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Here's why "We Shouldn't Impeach Because Trump won't be Removed by the Senate" isn't even an excuse

The US Senate has NEVER removed a president that has been impeached. NEVER. NOT ONCE.

They have had two opportunities, once with Andrew Johnson, and once with Bill Clinton. Johnson was a racist clown, and Clinton's impeachment looks more ridiculous every year. So, we already know that the Senate is inclined to keep racist clowns around....


Be afraid my friends.. it is time to be very afraid..

Over the many years I have posted here.. I usually try to post what we can do in the positive.. fear shuts people down..but sometimes we just have to understand there are some things to be very afraid of.. and Trumpism is one of those things.. People walking into the Trump rally today are throwing white powers signs.. we tuned into the rally for a few minutes and if you had taken the color out of the picture so that it was sepia or black and white, and changed the language to German or Italian.. you could swear you were looking at something out of the 30's.. those movements from Mussolini to Hitler to Stalin started in a perverted form of populism we see in Trumpism, Brexit etc.. This is a time to work hard and pull together.. If he wins again.. we are truly in the deep stuff.. and it will be that much darker than it is now..


The one question for which I really need an answer

How is someone who had to pay $25M for defrauding people about a fake university allowed to run for office?

And let me add that Mother's Boy was involved in using campaign money for himself and mother.

Both of these should be reasons to ban a person from running for office or holding cabinet positions. The same should apply to child abuse, domestic violence. and some other disqualifying past actions.


I'd Be So Embarrassed To Be Seen At A Trump Rally.....

I'm watching all the hub hub around Trump's rally today and am seeing all the people lining up to attend and listening to the comments that they are making when being interviewed by the MSM. I'm totally blown away at the blinding stupidity of the people that attend these rallies.

First I wouldn't attend such a rally and I can't understand why the people that do attend aren't mortified being seen at such a rally. Truly embarrassing on their part - yet they flaunt their presence....


Instead of impeachment, let's talk about Mitch McConnell...

You know him.

He's the Republican Leader of the US Senate. He has blocked everything coming out of the US House, which is run by the Democrats. His primary goal has been to approve as many conservative judges as possible....

Snake Plissken

I still don't understand, why Trump's tweets are considered news, when almost all of them turn out

to be completely meaningless distractions

I wish the media would go back to reporting news instead of chasing Trump's laser pointer around.


The economy is not as great as some might think...

...and all the "great" things that Donald Trump brags about were "great" for very few. In the big picture, he and his supporters have done great harm to our country.

For example, cutting regulations that protected our air, land, and water, did not help the common person. It helped those who wanted to drill or exploit the land for its natural resources....

marble falls

Survivor's Guilt ....

I am fortunate, I am blessed. I have single payer, national health care. It is an "unintended consequence" of my wanting to be able to express my antiwar opinions at the dinner table by enlisting in Navy in in Feb '72 two years after my exposure to the lottery.

When I got out of the navy, I got a job at the Brecksville VA hospital. The first day home from work I asked my wife that no matter what that I would never end up in a VA hospital.

Insurance was no problem: at that time every employer offered some sort of health insurance....

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Hicks told House panel Trump is serious about foreign help in elections

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Senate votes to block Trump's emergency arms sales to Saudi Arabia

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Trump says he may not reach out to 2020 swing voters

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6 hrs ago - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a large cross erected as a tribute to war dead may continue to stand on public land outside Washington in the Maryland suburbs. The justices reversed a lower court that said the cross was an unconstitutional en ... (Washington Post)

Tory leadership contest: Rory Stewart knocked out

6 hrs ago - The international development secretary was eliminated after coming last with 27 votes, 10 fewer than last time. He said his warnings about a no-deal Brexit "probably proved to be truths people weren't quite ready to hear". Boris Johnson ... (BBC)

Close Pelosi ally Rep. Jan Schakowsky backs impeachment inquiry

7 hrs ago - Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Ill.), a member of the House Democratic leadership, is calling for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, arguing that doing so will allow lawmakers to obtain more evidence of the president’s alleged misconduct. The move i ... (Washington Post)

Ex-U.S. Marine accused of spying by Russia asks Trump to help

8 hrs ago - JUNE 20, 2019 / 5:34 AM / UPDATED 2 MINUTES AGO MOSCOW (Reuters) - A former U.S. Marine held in Russia on suspicion of spying called on U.S. President Donald Trump and the leaders of Britain, Canada and Ireland to help him as he appeared in court a ... (Reuters)

Study: 1 out of 6 trips to hospital result in "surprise" medical bills

8 hrs ago - JUNE 20, 2019 / 6:49 AM / CBS/AP Roughly one in every six times someone is taken to an emergency room or checks in to the hospital, the treatment is followed by a "surprise" medical bill, according to a study released Thursday. And depen ... (CBS News/The AP)

Lack of Medicaid coverage blocked 29 percent of abortion seekers from getting the procedure...

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Children are dying in border holding facilities. A top immigration official is pleading for help

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Seawalls To Protect US Against Rising Oceans Could Cost $416bn By 2040

9 hrs ago - Defending against rising seas could cost US communities $416bn in the next 20 years, according to a new report. Spending on seawalls alone could total almost as much as the initial investment in the interstate highway system, the authors said. And t ... (The Guardian)

Governor Raimondo signs Rhode Island abortion rights bill

11 hrs ago - PROVIDENCE -- In a matter of hours on Wednesday, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed legislation and the governor signed into law the abortion rights protections that advocates have sought for decades. The action began with the state Senate vot ... (Boston Globe)

Man threatens to 'kill every gay person I can' at St. Louis PrideFest, report says

11 hrs ago - Missouri man has been arrested after threatening to "kill every gay person I can" at PrideFest in St. Louis, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which cited court documents. Edward Terry of Overland, Missouri, was charged on Tuesday ... (CNN)

Iran shoots down US drone aircraft

11 hrs ago - Tehran, Iran (CNN)Iranian forces have shot down a United States military drone, a move that appears to have escalated the volatile situation playing out between Washington and Tehran in the Middle East. Iran's Revolutionary Guard said it had shot do ... (CNN)

Anti-LGBTQ Attorney Matthew Kacsmaryk Confirmed as Federal Judge

13 hrs ago - June 19 2019 4:37 PM EDT Updated June 19 2019 4:37 PM EDT Matthew Kacsmaryk, who has endorsed the view that being transgender is a “delusion” and referred to the Equality Act as the “inequality act,” was confirmed by the U.S. Senate today to be ... (advocate.com)

Schumer Challenges Explanation for Delay in $20 Bill Redesign

14 hrs ago - Treasury has shelved plans to swap in Harriet Tubman for Andrew Jackson By Kate Davidson [June 19, 2019 6:16 pm ET The Senate’s top Democrat asked the Treasury Department watchdog to investigate how the agency decided to shelve plans to put Harr ... (wsj)


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