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Mary Trump Book Claims Trump Praised Her Breasts and His Own Sister Called Him a Clown

Source: The Daily Beast

Mary Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, paints her uncle the president in a horrifying light and reveals explosive details about his character and disparaging comments made by his sister, retired federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry.

“If he is afforded a second term, it would be the end of American democracy,” Mary bluntly declares in the book. “Donald, following the lead of my grandfather and with complicity, silence, and inaction from his siblings, destroyed my father. I can’t let him destroy my country.”

In one particularly disturbing scene from a trip to Mar-a-Lago, Mary recounts how when she was 29 and wearing a bathing suit and a pair of shorts to lunch at the resort, her uncle looked up at her and remarked, “Holy shit, Mary. You’re stacked.”

“Donald!” Marla Maples said to her then-husband, slapping him on the arm.

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/mary-trump-book-claims-trump-praised-her-breasts-and-his-own-sister-called-him-a-clown

Sick fuck.

.@KellyannePolls book by Pres Trump's niece Mary Trump. "He's not her patient, he's her uncle."

.@KellyannePolls book by Pres Trump's niece Mary Trump. "He's not her patient, he’s her uncle.” Conway questions the book's veracity, saying Mary Trump is "just giving her opinion." "I think family matters are family matters," she says of books by relatives..


For many reasons...

Buddy cop movie of the year


Trump's worldview forged by neglect and trauma at home, his niece says in new book

Source: WaPo

A tell-all book by President Trump’s niece describes a family riven by a series of traumas, exacerbated by a daunting patriarch who “destroyed” Donald Trump by short-circuiting his “ability to develop and experience the entire spectrum of human emotion,” according to a copy of the forthcoming memoir obtained by The Washington Post.

President Trump’s view of the world was shaped by his desire during childhood to avoid his father’s disapproval, according to the niece, Mary L. Trump, whose book is by turns a family history and a psychological analysis of her uncle.

Mary’s father, Fred Jr., — the president’s older brother — died of an alcohol-related illness when she was 16 years old in 1981. President Trump told The Post last year that he and his father both pushed Fred Jr. to try to go into the family business, which Trump said he now regrets.

Donald escaped his father’s scorn and ridicule, Mary Trump wrote, because “his personality served his father’s purpose. That’s what sociopaths do: they co-opt others and use them toward their own ends — ruthlessly and efficiently, with no tolerance for dissent or resistance.”

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trumps-worldview-forged-by-neglect-and-trauma-at-home-his-niece-says-in-new-book/2020/07/07/b19b22f6-bf9d-11ea-864a-0dd31b9d6917_story.html


Peter Navarro, WH Trade Advisor: "I'm a Californian. We don't see race out there.

Peter Navarro, WH Trade Advisor: "I'm a Californian. We don't see race out there. So, you know it's like I live my life in a race-blind world, and it troubles me that we have so much of this discussion when in fact we have got real problems in this country."


What a strange little man.

This waitress is my shero of the day:


The Lincoln Project: .@realDonaldTrump has a loyalty problem (psychological warfare edition).


Florida man at Fort Myers Costco in "Running the World Since 1776" shirt flips out on elderly woman


Dear white women:


WH spox: "I think the world is looking at us as a leader in Covid-19"


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