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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
April 22, 2016

Detectives are taught to never believe in coincidences

Empirically, the laws of probability and outcome do not bode well for the arguments of coincidence.

This duel demise of key persons is alarming

April 22, 2016


Source: ABC

BROOKLYN, New York (WABC) -- A New York City board of elections official has been suspended after voting issues arose in Brooklyn during Tuesday's primary election.

Read more: http://abc7ny.com/1303541/

April 21, 2016


Need not argue with hell bents

April 21, 2016

Lawyer for Congress Offers Sell Out of Constituency to Goldman Sachs

This is absolutely one of the biggest set of brass chutzpahs this corruption fighting combatant has ever seen. Jeff Kurzon is an attorney at law who is running for Congress, in New York; and he did a snark offer to Goldman Sachs CEO/ Blankfein, to sell Jeff's soul/ sellout of constinuency....for a discounted price ..of $200,000.00

I want to come back as Marilyn and have Jeff's babies.

This ranks right up there with Richard Pryors "Brewsters Millions" wanting to buy your vote.

Basically, Jeff is taking a swipe at hidden transcripts.

No mere snips could do the piece proper justice, so...having Jeff's permission....here's a goody.

APRIL 7, 2016
Dear Chairman Blankfein,


Chairman Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

200 West Street

New York, NY

Dear Chairman Blankfein,

My name is Jeff Kurzon and I am a second-time candidate to be a member of Congress to represent the people of New York. I am running on a platform to get money out of Congress. We all know what a joke that is. Corporations and banks have always controlled Congress through lobbyist contributions, more recently through political action committees (PACs) and now because of Citizen's United, corporations such as Goldman can spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. All you need is a crafty lawyer to help you buy as much influence as you need in Washington. Goldman comes out looking like a “good corporate citizen” electing its pawns and more profitable than ever.

The purpose of my letter though is to offer my services as speaker to you and your employees, or to put it another way, sell my soul to Goldman Sachs and you. Why shouldn’t I jump on this gravy train of lucrative speaking fees — all I have to do in return is sell out my constituency who will never be the wiser in order to protect the rigged system from which you will amass an even more wonderful fortune. So what if the middle class is decimated by the giant squid pro quo [sic!] relationship where you pay me to espouse my, ahem, wisdom, and I maintain that status quo fiscal policies that benefit you and hurts them.

In my desire to wield power and enrich myself and my friends financially, I am willing to offer you a one hour speech for $225,000, less a 10% discount because I am not yet elected. So for less than $200,000, you can have my divine wit and my eloquent prose. Imagine genetically modified rose petals with dollar bill signs dancing on holy water. You will get a bought future-politician who, once elected, will be sure never to vote in any way to harm Goldman's interest.

The $200,000 is an investment for your employees, creditors and shareholders. Essentially, it is a small investment to save you millions later. You of course can spend freely like this because of the "business judgment rule," which basically says you can do seemingly foolish things like bribe future leaders with funds that should otherwise go to shareholders under the guise of your best judgment. I have only one small request: I’d prefer to address only the highest level of bank employees and of course we should keep the transcript of my “speech” secret.

I look forward to scheduling a date to address your most honorable and worthy financial institution.



p.s. Nice work on getting the bailout. I am glad that AIG did not fail so that you and everyone at the bank could continue to enjoy your large bonuses. Let the New York City suckers who do not understand risky banking be damned.

Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-great-american-bubble-machine-20100405

Tagged: GetMoneyOut, Goldman, Campaign Finance Reform, NYCD7

Bythe way....Mr. Kurzon campaign is intentionally restricted to only $5000 ..as Jeff is a staunch activist for ending Citizens United and getting money out of politics.

Bernie may have just found a new USAG.

Just sayin....


April 20, 2016

NY Post: Goldman Sachs gets punched in the crotch

Lost in the clutter, banter and poor decorum of yesterday, is the New York Post article about a quiet Lord (I mean Lloyd) Blanfein seeking relief from "Goldman Sachs punch in the crotch", where journo Kevin Dugan notes that Sachs suchs in a loss of profit down to $1.14 Billion for the 1st quarter, from $2.84 Billion.

Let's all have a pity party of $uchs

As for moi, I"m still out to get Goldman $achs indicted.

just sayin.......


April 20, 2016

SethAbramson: As Sanders Supporter I'm Embarrassed

Seth Abramson said, on Twitter ( @SethAbramson ) that, as a supporter of Bernie Sanders, the Proff Seth says he's embarrassed that Bernie Sanders only won 50 out of 62 counties, in New York; cause he expected more of Bernie.

So did I

.....dark day turned pure Bernin Blue

To Seth I say ....Thank You
And to Hill.

..l.. You an Bill


[font size=6 color=navy] UPDATE - Counties Do COUNT -someMore[/font]

Thanks to Patriot's comment - below - we were linked to a great thread of hope, and this image


It gets in my craw, how dedicated a progressive I am, to have to endure the babbling, oppressive, bantering Bullchit of those who would dare question my loyalties, because I won't allow them to bully me into accepting a coronation.

Such is how England has a Queen, who's not actually English

Hillary is a millionaire, 100 times over - and Bernie has been at politics longer, having much less.

Bernie gets 25% of the Republican vote, and turned Vermont into fair cost and bliss

The Hill gets a foundation, private jets and private servers.

In our eToys public company defraud by Bain & Sachs - Hillary would suck in prosecuting.

But Bernie's new USAG would jump at the chance.


So, you oppressive's who dare to call the rest of us not progressive

Suck on this map and the facts that glare at you - BLACK & WHITE - while hundreds of thousands of votes were blocked.

Enjoy your neo days

Hat Tip to Patriot and the other thread titled "Things are Not as Bad"

By the way. Abramson was being........
April 20, 2016

Resistence isnt futile

Believing moi will vote for oligarch dolt

Now that's what is futile

April 20, 2016

You mean "when you have counters"

Walking dead voting for right to be so

April 20, 2016

WOO HOO - Can us Bern'rs possibly Win NY

As I stated much, we had to be aware that all the gloves would come off; because Hillary is toast, should she lose NY.
No one ecpected 100, 000 vote regs would vanish..
And....yet..we're still here and may pull off a great upset.
Reports are coming in about record turnouts and major audit looks from all sections of goverment.



Despite all the brow beat, riggings and main stream games

We're Still Here!


April 19, 2016

Um..60,000 Brooklyn DEM Votes Vanish

Early today, we posted a thread titled "Warning of Clinton Protocols" warning that those mysterious protocol ways of Hillary must assure her win of the home staye of NY..or she is toast.
Now there's a new report out that 60,000 democratic votes have vanished as reported by WNYC. And guess where it happened?

" 60,000 Fewer Democrats in Brooklyn "

Real Strange dealings going on..even before Tuesday.

N'est-ce pas!

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