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Trump Campaign Staffers Pushed Tweets From Russian Trolls

(Daily Beast) Some of the Trump campaign’s most prominent names and supporters, including Trump’s campaign manager, digital director and son, pushed tweets from professional trolls paid by the Russian government in the heat of the 2016 election campaign. The Twitter account @Ten_GOP, which called itself the “Unofficial Twitter account of Tennessee Republicans,” was operated from the Kremlin-backed “Russian troll farm,” or Internet Research Agency, a source familiar with the account confirmed with The Daily Beast.

The account’s origins in the Internet Research Agency were originally reported by the independent Russian news outlet RBC. @Ten_GOP was created on November 19, 2015, and accumulated over 100 thousand followers before Twitter shut it down. The Daily Beast independently confirmed the reasons for @Ten_GOP's account termination. The discovery of the now-unavailable tweets presents the first evidence that several members of the Trump campaign pushed covert Russian propaganda on social media in the run-up to the 2016 election.


Obama rally with Northam set for Thursday night at Greater Richmond Convention Center

(Richmond Times-Dispatch) Former President Barack Obama’s rally on Thursday evening with Ralph Northam, the Democratic nominee for governor, is set for the Richmond Convention Center. ... The campaign said Thursday’s rally will be free and open to the public.


Josh Marshall: He's Poison, Part II

(TPM) We’re now getting all the accounts of just what President Trump said last night to the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson, how she interpreted it, how her Congresswoman did, how her family did. These are harrowing situations under the best circumstances. Even for a normal person, a normal President, it’s hard to know just what to say. But why are we here? Why is this whole thing happening? It’s happening because, for whatever reason, Trump went silent on this, not only with the families but even with the public.

Then when he got called on it, or just asked about it frankly. He lashed out at President Obama. He lied about President Obama in the worst way imaginable. And Bush too. Then he brought James Kelly’s dead son into the mix of it. Then this call happened.

Don’t get me wrong. It sounds like what the President said on this call was awful. It’s hardly out of character for President Trump. He thanks people for great turnouts at refugee relief centers. He asks people who’ve lost everything whether they’re having a good time.

But I want to step back from the immediate moment of this call to look at this whole unfolding moment over the last two or three days. It’s what I said yesterday. President Trump is poison. Everything around him gets damaged and degraded. It’s not any one thing. It’s everything.


Roy Moore: Kneeling During Anthem Is Against the Law

(Daily Beast) Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore claims that professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem is against the law. In an interview with TIME, published Wednesday, the far-right Republican argued that athletes protesting police brutality violate a section of the U.S. code on conduct while the national anthem is playing. “It’s against the law, you know that?” the former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice. “It was a act of Congress that every man stand and put their hand over their heart. That’s the law.” He added: “If they didn’t have it in there, it would just be tradition. But this is law. If we disobey this, what else are we going to disobey?”


Behind Closed Doors, Kagan Is Eating Gorsuch's Lunch

(Slate) Following his nomination to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch was packaged by his wealthy benefactors as the judicial equivalent of a carrot cake: mild and wholesome with the occasional hint of spice. Now that the justice has been safely installed on the court for life, he has revealed himself to be more akin to melted sorbet: sickly sweet and insubstantial with a tangy finish that induces slight nausea. Gorsuch’s abrupt pivot to arrogance has been on full display in his bumptious opinions and questions from the bench. But it also appears to be infecting his interactions with justices behind the scenes. Whispers emerging from the court indicate Gorsuch is more likely to alienate than influence even his conservative colleagues.


JPS school honoring Jefferson Davis to be renamed after Barack Obama

(Clarion-Ledger) A predominately black public school in Mississippi named after Jefferson Davis will have its Confederate tied namesake stripped next year and replaced with the title of another president whose character students, parents and teachers have said is more fitting— Barack Obama.

Davis Magnet IB PTA President Janelle Jefferson announced at the Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday evening that school stakeholders voted on Oct. 5 to rename the school Barack Obama Magnet IB.


Trump to widow of Sgt. La David Johnson: 'He knew what he signed up for'

(ABC 10) U.S. President Donald Trump told U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson's widow Tuesday that "he knew what he signed up for ...but when it happens it hurts anyway," when he died serving in northwestern Africa, according to Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami Gardens.

"Yes, he said it," Wilson said. "It's so insensitive. He should have not have said that. He shouldn't have said it."

The president called about 4:45 p.m. and spoke to Johnson's pregnant widow, Myeshia Johnson, for about five minutes. She is a mother to Johnson's surviving 2-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. The conversation happened before Johnson's remains arrived in a commercial Delta Airlines flight at Miami International Airport.


