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EVERYONE: 1) Calm down. 2) Breathe. 3) Accept the mystery (for now.)

Right now it's pandemonium. A lot of hair on fire posts, a lot of running around. A lot of people insisting that Trump has gotten away with murder.

It's time to calm down, breathe, and....in the words of a terrific movie (A Serious Man)…."Accept the mystery."

What does today's news mean?

We don't know....


Remember, the report is not an indictment document itself. It is a report.

It is possibly a guidebook for other indictments and prosecutions.

So this might just be the beginning of things, and most certainly not the end.


I'm switching to Buttigieg because he is a game changer.

After Trump, I am firmly convinced that there is no disqualifying characteristic anymore. Trump showed that. All these holier than thou evangelicals don't really care about your sex life. They never did and they never will.

If the oldest, dumbest, most morally corrupt, least experienced, craziest candidate ever, a fat cat New Yorker no less, can win the rust belt, then why not a young mayor actually from the rest belt? ...


The "System" is broken.

American democracy was not designed to allow a minority to rule the majority. Trump's base is calling the shots through their boy.

While this country is actually a constitutional republic, designed to protect the RIGHTS of minority groups, it isn't meant to allow one group of less than 50% of the population to make national and foreign policy, determine wealth distribution, etc. This means either the 1% and/or the base.

My guess is that for every election hereon in, we will have to vigorously fight for all candidates (federal, state, local) who will endorse the vision of the Framers and to get them elected.

H2O Man


A fact: George Conway tweeted that Trump is spinning out of control, due to psychological impairment, and thus poses a threat to U.S. National security.

A rumor: the White House is attempting to spin this in a way that distracts from Conway's message. With the help from some surprisingly silly journalists, the White House is attempting to make it all about trouble in the Conway marriage....


I think the Biden doing an early VP pick is a lot of hot air

Seriously... the press has been beside themselves.. feeding off each other.. Absolutely Stacey Abrams an awesome pick..but not out of the gate... they met for over an hour... and I am sure VP Biden is looking for that person he can work with as he worked with Pres. Obama and it makes good sense he is meeting with people now... Especially Stacey Abrams who understands how the south or portions of it is moving towards Democrats..she is a great advisor at this point in time....


I believe SNDY will indict the Trump organization, possibly before the Mueller report.

In my opinion, Mueller releasing his report before the handing down of indictments would be like putting the cart before the horse.

Indicting the Trump organization is a perfect way of getting around the legal question about wether or not you can indict a sitting president. Indict The Trump organization and you nail Trump without directly indicting him.

Mueller and SNDY are working and coordinating together. During Muellers investigation he found other crimes that he passed on to SNDY. I believe they will throw a one , two punch at Trump and knock his ass out of office....


Disconnect in Vermont

Yesterday morning my concern about potholes changed to an early-spring checklist as I made my way between two little villages here in Vermont. I searched the woods for sap lines, hoping to see smoke rising above the sugar shacks. Who would win the Joe’s Pond Ice-Out guess this year? How old is that red barn? Any red-wing black birds back yet? Wind damage to that snow fence over there. Snow still halfway up those truck tires. I saw a few old bird nests, some crows snacking along the roadside. I saw the first signs of mud which meant I’d soon be able to switch to my bright yellow $5.00 thrift shop boots and maybe put the shovel away. Someone a couple hours from here reported seeing a crocus and the chickadees are a lot more chirpy. I enjoyed every one of those thoughts....


We Worry About Your People, Republicans

When a Democratic president is sworn-in in January 2021, will your party members be able to adjust to the change? We know that most of them are slow to accept new things, and we’re concerned about their ability to accept the changes having a Democratic president will mean.

Will they ever accept a president who can read, write and speak at an above-third-grade level, and actually understands how the government works? ...


This is so cool: Wave Power Plant Environment & Energy : By catbyte

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