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LiberatedUSA's Journal
LiberatedUSA's Journal
October 9, 2021

Are you out of the loop on what kids tease about?

So am I. I have not set foot in a high school, as a student, in damn near 25 years.

So could some of you help us out here. It seems the shooter was bullied for having nice things. I know a friend who’s daughter was bullied for being too thin.

Is it a situation where the kids just flat look for something to tease about now, if no thing is apparent? I remember kids being teased for being poor or fat. Is it reversed now or just you can’t win? Skinny girl gets made fun of for her weight; so does the fat one. Rich kid gets shit for fancy clothes, poor kid gets bullied for welfare clothing, and the quiet ignore-me-style kid gets bullied for the crime of attempting to Teflon their way through school?

I was a Teflon student myself. Never bullied. Got along with the preps, geeks and stoners alike. Maybe that isn’t allowed now. Gotta be bullied for something sorta outlook.

October 2, 2021

Saw remake time!

They are going to have to remake the Jigsaw movies. The new ones will be about a maniac who gets people to kill themselves by both refusing to acknowledge people around them are dying of a virus, while also getting them to believe solutions, which will harm them if tried, will actually cure them of said virus.

He also masterfully gets the surviving family members to say the victim was simply called home to Jesus and is in a better place.

I feel like I’ve seen the movie already, with the only difference being this remake’s mastermind shits his britches.

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