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Trump's Latest FBI Attack Stuns Justice Dept. Officials: 'We're in Venezuela'

(Daily Beast) President Donald Trump’s latest round of attacks on the FBI has left morale at the Justice Department at a new low, with officials bemoaning what they view as a full-frontal assault on their institution.

“It’s a deliberate campaign to delegitimize institutions where the people who are inside those institutions are professionals and giving up lots of money for the jobs that they’re doing and it’s extremely demoralizing,” said one current federal prosecutor.

“As my father used to say, history goes forward and backward. And things go backward when the trust in bedrock institutions—which are trustworthy, by the way—is diminished for the benefit of a few. It accelerates, and you wake up one day and we’re in Venezuela.”


Rating Changes in 19 House Races, All Toward Democrats

(Roll Call) After the latest round of changes, Inside Elections now has 68 Republican seats rated as vulnerable compared to just 10 vulnerable Democratic seats. And there are at least a couple dozen more GOP-held seats that could develop into competitive races in the months ahead.

That discrepancy in the playing field is reminiscent of previous “wave” elections. In April 2010, there were 68 vulnerable Democratic House seats and 11 vulnerable Republican seats. Republicans gained 63 seats later than year. And in May 2006, there were 42 vulnerable Republican seats and 11 vulnerable Democratic seats. Six months later, Democrats gained 30 seats.


Reuters now reporting that Giuliani's claim of a Sept. 1 deadline was "entirely made-up"

(Reuters) Giuliani was quoted by the New York Times later on Sunday as saying that Mueller had said the investigation would wrap up by Sept. 1.

A source familiar with the probe called the Sept. 1 deadline “entirely made-up” and “another apparent effort to pressure the special counsel to hasten the end of his work.”

“He’ll wrap it up when he thinks he’s turned over every rock, and when that is will depend on how cooperative witnesses, persons of interest and maybe even some targets are, if any of those emerge, and on what new evidence he finds, not on some arbitrary, first-of-the-month deadline one of the president’s attorneys cooks up,” said the source, a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity.


An important lesson from the Royal Wedding

Those of you who regularly interact with black folk, follow Black Twitter, read the Root, etc. probably know this already, but for those of you who don't, I'm telling you that black folk have lost their damned minds over the Royal Wedding. I mean completely spinning out of control ... in a good way.

And there's a reason for it. As I've noted elsewhere, black folk so often - almost always - are made to feel that we don't REALLY belong. Usually, when the country is going Gaga over something, it doesn't include us or there is something about it that makes us cringe a little because our memory or experience with it isn't always pleasant and is often painful - which might not be so bad if that unpleasantness or pain were recognized, but it rarely is....

red dog 1

Post a line of poetry that is appropriate for our current Commander-in-Chief

"O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Sir Walter Scott


Hillary Clinton to be honored at Harvard for 'transformative impact'

(The Hill) Hillary Clinton will reportedly receive a prestigious award from Harvard University this week.

Clinton will be presented with the Radcliffe Medal, which Harvard says is given to those whose life and work have had a “transformative impact on society,” The Associated Press reported.

The former first lady, senator, secretary of State and first female Democratic presidential nominee was chosen for her record as a “champion for human rights,” a “skilled legislator” and “an advocate of American leadership,” according to the news service.


Republican lawmaker: Rocks tumbling into ocean causing sea level rise

(Science Mag) The Earth is not warming. The White Cliffs of Dover are tumbling into the sea and causing sea levels to rise. Global warming is helping grow the Antarctic ice sheet.

Those are some of the skeptical assertions echoed by Republicans on the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee yesterday. The lawmakers at times embraced research that questions mainstream climate science during a hearing on how technology can be used to address global warming.


Trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants: 'These aren't people. These are animals.'

(USA Today) President Trump used extraordinarily harsh rhetoric to renew his call for stronger immigration laws Wednesday, calling undocumented immigrants "animals" and venting frustration at Mexican officials who he said "do nothing" to help the United States.

“We have people coming into the country or trying to come in, we're stopping a lot of them, but we're taking people out of the country. You wouldn't believe how bad these people are," Trump said.

"These aren't people. These are animals."


Senate Votes To Kill Repeal Of Obama-Era 'Net Neutrality' Rule

(AP) The Senate has voted to kill a Federal Communications Commission rule that repealed the Obama administration’s ban on internet providers blocking or slowing down certain content.

Back in December, the FCC repealed “net neutrality” rules that ensured equal treatment for all web traffic.

The Obama-era rule prevented providers such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from interfering with internet traffic and favoring their own sites and apps. Critics, including the Trump administration, said over-regulation was stifling innovation.

