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exboyfil's Journal
exboyfil's Journal
July 14, 2024

Trump assasination attemp and George R.R. Martin's short story

From "And Death His Legacy"

The news of the Prophet's death rocked a nation, and the wail went up from all parts of the land.
"They killed him," they said. "Those damn Commies knew that he was the man who could lick them, so they killed him."
Or, sometimes, they said, "It was the n-gers, the damn n-gers. They knew that Beauregard was going to keep them in their places, so they killed him."
Or, sometimes, "It was those demonstrators. Goddam traitors. Beaue had 'em pegged for what they were, a bunch of anarchists and terrorists. So they killed him, the filthy scum."
Crosses burned across the land that night, and all the polls turned sharply upward. The Prophet had become a Martyr.

And three weeks later, Beauregard's vice-presidential candidate announced on a nationwide television address that he was carrying on. "Our cause is not dead." he said. "I promise to fight on for Beau and all that he stood for. And we will fight to victory!"

And all the people cheered and cheered.

A few hundred miles away, Maxim de Laurier sat in a hotel room and watched, his face a milk-white mask. "No," he whispered, choking on the words. "Not this. This wasn't supposed to happen. It's wrong, all wrong."

And he buried his head in his hands, and sobbed. "My God, my God, what have I done?" And then he was still and silent for a long time. When he rose at last his face was still pale and twisted, but a single dying ember burned still in the ashes of his eyes. "Maybe," he said, "Maybe I can still--"

And he sat down to oil his gun.

June 1, 2024

Six Million Dollar Man - Was Steve Austin's plane sabotaged

Watching the pilot episodes of this series on Peacock. Does it seem like the Darren McGavin character Spencer plotted to create "product" for his plan to make cyborgs. He got lucky in his first go with Austin surviving the crash - if he hadn't would he have tried again?

Not sure if that theme was ever explored in the rest of the series. The timeline as it is shown in the pilot sure makes you wonder.

May 22, 2024

Red Lobster bankruptcy driven by corporate owner forcing it to source its seafood?

"Red Lobster CEO Jonathan Tibus wrote in court documents the Endless Shrimp offer was originally intended to be a limited-time promotion. However, in May 2023, Paul Kenny, Red Lobster’s CEO at the time, made the decision to add the promotion to the chain’s menus permanently, priced at USD 20.00 (EUR 18.41), “despite significant pushback from other members of the company’s management team,” Tibus said.

“This decision created both operational and financial issues for the debtors … saddling the company with burdensome supply obligations, particularly with its equity sponsor: Thai Union,” Tibus said.

Red Lobster is investigating the circumstances around these decisions, including whether Kenny’s decision-making process circumvented the company’s normal supply chain and demand planning processes.

Red Lobster’s supply process was strained by virtue of its relationship with Thai Union, according to Tibus. In addition to being the company’s equity sponsor and 100 percent owner of Red Lobster Master Holdings GP, Thai Union is a primary supplier of seafood to Red Lobster."

Investing story that involves foreign ownership of a traditional American brand (Red Lobster is about the only place you can dine out on seafood in many locations in the midwest). We don't have a comparable restaurant in our area so it is now an hour plus drive to the nearest Red Lobster.

Got to wonder if the bankruptcy will be limited to Red Lobster alone or the debtors will attempt to pierce the corporate veil to Thai Union.


May 15, 2024

If still working should you take Social Security Benefits at 62

Given that if the Trust Fund runs out in 2035 benefits will be scaled back to 83% of current amount without a change in the law, would it make more sense to start taking SS as soon as possible (I turn 62 next year but plan to work at my primary job until I am 67 or 68 and then take something less desk oriented but more active if physically able)?

Also if the GOP gets in there will they ram through a law that benefits current SS participants at the expense of future ones?

My wife will be receiving half of my SS check. She barely had any income in the few years that she actually worked outside the home (which was from about 1989 to 2000). It was almost always part time and near minimum wage.

December 17, 2023

The Ticketmaster Con

I just bought tickets to three concerts. Two of them were at our local university. Within five minutes I had the seats selected and the tickets printed. Service charge of about $5

Then my wife just had to see Mannheim Steamroller. $35 in service charges and I have to get my tickets through my smatphone. Tickets still haven't shown up, and I will have to be white knuckle all the time until I get into the venue hoping my smartphone or the app doesn't crap out.

F_ck modern technology.

August 31, 2023

Thunderfoot on how sequestration of CO2 is a non-starter

We are so screwed. As he said our grandparents, parents, and us have had a century of cheap energy that our descendants out multiple generations will have to pay for.
August 31, 2023

Police: South Carolina homeowner who fatally shot CT college student will not be charged

A horrible tragedy, but apparently he had already broken a window in the door and was attempting to open the door by accessing the door handle.


While a female resident of the home was on the phone with an emergency dispatcher, police said the man retrieved a firearm from inside the home. He fired a single shot when Donofrio broke a window embedded in the front door and reached through for the doorknob, striking Donofrio in the upper body, police said.

June 24, 2023

Daughter wants me to stop walking her dog to allow training

My adult daughter has a 7-8 month old mini-Aussie that I spend considerable time with (I play and walk with him in the morning from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, I walk him again usually after work for another hour, and then a night time walk of at least a half hour before bed).

He is become a substitute for my old collie mix that died about four years ago. I went into depression when he died, started eating badly, and stopped exercising. I gained considerable weight and had early onset diabetes.

I have been on keto for about a year and a half and lost over 160 pounds. I have been walking a neighbor's dog for a year which I continue to do (used to be up to two hours a day but he seems happier at about 40 minutes to an hour now given his age).

The reason my daughter wants me to stop walking him is because he barks and lunges at other dogs, my daughters are working on a training method that involves no more walks for now (they are getting input from a trainer).

I have to admit that I am pretty depressed right now, and I think we are going to have behavioral issues with the dog when he doesn't get his walks. Her dog so her decision.

June 10, 2023

Wanting to reinstall Ubuntu

I bought a second hand computer installed with Ubuntu, but the seller never gave me the administration password he used to set up computer.

I don't mind scrubbing anything I have on the machine, I would just like the easiest way to reinstall Ubuntu or recover/create a new administration password.

Any suggestions. I don't know a lot about computers.


April 25, 2023

Put on Qello concert video of John Mellencamp

Was going to listen as I fell asleep. It was actually some band called One Republic. Not amused. Discovered after hearing a song that really didn't sound like Mellencamp. Had to put my glasses on and look up the lyrics.

Well I guess I go with Bad Company instead.

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