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U.S. Supreme Court rejects Arizona challenge to 'Dreamers' program

(Reuters) The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday required Arizona to continue to provide driver’s licenses to the so-called Dreamers immigrants and refused to hear the state’s challenge to an Obama-era program that protects hundreds of thousands of young adults brought into the country illegally as children.

The case centered on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created in 2012 under Democratic former President Barack Obama that Republican President Donald Trump already has sought to rescind. Those who signed up for the program are shielded from deportation and given work permits.

The high court refused to hear Republican-governed Arizona’s appeal of a lower court ruling that barred the state from denying driver’s licenses to people protected under DACA.


They melted down: MSNBCs Mika says Trump and his lawyers freaked out after seeing Muellers que

(Raw Story) MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said President Donald Trump and his legal team panicked over the weekend after special counsel Robert Mueller previewed some of the questions he’ll ask in a face-to-face interview.

The special counsel reportedly sent the questions to Trump and his lawyers as they negotiate terms and conditions for Mueller’s interview, and the president called him out by name for the first time on Twitter — and his attorney John Dowd called for the Russia probe’s end.

“Just watching this story from the outside, not even knowing Trump, I have a little bit of insight to his patterns, but it appears that the questions freak them out,” Brzezinski said. “They melted down.”

Former White House press secretary Josh Earnest agreed, and he said Trump’s attacks on the investigation and his attempts to influence where it goes suggest he’s guilty.

Julian Englis

Self-described whistleblower suspended by Facebook after Cambridge Analytica reports

(The Hill) Christopher Wylie, a former employee of Cambridge Analytica, claims Facebook suspended him for whistleblowing.

Wylie's claim comes after Cambridge Analytica, the data firm used by the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, was exposed for having illegally harvested the Facebook data of millions of people.

On Sunday, Wylie shared a screenshot of an “account disabled” message that he said came from Facebook. He said the company suspended him for revealing something that they had already known for two years.


Sources contradict Sessions' testimony he opposed Russia outreach

(Reuters) U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony that he opposed a proposal for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team to meet with Russians has been contradicted by three people who told Reuters they have spoken about the matter to investigators with Special Counsel Robert Mueller or congressional committees.

Three people who attended the March campaign meeting told Reuters they gave their version of events to FBI agents or congressional investigators probing Russian interference in the 2016 election. Although the accounts they provided to Reuters differed in certain respects, all threes, who declined to be identified, said Sessions had expressed no objections to Papadopoulos’ idea.


Graham: Trump firing Mueller would be 'the beginning of the end of his presidency

(CNN) Sen. Lindsey Graham gave a stern warning Sunday to President Donald Trump against firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

"As I said in the past, if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency," the South Carolina Republican said on CNN's "State of the Union."

"The only reason that Mr. Mueller could be dismissed is for cause. I see no cause when it comes to Mr. Mueller," Graham said, later adding he believed the Mueller was "doing a good job."


Shepard Smith: Fox News opinion hosts 'don't really have rules'

(The Hill) "Some of our opinion programming is there strictly to be entertaining," Smith told Time Magazine's Daniel D'Addario in a piece titled, "Shep Smith Has the Hardest Job on Fox News."

“We serve different masters," Smith, 54, added when discussing the difference between the opinion side of Fox News, including shows such as "The Sean Hannity Show," and the network's news division. "We work for different reporting chains, we have different rules. They don’t really have rules on the opinion side. They can say whatever they want. If it’s their opinion."


Republican Jeff Flake: 'My party might not deserve to lead'

(CNN) As Republicans face a potential Democratic wave in this year's midterm elections, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake argued Thursday that his party "might not deserve to lead" given its support for President Donald Trump.

"If we are going to cloister ourselves in the alternative truth of an erratic leader, if we are going to refuse to live in a world that everyone else lives in ... then my party might not deserve to lead," the Arizona senator said in a speech at the National Press Club.


Larry Kudlow may have been more wrong about the economy than anyone alive

(WaPo) It was the eve of the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Many on Wall Street worried that a recession loomed and that the housing bubble was bursting. ... And then there was Larry Kudlow, the man President Trump just tapped to be his top economic adviser.

“Despite all the doom and gloom from the economic pessimistas, the resilient U.S. economy continues moving ahead,” Kudlow wrote on Dec. 7, 2007, in National Review, predicting that gloomy forecasters would “wind up with egg on their faces.” Kudlow, who previously derided as “bubbleheads” those who warned about a housing bubble, now wrote that “very positive” news in housing should “cushion” falling home sales and prices.


Larry Kudlow may have been more wrong about the economy than anyone alive

(WaPo) It was the eve of the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Many on Wall Street worried that a recession loomed and that the housing bubble was bursting. ... And then there was Larry Kudlow, the man President Trump just tapped to be his top economic adviser.