Three Republicans joined with Democrats in voting to repeal the FCC rule that was scheduled to go into effect next month. The final vote was 52-47.


A view from my front porch Gardening : By backtoblue

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Trump blames Democrats for separating migrant families at the border

23 min ago - BY JOSH DELK - 05/26/18 10:46 AM EDT President Trump on Saturday called for an end to his administration's policy of separating undocumented immigrant families at the border for legal prosecution, blaming Democrats for inaction on immigration poli ... (The Hill)

Border Patrol slightly changes account of undocumented woman's fatal shooting

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Wikileaks' Assange reportedly offers to show Schiff 'there was no collusion'

53 min ago - BY LUIS SANCHEZ - 05/26/18 09:48 AM EDT Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is willing to meet with Democratic ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (Calif.) to prove there was "no collusion," according to an interm ... (The Hill)

Senator, Trump say Utah man released from Venezuela jail

59 min ago - CATHERINE LUCEY and JOSHUA GOODMAN, Associated Press•May 26, 2018 WASHINGTON (AP) — A Utah man has been released from a jail in Venezuela after spending nearly two years behind bars on weapons charges. Sen. Orrin Hatch says on Twitter that Joshu ... (Associated Press)

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher loses endorsement for saying it's OK to not sell homes to gay people

1 hr ago - CNN Digital Expansion 2018 Clare Foran By Clare Foran and Kate Sullivan, CNN Updated 3:28 AM ET, Sat May 26, 2018 Washington (CNN)Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California is facing criticism and has lost an endorsement from a Realtors group ... (CNN)

Scientists find opioids in Puget Sound mussels

2 hrs ago - SEATTLE — Scientists who track pollution have discovered traces of the pain reliever oxycodone in some Puget Sound mussels. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife obtained clean mussels from Penn Cove on Whidbey Island and put them in different ... (Portland Press Herald)

Irish anti-abortion campaign concedes it has lost referendum

2 hrs ago - Exit polls suggest majority of voters favour repealing 8th Amendment of constitution. The main group opposing the liberalization of Ireland's abortion law conceded on Saturday that it has lost Friday's referendum on the issue by an overwhelming marg ... (CBC/Reuters)

Kim Jong-un and South Korean Leader Meet in Bid to Salvage U.S. Talks

3 hrs ago - By Choe Sang-Hun May 26, 2018 SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, met unexpectedly with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea on Saturday to discuss salvaging a canceled summit meeting between Mr. Kim and President Trump, Mr. M ... (The New York Times)

EPA has spent more than $3.5 million on Pruitt's security in first year in office

4 hrs ago - May 25, 2018, 6:26 PM ET Surrounded by security agents, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt steps out of an armored SUV to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committees Environment Subcommittee on Capitol Hill, in ... (abc)

Navy graduates deride 'physical coward' Trump ahead of Academy commencement address

4 hrs ago - William Cummings, USA TODAY Published 5:35 p.m. ET May 25, 2018 | Updated 10:09 p.m. ET May 25, 2018 ............................ Two graduates of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., penned an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun questioni ... (USA Today)

KC-area teen banned from graduation for Craigslist prank loses in court, won't walk

5 hrs ago - "ACLU officials claim the 18-year-old's free speech rights were violated when he was suspended for three days and denied participation in the graduation ceremony. It was Scheele's choice of words that got him in trouble. His post also said, &qu ... (Kansas City Star)

Hillary Clinton says she is afraid of losing her country

5 hrs ago - William Cummings, USA TODAY Published 9:19 p.m. ET May 25, 2018 | Updated 9:42 p.m. ET May 25, 2018 ......................... The failed 2016 presidential candidate called on the audience to "stand up and defend reason and facts" as vi ... (USA Today)

Venezuela's Maduro meets U.S. senator after election, sanctions

10 hrs ago - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met with U.S. Senator Bob Corker on Friday, the socialist-led government said, less than a week after Maduro was re-elected to a six-year term in a vote the United States did not recognize. The election prompted a ... (Reuters)

Giuliani: White House wants briefing on classified info

12 hrs ago - President Donald Trump's legal team wants a briefing on the classified information shared with lawmakers about the origins of the FBI investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election and may take it to the Justice Department as ... (ABC News)

USC president agrees to step down amid gynecologist scandal

13 hrs ago - Michael Balsamo, Associated Press •May 25, 2018 LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The president of the University of Southern California has agreed to step down amid a sex scandal involving a school gynecologist, the chairman of the school's board of trustees sa ... (Associated Press)

