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It's The Hit Dog That Yelps

Just my opinion, but I personally believe that a lot of Republicans are guilty of a myriad of crimes associated with Trump and his administration.

Of course, there are different degrees of guilt. There are those who actively and knowingly participated, to those who knew what was going on and looked the other way – and everything in between....


I have no idea what will break the camel's back...

Because it's ALL horribly and progressively monstrous when it comes to Trump... EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There is no bottom of the barrel with this motherfucker. It's like all he wants to do is out-asshole his own damn self. The GOPrs are just sitting around with their thumbs up their asses, in full knowledge that they're ones who are going to ultimately pay the price for Trump's foolishness....

Stinky The Clown

You don't tug on Superman's Cape. You don't spit into the wind. And you NEVER fuck with the IC

Trump has been fucking with the Intelligence Community for a very long time.

I can ABSOLUTELY imagine they will be heavily involved in bringing him down.

Right behind the IC - or maybe right next to them - could be the media. Trump has been fucking with them, too.

regnaD kciN

Tell me more about those "cushy government jobs"...

My wife just got called back to her job at Treasury (gotta get those tax refunds out, right — even though that’s not actually her area of work) after being furloughed since before Christmas. Of course, she still isn’t getting paid…but, now, she also has to foot the bill for her two-hour-each-way bus commute, plus shell out for lunch at the overpriced low quality federal building cafeteria (since they don’t get enough of a lunch break to go outside the building). Also, the shutdown rules forbid the use of sick days so, if you’ve got the flu, show up anyway or get declared AWOL (yes, that’s a thing in the civil service, too).

But here’s the clincher....


I can hardly believe it, big default line for trump crossed

My cousin, whom I love, regardless of the fact that she voted for trump, stated today that she "blames the media" for giving us trump. "They never vetted him properly," I said (always seeking a position of agreement). She is 82 years old and a life long repub but with a heart of gold, always helping those in need, the sick and lonely. When repubs lose her (and her 5 sons and families) then they are about to learn how screwed they are. This shutdown is affecting her directly because she owns rental properties and has many Coast Guard tenants that can't pay rent. trump is so over ... BTW I don't believe polls that say trump has 39% SUPPORT. From where I live, I see his support crashing.


Let me get this straight

Speaker Pelosi is in power for two weeks and wants to visit the troops in Afghanistan. Drumpt is in power for 2 years before he decides to visit a combat zone. A very bad look for him. So, he cancels her.

Please Speaker Pelosi, as you have shown till now, not one step back.

If we cave, you can expect unending Drumpt government shutdown moves over the debt ceiling, etc.


The whole world waits for him to be gone.

I wonder what it feels like. To know that the whole world is waiting for you to be gone. They don't care particularly how or why. Just gone.

A person who is not mentally ill would wake up to the fact that maybe something's gone wrong. Maybe he's not performing well. Maybe people hate him. But that would be a person who is not mentally disturbed.


Let's just face it folks

We have a faction of people in this country consisting of Americans, Russian Nationalist, members of Congress, law enforcement and elite millionaires who will do anything to hold on to their antiquated ideas and laws in this ever changing diversified great country. They will use every tactic legal or illegal including colluding with foreign powers to keep them in power. We must strengthen our voter rights, fight against gerrymandering and insist on all states having backup paper ballots. As a citizen we must do everything we can to fight this faction.

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