Trump Issues Warning to McCain

(Political Wire) President Trump issued a warning shot after Sen. John McCain questioned (R-AZ) “half-baked, spurious nationalism” in America’s foreign policy, the AP reports.

Said Trump: “I’m being very, very nice but at some point I fight back and it won’t be pretty.”

McCain’s answer a short time later was simply: “I have faced tougher adversaries.”

Judi Lynn

Fox News Poll: Democrat Jones Tied With GOPer Moore In Alabama Senate Race

(TPM) Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore (R) and former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones (D) are tied in their race for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacated Senate seat, according to a poll released Tuesday by Fox News.

According to the survey, Moore and Jones are tied at 42 percent among registered voters in Alabama, a deep-red state.

The poll was conducted from Oct. 14–16, 2017, from a sample of 801 Alabama registered voters, by landline and mobile phone, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent.

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McConnell: Trump hasn't 'been given enough credit' for changes

1 hr ago - BY JULIA MANCHESTER - 10/22/17 09:18 AM EDT Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) praised President Trump on Sunday, saying he has not gotten enough credit for the changes he has brought about during his presidency. "President Tru ... (The Hill)

Shinzo Abe secures strong mandate in Japan's general election

1 hr ago - The Japanese prime minister’s hard line on North Korea helped him to crush opposition parties, according to exit polls Justin McCurry in Tokyo Sunday 22 October 2017 07.33 EDT Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has secured a strong mandate for ... (The Guardian)

Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill envoy after outrage - statement

1 hr ago - OCTOBER 22, 2017 / 7:07 AM / UPDATED 19 MINUTES AGO Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA (Reuters) - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been removed as a goodwill ambassador, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday following an outrage among ... (Reuters)

DNC reeling financially after brutal 2016

1 hr ago - Party officials face a daunting rebuilding effort and worries about the committee's cash flow after years of atrophy. By GABRIEL DEBENEDETTI and EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE 10/22/2017 06:53 AM EDT LAS VEGAS — The Democratic National Committee is reeling ... (Politico)

GOP redoubles efforts to end ObamaCare mandate

2 hrs ago - BY NATHANIEL WEIXEL - 10/22/17 08:30 AM EDT The GOP is redoubling its efforts to eliminate ObamaCare’s individual mandate, a step that would be yet another blow to the health care law. They are doing so even as key Senate Republicans seek a bipa ... (The Hill)

Russia accuses U.S.-led coalition of 'barbaric' bombing of Syria's Raqqa

2 hrs ago - OCTOBER 22, 2017 / 6:25 AM / UPDATED 2 HOURS AGO MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia accused the U.S.-led coalition in Syria on Sunday of wiping the city of Raqqa “off the face of the earth” with carpet bombing in the same way the United States and Bri ... (Reuters)

UPDATED - Trump: Dem lawmaker the 'gift that keeps on giving' for GOP

2 hrs ago - BY REBECCA SAVRANSKY - 10/22/17 08:14 AM EDT President Trump on Sunday ripped Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), extending his feud with the Florida Democrat over his call to the widow of a fallen U.S. soldier. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/st ... (The Hill)

Sexism in the Statehouse: Women detail harassment in Pierre

10 hrs ago - Dana Ferguson and Megan Raposa, Argus Leader Published 6:55 p.m. CT Oct. 21, 2017 ....................... ............................. 'A little too friendly' The #MeToo movement is what inspired former Sen. Angie Buhl O'Donnell, D-Sioux Fal ... (argusleader)

Donald Trump Is Rush-Shipping Condolences to Military Families

11 hrs ago - The Trump administration is scrambling to defend the president’s characterization of his communications with grieving military families, including rush-delivering letters from the president to the families of servicemembers killed months ago. Donald ... (The Atlantic)

Titanic letter sells for world record price at auction

15 hrs ago - The letter, written by American businessman and Titanic passenger, Oscar Holverson, fetched £126,000. It was sought-after because he wrote it on 13 April 1912 - the day before the Belfast-built ship hit an iceberg. It is the only known letter, on h ... (BBC)

'My pain is everyday': After Weinstein's fall, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him?

