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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
March 1, 2018

Should we start practicing saying President Pence?

Mueller is apparently getting very close to the Oval Office.
All of the pressure on Manafort, Kushner, and the departure of Hope Hines are big news.
Can Mueller get Trump on the three biggies?: obstruction, collusion, money laundering.

I think he already has obstruction nailed.
Prob has money laundering.
Has violations of emoluments clause.
And may be to close to collusion, coordination, or something like it.

In March, I bet we hear that Trump will refuse to be interviewed by Mueller on advice of counsel.

More than anything he doesn’t want his finances, including taxes, disclosed.

I bet he would make a deal with the GOP leadership and DOJ to resign before the midterms.
Keep my finances quiet and I will admit that I unknowingly obstructed Justice.
He will claim ignorance and the GOP and their media mouthpieces will go along with that.

Start listening to hear on right wing radio and Fox hints that they are moving away from Trump and toward Pence.
They will defend Pence at all costs.
Unless Mueller has some kind of smoking gun that also brings down Pence, I think he will be President by June.
This will give the GOP time to hone their message for the midterms.
It will go like this.

Paul Ryan statement:
“We are very disappointed in the actions of President Trump. He let power go to his head and ended up obstructing Justice. Fortunately, those of us in the Republican Party who have put country over party have rightfully voted for his Impeachment. But, with the Presidents appropriate decision to resign, the country was saved having to go through the impeachment process. The good news is that we have a person with the utmost character and ability to assume the role of Commander in Chief. Mike Pence has unquestioned ethics, morality, and the correct temperament for the job at this time in our country’s history. I know that you all will join me in wishing him well. God Bless America.”

February 23, 2018

Good Lord, This Australian PM is fellating Trump

It’s disgusting the fawning he’s doing over Trump.

February 22, 2018

Trumps notes with written questions really scary

Look at these notes/questions.
Is this what he needs to conduct a question and answer session?
Does he have to remind himself (#5) to be a human being?
Did he even write these questions or did he need someone to give them to him as if he were a fifth grader.
Scary, indeed.


February 22, 2018

Why is this question never asked about gun violence?

How have other countries successfully dealt with this issue?

February 20, 2018

Family conversation about authoritarianism

Liberal Atheist: “I now get why you Evangelicals still support Trump”.
Conservative Evangelical: “yeah, what is that”
LA: “Because you worship white male authority figures, real or imagined”.

February 18, 2018

Will GOP parents of Fla School side with their party or their kids?

So, if these students are now going to get involved in politics, they will face backlash.
Maybe even in their own homes.
I can just hear GOP parents saying that the gun control issue is much more complicated than the children think. Don’t listen to the liberal media, blah, blah,blah.
Plus, they will say it is only one issue.
And that Dems are wrong in all other ones like abortion and high taxes.
So, you shouldn’t vote out Republicans on the gun issue alone.

Will be interesting to hear from some of these students in a few months and hear what they have heard at home and how it has affected their opinion.

February 17, 2018

Does Mueller have the authority to access tax returns?

If so, I would think he knows a whole lot more than we think.
I’d love to see Trump, Kushner, and Manaforts returns.

February 15, 2018

Should Democrats nationalize the gun control issue for November?

In my mind, so many of our current nations problems started with Gores “loss”.
I remember a few months before that election hearing some democratic strategists say that Gore needed to soften his stance on guns for him to win.
There was a lot of talk about if he did this he would probably win his home state of Tennessee.
Of course, that would have changed the election.

I also remember after Bush “won” hearing a lot of Dems post mortems on the election.
Again, many said that for Dems to win again (especially in rural America) that they could not continue to support all three of abortion rights, gay rights, and gun control measures.
I do believe that a conscious decision was made to keep supporting the first two but to drop or de-emphasize the gun issue.
Polling showed it was the “smart” thing to do.
The NRA was just too powerful.
Then with Citizens United and “corporations are people”, unlimited amounts of money started pouring in from the NRA and others who interpret the Second Amendment in such broad terms that all types of weaponry sales, swaps, etc. should be 100% protected without govt interference or regulation.

And, here we are again. With another mass shooting. They are rising, not slowing.
What do we (Dems) do now?
Would emphasizing this issue help us win back the House and the Senate in November or would it work against us as it has so many times in the past?
Tough question.
And I don’t know the answer.

February 2, 2018

Someone explain Carter Page to me?

Is there a real chance that he is a Russian spy?
I’ve seen him interviewed a few times and he came off as quite a strange duck.

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