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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Did Trump gang have a motive for Khashoggi being silenced?


Toys for Tots suffers with Toys R Us closings.


As reported by Buisness Weekly,

The demise of the Toys ‘R’ Us retail chain is having a major impact on this year’s U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots collection drive.

The defunct toy store chain was Toys for Tots’ largest retail corporate sponsor from 2004 through 2017. Each year, Toys ‘R’ Us stores, including the one that was in Fort Wayne’s Glenbrook Commons, collected cash donations from customers that came to about $5 million nationwide.

Romney seeks seats on 3 Senate Committees

Mitt Romney has a lot of things going for him. He has good looks for a 50, much less 70 year old. He has the backing of the Mormon Church. He was a Governor, POTUS candidate; and - now - Willard is a United States Senator.

Also, Mitt wants to be on the Senate Banking Committee

The question that I want to know, as a victim of Romney's gangs tied to Bain Capital (I was the CEO of eToys until Bain / Kay Bee stole and destroyed our eToys public company) - is - why does Mitt Romney want to part of the Senate Banking Committee????

Me thinks Romney has plans to make Banking monies!

Shouldn't that disqualify him from bring considered?

Already, there are reports Romney is being considered for another POTUS run, in 2020; and many believe this is the only reason Mitt ran for Senator.

Accirding to insiders like the Brookings Institute ( HERE ), by Romney becoming Senator means Mitt is the most powerful Republican, so much so that Mitt Romney is a King maker (or breaker).

See Brookings article titled

How Mitt Romney could wind up running the United States 6 years after losing the presidential election
Which states that:

Republican control of the Senate. In that case Mitt Romney, the man who failed to become the king, may very well become the kingmaker.

If you'll remember, Mr Etch-Sketch is also known as Flip-Flop Mitt. In 2016 Romney called Trump a fraud and con man. In 2017, Trump and Romney had a very publicized dinner; and Mitt exited stating Trump was the man for the job. (WTF happened at that dinner).

Question realy is, where is Romney headed?

According to CNBC -

Mitt Romney is telling friends he wants seats on the high-profile Senate Finance and Commerce committees

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who was elected to represent Utah in the Senate last week, is already looking to move up the GOP leadership ranks in the chamber, CNBC has learned.

Sources say Romney has told friends that he's planning to submit requests to join at least three high-profile Senate panels: the Finance Committee, the Commerce Committee, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

A Republican member is departing each of the committees.

Only Romney knows what his real plans are.

Question is, where is Mitt heading????

Indicting Mitt Romney is nearly impossible - now

Most of you are unaware that I've been battling Romney for 18 years: which is a result of the fact that I was the only CEO of a Toys company who refused to take a bribe to become a Bain Capital roaming manager (partner in Romney's organized crimes).

Arguably, Mitt is unfit to be walking the street, let alone being a United States Senator.

To this very day, Romney's Bain Capital, in collusion with Goldman Sachs, their attorneys at MNAT, along with Paul Traub, are ibstructing Justice.

For 18 years I've alleged that Romney's Bain Capital partnered up with Goldman Sachs to rip off Mattel, Fingerhut, Dreier, Traub/ Petters and eToys victims, for $5 billion. (See POLITICUSUSA 2012 article on me - and Mitt's flip flop pic HERE )

Just like Blankfein claiming he had nothing to do with the Malaysia billions in fraud - Sachs, Mitt & gangs claim they did nothing wrong to Mattel, Fingerhut, Petters, Dreier and eToys

Both me & 33,000 Toys R Us employees - know different!

Most also are unaware that Sachs & Bain are partners in Fingerhut frauds; and bailed out tools of the Puerto Rico Bond crisis.

You can learn more about the Stage Stores and Kay Bee Toys case that I blew the whistle about; which were featured cases by Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story "Greed and Debt: A True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital"

After Romney lost the 2012 election, I sued Mitt for Racketeering ; but his lawyers continue to lie and the case was dismissed.


I turned down a million dollar bribe and woke up in Hell

Upon my refusing a million dollar bribe, as CEO of eToys, and the chance to be on the board of 2 other companies owned by Bain, my life turned to Hell in a handbasket.

