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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 2,596

Journal Archives

I've said it before and would like your view.

Adam Schiff for president and Sally Yates for V.P. Thoughts?


Still today I see this face on the news who only a couple of years ago was some TV celebrity with a show that people went on to humiliate themselves and worship this supposed billionaire begging him for the chance to continue to do the same the following week. When he declared himself a candidate for president of the United States I was sure it was just a scam to promote himself and nothing more. Boy was I wrong. What happened during the campaign surely would eliminate this ass and that would be the end of him. Boy was I wrong. I see him with world leaders and wonder how can anyone take him seriously. These elected officials who support him can't be serious to allow the damage being done to the country, the world to continue . Can they be as mindless as his rally attendees ? If not what is their motivation. What can they expect to gain when this is over ? Is there no one who will stop this ? Is the supposed prize really worth the severe consequences that have happened and the ones we can only imagine yet to come ? I see him on the news and wonder how the hell this happened. Happy Independence day everyone

I don't want to hear about assholes kicked out of resturants or

civility or what nonsense tweet trump blew out his ass or any of the crap that occupies the daily news . What I would like to see is how the Democratic party plans to GOTV and how they plan to combat vote tampering . Be it throwing folks off the rolls, corrupted machines and how the votes are securely counted etc.. This is war my friends and we will need every vote we can muster if this shitshow is to be stopped. What is the plan ?

If all those screaming about enforcement of immigration laws now

would have enforced those who have forever broken the law by hiring immigrants to work for peanuts . They came for jobs because they knew they were here legal,or illegal. We were arresting the wrong people.

I drive a bus for a summer camp and durring the ride in this AM the kids

started chanting BOO Donald Trump, BOO Donald Trump for about a minute. The camp consoler asked them to stop. Then they started chanting BOO Mike Pence. I don't know what started it but brought a big smile to my face.

When are people going to start throwing

shoes at trump ?

You know we are now in a fascist state.

When corporations rule because of monopolies, tax giveaways, wall street insider trading and a completely compliant media willing to ignore the complete corruption of all branches of government. If ANYONE , ANYONE else where in the White House pulling the shit this administration has and is doing the shit would be hitting the fan. Sorry, if a democrat was in the White House the SWHTF.

Question, is Comrade Putin

still comming for Big Mac's and coke at the White House ?

Now that gas is 2.90 per gallon by me

(north suburbs Illinois) it's great that oil corporations got their bigly tax break they now also get mine too. Thanks trump.

I believe I have a solution to those who want to own military weapons

while keeping them off the streets. Also a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs or even corporations to make money . You may own that type of weapon but it has to be kept at a SECURE enclosed range locked up like a safe deposit box. You have a key range has a key. You check in show your registration and receive your weapon . You can the go out and shoot the hell out of watermelons, propane canisters and whatever else the range will set up for your enjoyment. When finished you turn in your weapon leave through a metal detector and are searched. Win win right, money made by range and you can shoot up shit to your heart's content or until your time / money runs out. No one takes you gun and you still can enjoy your hobby right. Thoughts ?

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