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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
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The BIG question - what REALLY happened - and where America is headed.

I keep trying to see thru and past all of the distractions and diversions.
The old adage to always follow the money only takes us so far.
Yes, it appears that Trump was compromised/blackmailed/co-opted by Russia.
But, when and by whom and for whom?

How do the real powers in this country...think Mercerís, Kochís, Adelsons types...figure in.
They knew Trump was a useful idiot.
They knew Russia helped him win.
They were thrilled by that and by not getting Hillary.

But why did they want him?
Would they have preferred a Rubio or Cruz or some other Republican.
That is really hard to answer.
We know that Trump himself neither expected nor wanted to win.
He just wanted the higher profile, branding, and money (whether it came domestically or from Russians).

But when he won (or it was manipulated successfully by any number of ways), the powers that be had to see how to handle him. Could he be managed? And by whom?
Would he live up to any deal to approve their tax cuts and deregulation (the only things they really cared about).
Yes, at first. With the added bonuses of him approving all of the pro corporatist judges that they recommended to him thru the Heritage Foundation and Other front groups.

But, the fly in the ointment was Trumps going rogue on trade.
The tariffs really pissed them off.
They really donít like his isolationist non globalist views.
So, they are probably deciding right now if their useful idiot has outlived his usefulness.
Will Rupert Murdoch and other media power brokers turn on him in favor of Pence.
Can they wait until 2020 to dump him.
Itís too late now to do it before the midterms.
They know the Dems will take the House (unless they truly do have access to enuf source codes in enuf states to actually change enuf vote tally results).

But, maybe thatís ok with them.
Let the Dems in a new majority in the House in 2019 do the dirty work in voting for Articles of Impeachment. Then, behind the scenes while the Senate hems and haws about trying to find 67 votes, the power people let Trump know that he better resign or, at least, not run in 2020 or they will turn on him. They will threaten to release all of Muellers findings when the report is finalized and Dish even more dirt that people like Mark Burnett and others have on him.

Whatever happens, you know that the power people have a PLAN A, B, and C.
We only live in their world. They make the rules.
They will decide soon which way to take America and what our post Trump country will look like.

Easy answer to NFL players kneeling "controversy".

For those of you that have attended both college and pro football games, you know that the college teams donít come out of their locker rooms until AFTER the national anthem has been played.
Pro teams could do the same if the tv networks would move kickoffs back a few minutes.

Laura Ingraham should read "Who moved my cheese 🧀?"

A lot of people in the business world have considered this required reading for their employees.
Especially companies that merge or are bought out. Itís about change.
Change is difficult, Laura.
But, yes, America is getting blacker and browner.
Guess what, Laura, that doesnít mean itís a bad thing.
Get to know some black and brown people, Laura. You might be surprised how similar they are to you and how much you like and no longer fear them.

Morning Joe pollster saying Scott leads Nelson?

Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics was just on MJ and said Scott is currently leading Nelson but he didnít give any specifics.
Anybody seen or heard any recent reliable polling?

Hey Ohioans, any turnout reports especially from Franklin County?

We are all Danny O'Connor today.

If you pray, meditate out good vibes, send out good feelings to the universe.....
Please do so today for Danny OíConnor and the people of Ohio District 12.
What a win it would be for us and what a loss it would be for Trump and his deplorables.

Oh, Danny boy......the votes, the votes, are coming.......

Identity politics/demographics

I listened to a Dem strategist this morning.
He was saying that the era of Trump is making the electorate even more polarized.

He said that Trumpers are becoming almost exclusively white males over 40 with no college degree
He said the older and more rural and more religious they are, the more likely they are to be a Trumper.

College educated suburban women under 40 that once identified as strongly Repub are abandoning the party because of their dislike for Trump. Many wonít vote Dem but just wonít vote.
Unmarried women under 40 are almost all Dems or Independents now.

The hold your nose 👃 voters are starting to struggle more and more with Trump.
They know he is a liar and they think he is an embaassment. They hate his trade policy and cozying up to Russia.
These are the wealthy, educated Repubs who hate Trump personally but they love lower taxes and business regulations and business friendly corporate Judge Nominations.
These people are now open to voting for a pro business type moderate Dem such as Phil Bredesen in Tennessee.

Paul Ryan and Maxine Waters

I know Ryan is weak.
I know he cow tows
I know he prob wants a media or lobbyist job after retiring.
But, this thing with Trump and Waters has gone far enuf.
Ryan as Speaker has a responsibility to defend all House members from such attacks.
Ryan needs to publicly, or at least privately, tell Trump to knock it off.
Itís beyond the pale for a Prez and a leading member of the House.

When will the "Russian coincidences" stop being coincidental?

Is is just me or with this gang, why is it always the Russians?
Where did all of this come from?
Whatís the genesis?
Trump needing money from Russian banks, oligarchs?
Wanting hotels in Russia?
Beauty pageants in Russia.
A Russian/Ukrainian mobster Manafort who was Trumps manager who changed the GOP platform.
Trumps obsession with Putin. No transcript of meetings in Helsinki.
Oval Office meeting with Russians. Why?
GOP Congressmen traveling to Moscow. Why?
Russian connections to the NRA thru a female spy who uses sex.
Can this really just All be coincidence or something much more nefarious on both sides of the equation?
And, whatís up with all of the former Russian hawks in the GOP that now sound like borscht lovers?
Will we ever know whatís happened and is still happening before itís too late??

Should I beat the rush and buy a Russian 🇷🇺 flag?

Please support Bredesen/Abrams vs the vile Blackburn/Kemp

If you live in a safe blue state and you have a few dollars to spare or time to make a few phone calls for a candidate In November, please look to the southeast.

The completely disgusting Trump lackey GOP House Rep Marsha Blackburn won her primary last night in Tennessee. She will now face former two time popular Tenn Gov Dem Phil Bredesen in The general to replace retiring Bob Corker in the U S Senate.
Yes, Bredesen may be a little busy friendly for more progressive Dems like me. But, heís as liberal as you can get in Tenn and still win. And, Blackburn is as far right economically and socially as they come. She completely backs Trump. Google any of her speeches or commercials.
Early polling shows Bredesen with a slight lead. Please consider helping him.

As for the Governorships, please go one state down from Tenn into Georgia.
Self described rootin tootin redneck nra lover Brian Kemp is the current Sec of State. He has been all about voter suppression against people of color. And, now, ironically enough, he will face a black woman in November. Georgia state Rep Stacey Abrams is vying to become the nations first black female Governor. Kempís tv ads show him teaching a teenager all about using shotguns. He is fully backed by Trump. Stacey is an unabashed progressive who has worked to increase voter registration.
Early polling shows a dead heat.
Please consider helping her.
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