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NYTimes is showing the delegates between Clinton/Sanders as 1066-432. No mention of superdelegates


I think it's a bit misleading though.

Hillary has thought about releasing the transcripts and her answer is


Nobody who doesn't support Sanders cares about the transcript and they aren't going to by 15 Mar

Only people who support Sanders care about the transcripts. and they are not going to vote for Hillary regardless of what the transcripts say.

So why release the transcripts?

How many delegates will Clinton pick up this weekend?

I predict 5 more than Sanders.

So, Clinton is to blame for Sanders supporters posting nasty things on Warren's FB?

Explain to me again how that works?


Petraeus got a fine and a suspended term for a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified data

This was where the fact pattern showed that that he deliberately lied to the FBI and actively sought to pass unclassified materials to his biographer.

Clinton has so far not been accused of anything remotely as egregious.

The same refusal to deal with maths/reality is reflected in both Sander's platform and his campaign

(1) What's the remaining path to nomination?
(2) How do you offer free health care to MORE people, without out of pocket costs, without limits on procedures and drugs, and give each household $5k more?
(3) How do you get support for single payer system when even Vermont didn't want to fund it?
(4) How much money can you really raise from a high frequency tax to fund free tuition and everything else that needs to be funded?

Sure you can dream big but they end up getting crushed when reality and maths overtake.

I'm glad MA was a stunning achievement for Bernie. But he actually does need to win big

at some point in big states. Coming in second isn't going to get him the nomination.

The race hasn't really changed much since Iowa. By Mar 15, half of all delegates will be awarded.

If anything, Hillary's stand in the South has done much better than expected. Yesterday's results will give her further momentum.

Bernie is really running out of time.

We look forward to: Mississippi, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

There goes MA under the bus with the rest of the Confederacy

Boston - that bastion of low information voters
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