As I turned it down and reported the bribery, Colm Connolly was the US Attorney that I was reporting the crimes to - AND as it turns out - Colm Connolly actually was a partner of Bain Capital / Goldman Sachs law firm of MNAT .

You can see Colm's resume at the DOJ website - HERE

This evidence of a corrupt Colm Connolly, is irrefutable

Now Connolly is a Trump confirmed federal judge, his buddy Jay Clayton is head if the SEC (whose enforcements & fines are down by 1/2) and Willard Mitt Romney is a United States Senator.

Means it is dam near impossible for me to get Justice.

Just to give you an example, I sued Trump (HERE) to block Jay Clayton as head of the SEC; and informed Trump, DOJ and FBI about Colm Connolly.

The Clerk of Washington D.C. Federal Court refused to docket the case against Trump, until 3 weeks after Jay Clayton was confirmed.

Now reports are SEC enforcements have been cut in 1/2!


Romney's Racketeering began in the 1980s

As the picture chart, from 10 years ago shows, Mitt Romney is directly connected to every criminal element in our cases.

Furthermore, Romney consistently bragged he made hundreds of millions of dollars from Bain Capital.

Hence, if Bain Capital us guilty of unjust enrichment by racketeering, so is Mitt!

Toys R Us was deliberately killed.

Our eToys was not actually bankrupt. The crooks did a bookkeeping trick. Our eToys had 10 different companies; so Mattel filed a $10 million claim against each entity. When eToys consolidated the cases together, Paul Traub claimed eToys owed Mattel $100 million.

So, Paul Traub (who was working for Romney and Glazer at Stage Stores) lied under oath to inflate the level of insolvency.

Chances are they played the same trick with Toys R Us.

Difference is, Bain Capital is one of the 3 big creditors that put Toys R Us into bankruptcy.

Then they stiffed 33,000 employees.


Another scheme was turning down a $700 million dollar bid for 300 Toys R Us stores. The CREDITORS (Bain Capital being one of them) said it wasnt enough.

I'm known as "Laser the Liquidator" for the very reason that I'm one of the best liquidators. It is why I was appointed over eToys.
It is the fact that I know how bankruptcies work. And the $700 Million dollar bid for the 300 stores was a price very high ( that I could have driven higher).

Two things are obvious.

1- No one has done a cost benefit analysis to see the net the Liquidation of those 300 Toys R Us brought to the bankruptcy estate.

2 - Isn't it real convenient that the creditors are now taking Toys R Us andreopening them as Geoffry?

As is reported by Taibbi, in "Greed and Debt", the Stage Stores deal was formulated with Michael Milken junk bond monies; which was allowed to stay in place as the presiding (Judge Pollack) had his wife who was part of the deal.

This was corruption back in the 1980s!

More recently, the FBI and Department of Justice has threatened to prosecute me, if I don't back off; because they will 3-strike me as my dad drove for organized crime, and my mom was a rogue doing fire insurance scams (nearly got me & my baby brother killed).

They raised me as a crook and I was arrested, many times, as a teenager; and the crooked feds state Bain's Clear Channel/ iHeart will crucify me - unless I quit!

If anyone cares enough I can provide the vulgar email I sent to the FBI and DOJ when Colm Connolly's Assistant US Attorney utilized the FBI to threaten me.

By the way, that threat conveniently came 3 days after eToys shareholder, Robert Alber - woke up dead (Alber also turned down a bribe and was told - "People like you, who turns down this type of bribe - usually wakes up dead

Enigmatically, the FBI studied my case and claims My case was closed in 2006, by Colm Connolly; but I did not find out Colm Connolly was a partner of the criminal enterprise until 2007.

Surely no federal prosecutor can't be part of the organized criminal organization that gives said enterprise a - Get out of jail - Free Card?

It will blow your mind what happened when I found out and reported Colm Connolly to the Public Corruption Task Force on December 7, 2007 ( see my time stamped Complaint - HERE )

Subsequently (and you have to keep in mind this is when Mitt Romney first ran for POTUS, in the spring of 2008) The Public Corruption Task Force was Shut-Down and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut, as to the reasons why (see March 2008 L.A. Times article "Shake-up toils federal prosecutors"


Asked about the recent dismantling of a high-profile unit in the U.S. attorney's office in Los Angeles that specialized in public corruption cases, an office spokesman provided what some saw as a curious justification:

Eliminating the public integrity and environmental crimes section, spokesman Thom Mrozek said, would actually enhance the effort to prosecute such cases.

