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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
March 2, 2017

Laser's eToys case gets major break

For those of you following our fight for justice against Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital, a major breakthrough came, this month.

After 16 years we (finally) get an official case number against Paul Traub (the Frank Nitti "Brown Bag King of New York&quot .

Woo Hoo

Mr. Haas,
Pursuant to our telephone conversation today, see the attached document.


Very truly yours,

Staff Investigator
Attorney Grievance Committee
Supreme Court, Appellate Division
First Judicial Department
61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10006

Original Message-----
From: D110 Copier-Printer [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 12:51 PM
To: ??????ฯฯฯ<^^^^^^[^^@nycourts.gov>
Subject: Scan from a Xerox D95/D110/D125

Please open the attached document. It was scanned and sent to you using a Xerox D95/D110/D125.

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Attachment File Type: PDF

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March 1, 2017

MoveOn.org Petition: Prosecute Wall Street NOW

Just signed MoveOn.org's Petition requesting prosecution of Wall Street fraud..NOW

Link to the petition

It currently has over 400 signatures-can we help get 500?

The gist is....

We demand the immediate prosecution of executives and managers responsible for Wall Street fraud in accordance with applicable federal and state criminal laws.

And yours truly has been trying to get Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital indicted, for 16 years. We concur with Movezon.org petition remarks that:

Despite clear and convincing cases of outright fraud in the financial industry, there has been nearly no indictment or jail time imposed on the perpetrators. This lack of enforcement of the laws of the land threatens the very fabric of the Republic, sending the wrong message to law abiding citizens and businesses alike.

We've got prrof that remark is true.

February 28, 2017

Ransom sought: Stuffed toys leak millions of kids & parents recordings

Source: CNN Money

Recorded messages spoken to teddy bears could pose privacy risks for children.

A security vulnerability allowed anyone to view personal information, photos and recordings of children's voices from CloudPets toys. And at one point, some people tried to hold all of that information for ransom.

According to a report compiled by security researcher Troy Hunt, over 820,000 user accounts were exposed. That includes 2.2 million voice recordings

The data is no longer publicly accessible. But CloudPets has not informed users of the leak, and as far as researchers know, the passwords are still active. This could be a violation of the law. In California, the government requires companies to notify users if their information was exposed online. CloudPets, and its maker Spiral Toys, are based in California.

Read more: http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/27/technology/cloudpets-data-leak-voices-photos/

Link to Troy Hunt details


Roseanne Bar posted another story, on Twitter, with more important titlings

February 28, 2017

Ha Ha: Romney Pittsburgh Univ. Speech Fails to Draw

PITTSBURG, Kansas. — Tickets are still available for Mitt Romney's upcoming appearance at Pittsburg State University.

Bill Clinton's visit, at Pittsburgh State University of Kansas, sold out, in the same place, very quickly; but ...according to the Joplin Globe ...Mitt is coming tomorrow at 3 P.M. ...and tickets are.. s t i l l ..avaible (as low as $10 each)



There's still plenty of tickets available (posdibly you can get front row scalp tickets for a Jr. Mac & fries

Don't miss this great opportunity


February 27, 2017

L.A. Times: Arizona Needs Copy of 1st Amendment.

Trump's fascism is spreading like wildfire. Budget of EPA and others, going away; because the military wants more monies. And Arizona wants to make laws to seize your assets, as racketeers, uf you protest about it.

Per the Los Angeles Times story, Arizona Republicans seek to make the law, agsinst protestors...so tyrannical ...that they can seize your assets, even before the protests yranspire, upon the information and belief your protests "might" cause vanalism or riots.

What a frigging C R O C K!


February 27, 2017

NYT: 2008 Era Bank Whistleblowers Supreme Court Win

This New York Times article, of Febrauary 24, 2017, came to me too late, to post on LBN; but it is a Yuuge Win for whistleblowers, as NYT titled the story "Score One for the Bank Whistle-Blowers".

Specifically, NYT remarks that:

Paul Bishop, a former residential mortgage sales representative at World Savings Bank, is a plaintiff in the whistle-blowing case against the institution and Wachovia. A recent Supreme Court ruling on the case is likely to open the door to more whistle-blower cases.


