the five known dead and eight missing, a grim hunt f ... (AP)

DeSantis signs 'anti-riot' bill into law, sparking outcry from Democrats, civil rights groups

Yesterday - Apr 19, 2021 at 5:38 PM Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Florida’s “anti-riot” bill into law on Monday, a measure that vastly increases law enforcement’s powers to crack down on civil unrest. The bill, pushed by the Republican governor, has been critici ... (Orlando Sentinel)

Elderly Korean couple attacked in park in California by same man who harassed Olympian Sakura Kokuma

Yesterday - Elderly Korean couple attacked in park in California by same man who harassed Olympian Sakura Kokumai, police say Elinor Aspegren, USA TODAY 3 hrs ago Olympian Sakura Kokumai said she was verbally harassed and called racial slurs in early April. No ... (USA Today)

Police Charge Massachusetts Man With Trying to Run Over Black Children After Playground Fight

Yesterday - Matthew Impelli 10 hrs ago A Massachusetts man was recently arrested and charged with attempting to run over a group of Black children in response to a school playground fight. Shane Belleville, 36, of Holbrook was charged with assault and batter ... (Newsweek)

US under Biden will no longer call migrants 'illegal aliens'

Monday - WASHINGTON (AP) — Employees of the two main U.S. immigration enforcement agencies were directed Monday to stop referring to migrants as “aliens,” a dated term that many people consider offensive. Memos issued by Customs and Border Protection, as wel ... (AP)


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