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in2herbs's Journal
in2herbs's Journal
December 3, 2018

Commander in Chief question

If the Pres is Commander in Chief of all the military and it can be proven that tRump is incapable of performing that position because of decisions he's made that put troops in harms way or other reasons, could this be a back door to remove him from office?

October 6, 2018

Deciding on a new roof is not a simple as black and white.

I need a new roof and like most houses in the desert Southwest mine has a foam roof. I’ve got no complaints about foam but one of the bids I’ve received wants to use bitumen instead of foam. (Bitumen (or asphalt) is a sticky, black, and viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum.)

I’ve done some internet research on bitumen but mostly the info talks about its durability in the parts of the country that don’t get as hot as the desert Southwest. Since the seams for the bitumen underlayment are heat-sealed I wonder if the seams will stand up to the intense heat of the AZ summers, or will they liquefy and loosen allowing rain to enter through the seams? In the summer we can get rain when it’s 100 degrees or higher. Bitumen is black, meaning it absorbs heat more than the white of a foam roof. Our electric bill with the solar system we installed is nearly negligible so while energy use is a consideration, it’s not a real concern. Bitumen being a petroleum product is more of a turn-off for me than energy use with a black roof.

Also, the summer heat creates micro cracks in the stucco on the top of the roof parapets. These micro cracks enable rain to fall between the exterior and interior walls which then seep out onto the floors. I have had the parapets re-stuccoed many times but that treatment has never lasted more than one or two summer seasons so I am thinking of including treatment of the parapets with whatever roof treatment I choose. Does anyone have another product suggestion?

Don’t see many houses with bitumen roofs in AZ. Does any DUer have a bitumen roof or know someone who has a bitumen roof on their house?

Cost is less of an issue in my decision-making process than the product’s reliability and longevity. All suggestions and comments are welcome. A new roof is a hefty financial investment so I’d like to get as many thoughts as I can before making a decision.


August 14, 2018

Does anyone have first hand knowledge about the effectiveness of using a

fire extinguisher to kill rattlesnakes rather than snake shot? I want to be at a distance so the gizmo that captures snakes is out of the question. We get 5 to 6 rattlers a year. One is too many.

July 27, 2018

Does anyone on DU know about raising chickens?

This morning I broke a jumbo size white egg to scramble and onto the pan drops two full size, same size yolks. Is this common? I usually buy large eggs. What would have been the outcome if the egg had been allowed to hatch?

July 19, 2018

Does anyone remember the off the cuff comment tRump made at one of his rallies just a month or two

ago when he said he wasn't worried about the 2018 election, but that people needed to vote in the 2020 election?

IMO Putin is not going to mess with our 2018 election at the ballot box --- because that is where everyone will be looking. IMO it will be a calculated energy shut down of our power grid that will interfere with voting and getting election results in 2018 and Trump knows.

July 13, 2018

If the twelve Russian intelligence officers named in the Mueller indictment do not submit to the

jurisdiction of the U.S. courts, can they be tried in absentia? If so, how would this affect any prosecution of the as-yet unnamed (co)conspirators who are American citizens?

July 1, 2018

This thought makes me want to vomit, but we need to think outside the box about short range and

long range tactics to protect democracy now and in the years to come.

What would be the negative and positive political consequences if all Democrats were to re-register as Republicans? We wouldn’t be giving up our democratic ideals, we’d just be fighting to preserve them under a different political party identification.

How would our re-registration affect the courts’ decisions on issues such as redistricting, gerrymandering, voting rights, even Citizen’s United if all states looked red? What would be the effect on the 2020 census? Would we be able to pick up votes from Republicans who never would vote for a candidate unless there was an “R” attached to their name? As new Republicans would we be able to change the Republican platform to a progressive instead of the current regressive platform? How would a change in party affiliation affect leadership positions on Congressional committees?

Is it worth a discussion? Would our current members of Congress be willing to lead on this?

June 30, 2018

Did Arizona just go blue?

Per a Phoenix New Times article dated June 26, 2018: Medical-Cannabis Extracts Like Vape Pen Oil, Cannabis oils, hash oil, shatter, wax, and other names are now ILLEGAL under a 2-1 decision issued by the Arizona Court of Appeals on June 26, 2018.

The appellate judges ruled that the use of hashish was not included in the Marijuana Act when approved by the voters in 2010. Mikel Weisser, director of the state's chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said that “about 40 percent of the market is based on some kind of concentrate. Vape pens, wax, topicals, edibles — it's all concentrated marijuana. The bottom line of the industry is threatened."

An immediate appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court is expected.

Also according to the article: “Arizona has about 170,000 qualified patients and caregivers, according to the state's latest monthly report. Patients consumed about 43 tons of all forms of marijuana last year.”

The Phoenix New Times article has more information.

Sorry if previously posted. This is the first I've heard of it.

June 29, 2018

Hi! I'm a newbie and here's some info about me:

My life’s journey could fill a book (2 in fact!), and on this journey I was blessed to be awakened to my spirituality and female empowerment by a White Wiccan. At first I resisted, wanting nothing to do with religion, but she persisted as Wicca is a personalized faith, not borne out of any organized religion. Though she possessed great psychic ability she didn’t rely on it to express her belief that women’s exercise of their personal power would be the thing to bring peace and restore our necessary balance with Mother Nature. She simply had faith that it would happen. And it is happening.

In addition to the benefit of spirituality and female empowerment, under Wicca, the practice of herbal healing is known as the “Craft of the Wise,” hence my “in2herbs” identification. In medieval times men in the male-dominated Christian religion were threatened by the power of women who practiced the Craft of the Wise. As a result herbal practitioners were punished, often to death. So when someone dismisses the herbal healing power that Mother Nature provides I take it personal because they are also dismissing the power of women.

I don’t want to bash anybody on this site, but I have found that those opposed to alternative therapies claim that any healing that results is due to the patient’s faith and hope that the therapy will work. Bunk. Alternative treatments don’t always work, but pharmaceutical treatments don’t always work either despite one’s faith in the science of pharmaceuticals and their hope that the take-a-pill-to-heal therapy will work for them.

Here’s some other stuff about me: DU is my go to site for info and the only discussion forum I belong to, my TV is connected to an antenna so my Maddow/O’Donnell/Hayes/Joy fix is on a 24-hour delay, I don’t talk to republicans, I’m not on social media but am grateful to those who are using it as a voice of truth, my cell phone is a flip phone and not connected to the internet, and my phone contract is for 250 minutes per month which is just fine with me because I prefer spending time with my dogs, horses, and the wildlife just outside my door as this is the environment where I am constantly reminded of the truth, balance and harmony we must have with Mother Nature if there is ever to be peace.

Lastly, I like to read, but I only read non-fiction. Though it was published several years ago I recommend the book: “The G.O.D. Experiment: How Science is Discovering G.O.D. in Everything Including Us” by Gary E. Schwartz as it puts credible scientific research behind the science of the spirit.

Does anyone have any reading recommendations to share?

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