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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 05:53 PM
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Looking forward.

The upcoming employment report out this week is expected to show job growth of 180,000 plus, on top of 250,000 last month. Unemployment is down to 4.4%.

Deplorables attribute the numbers to Trump. But they are wrong, a new President's policies don't seriously impact the economy until around August of the first year in office. The nation's economy is still running on President Obama's policies, more so since Trump has not done any real significant policy other than roll back environmental regulations.

The economy where I live is highly dependent on retirees, medical care facilities, lots of local, state and federal government jobs. What I foresee once Trump's economy hits is my area will be devastated, given the types of jobs people around here hold.

Once the blush of Obama policy is gone in a couple of month and the reality of Trump policy hits the nation full force, I won't be surprised to see the economy and stock market plunge and the economy take on the 2008 pallor.

Once reality hits, I wonder how the 35% of American who did not vote in 2016 will feel about their decision.

H1B Visas.

60 Minutes had a segment on about how younger cheaper workers from mostly India are taking high level American worker jobs in IT and other such professions, some government institutions are among employers outsourcing jobs to save money (so they claim). The result is that older, highly skilled American workers are unemployed with little hope of finding comparable work.

Trump (the shameless one) made a major issue of this and is not dragging his foot on renewing the H1B Visa program. I hate that Trump has such a powerful issue to play with and wish that Democrats would become fierce opponents of the program if qualified, unemployed American workers are given serious interviews and hired. Trump hires foreign workers in the place of Americans, but it is clear that won't stop him from using the program to his political advantage.


Good for Bernie to call Trump a liar, because that is what Trump is. nt

Has anyone heard any public statement from Jill Stein or Johnson.

On Trump's tax plan that gives all to the rich?
On Trump's defense buildup plan?
On Trump's gutting of environmental protections?
On Trump's attack on immigrants?
On Trumps green lighting the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines?

Stein made a big deal about protesting the DA pipeline near the end of the election. Where was she last month when police forced protesters off the land they occupied?

I challenge Stein's supporters here (if they have the principles to identify themselves) to explain her silence. Same with Johnson supporters.

Appeals Court upholds suspension of the immigrant ban. nt

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