And, further, this alarming report that:

They (federal prosecutors) said O'Brien (the US Attorney in Los Angeles) also threatened to tarnish their reputations if they challenged the official explanation for the unit's dismantling in conversations with reporters. Members of the unit contacted by The Times either spoke on the condition that they not be named or declined to comment. Several said they wanted to talk about the situation but feared reprisals if they did so.


Current status of cases against Mitt & gangs

IMO Mitt and Trump had their January 2017 public dinner meeting, so that nobody else could be part of the conversation; and promises were made.

Things fer sure is that I sued Trump in March 2017; which means his staff, the FBI, SEC and DOJ all got the brief about Colm Connolly.

Then Trump made Colm Connolly into a federal judge!

Obviously, Romney believes he has gotten away, totally, 'Scott Free'!

Mitt's Bain Capital controls iHeart media 800 stations with over 150 million listeners. Thise radio outlets will never tell the truth about their POTUS wannabe boss.

As for the rest of main stream.media, Bain Capital is partners with Goldman Sachs; and SEC Commissioner Jay Clayton is partners with Goldman Sachs law firm and Colm Connolly is a Judge

Compounding those issues, Toys R Us is killed now; which means all the eToys paperwork have been destroyed(remember Mitt destroyed the 2003 Olympic records and his Massachusetts Governor computer hard drives).

On top of that, we proved Mitt Romney lied about when he left Bain Capital, by SEC Info records.; which are now in jeaporady because Bain Capital is invested in Edgars SEC Recordkeeping.

Even worse is the facts that there are others who worked with me including the Caciero brothers who successfully beat Romney with a qui tam case versus Sodexo.

Then their is Anna Schaefer who I helped move back to Minnesota to become a private detective in the Petters case.

Also career criminal Michael Sesseyoff.

John (Jack) Wheeler that worked with me through Harry A of Delmarva and a former Delaware State Police turned Politico, along John Meany of Delaware (many of the crimes easy to prove, occurred in Delaware).

Reached out to Joe Bidens son as AG of Delaware.

Then there is Marty Lackner who was brothers of James Lackner.

That would be Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney James Lackner that was head of the Criminal Division presiding over Tom Petters Ponzi that Sachs, Bain and Mitt's Stage Stores Attorney, Paul Traub, was involved in.

Here's the kicker, the common thing that Anna Schaefer, Michael Sesseyoff (who tried to kill Robert Alber), and the Caciero brothers, along with Harry A., Biden's son, (and the sons of Bernie Madoff which is another related story), as well as Robert Alber and the DE State Police turned Politico, and Marty Lackner - that they all have in common


Main stream media is afraid to report this story

NIW, don't get me wrong, I'm not miffed at reporters worried about people dying around me.

That's common sense.

Nor do I totally blame Taibbi, Sirota and others for being chickenshits.

Reporters don't controll the presses.

My beef is that the reasons the stories are not being told, is - GREED!

Sachs and Bain Capital control hundreds of billions of dollars in companies; which us easy to do when you steal billions and stiff billions to creditors, over and over.

The reasons main stream isn't telling the story, is due to the fact that Sachs and Bain will punish any such by withdrawing advertising revenues in the billions.

As for our etoys case, it still could bring down Ronlmney and Bain Capital.

Stage Stores was owned by Romney with Michael Glazer as senior executive. Barry Gold worked for Glazer and hired Paul Traub for Stage Stores bankruptcy.

At the same time, Romney, Bain and Sachs ripped off Mattel by shoving a broke Learning Company up Mattel by MNAT.

Goldman Sachs ripped off eToys when the stick went to $85 (press gets it wrong saying less); but Sachs stole the difference between. $20 and $85.

Resultant of Mattel merger with Learning, Mitt's contingency got 12 million shares of Mattel stock; which possibly allowed Bain Capital to manipulate who was forced into bankruptcy and who would win the auctions.

Kay Bee and eToys were in bankruptcy, multiple tomes; and always wind back at Bain Capital (this time under Toys R Us that also is bankrupt)

MNAT lied under oath to be my attorney and eToys bankruptcy Debtors counsel.

