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Member since: Thu May 18, 2017, 01:27 AM
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Why all the outrage on the right about the search warrant?

What they seem to be saying is that a former president has every right to steal national security documents and hide them at his home. For the purpose of? Selling them to? Who knows?


I love this - Sarah Palin will be running against

Santa Claus!


Pink Floyd is releasing their first new music in 28 years

with the proceeds going to Ukraine Humanitarian Relief.

The video accompanying this performance is enough to bring one to tears.

Adding link: &ab_channel=PinkFloyd

Manchin doing mcconnell one better


Centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) told reporters Monday that he would not support confirming another nominee to the Supreme Court right before the midterm elections and would prefer to wait until the country knows which party will control the Senate in 2023.

Manchin told reporters that if another Supreme Court seat becomes vacant shortly before the Nov. 8 election, he would support holding off a vote on President Bidenís nominee to see if Republicans win back control of the Senate.

ďIím not going to be hypocritical on that. If it comes a week or two weeks before like it did with our last Supreme Court nominee, I think thatís a time it should go to the next election,Ē he said.

So it's not just presidential elections that justify blocking court nominations ala mcconnell. It's midterms too in the manchin doctrine.

The attacks on Fauci by

the former guy and his followers are not only stupid - they are extremely dangerous. Remember O'Reilly's rants about 'Tiller the baby killer'? That did not end well.

The former guy has enough rabid followers who would not be above resorting to violence and even murder.

They have to stop this.

Dead teachers can't teach


This article refers to Tennessee. Chicago is doing the same thing.

Teachers and staff need to be vaccinated before schools can reopen. And that's not happening.

Mike Pence and impeachment

Listening to Thom Hartmann I heard a listener call for the impeachment of Pence if he refuses to invoke the 25th amendment. I haven't heard any suggestion of that to date. It makes sense.

45 should be arrested!

Georgia - Perdue and Loeffler have just done a 180 degree pivot

on survival checks. That in no way redeems them. Pay attention to the 'quality' of their representation for Georgians over the past year - not what they said in the last 2 minutes.

As Rachel says - watch what they do, not what they say.


Anybody else getting this error when trying to reply to a post?
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