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Tsiyu's Journal
Tsiyu's Journal
August 21, 2016

Bless Rush's Little Poo-Stained Heart

He's smearing feces in the cage again because he's incredibly irrelevant.

He needs some attention as do the pathetic goons stupid enough to listen to him.

This is how radio works, dumbass Rush Limbaugh listeners: Rush doesn't believe ANY of the shit he spews. He believes NONE of it!

But he knows all you angry truck drivers and retirees and shop owners who listen have been cleaning your guns "fer YEARS waitin' on a revolushunn."

He knows you're all batshit nuts, you "wanna kill sumpin'," you're addicted to OXY. and you're all bored out of your minds, so he is gonna send you on a lezzbo hunt.

I bet he had a gin-soaked meeting with his producer to come up with this shit. Rush probably made a bet: "I bet I can get 5 nutcases in the South to threaten some gay women. Watch! These people are stupid, rabid suckers!"

WE had a comedy radio show, and one day convinced people that the Chinese had switched Bush Sr. with an imposter (when he got sick and fell under the table). People were calling in saying how horrible it all was. People are dumb.

But the only divisions that have occurred in the US are not from Obama or Democrats. They are designed and implemented by Republicans, both with their gerrymandering to gain election advantages, their voter suppression and their hatred for their fellow human beings. Rush embodies both divisive poo flinging and hatred for others.

And I just have to say, all of you who come on here and defend this shit radio, who say a Fairness Doctrine will "destroy the wonderful, glorious free speech we enjoy" is saying this kind of inane drivel, stochastic terrorism, or whatever you want to call it, is acceptable and should not be countered by facts or we taint this precious "free speech" in radio today.

This putrid word infection Rush drains out of his blubbery face does nothing to edify anyone, enlighten the community, or spread awareness about actual facts people should know. This "free speech" is no more than crap smeared on a public space.

I know in the park service, they may or may not agree that "free speech" includes smeared feces on exhibits, but they damn sure hire people and have a policy to CLEAN UP THE SHIT.

July 8, 2016

For what it's worth: Who else has this same earworm?

there's a man with a gun over there....

My condolences to everyone in the world who lost their lives to senseless violence this week.

Are Grits Groceries had a deja-vuish "Feels like 1968" thread posted last night. When anyone says "1968" I instantly hear the opening twangs.

I posted a snippet of lyrics and saw others had done the same. I bet there are more than a few DUers who are hearing it in their thoughts.

We've been here before. We can do better than this.

While our congress wastes the time and resources we give them conducting witch hunts, we are seeing poverty, incarceration and income disparity at historic levels. Tens of thousands are dying with no access to health care; real estate is only obtainable by the upper classes and foreign investors in some cities; and the goddamned Dark Ages has got NOTHING on our treatment of the mentally ill and the orphan.

How long does Congress intend to sit on this powder keg playing parlor games?

July 2, 2016

Thank You Peter Neffenger: You've Taught Us It's Okay to Head Slam Disabled Brain Surgery Patients

This world becomes nearly unbearable because of people like Peter Neffenger, the Memphis TSA authority and the Memphis Police Department.

There are some stories that just chill me to my core, some news that convinces me that evil and cruelty will always win.

What can you say to TSA agents who will body slam a disabled, half-blind brain surgery patient on her way home from the hospital? How can anyone explain that sort of depravity?

How can anyone explain to me that grown men and women in the Memphis Police Department thought it would be even more helpful to then throw this bloody, battered young women in jail for the night?

Where does this sort of cruelty and malicious abuse of sick people originate? How do those TSA agents and the Memphis Police department even call themselves human beings? They are sick, twisted caricatures of humans from the looks of it, not thinking, rational beings.

My heart is just broken for all of the people on the internet right now sharing their tales of how the TSA agents treat disabled people. Why? What do they get out of it?

How was society safer because some ignorant no-neck in Memphis locked a very, very sick, battered woman in a filthy jail cell for the night? What do you say for yourself, you badass Memphis cops and TSA agents, saving us from those wicked brain surgery patients with your superhuman strength?


How did these people become so broken, they head slam a brain surgery patient and beat her bloody, and then throw her in a jail cell? HOW?

Obama, your Peter Neffenger is an incompetent criminal if this is what he allows his employees to get away with - and if the stories from other disabled people are to be believed. This is intolerable and absolutely disgusting. Neffenger needs to be fired and the TSA needs some solid leadership, extensive and comprehensive training programs and some damned INTEGRITY.

All I keep asking myself is "What the fuck is WRONG with people? What the FUCK is wrong with people?"

I cannot believe what my government's employees are doing to my fellow citizens. This is a horror show.

