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Profile Information

Name: KWR
Gender: Male
Hometown: Oregon
Home country: USA
Current location: Right Here
Member since: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 1,098

Journal Archives

Trumps Push to deport Vietnamese in California may be the death knell of the Republican Party There


“It’s not just bad social policy. It’s incredibly bad politics,” said GOP consultant Mike Madrid, who has been vociferously imploring his party to renounce Trumpism and expand its electorate. He was among a group of former California Republican Party political directors who signed a recent letter urging the rejection of “messages of hatred, division and rhetoric that divides us by race.”

Vietnamese-Americans, Madrid said, represent “the only ethnic diversity in the party to speak of.”

Losing Utah Republican Mia Love Realizes that she was just a tool for the Republican party.

Days after losing her re-election bid in deep red Utah, Representative Mia Love, the only black Republican woman in Congress, condemned President Trump on Monday in a scathing concession speech, describing him as having “no real relationships, just convenient transactions.”


$100 of billons spent on stealth aircraft was for nothing. China builds radar that defeats stealth..


Radar is a powerful military tool because it makes it possible to spot enemy aircraft beyond the line of sight. It does this by sending out a burst of radio energy, which bounces back when it encounters another object. So-called “stealth” aircraft try to get around this by becoming invisible to radar — either by using flat, angular shapes to reflect radar signals away from radar equipment or by using materials which absorb radar signals.

Stealth Radar Detector

FBI Investigating Scam Patent Firm That New AG Advised

Source: Court House News Service

The Wall Street Journal confirmed the existence of an active FBI investigation into World Patent Marketing late Friday, as new evidence comes to light regarding the role in scam played by the man tapped to succeed Jeff Sessions, who resigned Wednesday at the request of President Donald Trump.

Read more: https://www.courthousenews.com/large-payments-to-trump-ag-pick-found-in-scam-firms-records/

Oregon Voters Reject No Abortion Funding Ballot Measure 105

Oregon Right wingers introduced Measure 105 to stop public funding of abortions (Usually Medicaid Patients) and the Oregon voters rejected it by a 65% NO vote. We need to put the right of abortion on the ballot on all 50 states to stop the right wingers trying to outlaw abortion and birth control. Just like the voters in Ireland made abortion legal there.

I bought the winning MegaMillions Lotto Ticket Yesterday.

How should I spend it when I win Tuesday?

Kavanaugh, "I have always treated women with respect."

He sounds like a parrot during that Fox news interview. I can't wait until Dr. Ford testifies.

Dear Ms. Ford, Please call this number to file a criminal complaint

They can still investigate and prosecute this crime.

Captain Sean Gagen, Director

The Special Victims Investigations Division is comprised of several sections responsible for investigating rapes, sexual offenses, domestic violence, and crimes against children.

Main Office Number – 240-773-5400


Maryland Law on Sexual Assault. From what I have read there is no Statute of Limitations.


Sexual Offense
First Degree – Usually this crime or attempt of this crime is subject to life imprisonment. However, if a person was previously convicted of first-degree rape or sexual offense, commits the rape on a kidnapped child under 16, or the defendant is over 18 and the victim was under 13, then life imprisonment without the possibility of parole is the maximum sentence.
Note: The same 25-year mandatory minimum prison sentence applies here if the defendant was over 18 and the victim was a child under 13. None of the 25 years can be suspended by the court, nor is the person eligible for parole.
Second Degree – Usually, the punishment is a maximum of 20 years in prison, including for attempt. However, if a person 18 years or older sexual assaults a child under 13 the minimum prison term is 15 years and maximum is life in prison.
Third Degree – A felony with a sentence not more than 10 years in prison
Fourth Degree – Typically, this crime is a misdemeanor punished by not more than one-year imprisonment and a fine not more than $1,000. However, if a person previously committed a sex crime, the punishment is increased to 3 years in prison and a fine up to $1,000.

The attempted sexual assault happened in Maryland.

Crooks & Liars Has a post about a possible new accuser against Kavanaugh. A legal clerk


Now it looks like Professor Blasey isn't the only one with a story, so expect at least one other person will be coming forward:

FWIW, a DC lawyer told me this morning he'd been waiting for Kavanaugh's #MeToo moment ... but the story he knew wasn't from high school but a summer clerkship.

— Andrea Wolfson (@andrea_wolfson) September 14, 2018

Turned my mentions off because YIKES, but let me add he's already shared what he heard with a reporter as did the person with firsthand knowledge.

— Andrea Wolfson (@andrea_wolfson) September 17, 2018

Get out the popcorn...
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