Here is something to celebrate: The United States Supreme Court just handed whistle-blowers one of their bigger wins in a long time.

People who expose wrongdoing in the workplace or among government contractors have taken a beating in recent years. The Obama Administration was especially assiduous in its pursuit of whistle-blowers, and President Trump has also singled them out for scorn.

So it was gratifying to see the Feb. 21 ruling from the nation’s top court on an important bank whistle-blower case dating back to the financial crisis. In its opinion, which vacated two lower courts’ dismissals of the case, the Supreme Court essentially confirmed that some courts have been using too narrow a legal standard when weighing whistle-blower suits under the False Claims Act, which is meant to punish those who defraud the government.


February 26, 2017

Trump is ignoring request for new SEC pick

Mitt Romney & Goldman Sachs are racketeers; and moi sent a letter, to President Trump, requesting the Donald's withdrawal of his pick (of a Goldman Sachs crony, to be head if the SEC); which points to the rackets "bizness".....

and The Donald is completely ignoring the request.

It all boils down to a simple premise. We can't stand idle by when Trump's pick to be head of SEC, is obviously a perversion of justice, to rig the systems, from the outset?

Therefore, we can scream a loud foul that this Jay Clayton, who comes from Sullivan & Cromwell, as a Goldman Sachs pal; because there is undeniable proof Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs are partners in deliberately manipulating federal agents/ agencies of justice......


Our eToys company was defrauded of a billion dollars.We have proof Sullivan & Cromwell aided /abetted the criminal conspiracy to be successful. Plus another Goldman Sachs / Bain Capital lawyer (Colm Connolly) was arranged to "revolve door" to become the very federal prosecutor over our eToys cases.

Now they want another member of "their gang" to become head of SEC; which is reprehensibly riduculous!

I've been fighting that very issue, for 16 years, where Goldman Sachs took our eToys entity public, and the Delaware Federal Court put me in charge, over the case.

Mitt Romney is a criminal coconspirator, with Goldman Sachs, against our eToys. Where Romney's guys, of Michael Glazer, Barry Gold and Paul Traub worked with Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs lawyers (Greg Werkheiser & Colm Connolly) to defraud eToys.

The issue being....it is CONFESSED ...GoldmanSachs & Bain Cap., lawyers were lying under oath, to be both eToys counsel (Greg Werkheiser of MNAT.com), eToys Creditors counsel (Paul Traub {who the DOJ knows is a Ponzi schemer}) and ...to usurp me.... The Gang artanged one of their other cronies to be eToys post-bankruptcy petition President/ CEO (Barry Gold - who also was secretly working for Romney, in Stage Stores, under Michael Glazer, whilst also working for Traub's law firm).


Worse yet, Werkheiser's partner, Colm Connolly, was arranged to be (retroactively speaking) the Delaware United States Attorney over these very cases in question, who has NEVER disclosed that fact for his entir7-years presiding over eToys related cases.

Then, Barry Gold & Greg Werkheiser (counsel for Bain Cap & Goldman Sachs) nominate their cohort in organized crimes, ( Paul Traub) to be the one to do the prosecution of Goldman Sachs, that I authorized, in New York Supreme Court case 601i05/2002 (see NYT Joe Nocera story Tweet, below titled "Rigging the IPO Game" March 2013 ......about Goldman Sachs defraud of our eToys).

In essence, Goldman Sachs sued Goldman Sachs: and Sullivan & Cromwell defended Goldman Sachs ...put the entire case under seal.

When they offered me a bribe, to look the other way, I turned it down and reported them ( to Colm Connoly's office ...totally unaware the "FIX" was "IN" ; and that Connolly was part of Sachs "gang&quot .

Speciously, when the NY Supreme Court of appeals authorized eToys (ebc1) case could go forward against Goldman Sachs, for $600 million in fraud....

thats when Paul Traub, Barry Gold and Greg Werkheiser settled eToys v Goldman Sachs New York Supreme court case...for a mere $7.5 million ...that they then divided up.

