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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 08:17 AM
Number of posts: 1,481

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Dem wins special state senate election tonight in VA! Good news!

"Breaking News: On the same night as Donald Trump's desperate speech on his government shutdown, Democrat Jennifer Boysko has been declared the WINNER of tonight's special election for the Virginia Senate!

Jennifer's blowout victory in this must-have district puts Democrats on track to end the Republican majority in the Virginia Senate, and it delivers a devastating rebuke of Trump and his allies' government shutdown debacle, which is still hurting millions of families."

Good stuff! Another special is coming up in Minnesota. Let's win that one too!

Impeachment with no chance of winning is like betting on a little league team beating the Red Sox.

To rush headlong into impeachment proceedings without MASSIVE public support and extremely clear evidence of high crimes is a ridiculous and DUMB fool's errand that will only fire up the R's, make them come out and vote in huge numbers, and hurt Dems in a big way.

We need Muelller's full report showing extremely clear evidence of VERY serious crimes. We need MASSIVE public support for it. We need some REPUBLICANS willing to support it. Remember, they have the Senate which needs a supermajority to vote for removal from office. Obviously we have NONE of this yet. And we may never have it. So let's just SLOW DOWN.

Dems were elected on healthcare, jobs, infrastructure, and education. THAT is where the FOCUS needs to be! And that is the FOCUS Nancy Pelosi is INSISTING upon and good for HER!

Trump will hang himself as he is already doing. Let him keep hanging himself. Beat him and R's AT THE VOTING BOOTH. We need to GOVERN, keep building the party, and keep WINNING ELECTIONS.



The dark cloud has passed. It is so great to be able to say GOVERNOR MILLS!

Nancy Pelosi takes the gavel and lays out the Dem agenda. Good Stuff!

Having Nancy Pelosi back was the right way to go because we need EXPERIENCE in this difficult time. She knows how to focus and work an agenda, whip votes, count votes, deal with the Republicans strongly, and deal with Trump strongly.

Here it is:

How do deal with the Texas right winger judge who struck down the ACA.

* First, don't freak out. This is a right wing judge. No surprise. There will be appeals.

* Next, CONTROL THE MESSAGE!! Superglue this to Trump and the mega-corrupt GOP CORRUPT CORPORATE CULT! Because the majority supports the ACA.

* Organize, Organize, Organize and VOTE THE GOP CULT OUT in 2019 (there will be some elections) and especially in 2020.

This is what happens when people don't get off their asses and VOTE. Because when these SCUMBAG right wingers get into office they appoint right wing judges, gerrymander election districts, and on and on.

ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!! We made real progress last month in the elections, but we have much more to do.

So, tell folks that if they want to have healthcare, clean air and water, decent wages, etc. then VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS AND NOT REPUBLICANS. VOTE THE SCUMBAGS OUT!

PS: Um, Medicare for All WILL NOT PASS now, very obviously. Don't waste energy and time on that. Focus on CRUSHING the TRUMP CULT in 2019 and 2020.

Mark Shields: "There is no Republican Party...It's a cult." He went there! Good!

SEE VIDEO: Start at 4 minutes in.

The Republican Party IS indeed a cult. It's dead and gone.

Our job is to focus on the bread and butter issues, starting with healthcare, which got us elected. And CONTROL THE MESSAGE. Frame the R's as "The Trump Cult" that is totally beholden to Trump, the rich, and the powerful, and who say 'to hell with everyone else.' They are totally corrupt and unable to govern."

We should do smart oversight, but we must NOT go down the rabbit hold of a rush to impeachment unless the Mueller investigation reveals very serious legal violations that will finally move some R's in the House and Senate to support it, and only if the public will support it too. We need to prove we can GOVERN and do what the large majority of Americans want. The American people want THEIR needs taken care of.

And Pelosi and Schumer have the experience and discipline and this is what they plan to do.

If we do our job on healthcare and the economy, rule the message and agenda on those, and define Trump and the Republicans, then we can wipe them off the map in 2020.

Avenatti was totally correct! It's ending VERY BAD for Cohen and Trump.

Avenatti was totally correct. Time and again he said "This is going to end very badly for Michael Cohen and Donald Trump."

Spot on.

We have had THREE blue waves!

#1 - First Wave: Election Night 2017. Swept VA and NJ Gov. Races, VA State Offices Races, VA State Legislature Races, NYC Mayor, Progressive Referendums All Over The Country, and other State and Local Races All Over the Country

#2 - All Kinds of Special Elections Especially for State Level Legislative Races

#3 - Election Night 2018. Flipped About 40 US House Seats, 7 Governorships, 6 Full Legislatures, and Tons of Other State and Local Races and Progressive Referendums

Let's have two more in 2019 and 2020. In 2019 there will be some state and local races and referendum elections. And in 2020 let's take the Senate and the White House and make the RePUKEliCons a permanent fixture in the dustbin of history which is right where they belong.

Just gotta share this. OMG. Awesome music. Just happened upon it. Will put a smile on your face!

This is the best of America. My goodness!

OMG! Check out this rhythm and blue group. Spectacular. Right in the back yard.

This is America at its best! CHECK IT OUT!
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