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what worries me about the shut down is this...

how long does the shut down have to go one before the various institutions and agencies are unable to staff people, to function normally again?

at what point does it become a zero sum total? Where it won't matter if the government is funded again, it won't function properly with funding....


Trump's Greatest Folly ...

… and we all know a million of ‘em, so it’s hard to narrow it down to one – is that he ever held the belief that Putin was seriously considering a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Putin may be a lot of things – but stupid isn’t one of them.

Why would Vlad – reputed to be the richest man in the world – even consider a business venture with an oft-bankrupt, lying blowhard whose failures are a matter of public record? Why would Putin, who has an undisputedly iron grip on his own country, ever need the so-called “expertise” of a self-absorbed idiot to build and run a hotel? ...


It's the Lack of Shame

So, Republicans, here’s where we’re at.

Your “pResident” is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, amid a myriad of other crimes – including being a traitor. (Russian asset is far too kind a label.)

Your “pResident” does nothing but tweet and watch TV. His only agenda is deflecting attention away from the facts being revealed about him, salving his own ego, and advancing his own financial interests. His absence from national events has been noted. It began right after the midterms, when he refused to attend ceremonies for fallen soldiers in France and later at Arlington. It is obvious that he will not be performing any traditional presidential duties from now on, except those he sees as self-serving....

Stinky The Clown

(NOT an endorsement) Of the currently announced 2020 candidates I think Harris is the frontrunner.

I think she has the least controversy. She is younger and new to the national stage. She has impeccable credentials. She has an image as a non nonsense fighter....


Trump has no intention of re-opening the Government.

At least anytime soon. My view is that he sees this as a successful diversion and delay of the Mueller investigation.

We all know that the modern GOP (and what a contradiction that phrase is!!) hates the idea of a Government that regulates the rich in any way....


Peace vs hate. The context of Nathan Phillips and the Indigenous Peoples March.

Something I haven’t seen addressed enough in discussions of what took place in DC between Nathan Phillips, the Covington students and the Black Israelites is the context of Phillips having come from the Indigenous Peoples March and what that March was about.

Nathan Phillips had spent the day at a March promoting rights and justice....


For those attempting to defend the Covington Catholic High School boys:

Just stop already. We saw the video. We saw the photos of Covington boys in blackface at a high school game mocking a black player from the opposing team. We saw the videos of the same game with the same thing happening.

Whataboutism isn't going to work. Racism, blackface makeup, and the attitudes displayed by those boys speak for themselves....


Why there were so many Russians hanging around the White House?

And why Jared Kushner attempted to get a secret channel to Putin?

And why Candidate Trump bragged about what a great leader Putin was and how Obama was so terrible?

And why the Republican platform was changed at the Republican Convention to favor Russia? ...


Think About This For A Second....

or not. How many successful people do you know? I'm not just talking financially, I mean people that are good at what they do, engaged in their professions or vocations, busy exercising and implementing their talents. What are they like? Odds are they aren't obsessed with the news cycle. They likely don't involve themselves in an hour by hour battle of one-upsmanship. In all probability, they don't find themselves consumed with a need to issue petty insults and diatribes against anybody they disagree with. If somebody doesn't like them, they aren't single-mindedly pre-occupied with getting the best of their perceived tormentors. That's not how normal people, particularly successful normal people behave....


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McConnell blocks bill to temporarily reopen DHS

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