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Sinead O'Connor - Fire on Babylon- Live - Pinkpop 1995


The George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey:


Christie hits Jared and Ivanka: "the grift from this family is breathtaking"


Robert F. Kennedy's Funeral Train, Fifty Years Later (from 2018)

“The Train: RFK’s Last Journey” is an ingenious and, in a surprising way, affecting exhibition that opened last month at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Although the train in question is the one that, almost fifty years ago, carried Robert Kennedy’s body from New York City to Washington, D.C., for burial in Arlington Cemetery, the show is not about Kennedy. The show is about death—or, more exactly, about the relationship between photography and death.

That relationship has always been intimate. “Photography,” Barthes writes in “Camera Lucida,” “is a kind of primitive theatre, a kind of Tableau Vivant, a figuration of the motionless and made-up face beneath which we see the dead.” Life is motion, and film is about motion: it was to study motion that film technology was invented. But photography immobilizes. Photographs snatch people out of time. And we take pictures to memorialize. We imagine one day looking at them when the people in them are no longer alive. Even when you look at a photo of some random person, anyone, taken years ago, somewhere in your mind the thought creeps in: “And that person is probably now dead.”

Robert Kennedy is now dead. He was shot in the head at 12:15 A.M., on June 5, 1968, in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel, in Los Angeles, moments after declaring victory in the California Democratic primary. He had been campaigning for President for not even three months. He never regained consciousness and died the following day. His body was flown to New York City, where, on June 8th, a funeral was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Immediately afterward, the casket was put on a train to Washington.

The heart of the SFMOMA show is a set of twenty-one photographs taken from aboard that train by a photographer named Paul Fusco. It was a last-minute assignment from Look, where Fusco was a staff photographer, and he assumed that his main task would be in Arlington, where Kennedy was to be buried next to his brother John. But when the train emerged from the Hudson River tunnel, Fusco was amazed to see people lining the tracks. He found a spot at an open window, and, for the eight hours it took the train to get to Washington, he shot picture after picture of the crowds who came out to witness Kennedy’s body being carried to its grave.


PGA Tour - June 12, 2022:


Danny Masterson Was Convicted of Rape. What Happens to Scientology?

On the morning of April 25, testimony began in the second rape trial of That ’70s Show actor Danny Masterson after an initial trial ended last November in a hung jury and mistrial.

The first witness on the stand was one of Masterson’s alleged victims, Jane Doe 3, who had been in a relationship with Masterson between 1996 and 2002.

Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller asked her how she was feeling.

“Not great,” she said.

When Mueller asked what might be causing her concern about testifying, she said, “I’m scared.”

“What are you scared of?” he pressed.

“A lot of people in this room. And Scientology,” she replied.




Brett Favre was a guest on Junior's podcast tonight. He says he tells people not to watch the news..

Brett Favre was a guest on Junior’s podcast tonight. He says he tells people not to watch the news because 99.9% of it is all controlled by the Left.

Also, and this is key, if you watch the news, you might learn about all Brett Favre’s crimes.

Brett Favre’s Alleged Role in Mississippi’s Massive Welfare-Fraud Scandal Is Only Looking Worse

There are a lot of texts.

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre’s alleged role in the Mississippi welfare-fraud scandal is only spiraling further into legacy-upending territory. New court filings show the legendary Packers player pressed former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant over text message for additional funds to construct an athletic facility at his alma mater, even after Favre was informed that using welfare funds for such projects “could result in violation of Federal Law,” according to the AP.

The millions that Favre secured for the University of Southern Mississippi’s volleyball facility, the school where his daughter played, is being investigated as part of a probe into the Mississippi Department of Human Services and its misuse of millions in federal funding meant for “needy families,” Mississippi Today reported. Favre has not been charged criminally but is a defendant in a sprawling civil suit filed by the state of Mississippi earlier this year in an attempt to recoup more than $20 million that was “squandered.” (According to Insider, Favre’s attorney Bud Holmes said that Favre never knew the money came from welfare funds. Favre “has been honorable from day one,” and “He has done so much charity work—and that’s all it was here,” Holmes told Insider.)

In 2017, Favre’s proposal to build a new volleyball arena at the Hattiesburg-based university received $5 million from the educational nonprofit Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC), whose leaders misused funds for the construction project. However, in 2019, according to text messages in the court documents filed Friday, Favre needed another round of funding, launching a “campaign to aggressively lobby the governor to help him cover the debt on the USM Volleyball Center,” according to Bryant’s attorneys. A total of roughly $8 million in public funds allegedly went to Favre and his pet projects.

According to a July 2019 text, Bryant warns Favre of the legal risks that come with using such “tightly controlled” funds. “As soon as we get approval we can move forward,” Bryant wrote in new text messages submitted by his attorney. “Without that approval, any expenditure could be illegal…and USM could be made to repay the Federal Government any and all funds spent.”


Jack Dorsey is on Twitter promoting/endorsing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Lauren Boebert claims that she skipped the debt limit vote as a "no-show protest" but in reality she

Lauren Boebert claims that she skipped the debt limit vote as a “no-show protest” but in reality she tried to make the vote but missed it. Video here:

Quelle surprise!
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