Thanks, DU, for letting me rant. I want to scream but it will scare the dog.

January 28, 2015

I find it ironic that this Utah thread was posted

directly above the one about our lovely First Lady going bare-headed in Saudi Arabia. Too funny.

I can't explain how it feels to be of the gender that is constantly told what we should be wearing by many of the other gender (and by many of our own. )

Forcing women to wear symbolic scraps or swathes of fabric really does appear to make some men feel exceptionally moral, all in control, all cool with god. How sad is that?

They are dependent on what another person does in order to feel worthy. Not just sad, dangerous.

These people are surely hated by anything divine. To be fair, most powerful Mormon leaders probably don't believe in their own narrative, but I imagine they like using the stories and the nefarious rules to CONTROL others. It's Big Business, Deluxe Prophet Edition: Lord And Savior Style.

I just have to say: It's very strange to strike such fear in the hearts of men, that even a smidge of one of our shoulders has superpowers, that the mere sight of the top of our heads can send those poor, weak men into lustful spasms and agonizing seizures of shame and sexual temptation.

We women need to find new ways to use our powers, and tell all the immoral, narcissistic, authoritarian big-mouthed men to shut up and worry about their own choices.

And this young lady is getting a wonderful lesson in theocracy. Hopefully, she will take what she's learning and use it to help make things better for people her age.

PEOPLE.* Her age.

*Gender-neutral, as boys and girls are harmed by theocracies.

January 25, 2015

Je Suis Debbie Downer!

Well, people could have completely disconnected from the system when the writing started appearing on the wall, but we had no prophets who could be heard above the commercials.

People on DU and elsewhere insisted we must all keep buying so that we could keep the system going. Funny how the bejillionaires needed us then.

But, oh. The system shook all of those loyal consumers and corporate apologists out like crumbs from a tablecloth. And they were so sure their six figure incomes were set for life. Why should they care about what the minimum wage is, or how hard the poor have it?

Now, many of them would sell their souls for a full time, minimum wage job. How the mighty have fallen. And they still suffer in silence, in shame.

I tried to own my home - it is muy humble but it's mine - and have as few expenses as possible. Work from home, low carbon footprint, low expectations, DIY and self-sufficiency oriented. It ain't pretty, easy or elegant, but it's peaceful for the most part and stress is minimized greatly.

I don't know how others stay plugged in to the madness; I admire their courage.

August 2, 2014

Meanwhile, in Tennessee

We'd far rather burn up money and medicine. The story is 30 thousand plants found, then a few hundred, the value estimated from 2 million to 40 million. Seems law enforcement and the DEA can't do math very well. They burned truckloads of it a few miles away at the Sheriff's department. BECAUSE DRUGZZZZZZ!!!!!


Residents are SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you! Even though TN grows 13% of the nations cannabis.

Even though it saves the lives of babies with seizures, and helps people with cancer and PTSD and all sorts of ailments, even though pills and meth are destroying lives in Grundy County that might be okay if they could have a little weed the same way they can have a little beer here.

There is no dentist in the county. Jobs are scarce. People are depressed and there's not mental health care available to most. The value of all crops ( legal ) grown in the county is about 8 million. We could use the revenue.


The South is INSANE.

I am working desperately to get out of this state and move where there are 3 things: compassion, intelligence and FREEDOM.

I can't wait to be back in the United States of America again. The Confederacy is killing me.

EDIT TO ADD: Glad your sister got her medical card! Sorry to have missed the congrats. I hope she gets a great appetite and is not in pain anymore!

May 30, 2014

Toddler critically burned during SWAT raid

Source: WSBTV News

ATLANTA A family says a SWAT team raided their home in the middle of the night and seriously injured a 19-month-old boy with a stun grenade.

Alecia Phonesavanh told Channel 2’s Ryan Young her child is at the Grady Memorial Hospital burn unit, and is in a medically induced coma.

Phonesavanh said she was at her sister-in-law’s home in Habersham County early Wednesday when police raided the house.

"It's my baby. He's only a baby. He didn't deserve any of this," Phonesavanh said.

Read more: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/toddler-critically-burned-during-swat-raid/nf9SJ/?GxbuEu

^^^^^^^^THIS IS YOUR BABY^^^^^^^^^^^^

^^^^^^^^^^This is your baby on ( a War on ) Drugs ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This is a site to help the family, who have no insurance.


Thank you Habersham County, Thank you DEA, Thank you US lawmakers. Thank you Holder and Obama!

We love this war! It's awesome!

What the fuck else are you assholes gonna tell us is acceptable in your quest to find pills, pot and cocaine?

