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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 2,269

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It's almost as if Trump does and says crazy things just for the reaction

We’ve all known people, in my case a brother, who like to just see what they can get by with.
It’s like a game for them.
They think that it’s fun and a challenge to try different outrageous behaviors just to evoke reactions.
Trump is one of those.
He loves chaos.
It provides him with entertainment, I think.
Malignant Narcissistic Sociopaths are that way.

Don't just get angry - Register Voters/Volunteer/Donate

For the midterms.
Turn your rage into positive action.

Old rules false equivalency still guide most newsrooms/GOP uses that.

There’s no more equal time rules that state that media outlets are required to give the same amount of time to competing political entities.
But, still so many operate under the misguided thinking that if they spend a certain amount of time on “negative” coverage of one side of a story that they must do the same to the other.

Here’s a hypothetical example.
Candidate A was found guilty of embezzling millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme and went to jail as a convicted criminal for 5 years.
Candidate B once stole some milk and bread to feed her hungry baby and she spent a week in jail.
The media coverage would go as follows: “Well, voters in this race are going to have a hard time choosing between two convicted thieves”.

We are learning more and more just how this worked with Hillary and Trump.
During the campaign, any time that something like his abhorrent behavior or statements or findings about Trump came up, most media felt obligated to then say something “equally” negative about Hillary. And, more often than not, it was about her email server.
Even after there was no there, there.
Rice and Powell doing the same thing. No intent to deceive. No behavior or motives or horrible statements that could in any way compare to what Trump had done and was doing and saying.
And yet, think back to how many times you heard the media narrative framed that “well, the Republicans and Democrats have really given us two pretty bad choices”.
I can’t tell you how many times I would scream at my TV that “hell no, they are not....one is the most vile, incompetent, unqualified person ever to run for the presidency and the other is one of the most highly qualified ever to run”.

I know this is nothing new to those reading this here on this site.
But, it’s just not said enough by any of the few self reflective journalists that we do still have.
They created Trump. And, in many ways, (along with the Russians, Comeys late interference and other factors) they gave us Trump. But now that Trump has declared the mainstream media as his number one enemy, what are they to do. No politician, and certainly no president, has been this bold about open hatred, disdain, and manipulation of the media.
How have they handled it?
CNN runs silly apple and bananas psa’s about how facts are important.
MSNBC hosts keep throwing up their hands saying they are shocked, shocked I tell you.
Fox has, of course, become completely complicit state run tv.
Right wind radio rails on in lunatic fashion. There is no left wing radio much to speak of.
The Wash Post and NYTimes dig away but are weeks or months behind what Mueller is doing.
Social media has become the Hatfields and McCoys with loyalty or disloyalty to Trump meaning loyalty or disloyalty to the country.

Where do we go?
What if the Mueller report is scathing but not believed or reported properly, fully, or truthfully?
What happens to America then?

The silence from the Libertarians is deafening.

Remember the last few weeks of the campaign.
Lib Party Veep candidate Weld talked about how he preferred Hillary to Trump.
He said he hoped that his candidacy didn’t help Trump win.
Wonder what Weld and those that voted Libertarian now think of their vote.

I didn't know what heavy flow day meant.

I’m a male and another male friend told me it looked like I was a having a “heavy flow day”.
I said, “thanks, man” thinking it might be a compliment like I was doing well like “going with the flow”.
A female friend then told me what it really meant and that it was not a compliment and that it’s also considered a sexist demeaning comment about women.

Why hadn’t I heard of this before?
Is it a common insult in some circles?

Am I the only one that thinks the Royal Family is outdated.

Why are they still honored above all others?
They are merely ceremonial and decorative.
What other purpose do they serve other than to cost a lot of money.

Of course, our own President fashions himself as a King 🤴, so I guess we Americans have no high ground to claim over a country that actually does have royalty.

Name all of the GOP hypocrisies

Things that were just horrible under Dems, but are just fine now.
I’ll start with a few:

Obama’s executive orders
Obama golfing too much.
Clinton’s infidelities
Teresa Heinz accent

Please add to my list.

The acceptance of Fox News by other media changed America.

It was bad enough that talk radio, primarily the AM band, had become a vast wasteland of unchallenged ultra right wing garbage.
But, when Fox News television was created by Roger Ailes and distributed by Rupert Murdoch, our politics changed forever.
Other networks and media outlets tried to copy Fox, if not in content, in style.
Editorial and commentary were no longer labeled or segregated.
Straight reporting no longer was valued or mattered.
All content got mixed together as infotainment.
Now, facts don’t just no longer matter. They no longer exist.
Trump and Fox have convinced a huge slice of America that facts are fake news if they come from a source that the viewer/listener/reader don’t like or approve of.

In the infancy of Fox News, many of us here screamed and yelled and posted and blogged and had car bumper stickers imploring Americans not to accept Fox News as a legitimate source.
We called it Fixed News or Faux News.
We pointed out all of the lies and propanda.
But, we lost that battle.
America accepted Fox just like America has accepted a traitorous President.

Mueller is the country’s only hope.
Barring that, we either give up on this country as a Democratic Republic, move, or consider a
second Civil War.

Why no defense of McCains character by the Turtle

Ummm, hello, mr majority leader?
Ummm, you know, John McCain’s, umm you know, a member of your own party....
Ummm, your party’s standard bearer not that long ago...
Ummm, you know, he’s actually dying......
And people are calling him names like “songbird”.....and that’s ok with you, Turtle McConnell?


Best case Russia/Stormy scenario for Democrats

I would like to see Muellers report released in its entirety around late July.
Most primaries will be over by then. Most effective timing for midterms.
Report should have Trump personally indicted for Obstruction of Justice, money laundering, bank fraud, and cooperation with a foreign government in disrupting the election.
Pence should also be indicted on at least one of these.

1. Dems win House & Senate, Both Trump & Pence impeached, Pelosi named President.

2. Dems win House & Senate, Trump impeached, Pence name sullied but he is President.

3. Dems win House & Senate, House impeaches Trump, Senate does not. Trump stymied by
Congress until 2020 when he is routed in bid for re-election.

I think we know Trump will never spend a day in prison, no matter what Mueller has on in him.
That’s why I didn’t include that scenario.
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