“Despite all the doom and gloom from the economic pessimistas, the resilient U.S. economy continues moving ahead,” Kudlow wrote on Dec. 7, 2007, in National Review, predicting that gloomy forecasters would “wind up with egg on their faces.” Kudlow, who previously derided as “bubbleheads” those who warned about a housing bubble, now wrote that “very positive” news in housing should “cushion” falling home sales and prices.


Leaked email shows North Carolina GOP panicking over Pennsylvania upset

(Share Blue) The GOP’s failure in the Pennsylvania special election has Republicans across the country quaking over a monumental shift in power come November.And that includes Republicans in North Carolina, who currently control the state assembly and fear that might not be the case come November.

A fundraising email leaked by conservative North Carolina blogger Brant Clifton shows just how panicked the party is. Matt Bales, political director for the North Carolina Republican House Caucus, warned that if the Pennsylvania result were applied to the state assembly, Democrats would wipe out the Republican majority.


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Republicans say Congress doesn't need to pass law protecting Mueller

20 min ago - Republicans are bluntly warning President Donald Trump to lay off his attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller, but there is scant support among the GOP to pass legislation that would prevent Trump from firing the special counsel. Republican Senate ... (CNN)

Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company

29 min ago - The UK's Information Commissioner says she will seek a warrant to look at the databases and servers used by British firm Cambridge Analytica. The company is accused of using the personal data of 50 million Facebook members to influence the US presid ... (BBC)

Scandal-hit Weinstein Co. files for bankruptcy protection

3 hrs ago - The Weinstein Co. filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday with a buyout offer in hand from a private equity firm, the latest twist in its efforts to survive the sexual misconduct scandal that brought down co-founder Harvey Weinstein, shook Hollywoo ... (AP)

North Carolina GOP previously hired Cambridge Analytica

3 hrs ago - The North Carolina Republican party and Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) paid the controversial British data firm Cambridge Analytica $345,000 for a direct mail campaign and consulting work, the News & Observer reported Monday. Cambridge Analytica, which ... (The Hill)

Trump Considers Reshuffling Legal Team as He Takes On Mueller More Aggressively

3 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — President Trump’s legal team was poised for a shake-up on Monday, according to two people briefed on the matter, as he openly discussed firing one of his lawyers, another considered resigning and a third — who pushed theories on televisi ... (New York Times)

U.S. judge dismisses Tennessee refugee resettlement lawsuit

3 hrs ago - (Reuters) - A judge on Monday dismissed the state of Tennessee’s lawsuit accusing the U.S. government of unconstitutionally coercing it into subsidizing the federal refugee resettlement program. Tennessee accused the government of invading its sover ... (Reuters)

Facebook security chief denies reports he's leaving company

4 hrs ago - https://twitter.com/thehill/status/975902281085472769 . Facebook's chief information security officer is denying a Monday report that he's leaving the company over its handling of disinformation during the 2016 election. Alex Stamos said on Twitter ... (The HILL)

Mueller team gives Trump lawyers more details of what they want to talk to President about

4 hrs ago - (CNN)As President Donald Trump's reaction to special counsel Robert Mueller grows more irate by the day, attorneys on both sides sat down last week in a rare face-to-face discussion about the topics investigators could inquire of the President. It wa ... (CNN)

Senate tees up Yemen vote for Tuesday

5 hrs ago - https://twitter.com/thehill/status/975898492827729920 . The Senate has formally teed up a vote on ending U.S. military involvement in Yemen for Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), wrapping up for the Senate for the evening, aske ... (The HILL)

Congress quietly preserves ability to pay sexual harassment settlements with taxpayer money

5 hrs ago - Sen. Gillibrand said her legislation to reform the process was cut "at the last minute." YVETTE CABRERA MAR 19, 2018, 8:34 PM An overhaul of Capitol Hill’s workplace misconduct system is in jeopardy and likely won’t be attached to a govern ... (Think Progress)

Senate GOP: Legislation to protect Mueller not needed

5 hrs ago - https://twitter.com/thehill/status/975894713785114625 . Senate Republicans on Monday dismissed the need for legislation to protect Robert Mueller, downplaying the chances that President Trump will fire him, despite Trump's recent attacks on the speci ... (The HILL)

Mississippi's only abortion clinic sues over nation's most restrictive abortion

5 hrs ago - https://twitter.com/thehill/status/975894166143201282 .Mississippi's only abortion clinic sued state officials within an hour of the governor signing the country's most restrictive abortion ban into law, The Associated Press reported Monday. The Jac ... (The HILL)

Maryland House approves stronger sexual harassment policies

5 hrs ago - Brian Witte, Associated Press Updated 6:02 pm, Monday, March 19, 2018 ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Maryland House of Delegates voted unanimously Monday to strengthen the General Assembly's policies on sexual harassment to cover lobbyists and create a ... (Associated Press)

Authorities: Brother of shooting suspect arrested at school

5 hrs ago - David Fischer, Associated Press Updated 7:26 pm, Monday, March 19, 2018 MIAMI (AP) — The brother of the teen charged with killing 17 people at a Florida school was arrested Monday afternoon for trespassing at the same school, authorities said. Za ... (Associated Press)