Paul Traub lued under oath to become eToys Creditors counsel.

MNAT and Paul Traub announced the sale of eToys to Bain/ Kay Bee for $5.4 million; but Laser the Liquidator halted the auction as CEO of eToys.

When those crooked parties were unable to stop Laser the Liquidator from getting tens of millions of dollars in bids, the racketeers offered me a bribe.

After I turned it diwn and reported it to the Delaware Department of Justice (MNAT secret partner Colm Connolly), MNAT forged a HAAS Affidavit resignation letter that "waived" millions of dollars in fees and expenses.

Once MNAT and Paul Traub locked Laser Haas out if eToys, they replaced him with Bain Capital's Barry Gold (who has confessed he is a paid partner if Paul Traub).

As Laser was usurped, MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub reduced the prices of eToys to Bain/ Kay Bee.

In similar fashion, MNAT and Barry Hold nominated Paul Traub to be the one to sue Goldman Sachs.

So, Sachs sued Sachs and eToys lost a billion $ - Twice.

Meanwhile (as noted by Taibbi's "Greed and Debt" story), Michael Glazer paid himself $18 Million and Bain Capital $83 Million, prior to Glazer filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee.

MNAT openly represents Bain Capital of the $100 Million fraud; and Paul Traub (working Kay Bee case with Barry Gold and Romney's double dipping entity Sankaty) openly asked to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain.

Laser Haas points out the fraud to the Department of Justice, totally unaware the US Attorney (Colm Connolly) is a partner of the organized criminal syndicate of Sachs, Mitt, Bain, Traub, Barry and MNAT.

Instead of doing their job, the Delaware Department of Justice has Laser's whistleblowing strickened and expunged from the records.

Difference is, now, at Toys R Us, the Racketeers know they can't use the same players.

But Mitt and Bain are doing the same RICO games.

And, the main stream press, ain't sayin....



Official: Michael Avenatti is in police custody in Los Angeles following domestic violence allega

Source: AP

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Law enforcement official: Michael Avenatti is in police custody in Los Angeles following domestic violence allegation.

Read more: https://apnews.com/155f17027e2447e69ee2a46c84b6a63f


Avenatti public statement upon release

Bank of America uses Countrywide schemes to defraud mortgages


Reading this will blow your mind


Police Fatally Shoot Black Security Guard Who Detained Shooting Suspect

When police arrived after reports of a shooting over the weekend at a bar outside Chicago, witnesses say Jemel Roberson, a 26-year-old security guard who worked there, had already subdued the alleged assailant in the parking lot, pinning him to the ground.

Adam Harris, who was at Manny's Blue Bar in Robbins at the time of the incident on Sunday, told WGN-TV that Roberson was holding "somebody on the ground with his knee in his back, with his gun in his back" when officers from neighboring Midlothian got there early Sunday.

Midlothian Police Chief Daniel Delaney said that's when one of his officers "encountered a subject with a gun" and shot him, according to a statement given to the media.

But the "subject" was Roberson, not the suspect in the bar shooting.

Maxine Waters set to take on big banks

Maxine Waters to take aim at Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank as new head of House Financial Services Committee

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) asks a question during a June 7 House Financial Services Committee hearing in Washington. (Jacquelyn Martin / AP)
Rep. Maxine Waters plans to zero in on two big banks — Wells Fargo & Co. and Deutsche Bank — when she becomes head of the powerful House Financial Services Committee.

The Los Angeles congresswoman, now the committee’s top Democrat, is widely expected to gain the gavel after her party won control of the House in last week’s elections. While Waters has outlined a wide-ranging agenda, she said her focus on bank oversight will target two large institutions she has been tangling with for a while — including one, Deutsche Bank, that spills into her bitter feud with President Trump.

“With Trump in the White House, I know that our fight for America’s consumers and investors will continue to be challenging. But I am more than up to that fight,” Waters wrote in a letter last week to her Democratic colleagues on the committee that was obtained by The Times.

Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank, the large German financial institution that has had a long relationship with Trump, were the only two banks specifically mentioned in the eight-page letter, which was first reported by Bloomberg.

Wisconsin High-Schoolers Nazi Saulte Photo Under Investigated


Twitter Twilight Zone: Wiki Giuliani Drudge Kim Dotcom goes Dark

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