16 hrs ago - By Karen Tumulty, Mark Berman and Jenna Johnson October 21 at 5:58 PM Almost a year after New Yorker Jessica Leeds and other women stepped forward with harrowing accounts of being sexually assaulted by a powerful man, another scandal with similar ... (The Washington Post)

Trump: Facebook was on Clinton's side during election, not mine

16 hrs ago - BY JULIA MANCHESTER - 10/21/17 05:27 PM EDT President Trump said in a tweet on Saturday that Facebook was on the side of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election campaign. https://twitter.com/realDonal ... (The Hill)

Campaign from former presidents raises $31M for disaster relief

16 hrs ago - BY OLIVIA BEAVERS - 10/21/17 06:01 PM EDT A fundraising campaign launched by all five living former U.S. presidents has raised $31 million in donations for disaster relief so far, after a series of hurricanes tore through different parts of the c ... (The Hill)

President Trump Promotes Book by 'Wonderful' Pastor Who Says Satan Founded the Catholic Church

16 hrs ago - The president called him ‘wonderful.’ But among Catholics, Mormons, gays, Tim Tebow, and people who don’t think that abortion caused 9/11, Robert Jeffress isn’t so beloved. SCOTT BIXBY 10.21.17 12:00 PM ET Despite past claims that he has “very ... (The Daily Beast)

DeVos rescinds 72 guidance documents outlining rights for disabled students

17 hrs ago - By Moriah Balingit October 21 at 12:12 PM The Education Department has rescinded 72 policy documents that outline the rights of students with disabilities as part of the Trump administration’s effort to eliminate regulations it deems superfluous ... (The Washington Post)

ESPN's Jemele Hill: 'I deserved that suspension'

17 hrs ago - By Matt Bonesteel October 21 at 1:38 PM Jemele Hill will return from her ESPN suspension on Monday, a little more than two weeks after the network sanctioned her for suggesting that NFL fans could boycott advertisers and vendors associated with ... (The Washington Post)

Trump Jumps Back On Twitter to Complain About 'Fake News' and 'Discredited Dossier'

17 hrs ago - by Justin Baragona | 4:28 pm, October 21st, 2017 After shooting off a series of tweets this morning, Trump headed on over to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. It was his the 74th day he’s spent at a golf club since entering the White House. ... (Mediate)

Montana GOPer Says She Would Have Shot Journalist Gianforte Assaulted

18 hrs ago - By ESME CRIBB Published OCTOBER 21, 2017 3:10 PM A Montana Republican official on Thursday said she “would have shot” the reporter Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) body-slammed a day before he was elected to office. “If that kid had done to me what he di ... (Talking Points Memo)

Devin Nunes Went Rogue to Find Out Who Paid for Trump-Russia Dossier, Firm Claims

19 hrs ago - Fusion GPS asked a judge to block a subpoena from the Republican who claimed to step aside from the investigation. His colleagues were allegedly left in the dark. JUSTIN MILLER SPENCER ACKERMAN 10.21.17 11:55 AM ET Rep. Devin Nunes, the House in ... (The Daily Beast)

Billionaire Babis scores big in Czech election

19 hrs ago - PRAGUE (Reuters) - Czech billionaire Andrej Babis won a thumping victory in Saturday’s parliamentary election, giving the anti-establishment businessman facing fraud charges a strong mandate to cut taxes, lift public investment and fight immigration. ... (Reuters)

Scoop: Trump pledges to personally pay some legal bills of WH staff and associates

20 hrs ago - President Trump has promised to spend at least $430,000 of his own money to defray legal costs incurred by campaign associates and White House staff due to the Russia investigations, a White House official tells Axios. What we know: The Republican N ... (Axios)

O'Reilly Settled New Harassment Claims, Then Fox Renewed His Contract

21 hrs ago - Last January, six months after Fox News ousted its chairman amid a sexual harassment scandal, the network’s top-rated host at the time, Bill O’Reilly, struck a $32 million agreement with a longtime network analyst to settle new sexual harassment alle ... (NYT)

Why Has the E.P.A. Shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Helps Call the Shots

21 hrs ago - Eric Lipton 38-48 minutes WASHINGTON — For years, the Environmental Protection Agency has struggled to prevent an ingredient once used in stain-resistant carpets and nonstick pans from contaminating drinking water. The chemical, perfluorooctanoi ... (nytimes)

Feds warn about cyber attacks on energy, industrial firms

21 hrs ago - The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a joint statement on Friday warning of an increased danger posed to infrastructure sectors by a malicious "multi-stage intrusion campaign," which the agencie ... (The Hill)

Trump may pause US refugee family reunification program: report

21 hrs ago - By Julia Manchester - 10/21/17 09:36 AM EDT The Trump administration is considering changes for various programs used by refugees coming to the United States, including one that allows refugees to reunite with family members already settled in th ... (the hill)

Ivanka Trump Somehow Didn't Mention The Donald J. Trump Foundation In Her Financial Disclosure...

23 hrs ago - IVANKA TRUMP SOMEHOW DIDN'T MENTION THE DONALD J. TRUMP FOUNDATION IN HER FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT BY CELESTE KATZ ON 10/21/17 AT 10:27 AM Maybe it just slipped her mind. Ivanka Trump's federal financial disclosure report doesn't mention her ... (Newsweek Magazine)