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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,770

Journal Archives

Wow, a Russian asset is chairman of the

Dejoy hearing. Great.

I'm tired of all the tell all books by the great patriots that

Are going to be the one to sink trump this time. There is someone or many someones out there who know and can provide actual evidence of trumps crimes, debauchery,sexual assaults, racism etc. When will we find the envelope on the door stoop of Speaker Pelosi or Adam Schiff or some respected journalists ? The holders of this information have all been paid off to keep silent but someone knows I'm sure.

Biden/Harris have to go hard against the republicans as well as trump. Focus on

the complete silence regarding the USPS their disinterest in getting help to unemployed people and small business owners the compliance in the spread of corona vires and daily attack on the constitution and rule of law. They are as evil as trump.

Can the white house press corps please start

every question session with trump or Kalie with, can you give an exact date when your healthcare plan will be released ? Can you tell me the latest news regarding the bounty paid by Russia to murder American soldiers ? Follow up with questions about Sen. Johnson and Grassley reviving Russian information to hurt political opponents. And some pressing questions about the virus with some actual answers instead of the standard we're doing a great job. Just a start but if you cared you know.

My wife was talking to her aunt on the phone yesterday regarding my

MIL who is in an extended care facility. After giving her a update on how she is doing they started some small talk. My wife's aunt said she developed some sort of rash or irritation on her back. Her treatment of choice was to have her hubby apply Clorex bleach to her back. A little back story, the aunt and 3rd hubby are stone cold trumpers they have the autographed pic of trump on the wall etc. Their day starts with watching mass on tv at 5:00 am the immediately goes to Fox news . I was told that when using bleach to avoid skin contact is that still the case of has that changed over the years ? We stayed a weekend at their house in rural Wisconsin a couple of years ago had to endure listening how trump is GOAT president and Obama was a Muslim kind of crap. The woman has many health problems but they go nowhere so chances of her getting Covid are slim but I'm sure if she did she would down a cup of bleach a day of trump said to. Random rambling sorry but this is the 30% trump has locked up so. And yes it he shot someone on 5th ave they would be ok with it.

I watched yesterday on a highlight clip of a NASCAR race that showed

the #43 Bubba Wallace crashing into the wall along with others. I then made the mistake of reading comments. If you think there is not a racial problem in this country take a quick look at them.

In light of Portland being invaded by Nazi fake cops rounding up protesters what I'm

going to say may not be popular but here goes. As a long time resident of Chicago and Illinois the ONLY way to stop the killings, shootings and crime in Chicago and Illinois in general is for the governor and mayor of Chicago and other mayors involved is to declare a state of emergency. The gang members are widely known by law enforcement agencies. They need to be arrested and held for as long as possible. I know it violates their civil rights but that's why a state of emergency is declared. The gangs are responsible for the vast majority of shootings and killing and everyone knows it. We have an empty prison they could be held while questioned and investigated for criminal behavior,gun charges etc. The people in the streets know who they are but will not say because fear of some such "code" of silence. I know it is harsh and possibly illegal but they can work it out in court. I guarantee you would see a massive reduction in violence in no time. If anyone has a better idea or solution please or thinks this won't work let me hear it.

Who has who's nutz in a vice ?

I want to know who is the one or ones who is pulling Mitch McConnell 's strings. Who is Bill Barr answering to ? Why do republicans kowtow to trump ? Why will no republican speak up ? They have to know what is being done by this administration is at the least wrong at most illegal. McConnell, Barr, Kevin McCarthy, all top republicans could give two shits about trump who are they really working for and what is the end game ? I would love to know.

Can someone please explain to me what is going on with

the protests in Portland and elsewhere. Is this still about Black lives Matter? The same with the protesters attempts to topple various statues. Who are these people and what is the message they are trying to get at. Are there any discussions between BLM and local and federal agencies to address the systemic racism in law enforcement ? Since the initial protests after the Floyd killing the message and protests have become to me a disjointed confusing mess. All I'm hearing about now is Nazi fake cops rounding up who knows who and for what reason. Seriously I can't figure out who is who and why anymore. The original message seems to have been lost.

After the passing of Mr. John Lewis and reading

President Obama's statement I sit here pondering why with so many great leaders so many great men and women willing to take the baton of making the world a better place for us all how did we end up with the disgrace we have now. Please America let's do better, we can't wait for another hero to save us from the fate the republicans have in store for you.
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