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Wicked Blue

Wicked Blue's Journal
Wicked Blue's Journal
December 30, 2022

Twitter employees are bringing their own toilet paper to work as Elon Musk keeps 'cutting costs like

BY Steve Mollman
December 30, 2022 at 12:49 PM EST

Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently said he’s been “cutting costs like crazy” since taking over the company. Employees are smelling the results. 

Speaking in a Twitter Spaces conversation on Dec. 20, Musk said, “This company is like, basically, you are in a plane that is headed toward the ground at high speed with the engines on fire and the controls don’t work.”

Among his drastic cost-cutting measures, Musk canceled janitorial services this month at the company’s San Francisco headquarters, according to the New York Times. Combined with workers being packed onto two floors after four were closed, one result has been the smell of leftover takeout food and body odor lingering in the air. 

What’s more, the bathrooms have become dirtier, and some employees have resorted to bringing their own rolls of toilet paper to work.


December 24, 2022

Christmas greetings of the President of Ukraine to Western Rite Orthodox Christians

Dear people!

These days, millions of people in Ukraine and the world celebrate Christmas. The appearance of the Son of God gave people hope for salvation, faith in the victory of goodness and mercy.

Unfortunately, all the holidays have a bitter aftertaste for us this year. And we can feel the traditional Spirit of Christmas differently. Dinner at the family table cannot be so tasty and warm. There may be empty chairs around it. And our houses and streets can't be so bright. And Christmas bells can ring not so loudly and inspiringly. Through air raid sirens, or even worse – gunshots and explosions. And all this together can pose a bigger threat. It is a disappointment. Of the higher forces and their power, of goodness and justice in the world. Loss of hope. Loss of love. Loss of myself...

But isn't this what evil and darkness, which have taken up arms against us, want in their essence?

We have been resisting them for more than three hundred days and eight years. And will we allow them to achieve what they want?

In this battle, we have another powerful and effective weapon. The hammer and sword of our spirit and consciousness. The wisdom of God. Courage and bravery. Virtues that incline us to do good and overcome evil.

The main act of courage is endurance and completion of one's work to the end, despite everything. The truth illuminates our path. We know it. We defend it. Our truth is a struggle for freedom. Freedom comes at a high price. But slavery has an even higher price.

more at link

December 24, 2022

Last minute DIY craft gifts!

December 23, 2022

Vintage holiday dishes

Top it all off with a molded fruitcake

December 23, 2022

Bird prefer to poop on red cars

Car Colors Most Pooped on by Birds

If you’re looking to buy a new car, then buyer beware.

Birds do have a color preference when it comes to targeting their droppings.

A study in England found that red cars are the most likely target of bird poop, followed by blue and black.

Green cars were the least likely targeted by birds.

So be careful where you park. And if all else fails, consider buying a white car

More interesting info here:

December 21, 2022

Oldie but goodie

How to Turkey the Christmas Cook

Step 1. Buy a turkey
Step 2. Have a glass of wine
Step 3. Stuff turkey
Step 4. Have a glass of wine
Step 5. Put turkey in oven
Step 6. Relax, have another glass of wine
Step 7. Turk the bastey!
Step 8. Wine of glass another get
Step 9. Hunt for the meat thermometer
Step 10. Glass yourself another pour of wine
Step 11. Bake the wine for 4 hours
Step 12. Take the oven out of the turkey
Step 13. Floor the turkey up off the pick
Step 14. Turk the carvey!
Step 15. Get yourself another wottle of bine!
Step 16. Tet the sable, and pour yourself another glass of turkey
Step 17. Turk the carvey!!

December 21, 2022

Yule and Sooty Thomas

Black Thomas and Yule Hay
by offeringstone
(used with permission of the author)

The Winter Solstice, that still point in the turning year before the days begin once again to lengthen, is today.

In Estonia, December 21 marks the start of Yuletide, which we call jõuluaeg, jõulu being our word for yule. Alo Raun’s useful Eesti Keele Etümoloogiline Teatmik, aka the Estonian Etymological Handbook, says the word jõulud originated from an Old Swedish word, iul. Yule is also the pagan word for the Winter solstice.

It is also toomapäev, the day of St. Thomas the Apostle, from the long-ago days when Estonians were Catholics, prior to the Protestant Reformation.

Toomapäev is considered the real start of the yuletide celebrations. In order to peacefully usher in the holidays, homes underwent a “seriously major cleaning,” (my translation) according to Lauri Vahtre’s book, Maarahva tähtraamat. The walls and ceilings were cleared of soot and grime; hence the phrase “Must-toomas välja!” (Black-Thomas out!)

Our friend Must-Toomas, undoubtedly named after the saint, was also known in some parts of Estonia as Tahma-Toomas, which also meant Black-Toomas;or as Tolmu-Toomas (Dust-Thomas) or Nõgi-Toomas (Soot Thomas), according to an article on the remarkable website http://www.folklore.ee. The article, “Clothed Straw Puppets in Estonian Folk Tradition” was written by Ergo-Hart Vastrik in 1991 and translated into English by Mati Limberg in 1997. Link: http://www.folklore.ee/folklore/vol7/metsikx.htm

Sometimes the collected dust and soot was added to straw and old rags to fashion a kind of poppet figure. In doing so, the female head of the household, the perenaine, symbolically tied into it all the bad luck, illness, grievances and dirt of the house. Then she secretly carried it to a neighbor’s house, under cover of darkness, and placed it next to a door or window. The neighbor, naturally, would not want Sooty-Toomas on her property either, so the figure was carried from house to house in the community over the course of the holiday season. Sometimes the poppet was called Christmas Toomas or New Year Toomas.


Of utmost importance in the Estonian household, was the requirement that the Yuletide beer had to be ready before the 21st. If not, it was believed that Black-Toomas would get into the beer and ruin it.

Doing work other than cleaning was unlucky on the 21st of December. Spinning was forbidden, as was grinding grain with a mortar and pestle (probably to honor the grain goddess, since much of the day’s ritual centered on grain and beer).

When all the household was clean, the Yule rye-hay was brought indoors and scattered on the floors. In the distant past, this was done to honor the grain fairy/goddess/spirit, who brought joy and well-being to the household, according to Kustas Põldmaa in his book Nurmed ja Niidud.


Casting out Sooty Thomas is a form of imitative magic. One casts out the darkness in order to prepare a place for the newly-reborn light and the lengthening days to come.

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