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Oixi1993's Journal
Oixi1993's Journal
April 21, 2016


I am new here and am going to ask an honest question. I have no intent on debating my goal is to listen. With all the major issues going on in our country why is this transgender bathroom issue such a big issue right now? The timing of this makes me wonder. I am truly confused as to how this became such a hot issue at this point in this election cycle.

April 21, 2016


I joined this site 2 weeks ago. I have been a life long conservative but have transitioned to being a Sanders supporter and much more progressive. I find I am really admiring true progressives. They calmly state their beliefs and are logical. They are reasonable and not prone to name calling unless you get in their face. They are HONEST. I love that. They are not excusing things that are wrong just because there is a D in front of their name. That makes me trust them.

I have been a bit stunned at establishment people on both sides in this election but more so on the left. I want to be careful here. I am new. But I will leave it at this. I am changing my views because of the rational and logical arguments laid out by Progressives. I am thankful for you guys.

April 19, 2016

Recovering conservative now Sanders convert

Here is the story. I engage with some good friends on social media debating political issues. Some of these friends are liberal and some are conservative. A couple of my liberal friends challenged me to do two things. 1. Examine the influence of money in politics. I took a deep dive on that issue and came face to face with the reality that our system is broken. 2. They challenged me to listen closely to a couple of Sanders talks. I listened to one he did at the Brookings Institute and I listened to a speech he gave at Georgetown. I was fully prepared to poke holes in his positions and to not agree with much of what he said. He is a "Socialist" after all. What happened is that I found myself agreeing with him. It was just logic and common sense. I tried to not just react but I started to see everything differently. I spent 30 days going through this transition. At the end of the 30 days I realized I was fearful of what people would think. At that point I came out of the closet and took a ton of heat from my conservative friends and family. My faith has been questioned. My sanity has been questioned. My motives have been questioned. All this has done is steel my resolve.

On the other side of the coin I probably would not have looked at Sanders had the Republicans put up someone sensible. Trump drove me away and Cruz is a phony and very very very dangerous. He has some extreme religious views that border on heretical. Another eye opener to me was that conservatives do not seem to care that these guys are both terrible for this country. They are pro life don't you know.

So now I am excited. I am in a movement I believe in. I am hopeful. I am talking with my friends who lean right and getting them to truly look at Sanders. I find myself rooting for Democrats in NY and other states that have not voted to see the light and join the revolution. I am a late comer but ready to do whatever I can to promote democracy, freedom, integrity, and honor to our country. Sanders is the only one in this race that has the intelligence, character, and solutions that can lead this effort.

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Name: Jim Davis
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