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LiberatedUSA's Journal
LiberatedUSA's Journal
May 25, 2022

Blue or red, that's all she said.

This year’s election and 2024 are not for any one single issue, but winner takes all; with gerrymandering being a hump that must be overcome.

This isn’t singularly about abortion or guns or the corporate takeover of housing and rental properties, climate change, health care, immigration, the pandemic or anything else. It is about all of it.

I know there are voters out there that may agree with blue on many things, but not on gun control and perhaps the lawlessness of open stealing out of stores in some liberal areas is putting you off as well. Maybe you agree on guns, but not on some other issue. The next two elections are about way more than your personal issue.

One side wants to end democracy, install an idiot autocrat and return to landowner days with few rights for anyone not a white, Christian male. The other side would like the American experiment to continue.

Maybe we’re already too far down the rabbit hole, but not voting or voting independent in November will seal the deal on being beyond the point-of-no-return.

And I do seriously wonder, because of the nature of the past couple of mass shootings, if the next civil war has already begun and these incels will be targeting large groups of minorities.

Certainly the pent up rage from how life is going isn’t helping interactions. We still have a lot more of the year left for gas to go higher, groceries to go higher, more people to pick which bill to pay, more to homeless and more general rage at how much the world sucks right now.

May 14, 2022

Social Work is gonna suck even more than it does now.

They may want the babies born, but they aren’t fans of social safety nets and a good number born will be born into poor households. Thus, especially with high inflation and terrible pay, social service employees are going to suffer (after of course the mother’s suffer from having an unwanted birth).

Now the way I see it, is anyone that can be both against the right to choose, but also against public assistance, is someone that delights in misery and chaos.

May 3, 2022

Is it a realistic possibility...

…that if the GOP gain ground in Congress this year, and Roe is overturned, do you see a realistic possibility the country could see a split in the years to come? I don’t see states like California or New York going along with a ban on abortion.

Is 2022 the make or break election?

Or is this post hair on fire and unrealistic and we will get through this as a whole country in the long run?

April 1, 2022

Las Vegas Teacher Homeless:

The link is a Fox outlet, but I have no reason to doubt this one and it shows where our housing market is going:


“Every teacher I know has multiple jobs. Even ones that are married also work other jobs. And it’s still just not enough without a husband or a partner. I can’t survive in the city,” said Joellen Fletcher, a single mom who works at a school in Las Vegas. She asked FOX5 not to identify the school.”

“ Clark County leaders said that the Las Vegas Valley is short tens of thousands of affordable rental units. In the meantime, Nevadans struggle to afford sky-rocketing rent increases and compete for available inventory.”

“ Fletcher also said her income doesn’t meet the minimum requirements in many places, which require three times the rent.

“When I apply for properties, for a while, there were anywhere between five to twenty other families and applicants applying for the same property. And I don’t have the best credit, I don’t have a partner, I don’t have a great paying job,” said Fletcher, who said she has spent $1,000 on applications.”

March 28, 2022

What is everyone's position on...

…the legality of phased plasma rifles in the 40-watt range? Should civilians even be allowed to use that high of wattage for their plasma rifles? Do the deer have force fields? What about licensing and registration? Perhaps NFA?

March 17, 2022

Dear Russia, Ghost of Billy Mays here to tell you about a spectacular offer.

Do you want your economy back? Are you having troubles finding food? Is the man upstairs threatening to arrest you for not liking your field reports?

For just one easy payment of privately delete your Putin problem and 95 cents, you can have sanctions eased on you and the bakery back in business!

But I’m not through!

We’ll throw in a mega yacht or two!

You got to act fast, cause this offer won’t last forever. Let me tell you though, you’ll be getting bang for your buck on this one!

Got a Ruble problem? This’ll take care of it. I’m telling you, you won’t get this kind of deal anywhere else! But ya gotta act now, supplies are limited.

March 13, 2022

Does free speech come with a side of irony?

This is NOT a thread about “we need to change our free speech laws now”. This isn’t going to happen. Forget it.

This is a thought experiment.

Many other countries have limits on free speech; hate speech laws. Of course the fear on hate speech laws, is that it becomes an open-ended definition (those in charge know it when they see it and add it to the list for their own purposes).

Does free speech have an ironic dark twist that allows the seeds to be sown, many many decades in advance, that will always or likely ultimately lead to a country’s collapse? In other words, does free speech ultimately guarantee eventually a segment of society will be able to snowball problems because they can say what they want?

Or is it a combination of free speech and technology? In other words, half of the disaster recipe is free speech and the other is instant communication. Combine the two and over time it always snowballs?

For instance, Canada has hate speech laws, as well as many European counties. Can they avoid having a Fox News similar rightwing takeover based solely on limiting what can be said publicly?

Again, I am not advocating anything here, I happen to like our Constitution and our 1st Amendment. This is simply a discussion on how the United States became so politically damaged and if our shining star of the 1st Amendment might have ironically played a part in it. And if so, does that mean a civilization’s best chances, when they reach wide spread instant communication, is to put limits on what can be said publicly to stop things, such as The Big Lie, from gaining ground and causing disfunction in government?

March 9, 2022

"Civilian arms won't help you against a tyrannical government."

That message didn’t age well, did it? The New York Times had to admit it:


I know, I know. Only the cops we protest for killing us should have these guns so as to assure we are at their mercy.

I just wanted to point out civilians are killing Russians with small arms they own or aquired.

February 25, 2022

Where you live and nuclear war.

Not meant to be a panicky thread, just an analysis of what you think your chances of living through the initial nuke drops in a hypothetical WW3.

I don’t really know where an enemy’s nukes are pointed, but I would think major cities; which means anyone living in flyover or “redneck” country would be the safest. Safest meaning, you survived to see the New Stone Age. Not like you could order delivery at that point. Calling it living is a bit of a stretch as well.

That would be kind of ironic, the red empty red states being the safest to be sitting in during an event like that.

Or maybe I am way off and there would be so many nukes that it would not matter where you reside. City or on a farm in the middle of nowhere hours away from a major city not really making much of a difference.

January 29, 2022

Movie Weekend

Just not happy with the new stuff coming out, so we will start with the old and move on to the few newer but been out for a while I actually like.

First some classic Arnold:

Commando (his best IMHO), Total Recall, Terminator and T2.

Then some of the newer:

Wrath of Man (seen it like 5 times now, badass), Nobody and Old Henry.

Then if there is time we will swing back to old and watch Young Guns and Young Guns 2.

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