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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
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Why don't Sanders or Warren say that universal healthcare would liberate people from their boss?

Seriously, employer-based healthcare will always keep the worker subservient. If workers had an affordable way to get quality healthcare regardless of their job status, that would go a long way towards liberating the working class from their corporate overlords.

Yes, we need affordable care for all. But most people donít ever experience medical bankruptcy. Most, however few like they must shut their mouth at work for fear of their healthcare.

Time to liberate the people from employer-based care if they want.

Although I've openly supported Biden, I could happily vote for Bernie.

And thatís not just in the general election.

In fact, I may change to undecided. I genuinely like both of those 2 candidates. Iím torn.

What I dislike is reading such ugly posts between Biden and Bernie supporters. I actually feel drawn to support Biden when Bernie supporters attack Biden supporters. However, I feel the same as it relates to Biden supporters attacking Bernie voters.

I will be watching carefully the next month until the FL primaries. I have no problem with a democratic socialist winning. And I have no problem with Biden since he brings nostalgia of the Obama administration.

Peace yíall.

The only way to peel away some Trump voters is if the economy declines.

The GOP is loyal to Trump because they think he created this economy, among other reasons.

We need to express our displeasure with the GOP and Trump by closing our wallets. Consumers drive the economy. Itís time to stop spending as a form of protest.

When Wall Street earnings decline itíll hurt the GOP. Time to cut back on spending. Donít buy that car you want until after the election. Donít buy a house. No new furniture.

This must be done to show how much we despise the threat to our democracy. Just shut down spending. Now.
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