Illinois rep fires aide after alleged encounter with teenager

5 hrs ago - https://twitter.com/thehill/status/975890183206948865 . Illinois Rep. Randy Hultgren (R) fired one of his top aides after police reportedly found him in a car with a 17-year-old boy, Politico reported Monday. According to documents Politico obtained ... (The HILL)

Michael Cohen: Stormy Daniels payment was not about the campaign

5 hrs ago - https://twitter.com/thehill/status/975885669577961477 . President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen said in an interview published on Monday that the payment to keep adult film star Stormy Daniels quiet about her alleged affair with Trump was n ... (The HILL)

Pro-Bernie Sanders group cancels Hillary Clinton protest

5 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — A pro-Bernie Sanders group has canceled an anti-Hillary Clinton protest, its organizer told NBC News on Monday. The event, created by the leader of a local chapter of Our Revolution, prompted backlash from Clinton allies, leading Sander ... (NBC News)

FAA records reveal Trump plans to flee to Mar-a-Lago when thousands of student rally against guns i

6 hrs ago - 19 Mar 2018 at 12:54 ET President Donald Trump is expected to abandon the White House when thousands of students come to Washington, D.C. on Saturday to participate in the March for Our Lives anti-gun rally. According to FAA ... (raw story)

NYC launches investigation into Kushner Cos. false filings

7 hrs ago - NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City council member launched an investigation Monday into the Kushner Cos.′ routine filing of paperwork falsely claiming zero rent-regulated tenants in its buildings, saying that the deception should have been unco ... (AP)

Trump prepared to hit China with $60 billion in annual tariffs

8 hrs ago - By Damian Paletta and Josh Dawsey March 19 at 5:25 PM President Trump is preparing to impose a package of $60 billion in annual tariffs against China, following through on a long-time threat that he says will punish China for intellectual propert ... (The Washington Post)

Statue of Abolitionist John Brown Vandalized in Kansas

8 hrs ago - Statue of Abolitionist John Brown Vandalized in Kansas A statue of the abolitionist John Brown has been vandalized in Kansas City, Kansas. March 19, 2018, at 8:19 a.m. KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) A statue of fiery abolitionist John Brown has been vandal ... (Associated Press)

Trump's lawyers have turned over documents to Mueller with hopes of limiting interview scope

8 hrs ago - By Carol D. Leonnig March 19 at 5:13 PM President Trump’s attorneys have provided the special counsel’s office with written descriptions that chronicle key moments under investigation in hopes of curtailing the scope of a presidential interview, ... (The Washington Post)

Mississippi gov signs nation's toughest abortion restrictions

8 hrs ago - The law immediately bans most abortions after 15 weeks' gestation with no exceptions for rape or incest. Mar.19.2018 / 3:58 PM ET / Source: Associated Press JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi's governor on Monday signed the nation's tightest abortion res ... (Associated Press)

US agent goes on trial in Mexican teen cross-border killing

9 hrs ago - Anita Snow, Associated Press Updated 2:50 pm, Monday, March 19, 2018 PHOENIX (AP) — A U.S. border Patrol agent accused of shooting across the border into Mexico and killing a teenager five years ago will go on trial Tuesday on a charge of second ... (Associated Press)

Back-door ban: States fight Trump drill plan with local bans

9 hrs ago - Wayne Parry, Associated Press Updated 3:07 pm, Monday, March 19, 2018 ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Some coastal states opposed to President Donald Trump's plan to allow oil and gas drilling off most of the nation's coastline are fighting back with p ... (Associated Press)

Labor Department won't enforce investor protection rule(Fiduciary rule) after court decision

9 hrs ago - The Labor Department's decision to put enforcement of the fiduciary rule on hold adds to the uncertainty of the measure's future. Regardless of what happens, retirement savers should be sure to carefully vet their financial advisor and understand exa ... (CNBC)

Supreme Court refuses to stop new congressional maps in Pennsylvania

10 hrs ago - The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a request from Pennsylvania Republican legislative leaders to block the implementation of a redrawn congressional map that creates more parity between the political parties in the state. It was the second time ... (Washington Post)

White House: No discussions about firing Mueller

10 hrs ago - BY JONATHAN EASLEY - 03/19/18 02:51 PM EDT A senior White House official said Monday that there are no plans to fire Robert Mueller, even as President Trump has been ramping up his attacks against the special counsel. “There are no conversations ... (The Hill)

Revealed: Trumps election consultants filmed saying they use bribes and sex workers to entrap polit

10 hrs ago - Senior executives at Cambridge Analytica – the data company that credits itself with Donald Trump’s presidential victory – have been secretly filmed saying they could entrap politicians in compromising situations with bribes and Ukrainian sex workers ... (Channel 4 (Britain))

UPDATED: Cynthia Nixon to challenge Andrew Cuomo in New York

10 hrs ago - Actress and activist Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York, challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) from the left in this years Democratic primary. Something has to change, Nixon says in the campaigns launch video. We want our government ... (Washington Post)