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scheming daemons

I am the father of a college student who was sexually assaulted in 2014

My daughter had just transferred to Penn State main campus in the fall of 2014 for her junior year. She went to a frat party her first weekend at school with 2 roommates.

She drank too much. At some point, she and her roommates split up and she found herself alone on the couch in the living room of the frat house. She was too inebriated to think straight. A young man told her he would walk her back to her apartment. Instead, he took her back to his and raped her. She got out of the apartment and managed to stumble back to her own.

In the morning, she had incomplete memories of what happened to her, and was too ashamed to tell anyone. She did not know the boy who did it, and in any case, she blamed herself. She was too embarrassed to tell me or her mom. ...


Watch the republican attempt to jam Prof. Ford into hearing Monday fall apart

...and recognize how full of shit the Monday deadline Grassley set for Dr. Ford was, and how self-defeating it's been to have apparent opponents of Kavanaugh, nonetheless repeating the republican demands like they're infallible and set in stone.

Republicans understand they need her to appear more then she needs them. They also must realize that proceeding without Prof. Ford's appearance before them denies them the opportunity to have Kavanaugh rebut the charges in the same forum as his accuser. ...

jodymarie aimee

I was a rape victim 4 separate times by 4 different men.

I was a rape victim 4 separate times by 4 different men. I knew only 1 of them as a roadie for my brother's band. 1969-1971. I would have never told anyone, least of all my parents....they would have yelled at ME.....I have a photographic memory...but I could not tell you today the address of the house, the color of the room, what the man had on, what I may or my have not ingested, etc .....

So none of this is off kilter...you tend to block bad events and Trump is fucking nuts with that tweet this morning..

I want nobody's sympathy...it is almost 50 years ago. I am only telling you FACTS. You didn't tell the cops, your Mom and Dad, certainly not the FBI. I wrote a LTE about it 5 years ago.....first time I told anyone. The editor said I was brave. No, I was honest. It was time, it was a letter regarding abortion rights...and I had something to contribute.


The News is So Gross This Week OF COURSE We Got Sexy Handmaid Costumes. OF COURSE We Did.

Well, I'm blasted out of my mind on allergy meds again, Shower Captives, so I can't strictly vouch for my accuracy tonight. If I write a paragraph about Mazie Hirono riding a griffin to Capitol Hill and letting it eat Orrin Hatch...just double-check my work, is all I'm saying.

Before we go any further, we need to get the mushroom thing out of the way. I know we all wish it didn't happen, but it did. Look, I've never been on the “Female Ghostbusters ruined my childhood” or "A black stormtrooper ruined my childhood” train, because that train is a dumbfuck train. ...

Pacifist Patriot

Men in my life

I am not defined by the men who have harassed me or the teenager who raped me. Not remotely. No way.

My father always cherished, supported, and encouraged me. If he ever found out what happened to me, it would devastate him. He would blame himself for not protecting me when that wasn't even possible. He is proud of his strong independent wife and daughters. I adore him for being a Baby Boomer feminist and not even knowing that is what he is.

My husband has told me he adores my fierceness, leadership qualities, independent streak, and no fucks left to give attitude. His masculinity isn't threatened by feminism that asserts women are people too. Hell, he deeply fears a world where women have no voice. (Did I choose well, or what?) ...


it's not a criminal trial, it's a JOB INTERVIEW

a lot of discussions about this Kavanaugh senate process get all wrapped up in "ooh, it's a he said/she said situation"

well i've never been on trial, although i have sat on a jury and i understand the "presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt" standard.

but one thing i've done plenty of is job interviews. ...


I think Kavanaugh is afraid of an FBI investigation for more than one reason.

I believe that Dr. Ford is telling the truth. I think Kavanaugh knows she is telling the truth. I think Mark Judge also knows what the truth is.

I think in addition to the FBI presenting corroborating evidence that supports Dr. Ford, I think Kavanaugh fears what else the FBI is going to find. I think there are stories out there concerning Kavanaugh's behavior that may reveal things that are so far unknown to the public.

H2O Man

It Don't Come Easy

My (ex) sister-in-law and her husband took my sons and I to watch Ringo Starr's concert in Binghamton Tuesday evening. Every song the All Starr Band played was fantastic. There is something about watching the 78-year old former Beatle that brings back good memories. And I know that most of the audience – and the majority was of my generation – were reliving the same memories. Thousands of people were singing along, and hundreds were dancing throughout the arena.

In these strange and often terrible times, it is important to take time to recognize and experience the good that is around us. That's not to say we should ignore or somehow forget all the bad things around us – that is not possible. We are in one of the most intense conflicts in our nation's history. We see it played out in the media daily, with Trump, Kavanaugh, and the spineless republicans in the House and Senate. They are the spores of a poisonous plant that have taken root in too many communities across America. ...


One of the reasons I like Andrew Gillum so much--maybe it's shallow--he's so inherently likeable.

Don't get me wrong. There have been plenty of highly likeable Democrats and elected officials on local, state and federal levels before 2016.

There are plenty of highly likeable Democrats and elected officials currently serving in local, state and federal levels at this very moment. We talk about them all the time here. We root for them. We cheer for them.

But its just such a refreshing feeling to see a fresh, relatively unknown face in politics come out of the blue now in 2018 who just makes you happy. Who makes you smile. Who you get a genuinely good feeling for when you hear them speak. Who makes you optimistic that all is not lost. ...


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