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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 05:53 PM
Number of posts: 3,902

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Losers last night?

1. The Trump political ideology.
2. Rick Saccone.
3. The Our Revolution ideology.

Florida House Seat flipped, republican to democrat.

Margaret Good defeated the republican by 3000 votes in the Sarasota Florida district special election. Not sure whether this was covered on DU earlier this week.

I refused to sign a ballot petition today.

I was out and about this morning and came upon a guy asking for signatures to put a candidate on the ballot. I asked what party, he said republican, I said no, I support democrats and walked away. The guy was courteous, but even with that, I view him as a wolf in sheep's clothing, given the likely bent of the potential candidate he is collecting signatures for.

I usually have no issue with signing ballot petitions, I can always vote against stuff that I don't like. But republicans outnumber democrats in my county by just under 2:1, if the guy gets on the ballot, he will not have my democratic signature helping him reach the threshold. BTW, there are lots of Independents here, about the same amount as there are democrats.

I have no regrets about the choice that I made.

Pre-existing conditions.

I talked to a person today by chance. The person had surgery to resolve a life threatening condition. I noticed medical aids the person was still using and had to ask questions about what happened.
I was told what happened, but it is what I was told next that blew my mind. Surgery to correct the condition cost the person several hundred thousand dollars. The person seemed psyched out because the insurance policy that the person maintained for seven years is refusing to pay any of the cost, even for medicine and physical therapy, ZERO, nothing at all.
Even if the person had a shitty, high deductible policy that President Obama warned about, the out of pocket for the type of surgery seems high (brain surgery to relieve pressure on the brain and fusing of a disk in the spine). Maybe the Doctors on DU can give an idea of how much such surgery cost, but from what I understood it cost $200-300 thousand dollars and the insurance company is refusing to pay a dime, citing pre-existing conditions because the person had a spinal injury in an automobile accident that existed before the policy was purchased.

Any thoughts?

I suggested that the person call a law office that sues insurance companies, but with Trump in office and republicans rolling back consumer protections, trying to repeal Obamacare and stacking the Courts with incompetent rightwing stooges, I am not optimistic.

BTW, hearing the person's story is why I want to rip the throats out of the "no difference" idiots and the Bernie or busters. What is happening to that person can happen to any middleclass or poor person who doesn't have a free few hundred thousand dollars sitting around.

Bill de Blasio.

I watched him (on CSPAN) give a speech to a group of Iowa progressive Democrats. I was impressed with both his passion and clearheaded defense of liberal public policy.

What do those of you that live in NYC or New York State think of him?

2018 candidates that converted from republican to Democrat to run for office.

I have become suspicious of that type unless they converted several years ago like a handful of our current Reps. If 2018 looks like it is setting up to be a bloodbath for republicans, we are going to get lots of former republicans running under our banner.

I am ok with the ones that have been behaving like Democrats in terms of policy, not ok with ones that talked the republican line up until a year or so before they converted. Thoughts?

A nature question.

All DU members are sensitive to protecting the environment.

I had something happen and I am wondering whether I made the right decision. I was helping clean up storm residue (yes, we still are picking up in some places). Me and my brother, who I was helping came upon a small rattlesnake that was under some of the fallen branches. I wanted to let the rattler live and after a short debate, I got my way. We moved the snake to nearby woods and let it crawl away. Did I make a mistake?

Should liberal states form their own health insurance system?

I am thinking blue states like California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Maryland, Delaware, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont. Form their own giant insurance pool and certify insurance companies that meet specific guidelines to sell there. Other states can join as long as they agree to the following;

1. Affordable care for everyone.
2. Premium assistance for poor people up to Medicaid level.
3. No pre-existing condition exclusions. Everyone MUST be covered at the same rate for the level of policy.
4. No shit policies, i.e. super high deductibles, restricted coverage, lifetime caps can be sold in those states.

For residency:
Person must have lived in the state for one year or was born there.

I am not in insurance guy. But I feel that blue states need to decouple themselves from states like mine (Florida) and red states that constantly vote against their own best interests.

Voting for my first republican.

Since I was a college freshman and had one fool me into thinking she was a liberal. While she was not as bad as other republicans, a Democrat would have been better if one had ran. It was her versus another republican that was worse.

Which brings me to my current quandary. Our election has a youngish teabag republican that looks well funded versus a Chamber of Commerce republican incumbent who also looks well funded. I plan to vote for the CofC guy because his platform sounds a lot less crazy and he already serves on what looks like a moderate group mostly.

To use a term from the show Law & Order, my not voting at all shows a mindset of depraved indifference. No way do I want the teabagger to win. He has ran before and does not hold office. There are around 25% more republicans in my county, but I can't count on sane republicans after Trump.

One bummer is the firefighting Union seems to be squarely behind the teabagger, even out campaigning for him in some of their gear. This brings up whether we as progressives should even support firefighting and cop unions, everyone that I have seen is rightwing, they don't vote for things that we feel are important.

Looking forward.

The upcoming employment report out this week is expected to show job growth of 180,000 plus, on top of 250,000 last month. Unemployment is down to 4.4%.

Deplorables attribute the numbers to Trump. But they are wrong, a new President's policies don't seriously impact the economy until around August of the first year in office. The nation's economy is still running on President Obama's policies, more so since Trump has not done any real significant policy other than roll back environmental regulations.

The economy where I live is highly dependent on retirees, medical care facilities, lots of local, state and federal government jobs. What I foresee once Trump's economy hits is my area will be devastated, given the types of jobs people around here hold.

Once the blush of Obama policy is gone in a couple of month and the reality of Trump policy hits the nation full force, I won't be surprised to see the economy and stock market plunge and the economy take on the 2008 pallor.

Once reality hits, I wonder how the 35% of American who did not vote in 2016 will feel about their decision.
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