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Wwcd's Journal
Wwcd's Journal
August 23, 2018

Chinese State TV Mocks Trump in Sarcastic Video



But a new video released this week by China Global Television Network, an English-language affiliate of the state broadcaster, took direct aim at the American leader, portraying him as a bumbling man indirectly advancing China’s interests.


August 22, 2018

"Do you like Supeona Coladas, and getting Caught & Arraigned"

Michael Avenatti:


August 21, 2018

Russia Plans Largest War Games since end of Soviet Union


Russia plans largest war games since end of Soviet Union

Russia will stage the its largest war games since the fall of the Soviet Union next month, the country's Defense Ministry said Monday.

Thousands of troops from China and Mongolia are expected to join in the exercises in Siberia, dubbed Vostok 2018, according to statements from the Russian and Chinese defense ministries.

The games will have an "unprecedented scale both in territory and number of troops involved," supreme commander-in-chief of the Russian armed forces,
General Sergi Shoigu, said in a statement.

Shoigu said it would be the "largest event since the Zapad-81 maneuvers," which involved as many as 150,000 troops, according to CIA documents.

Those exercises saw the Soviet Union test new weapons, including intermediate range ballistic missiles. Videos from the Zapad-81 games show huge formations of tanks and artillery as well as jet aircraft making mock attacks.

"The exercise is not directed against any third party" and will focus on "maneuver defense, firepower strikes and counterattack," it added.

The September dates announced by China overlap with the Russian-sponsored Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. Chinese President Xi Jinping is among the leaders expected to attend this year's version of the annual event, hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Russia has been highlighting its military this year, with Putin in March boasting of new weaponry he claimed would render NATO defenses "completely useless." Some of those arms were shown off in a video released shortly after his July summit with US President Donald Trump.

August 21, 2018

Dear Mr. HOGG, Please educate yourself first. Who has stood with you?

Representative Nancy Pelosi's Public Statements on Gun Control.
I dare you to read every word Speaker Pelosi has said concerning your own passionate plea for gun control.
We applaud you, Mr Hogg & support your brave effort.

However, in light of your derogatory statement dismissing Speaker Pelosi as "old", I ask you to consider the mighty work she has done on behalf of your very own passionate cause.

14 years of Nancy Pelosi's work on gun control.
Speaker Pelosi wasn't always "old". But she has always been on the same path as you, Mr Hogg.


Please get to know your alliances & also your enemies.

Simply apologize.
Thank you

August 21, 2018

SuperMax Prison - An Appropriate Destination for Putin Cons

Hoping a few end up here.
Does overthrowing the US Govt qualify?
It should.

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