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Laura Bush: Separating children from their parents at the border breaks my heart

(WaPo) On Sunday, a day we as a nation set aside to honor fathers and the bonds of family, I was among the millions of Americans who watched images of children who have been torn from their parents. In the six weeks between April 19 and May 31, the Department of Homeland Security has sent nearly 2,000 children to mass detention centers or foster care. More than 100 of these children are younger than 4 years old. The reason for these separations is a zero-tolerance policy for their parents, who are accused of illegally crossing our borders.

I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.


Nazis separated me from my parents as a child. The trauma lasts a lifetime

(Guardian) The events occurring now on our border with Mexico, where children are being removed from the arms of their mothers and fathers and sent to foster families or “shelters”, make me weep and gnash my teeth with sadness and rage. I know what they are going through. When we were children, my two siblings and I were also taken from our parents. And the problems we’ve experienced since then portend the terrible things that many of these children are bound to suffer.

My family was Jewish, living in 1942 in the Netherlands when the country was occupied by the Nazis. We children were sent into hiding, with foster families who risked arrest and death by taking us in. They protected us, they loved us, and we were extremely lucky to have survived the war and been well cared for.

Yet the lasting damage inflicted by that separation reverberates to this day, decades hence.


"She had to teach other kids in the cell to change her diaper"

(AP) Michelle Brane, director of migrant rights at the Women's Refugee Commission, met with a 16-year-old girl who had been taking care of a young girl for three days. The teen and others in their cage thought the girl was 2 years old.

"She had to teach other kids in the cell to change her diaper," Brane said.

Brane said that after an attorney started to ask questions, agents found the girl's aunt and reunited the two. It turned out that the girl was actually 4 years old. Part of the problem was that she didn't speak Spanish, but K'iche, a language indigenous to Guatemala.


Poll: Republicans Approve of Trump's Family Separation Policy

(Daily Beast) The poll of roughly 1,000 adults aged 18 and over, and conducted June 14-15, asked respondents if they agreed with the following statement: “It is appropriate to separate undocumented immigrant parents from their children when they cross the border in order to discourage others from crossing the border illegally.”

Of those surveyed, 27 percent of the overall respondents agreed with it, while 56% disagreed with the statement. Yet, Republicans leaned slightly more in favor, with 46% agreeing with the statement and 32 percent disagreeing. Meanwhile, 14 percent of Democrats surveyed supported it and only 29% of Independents were in favor.


Trump is as Batshit-Crazy as You Think: Andrew Sullivan

(NY Mag) It seems so long ago now. Almost immediately after Trump took office, the denial of reality began. The president’s and his spokesperson’s insistence that his inauguration crowd was the biggest in history — and certainly bigger than Obama’s — belied what everyone could see with their bare, lyin’ eyes. At the time, I wondered whether the president was psychologically unwell. Three thousand lies later, we have a fuller picture.

The president believes what he wants to believe, creates a reality that fits his delusions, and then insists, with extraordinary energy and stamina, that his delusions are the truth. His psychological illness, moreover, is capable of outlasting anyone else’s mental health. Objective reality that contradicts his delusions is discounted as “fake news” propagated by “our country’s greatest enemy,” i.e., reporters. If someone behaved like this in my actual life, if someone kept insisting that the sea was red and the sky green, I’d assume they were a few sandwiches short of a picnic. It’s vital for us to remember this every day: Almost no one else in public life is so openly living in his own disturbed world.


'I Can't Go Without My Son,' a Mother Pleaded as She Was Deported to Guatemala

(NYT) They’d had a plan: Elsa Johana Ortiz Enriquez packed up what little she had in Guatemala and traveled across Mexico with her 8-year-old son, Anthony. In a group, they rafted across the Rio Grande into Texas. From there they intended to join her boyfriend, Edgar, who’d found a construction job in the United States.

Except it all went wrong. The Border Patrol was waiting as they made their way from the border on May 26, and soon mother and son were in a teeming detention center in southern Texas. The next part unfolded so swiftly that, even now, Ms. Ortiz cannot grasp it: Anthony was sent to a shelter for migrant children. And she was put on a plane back to Guatemala.


Merkel says she found contentious G-7 summit with Pres. Trump

(ABC News) German Chancellor Angela Merkel found the contentious Group of Seven summit with U.S. President Donald Trump a "sobering" and "depressing" experience but said European leaders won't be "taken advantage of" on trade.

She conceded in an interview on German public television Sunday that the meeting's outcome "wasn't a great thing."

"I have spoken of a sobering experience, which for me is a lot," she added.

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Michelle Obama on Laura Bush's op-ed: 'Sometimes truth transcends party'

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Hundreds of children wait in Border Patrol facility in Texas

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DFL Endorsee for Ellison's Seat Would Be First Muslim Congresswoman

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Trump Falsely Blames Dems For His Own Migrant Family Separation Policy

1 hr ago - By Matt Shuham | June 18, 2018 1:43 pm President Donald Trump on Monday falsely accused congressional Democrats of obstructing the reversal of his own migrant family separation policy. “Immigration is the fault— and all of the problems that we’re ... (Talking Points Memo)

WI GOP Senate Hopeful Pledges Trump Loyalty In Ad Featuring Gun Next To Her

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Trump Directs Pentagon to Create 'Space Force' Branch of Military

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Sessions Defends Family Separation Policy, Characterizes It As A Deterrent

1 hr ago - By Matt Shuham | June 18, 2018 12:03 pm Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday defended the Trump administration’s recent policy of separating migrant families apprehended at the border. “We do not want to separate children from their parents,” ... (Talking Points Memo)

Baker Cancels National Guard Deployment To Border, Citing 'Inhumane' Treatment Of Children And Famil

