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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 12:51 PM
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Message from the latest "Star Wars" movie: the people defeated the Empire.

Saw "Star Wars" yesterday, and a message kept coming up: people -- everyday people, not an army -- joined up to defeat the Empire. Lando Calrissian said it a couple of times and repeated it later when it became obvious. Don't want to post any spoilers, but all it took was paying attention in order to get the idea.

What a message for right now.

Tin foil hat time: GOP members of Congress not running for re-election

Several Republican members of Congress have already indicated they won't run again. Is this because they know something is going on (Russian meddling in Congress?) and want to get out before the doo-doo hits the fan?

If this conspiracy theory is correct, then, given what Nancy is doing, I'd say Moscow Mitch could be in a heap'a trouble with his Russian handlers.

Okay, tinfoil hat off.

I remember "Spy vs Spy" from when I was a kid. Gawd, it was funny.

Disbar Barr

Just sayin'.
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