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Why I vote in a red county, in a red district, in a red state.

I vote because nothing is so constant as change. I vote for the change I want to see.

I vote because voting is the voice I have and silence is consent.

I vote because people have paid with their lives and their bodies to preserve the right to vote. To not vote would be disrespectful to their sacrifice....


Even if you are in a safe Blue Congressional District and State, please VOTE

I live in Manhattan, NY. The Democrats here are shoo-ins, but I'm still planning to vote because I want the Democratic party to get more votes overall. My vote won't decide a close election, but it will still send a message.


People slept in tents last night in Florida for

guess what?

Not iPhones, not Black Friday sales. They were there for EARLY VOTING

How wonderful.


Don't Attack the Media

I see where people suggest others not attack the media, because the media is already under assault from Trump and Republicans.

This highlights a huge problem, and represents an ongoing victory for Republicans.

The GOP's modus operandi is to project, or to say the opposite of what's true. And that's precisely what they've done with regard to the mainstream media, which has turned into corporate infotainment (80+ companies ran the bulk of the media 35 years ago, and today just a handful of giant corporations own and operate the for-profit infotainment industry)....


I was FIRST to vote! But what a mess.

I voted at the little library named after Tip O'Neill. It was supposed to start at noon. The room was 14' x 20' and it held a conference table, eight voting booths, a desk, seven chairs, a printer, scanners, ballot box, supplies, and five people who were just setting up and figuring out what to do.

As the line grew behind me, everybody was calm and jovial, but at 12:15 some people left. After much discussion, they handed me a ballot and I filled it in. But I couldn't put it in the box without an envelope that wasn't there. A police officer arrived with two boxes of 500 envelopes each. I got one and was told I had to stand there and fill out the info on it by hand, but there was no place to stand and the pens weren't working on the envelopes. Then I had to place a sticker across it to seal it. I finally put it in the box!

It was all worth it. I'm going to assume my ballot was properly handled and my straight D ticket will count. Yay!


Oltime DUers: Pleased to announce that the baby blm you've heard about since 2001

entered the voting booth for the very first time - fully confident she understood the candidates and the issues - and cast her votes.

You all are part of this proud moment because I have shared with her over these years many of our best moments here at DU.

Thank you.


How we MUST begin talking about Trump...a frustrated call to arms

Trump is evil incarnate. He has no center, no morals, no core beliefs. He cares not a whit for anyone not named Donald J. or Ivanka Trump (including his sons, other daughter, wives and pretty much every other life form on this planet).

He must be beaten over the head with a brutal and honest reflection of what he is...a raging narcissistic boil on the ass of humanity....


Why are the Democrats in congress afraid to call Trump voters what they truly are?

The followers of a fascist, a fascist movement. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is fact. I spelled it all out in a recent post. What are they afraid of?

They are rigging elections, attacking the free press, running a propaganda campaign, attacking the entire justice system. I am not making anything up, I am not exaggerating. It's happening.

If Trump gets enough fascists elected to congress then it is to late to call it out.


Voted Gillum and Nelson!!

Smooth operation at African American Library on Sistrunk.

Made a mistake on my vote by mail ballot (turning 60 next year/I can no longer mock the seniors in palm beach county in 2000).

Everyone at voting place knew procedures inside and out. Got new ballot/ got to use old one as work sheet/ had to turn in old ballot after casting new ballot....

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