1 hr ago - Governor Charlie Baker is canceling the deployment of Massachusetts National Guard troops to the border in light of recent reports about the Trump Administration’s practice of separating immigrant children from families. “Governor Baker directed the ... (WGBH)

Manchin becomes final Democrat to back bill preventing separation of immigrant families

1 hr ago - Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Monday that he will back legislation to prevent the separation of immigrant families along the border, solidifying Democratic support for the bill. Manchin's decision means all 49 members of the Democratic caucus, ... (The Hill)

How Fox News and Trump's Lackeys Are Justifying Family Separation

1 hr ago - Last month, the Trump administration instituted a new "zero tolerance" policy directed at migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexican border illegally. Anyone captured would be prosecuted as a criminal, meaning parents and children crossi ... (Rolling Stone)

Trump Slams Door Shut: US Will Not Be 'Migrant Camp'

1 hr ago - By Nicole Lafond June 18, 2018 12:56 pm President Donald Trump doubled down on his early morning tweetstorm during a speech before the National Space Council on Monday afternoon, when he vowed that the U.S. "will not be a migrant camp." ... (Talking Points Memo)

FBI Official, Dead of 9/11-Related Cancer, Remembered As Number of Cases Grows

3 hrs ago - Hundreds of FBI officials in dark suits bowed their heads in a Virginia chapel Friday as a pastor offered a prayer to God: "Your son gave his life so that we may live." Before him and in the center of the vaulted space was the coffin of Da ... (CNN)

Border Patrol 'Very Uncomfortable' With Word 'Cages,' But Admits It's Accurate

3 hrs ago - By Kate Riga | June 18, 2018 9:53 am According to a Monday “CBS This Morning” report, border patrol spokespeople told the show that they are “very uncomfortable” with their reporters’ use of the term “cages” to describe where migrant children sepa ... (Talking Points Memo)

Supreme Court won't hear case of death-row inmate who claimed jurors were homophobic

4 hrs ago - Supreme Court won't hear case of death-row inmate who claimed jurors were homophobic Defense lawyers said jurors knew that Charles Rhines was gay and thought "he shouldn't be able to spend his life with men in prison." by Pete Williams / ... (NBC News)

Korean firm tied to Cohen got U.S. contract despite corruption probe

4 hrs ago - A South Korean aviation firm that hired President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen failed last year to disclose that it was the subject of a corruption investigation as it won work from the U.S. military, records show. On Oct. 11, nine current ... (Washington Post)

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To GOP-Gerrymandered Map In Wisconsin

4 hrs ago - The Supreme Court rejected a challenge brought against the Republican-drawn legislative map in Wisconsin, in an unanimous decision that said the challengers who had sued over the map did not have standing. ... (Talking Points memorandum)

Trump Attacks Germany's Refugee Policy, Saying U.S. Must Avoid Europe's Immigration Problems

5 hrs ago - By Eileen Sullivan June 18, 2018 WASHINGTON — President Trump warned on Monday that the United States must avoid the immigration problems facing Europe and attacked the policies of Germany, one of America’s closest allies. In a series of Twitter ... (The New York Times)

DHS Secretary Says There's No Family Separation Policy 'Period'

5 hrs ago - Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended her agency’s role at the U.S. border with Mexico on Sunday, saying there was no family separation policy. ... (HP)

Trump whines that Democrats aren't paying ransom after he took immigrant kids hostage

5 hrs ago - BRAD REED 18 JUN 2018 AT 08:53 ET President Donald Trump on Monday lashed out at Congressional Democrats, whom he once again falsely blamed for his own administration’s immigration policies. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1008692 ... (RawStory)

Flooding from sea level rise threatens over 300,000 US coastal homes - study

6 hrs ago - Climate change study predicts ‘staggering impact’ of swelling oceans on coastal communities within next 30 years Oliver Milman in New York @olliemilman Mon 18 Jun 2018 01.00 EDT Sea level rise driven by climate change is set to pose an existenti ... (The Guardian)

Wilbur Ross Never Sold Stakes in Companies Co-Owned by China, Report Says

6 hrs ago - Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross failed to keep his promise to divest from his company holdings upon entering government, a Forbes investigation has found. Ross reportedly kept his stakes in companies co-owned by the Chinese government, a firm linked ... (The Daily Beast)

Trump Attacks FBI Agent Peter Strzok Who Wants to Testify on Firing as 'Sick Loser'

6 hrs ago - President Donald Trump called Peter Strzok a “sick loser” after the FBI agent said he’s willing to testify to Congress about his removal from the Russia probe for sending anti-Trump text messages. Special counsel Robert Mueller removed Strzok from ... (The Daily Beast)

U.N. Rights Chief Tells U.S. to Stop Taking Migrant Children From Parents

7 hrs ago - GENEVA — The United Nations’ top human rights official on Monday entered the mounting furor over the Trump administration’s policy of separating undocumented immigrant children from their parents, calling for an immediate halt to a practice he condem ... (NYT)

Kaliningrad photos appear to show Russia upgrading nuclear weapons bunker

8 hrs ago - Russia appears to have upgraded a nuclear weapons storage bunker in its Kaliningrad enclave, in the latest sign of Moscow’s increased emphasis on nuclear arms in its standoff with Nato, according to a new report. The Federation of American Scientist ... (The Guardian)

Osaka earthquake: three people dead after 6.1-magnitude tremor

10 hrs ago - Three people have died and more than 200 others were injured after a powerful earthquake shook the Japanese coastal city of Osaka and nearby areas during the morning rush hour on Monday. The victims were named as Rina Miyake, a 9-year-old girl, and ... (The Guardian)