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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 05:53 PM
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It is 85 degrees now in my north-central Florida county.

Nothing special to note about that, but things are changing environmentally and that is of note. People can argue about the exact cause of climate change, but a person has to be a complete idiot to deny that climate change is taking place.

When I was in grade school, the mint-colored new leaves on the trees would break out around early to mid-April, I used to use their appearance as a marker that school would soon be out and summer break would start. This year the leaf buds appeared in early February and by the end of February, many trees has mint-colored new leaves, now pretty much all trees have them, some with heavy new foliage. Although the sight is beautiful, I can't help but feel like it is a Frankenstein still asleep but slowly awakening.

This may have been asked, I didn't find a thread.

Has anyone had problems with the ActBlue donation site? It keeps bouncing out of my debit card account number entry. It either stops number entry, or it doesn't acknowledge entry of the information.

John Wetteland, Yankees 1996 World Series MVP charged with sexual assault of a minor.

Accused of forcing a 4 year old to perform oral sex on him, then doing it twice with the child in later years. He is a born again Christian who was teaching baseball and bible studies at a Christian academy. Really sad shit, I hope the child can recover and live a half decent life.

Trump's Wall of Stupidity.

A military Gray Eagle Drone cost about $5 million each. Even set at a low altitude below any clouds (rare in that part of the country), the camera on the Drone should be able to scan across a lot of miles. With $5.7 billion, Trump could buy 1,140 Gray Eagle Drones. A wall, given the complexity of such a project in that region will likely cost many multiples of $5.7 billion. In essence, Trump could cover every mile of the border, establish quick reaction stations along the whole border and maintain Drones for years with a fraction of what that fool wants to spend on an ineffective and useless wall.

Did anyone notice the funny throwing motion that Rivers had Sunday?

He was winding up on each throw and seemed to be shot putting passes often. A sharp coaching staff like the Patriots have had to see that. If coached fully, their defensive backs should know exactly where Rivers is going to throw the ball before it leaves his hand. The Chargers appear to have a very solid offensive line, I don't expect the young Patriots defensive line to get to Rivers much if at all, but they may not need to, Rivers may end up throwing lots of picks.

What is everyone's opinion on the college top division playoffs and NTG?

I think that the 4 team format sucks, Georgia and Ohio State were likely better teams that Notre Dame and Oklahona.

My guess is Alabama wins the NTG if it's O-Line can stand up to the Clemson defensive unit. I won't watch the game out of protest, I really don't like the playoff format.

The ginger shoot phenomena.

All of us who have had a garden where we planted seeds. The plant that springs from the seed breaks the soil and grow upward.

I am a reasonably good cook, but sometimes I get bored with eating certain things or get outright lazy.

I recently let some fresh ginger sit around in a container instead of using it. Of course, over a month or so, some of the ginger began sprouting. One sprout in particular caught my attention because it was the only one that sprouted toward the side-bottom of the container. The others came from ginger that was turned upward at the start.

The sprout from the nodule that was turned sideways-down over a period of a few days made a 90 degree turn so that it was not facing skyward.

Did the shoot turn skyward because light is there, or did it turn skyward because the structure of new (fresh) plant growth is programmed to move opposite the direction of gravity for a period of time?

Has anyone heard from the Sleeping Saint, sorry, Mike Pence

Since Nancy Pelosi put a beatdown on his boss?

LeBron James.

Anyone that claim that he does not make a team better need to shut up. He is making the Lakers respectable, and right now in a playoff spot. If he does not get injured, my money is on the team making the playoffs. He is making marginal and young players better and the team is improving week by week.


I could go to the Florida board with this, but it is important that it get posted here.

I have watched people rip Florida voters and whine about elections being un-winnable for Democrats there. I also heard that race is a huge factor in Florida's elections. The picture is somewhat more complicated than the simplistic stuff that I have been reading.

On race and elections:
About 8.1 million voters voted in the Governor's race. DeSantis beat Gillum by just over 33,000 votes. Gillum got just over 4 million votes. The entire African-Anerican population in Florida is around 3.6 million, men, women, underage children, babies. Gillum got millions of votes from non African-American voters. Potentially tens of thousands votes in a democratic stronghold were invalidated because people mailed them when the MAGAbomber struck, they sat in a post office with no postmark.

We elected a female Democrat as Agriculture Commisioner, a very prominent position in Florida. That is the first time in I don't know when that we got a democrat in that job.

Bill Nelson lost by just over 10,000 votes. If the Miami-Dade Mail situation had not taken place, or people had chosen to go and in person early vote or vote in person on Election Day in Miami-Dade, Gillum and Nelson very possibly would have won. A similar argument can be made against able bodied people mailing in votes when Florida had 11 days of early voting that included TWO Saturdays and TWO Sundays.

In Florida, we democrats need to get smart about making sure out votes get counted. We clearly have the numbers to win.

People outside of Florida. If you can't give constructive input, can you at least lay off the bashing?
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