Meanwhile, myself, and the former eToys shareholders have our lives threatened ( and worse) whilst Colm Connolly us the United States attorney, whose Assistant ( Ellen Slights) is still working for the DOJ, and she... just recently ....had an FBI Agent call and threaten me with prosecution ...if I dont STFU.

Then my fellow shareholder, Robert Alber, who is going to cosign my recent letters to DOJ and 8 judges, wakes up dead (AFTER he turned down a bribe and Abramoff partner told him ..".people like you, who turns down a bribe, wakes up dead" {they tried to assassinate Alber, once before, in Kingman Arizona, but he reportedly shot/ killed the assassin...career criminal Michael Sesseyoff).

Obviously, Trump's pcking of visible crony of Capone's (the eToys) gang, to be a Nitti-esque henchmen (Sullivan & Cromwell partner Jay Clayton) to be the very authority over Capone cases (SEC authority over Goldman Sachs), is ....completely & totally ABSURD.

It is inexplicable & intolerable that something is not being done about this; and I've got very real concerns someone is plotting for me ....too ...to wake up dead!

In my 3-page letter, to the Donald, that I'm re-posting, each & every day, upon the @RealDinaldTrump's Twitter feed, I alert the President to the facts. This is why 19 reporters are talking to me right now; because they are waiting to see.. What will happen!

Link to my letter

It was also emailed, to the White House by their website.

Trump met with Romney, and they appeared publicly, so the Donald could not be accused of meeting with Mitt secretly (boy, I would have had a field day, with that one).

When the NYT did the small "Rigging the IPO Game" story about our eToys case (at the very moment the NY Supreme Court of Appeals ruled our case versus Goldman Sacgs ...could go forward) - the NYT didnt even mention eToys, in the title - BUT ..cause & effect resulted in Bain Capital having to cancel the planned IPO of Toys R Us (where the stolen eToys is now a part)

Just think of the whirlwind that shall transpire, if Trump's nominee for SEC ...is confirmed? (if he withdraws him...we still get bragging rights).

Im now talking to thise 19 different reporters, and have bureau chiefs and major producers following me, on social media ...all anxiously waiting...to see.


It is very cool the surreal is about to become a Yuuge real.



[font size=6 color=burnt] UPDATE [/font]

[font size=4 color=navy]
Goldman Sachs[/font] Lawyers argue to ?protect? Whistleblowers??

What a CROCK!

As if they knew my letters of complaint about their bad faith acts was forthcoming, Goldman Sachs laa firm of Sullivan & Cromwell has posted, on their Twitter feed...the Hot Topic" of SEC whistleblower issues.

Talk about the sardonuc irony of it all.......WTF!


February 25, 2017

WOW ..Pamela Anderson is Julian Assange Girlfriend

This is one of those rare moments, I will pay attention to a celebrity issue; because...well...



According to the story..

Pamela Anderson is Julian star struck..and Pamela says;

I've spent more time talking to Julian than all my ex-husbands combined!' Pamela Anderson hints at romance with Wikileaks founder Assange and reveals she wants to become his FIRST LADY

If they kick hum out...or surrender him to U.S. ...it is going to be harder (no pun intended) to pity Assange..

especially if Julian gets conjugal visits

February 23, 2017

Legal Standard to Impeach the Donald (Trump/Dumpf)

Any inference of the notion public declarations of the truth, is "a gesture with no power" is utter Bull Chit. It
fails the reality that almost all actions, noteworthy, are trials by public opinion.

This thread is a reiteration of my recent comment concerning the paradigm that impeachment of Donald Trump, is a given! Whereas, being the Donald has already done acts far beyond the minimum standard requisites to impeach.

It is a well-documented fact that most get it wrong, when they challenge the public to "back off" from any opine of judgment, prior to jury affirmation. This is done under the premise that - even in the court of public opinion - a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Which is complete and udder Bull Chit!

Constitutional protection of civil rights, before one's property, freedom (or life) is taken away, by state asserted authority has - absolutely nothing to do - with the public's right to form an opinion.


[center] [font size=4 color=navy]IMO[/font][font size=4 color=burnt] the Donald is worthy of impeachment[/font][/center]


Donald Drumpf won his nomination, by FRAUD (lying, publicly, to America, that he would "drain the swamp" and he, himself, accusing Hillary of being a Goldman Sachs crony).