Colombia vows to indict companies accused of funding death squads

13 hrs ago - by Adriaan Alsema May 25, 2018 Colombia's chief prosecutor on Thursday promised results of more than 16,000 criminal investigations into the country's private sector's ties to illegal armed groups. The announcement came less than two weeks after th ... (Colombia Reports)

Peru seeks extradition of ex-president in Odebrecht case

14 hrs ago - Updated 3:41 pm, Friday, May 25, 2018 LIMA, Peru (AP) -- Peru says it's formally asking U.S. officials to send former President Alejandro Toledo home to be tried for a massive corruption scheme. The Foreign Ministry said Friday that it's delivered ... (Associated Press)

Judge strikes down Legislature's ban on smoking medical marijuana

14 hrs ago - A Leon County circuit court judge ruled Friday afternoon that the state’s ban on smoking medical marijuana is unconstitutional, setting up continued legal fights as the state appeals the decision. In a 22-page order, Judge Karen Gievers said that th ... (Miami Herald)

Guatemala minister: Sheldon Adelson flew officials to Israel

14 hrs ago - Updated 11:24 am, Friday, May 25, 2018 GUATEMALA CITY (AP) -- United States casino magnate Sheldon Adelson provided Guatemala's official delegation a Boeing 767 to travel to Israel for the relocation of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a Guat ... (Associated Press)

Brazil president says striking truckers could be removed

15 hrs ago - Peter Prengaman, Associated Press Updated 6:36 pm, Friday, May 25, 2018 RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A nationwide strike by thousands of truckers brought much of Latin America's largest nation to a halt on Friday, prompting Brazilian President Michel Tem ... (Associated Press)

Driver rams into 3 on Portland, Oregon, sidewalk; 1 critical

15 hrs ago - Gillian Flaccus and Steven Dubois, Associated Press Updated 6:40 pm, Friday, May 25, 2018 PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A driver rammed into three women walking on a sidewalk Friday in downtown Portland, critically injuring one of them, before speeding aw ... (Associated Press)

'Trump's son should be concerned': Wiretaps show Trump Jr. met with Putin ally

15 hrs ago - Michael Isikoff Chief Investigative Correspondent, Yahoo News•May 25, 2018 The FBI has obtained secret wiretaps collected by Spanish police of conversations involving Alexander Torshin, a deputy governor of Russia’s Central Bank who has forged clos ... (Yahoo News)

Publix halts political contributions ahead of Parkland students' 'die-in' protest

16 hrs ago - Supermarket giant Publix said Friday it has halted all corporate political contributions. The company made the announcement moments before a planned "die-in" protest organized by David Hogg, a vocal Parkland school shooting survivor Moment ... (MiamiHerald)

Amid Donald Trump's Spy Claims, 'Republicans Are Complicit in this Crazy,' Former RNC Head Says

17 hrs ago - By Tim Marcin On 5/25/18 at 12:53 PM Appearing on MSNBC Friday morning, Michael Steele—former head of the Republican National Committee (RNC)—said the GOP has made itself a part of the "crazy" things President Donald Trump has done. ... (newsweek)

Trump takes aim at federal bureaucracy with new executive orders altering civil service protections

17 hrs ago - By Lisa Rein May 25 at 4:40 PM President Trump issued three executive orders Friday aimed at overhauling the federal bureaucracy by making it easier to fire poor performers, sharply curtailing the amount of time federal employees can be paid for ... (The Washington Post)

Irish Times exit poll projects Ireland has voted by landslide to repeal Eighth Amendment

18 hrs ago - Ireland has voted by a landslide margin to change the constitution so that abortion can be legalised, according to an exit poll conducted for The Irish Times by Ipsos/MRBI. The poll suggests that the margin of victory for the Yes side in the referen ... (Irish Times)

Science teacher credited with stopping Indiana school shooting, according to students

19 hrs ago - The mother of the teacher credited with helping to stop a school shooting at Noblesville West Middle School says her son, Jason Seaman, was shot three times. Seaman is a science teacher at the school. A juvenile was also believed to have been shot ... (News 5 Cleveland)

Putin says he will step down in 2024 as constitution requires

20 hrs ago - Vladimir Putin said on Friday that he plans to step down from the Russian presidency once his current term expires in 2024. In remarks to reporters, Putin said that he would respect the Russian constitution, which prohibits anyone from serving more ... (The Hill)

Manafort's Virginia trial delayed two weeks

20 hrs ago - Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's trial in a Virginia federal court on tax evasion and bank fraud charges filed by special counsel Robert Mueller will be delayed two weeks to now begin in late July, the judge in the case said Friday. Al ... (Politico)