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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 05:53 PM
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Pittsburgh Steelers.

My opinion on this team. The Roethlisberger era is over. Big Ben has never been the type to win with average or just above average players surrounding him, unlike Brady. To make matters worse, the Baltimore Ravens, in the Steelers grouping seem to have found young top players on both offense and defense, I expect the young Ravens to get better this year.

The Steelers signed Big Ben to a massive extension, leaving little to no money for signing other top players. Recent history has been that when teams signed quarterbacks to big contracts the team fell apart (i.e., Ryan in Atlanta, the Seattle QB, the Panthers QB, the Lions QB, the former Ravens QB, the former Dolphins QB, ect).

I think the Steelers will be bad this coming season. The coach will get fired because the coach takes the blame. Ben may retire after this coming season, once he sees that the well around him is dry. The Steelers will likely start years of rebuilding that goes well into the next decade.

Sweet potatoes.

I have tended to use them baked as a dessert item.

How many here use them as an ingredient in main dishes (soups, stews, ect)? Share recipes if you want, I am looking for ideas.

They are a nutritional powerhouse. I did not know that there are something like 1700 varieties, the ones that I mostly saw harvested were Carolina Reds (common in Florida during my youth).

My mom always used them as a desert item, so when I came back to them as an adult, that is the route that I took.

Game of Thrones final episode.

I must admit that I have paid little to no attention to the series. Haven't watched 15 minutes of it total. But the daily write ups and speculation on what happens next on newsfeed turned out to be hard to avoid. So, for the last couple of weeks I have been reading some of the recounts, speculation. From the summary of the last show I found out that Danerys went fullblown murderous psycho and is likely to take a sword in the gut a few times during the coming episode, with Arya Stark doing the honors.

But my feeling? I would not put money on a happy ending where good triumphs over evil (or evil driven by a predisposition toward insanity as is speculated with Danerys). Modern movie show-runners seem to really get the line between good and evil muddled. Hell, Arya Stark may slip in to kill Danerys, have a chat with her and kill everyone else to put Danerys on the Iron Throne. That is how I view the modern show-writing, like a large segment of society, unable to distinguish between good and evil.

For those that have truly followed the series, what is your take on what happens Sunday?

For people whose cookies turn brick hard after a day or so.

I tried all the web based ideas, apple slices, bread in with the cookies, ect. Nothing worked.

Then I decided to use my training as an engineer. First I tried food grade diatomaceous earth and it worked, but I was concerned about sustainability given that the organisms that became the earth were from millions of years ago, once it is dug up, it is gone.

I looked in my kitchen cabinet at the cornstarch that I keep in a sealed container to reduce clumping from moisture collection. Perfecto. Adding just less than one teaspoon per cup of flour produced wonderful cookies that retain most of their as baked softness for days. You can try natural preservatives to hold the as baked flavor, I tried one that works, but my guess is any do.

I discovered something else about cornstarch in cookie dough. A little less that a teaspoon per cup of flour keeps the cookies from hardening as they sit. Three tablespoons per cup of flour gives a hard, snappy shortbread like cookie. I thought the contrast was interesting and believe that it comes from a water-bonding dynamics change as the amount of cornstarch is changed.

I will get the jump on you. Another Florida Man story.

Some dude was arrested for burglarizing cars in the jail parking lot just after being released from jail.

In our defense, we do have over 20 million people here. There is bound to be some oddballs. Believe it or not, we also have a vibrant open records law, so the press get stories like the above instead of being stonewalled.

After Muffett McGraw's bold statement on equality for women in sports and society at large.

I am a Notre Dame Women's Basketball fan. That's all.

Didn't see any other appropriate place to put this.

My hobby is cooking. Recently I set about figuring out how to solve issues that I have had in the past with my fresh baked cookies.

But in that process I came upon something that opened my eyes. On the weekend over several weeks I set up test batches of cookie dough, baked the cookies then measured how well they stood up to the past cookie issues that I had. The drawn out timeframe caused me to use butter purchased from three different places. Maybe I should have known this, but something labeled "Butter" does not have to be 100% from butterfat, according to the FDA, Grade AA butter must possess a fine and highly pleasing butter flavor. Wow, pretty scientific requirement there. My cookies told me that even some name brand butter fell short. I finally settled on a cultured, handmade 100% butterfat butter that I buy at a health food store, and goodnight was the difference in cookie results plain to see.

I guess it is possible for an aging dog to learn new tricks.

Rob Gronkowski retired today.

Probably starts the countdown to Canton. I can think of greater Tight Ends from reading about some and watching some, truly don't know how Gronkowski match up to Mackie, or Winslow, but he seemed to be on par with or a little better than Ditka. Regardless, he has been the most dominant Tight End of his playing years, a bruiser that often had players come after him equally hard, hence his injury issues. But even with injuries, he leaves with 3 rings and as the second highest playoff scorer in NFL history.

It is 85 degrees now in my north-central Florida county.

Nothing special to note about that, but things are changing environmentally and that is of note. People can argue about the exact cause of climate change, but a person has to be a complete idiot to deny that climate change is taking place.

When I was in grade school, the mint-colored new leaves on the trees would break out around early to mid-April, I used to use their appearance as a marker that school would soon be out and summer break would start. This year the leaf buds appeared in early February and by the end of February, many trees has mint-colored new leaves, now pretty much all trees have them, some with heavy new foliage. Although the sight is beautiful, I can't help but feel like it is a Frankenstein still asleep but slowly awakening.

This may have been asked, I didn't find a thread.

Has anyone had problems with the ActBlue donation site? It keeps bouncing out of my debit card account number entry. It either stops number entry, or it doesn't acknowledge entry of the information.
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