Evidence of fraud

As POTUS, Trump has demonstrated his phony bologna ways, by picking a batch of Goldman Sachs (and other reprehensible cabinent members) to run our nations highest offices, nationally (even internationally) important & significant.

Worse, he has chosen a Goldman Sachs crony to be head of SEC (and yours truly will likely put an end to that nominee).

Standard for Impeachment

Believe it or not, the legal standard for impeachment is about as low as humanly possible (arguably, proof of the premise that impeachment is a matter of public (and representative thereof) - opinion.

As noted by the "Constitutional Rights Foundation" (http://www.crf-usa.org) the standard for impeachment - is:

The Constitution sets specific grounds for impeachment. They are “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.” To be impeached and removed from office, the House and Senate must find that the official committed one of these acts.


President's were NOT sworn in to be partisan loyalists - they swear an oath to uphold the Constitution - for the sake of the entire nation (not just the desires of their "Party" of prefernce).

Though many don't want to hear this - President's owe a duty of loyalty - to all citizens, (GOP, Indy, Green or Dem).

Many of U.S. (especially Democrats) were miffed, when President Obama appeared to fail U.S. (mostly Democrats) concerning certain pledges (such as the shutting down of Gitmo prisoners).

Why the Republicans did not seek impeachment of Obama, for things like Gitmo, is due to the fact they would look to be stupid (betrayers) to their own GOP contingency/ platform. If they sought to find Obama guilty of the crime of not closing Gitmo prison camp - as Barack promised - then (in essence) they would be advocating for closure of Gitmo.

In the case of the Donald, his "Yes we can" was - "I will drain the swamp - we can't have Hillary being a tool for Goldman Sachs".

At the barest of minimums, Trump has lied to everyone, and his pick of Goldman Sachs to be head of agencies having auspice over Goldman Sachs - is incredulous, intolerable and inexplicable.

Each of his cabinent picks are contrary to good faith/arm's length representation of All of U.S. - tilted (way too far) towards GOP agendas - and picks like Governor Perry as Energy Secretary (instead of an actual Engineer or Scientist), is ABSURD.

WHEREAS, Donald Trump, arguably, is already guilty of (at the barest of minimums) of a misdemeanor, of lying to All of U.S.; and is failing his "Oath of Office" to serve and protect our nation's/Constitution, with his unrelenting, unremorseful lying.

Upon information and belief, the GOP is allowing the Donald, to hang himself, whilst also testing the waters, just to see how much, they can get away with - in the meantime.

[center]What say ye

is the Donald, already, worthy of being impeached?

Yes or No

As for me, I'm already dancing upon his - to be - politico grave.

There's nothing like the grand down=fall of the pathetic, narcissitic, hubris, too tall!


February 17, 2017

Bridgegate Against Christie to Move Forward: Judge Rules

Source: NewJersey News

[font colornavy]TRENTON [/font]-- A Bergen County municipal judge ruled Thursday that a citizen's complaint of official misconduct by Gov. Chris Christie can proceed anew, re-issuing a criminal summons that the governor had twice sought to have dismissed.

The official misconduct charge alleges that Christie failed to act to reverse the politically motivated 2013 Fort Lee access lane closures at the George Washington Bridge after being informed of their occurrence, something the governor has steadfastly denied.

"The court is satisfied that {Christie} had knowledge of the traffic problems in Fort Lee," said municipal Judge Roy F. McGeady, referring to in the now-infamous politically motivated lane closures at the George Washington Bridge that resulted in the federal convictions of two of the governor's top aides last fall

Read more: http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/02/bridgegate_misconduct_complaint_vs_christie_can_pr.html

Chris Chridtie is long overdue to get a prosecutorial gap butt whoop'n.

Prior to Bridgegate, Christie got away with a scheme (and, arguably, garnered support to be Governor) after pulling stunt of getting his former U.S. Attorney General boss (John Ashcroft) & cohort (Debra Yang) a $50 million NO BID - Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

You know...the age old way of federal authorities getting millions of dollars to forgo prosecutions.....which ....in a legitimate realm of justice

is called Bribery

............just sayin........



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