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There is absolutely nothing illegal with having offshore bank accounts

As long as you pay all taxes due and you declare them on FATCA and FBAR annually.

That's what I do. My taxes are done by a reputable accountant (E&Y) and I declare all my offshore bank accounts annually.

"Top Sanders strategists acknowledged ... Sanders ... can't beat [Clinton]"


And Sanders, to his credit, refuses to attack Clinton on her character, which he would have needed to do to have any chance of winning. He has stepped up his attacks on Clinton’s positions, but his parries, particularly compared with those in the Republican race, are gentle. Sanders therefore can disrupt and annoy Clinton on her way to the nomination, but he can’t beat her.

Top Sanders strategists acknowledged as much in a New York Times article Monday by Patrick Healy and Yamiche Alcindor. They were quoted speaking in the past tense and lamenting what the writers described as “missed opportunities to run an aggressive political operation in 2015 that would have presented more of a challenge to Mrs. Clinton.” Sanders strategist Tad Devine said the “central complication with Bernie is that he never wanted to cross into the zone of personal attacks because it would undercut his brand.”

Here's the relevant article.

Sounds like a post mortem to me.

Why does Bernie invest in Wall Street if he thinks "the business model of wall street is fraud"?

How do you explain this cognitive dissonance?

Could charitable donations account for Bernie's high itemized deductions?

Also would he be caught by the AMT?

When will the fat lady sing? My guess is in three weeks's time.

After that we can focus on defeating Trump!

Deadline for registration in New York has passed. Hopefully Sanders supporters

many of whom would be first time voters (if they had registered) would have taken this important step and not cry about voter disenfranchisement.

GOP is falling apart. Hillary will pick up lots of women who don't want to be "punished".

This will be an easy win for Hillary this fall.



Obamacare premiums have been going up due to the medical costs of the previously uninsured


People newly insured under the Affordable Care Act were sicker, used more medical care and had higher medical costs than those who already had coverage, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association said Tuesday in a new study of its policyholders.

Because insurers’ premiums have to cover their medical expenses, the new report helps explain why Blue Cross plans have sought, and insurance commissioners have approved, substantial rate increases in many states. Another round of rate review is about to begin, with insurers generally required to file rate requests for 2017 in the next two months.

New insurance policies are often more generous and comprehensive than individual policies sold before the health care law. The new policies must, for example, cover maternity care and mental health and substance abuse services.

Whether you think the uninsured should be covered, which is a normative question, why does anyone think that moving to a single payer system will be cheaper at the overall system level if you cover MORE people for MORE benefits with FEWER cost controls (deductibles, co-payments)?
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