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Member since: Mon Nov 3, 2008, 07:28 AM
Number of posts: 17,196

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Horrible thought - Trump might go down in history

as the individual who has won the most total votes when running for President if he is the Republican's candidate in 2024. He is already that right now having 1-2M or so more than Obama.

Was there any other state that Gore could have flipped in 2000?

by using the same tactics that Trump is currently using? How about Kerry or Hillary Clinton?

Gore only needed one other state (I assume the faithless elector from DC would have voted for Gore if it met winning the election). Granted Bush conceded on NM because his only path to victory was Florida. I am sure he would have opened up front if Gore had pursued New Hampshire or Nevada.

Alternatively could he have tried to pick off faithless electors himself (three in total)?

Project Veritas might finally meet its maker (so to speak)

Project Veritas could face legal liability for postal worker's ballot fraud allegations, experts say

The next day, Project Veritas posted a two-hour audio clip of Hopkins' interview with U.S. Postal Service investigators, apparently in the belief that it would bolster Hopkins' case and show that investigators had manipulated him into confessing.

The audio recording, which Hopkins himself made secretly and Salon has reviewed, does not indicate that, however. Hopkins repeatedly disavows any first-hand knowledge of misconduct by the postmaster, saying instead that his allegation was largely an assumption, drawn from pieces of a conversation he overheard amid the noise of a mail processing facility.

"I didn't specifically overhear the whole story. I just heard a part of it," Hopkins said in the recording. "And I could have missed a lot of it."

"My mind probably added the rest. I understand that," he said at another point, adding: "All it is is hearsay, and that's the worst part."

When an agent asked Hopkins in the recording if he would still swear to the affidavit's claim that the postmaster "was back-dating ballots," he replied: "At this point? No."

Hopkins also told the federal agents that the affidavit, which he signed under penalty of law and which was later provided to the Trump campaign and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., had been written by Project Veritas.


This all comes down to Georgia where Paul Broun was a US Congressman

This Paul Broun who was the head of the House Science Committee

We are so screwed. Still kick him what you can for the Senate candidates.


I think the GSA is in violation of the law

She is holding up funds for the transition. At least based on this organization's website, she can't do that.



The law provides that an eligible candidate has the right to the facilities and services provided to eligible
candidates until the date on which the Administrator is able to determine the apparent successful
candidates for the office of president and vice president.


Philadelphia Freedom

Hit it Elton.

For those who use touchscreen, dial, or button voting

Do you get a paper copy to review at the time of your voting?

There is an advantage to Trump thinking 2024

He would have to know any wholesale pardons would be damaging to that effort. He also probably believes he has done nothing wrong. Could he roll the dice and not get out the old pardon pen?

Impeachment proceedings for DeJoy and Trump

on how the ballots were handled in the USPS? Start them now in the lame duck.
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