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Our State Senate candidate is winning over Trump voters. Here's how:

Today I drove for our D State Senate candidate so she could knock doors. She's challenging the incumbent who is an R woman who never knocked doors because she is well known in the area, her husband used to hold the seat, and they have a well known local business. Also, it has been a solid R district for 20 years.

This time we are neck and neck according to our polling and have the R's scared shitless. How? Because our candidate, a local city councilwoman, has been knocking doors since last winter (up to about 4000 door knocks just by herself and much of this is in rural areas with houses far apart), has been listening to voter concerns, and has been talking the bread and butter issues BIGTIME with healthcare, property tax burdens, and good high paying jobs being the largest issues.

She has had SO many Trump voters tell her they are voting for her and some have even said they are voting a straight Dem ticket.

First, many are disallusioned with Trump and sick of the circus. Next, their big issues are, again, healthcare, needing to reduce regressive property taxes, and jobs/income in this largely rural district.

It is about the bread and butter issues with healthcare front and center.
It is about tons of grassroots work.
It is about LISTENING.
It is about SHOWING UP!

She is fighting SO hard and hope we can win. Will be close, but she has a good chance.

Avenatti is awesome! It is about damn time!

I am an active lifelong Dem, and like Avenatti and SO many others I have wanted the party to get back to being the tough fighters we used to be under FDR, Truman, and JFK.

You can't play nicey-nice and sing campfire songs with Traitor Don and his Cult and today's viscious vomit-inducing GOP. ENOUGH!

Where the hell has that that gotten us? Tell me. The R's control all levels and branches of the government across the country. Gee, how's that working out?

It is a FAILURE! We didn't ask for this fight, but if I have anything to say about, we are damn well going to win it.

I love that Avenatti doesn't take ANY shit from these GOP scumbags. Enough is enough!

Get on OFFENSE and STAY THERE! Be STRONG! Be CLEAR! Have some GUTS again!

Spouse and I voted early today. Chaulk up two more for the Dems! Go vote early if you can. Easy!

In Maine anyone can do an absentee ballot. Simple to request it online. Mail it in or take it in to your town/city hall. We also have in- person absentee early voting and same-day voter registration and voting.

Enough of the CRAP about the Dems confirming the judges. THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED ANYWAY.

The R's just would have dragged it out so they ended it quickly. WE DO NOT CONTROL THE GOD DAMNED SENATE. GO VOTE!!!

Power begets power! If you don't like Republican judges, then GO VOTE.

I HAVE ALREADY VOTED! Early voting is now underway. Easy as can be. Info here:

Anyone can get an absentee ballot. I mostly vote like this now. SO easy. All done. No waiting in lines. I vote in my kitchen.

Below is the link to request an absentee ballot, or you can go to your city hall or town office and do it right there.

When you get the ballot, before mailing it in (or bringing it to your town hall/city hall by hand), MAKE SURE TO SIGN THE BACK OF THE ENVELOPE. If you mail it in, make sure to put TWO STAMPS on it.

So proud to have voted today in the comfort of my home. I will drop it off at my town hall tomorrow.

Please spread the word. This is SO easy.

Here is the link for people interested in putting in for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you OR JUST GO TO YOUR TOWN OR CITY HALL.



Holding hands and singing Kumbaya doesn't work anymore. SMASH DOWN THE GOP!

No more Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy! It doesn't work. It NEVER will in politics.

The GOP must be crushed! When they go low, we hit HARDER!

People don't need "hope." They need good JOBS. They need good healthcare. They need good homes. They need good vehicles. They need good wages. They need a good retirement. They need a good environment. They need some leisure time. They need a government that works for all the people, not just the privileged. These are what people need.

This is the kind of Dem we need to win in red areas! Super populist FIGHTER for working people!


The guy is incredible. Super fighter for working people!

In my area of central/northern Maine, we have a marine vet, Jared Golden, fighting similarly to take down the corporate toady Bruce Poliquin in the US House race up here.

Democrats forgot to be very strong populist vocal champions for working class people. That is ONE of the reasons Trump won. (There were many contributing factors.) When people feel hopeless and forgotten they will turn to ANYONE who gives them economic hope.

Dems can't win just by talking about Medicaid and raising the minimum wage. Doesn't go nearly far enough. People want the middle class American Dream. They need to be very vocal champions for the working class in the trenches.

We have to be very strong crystal clear FIGHTERS who can relate to and connect to everyday Americans trying to put food on the table.

We also need people who fit the districts in which they are running. People like this guy, Connor Lamb in PA, and Jared Golden in ME.

Check it out.

A woman co-worker, lifelong registered Republican, told me today she's voting straight D ticket.

Stories like this are going on all over. She HATES Traitor Don and was sickened by Kavanaugh. Also very disappointed in Collins. Last straw for this moderate R woman. Good stuff!

Sheldon Whitehouse's INCREDIBLE floor speech! Gotta see it. Link here:

Whitehouse is EXTRAORDINARY! He slams the living shit out of the R's. It will MOVE you. And it makes me want to vote YESTERDAY.

Watch it all. Share it. Brilliant!!

"Raze the GOP to the ground!" - Max Boot on A.M. Joe. God damned right!

See it. Boot is a lifelong R and has left the party because of Trump.

Campaign and VOTE and take friends with you!

Let's burn that radical racist sexist corrupt corporate CULT to the fucking ground at the ballot box!
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