May 23, 2014

If you have a secret compartment in your car -even empty - you could soon do 5 years in PA


Cops can now search your car without a warrant in Pa.

"The state Supreme Court ruled last week that police are allowed to search vehicles without a warrant. The state General Assembly, meanwhile, is moving forward with a bill that would give cops the authority to arrest people caught with “secret compartments” in their vehicles, even if there is nothing illegal in those suspicious containers.


On the same day the Supreme Court ruling was announced, the House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved legislation making it a crime to possess a car with “secret compartments.” If the bill becomes law, anyone caught with such compartments could be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor and have their vehicle seized by police — even if the compartments hold nothing but air.

A conviction would carry up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

State Rep. Kate Harper, R-Montgomery, the bill’s sponsor, said law enforcement asked her to introduce the bill. Police are concerned about vehicles that pass through Pennsylvania on a well-known smuggling route between New York and Florida."

Well this should do wonders for tourism in the state. I sometimes drive to NY. I will DRIVE AROUND Pa next time, no matter how long it takes. Who wants to go on a trip knowing you might end up spending 5 years in prison for having air in a secret compartment you maybe didn't even know about?

Are Republicans all going batshhit crazy control freak or what?


Here's the miserable excuse for a human right here:


Jayzuss when I think I've heard everything......

April 21, 2014

Virile Vapidity: An open letter to those who wish for Revolution

This is a long letter I wrote, intending to put it on my blog that never was. Please feel free to post it wherever you wish, excerpt whatever parts you like, but just give DU attribution.

Again, it's long, but maybe worth it to someone....

To Those Who Believe in Armed Insurrection: What Good Parents Do

Oh, how wonderful your fantasies must be, you Patriots, you strapping, potent Manly Men and War-Worthy Women, y'all. At night, falling asleep beside your favorite weapons, you must get chillbumps imagining how heroic you will be when you and your buddies get to take back "Muricca" from the gayz and them uppity wymmins and those growing numbers of American Not White People you despise with a pure, primal hatred.

You tremble with anticipation when you imagine blowing the brains out of these wretched non-humans, these dregs who don't live the same way you do, who are different, who should be in prison or enslaved, who should not instead be your neighbors with rights, for Christ's...I mean... for Glen Beck's sake.

When that glorious day comes, the world will see just how violent and uncompromising you men and women are. You will rid this nation of any man who won't fondle a gun or field dress and barbecue his pet cat, or drive a pickup truck with a "Don't Tread on Me" sticker attached ( funny how you goons want to tread on everyone else, though, ain't it?) You will stone to death any married woman who won't churn her butter or tend her turnip patch or nurture her unborn child, who asks to be let out of the kitchen and the bedroom - ever - or to have shoes, of all the things a married woman doesn't need. (You give a married woman a pair of shoes and next thing you know she's climbing over the Concertina fence you've got confining her to the compound, dadblame it! They can't run far when they're barefoot over razor wire; they learn that the hard way. )

You will take care of the darkening complexion of the American citizenry in your War on Other NonHumans. I imagine each of you Soldiers of Racism will have a skin tone gauge, an app on your smart phones actually, which will measure the light particles emitted by each person's shaved armpit, thus not discriminating against farmers or John Boehner. They don't pass at the pits? Not pale enough? They go to the work camps or you kill them - or both - if they object to enslavement they die. How fricking fun is that? Woo Hoo!!!

You will "git ridd o'taxes once and fer all" and every man can make his own way. Women without husbands can give their kids up for adoption and re-indoctrination, and then go to the work camps. Any need a road? He builds it and maintains it. Educate kids? The wife can do it. In the kitchen. Of course.

After you blast the living brains out of Not Humans, after you spread their guts all over the sidewalks and the courthouses and the parking lots of the Piggly Wigglies across "Muricca," you will establish a new way: Each family will provide its own security, fire rescue, trash hauling, water system, sewage, medical care, surgery and hospitalization facilities and services, bridges, stop signs, libraries, and Fourth of July pyrotechnics. No more sharing. Ha! The thought of that just makes you wriggle a little in your skivvies, don't it?

Yes, what a wonderful world you will unleash, when you guys finally scurry out of your bunkers to wage your Glorious War Against Government and Non People.

I have only two questions:

The first: Are you ten years old?

I am gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that most of you Oh So Virile Manly Men of Distinction ( oh, how you salivate and daydream and prepare for the day the world finds out just how manly and virile you really are, huh? Booyah! ) have never been in an actual war. The "armed revolution" you seek is not going to be the pretty little Shootin' Party for which you are today rabidly stockpiling toilet paper and freeze-dried Swedish meatballs.

When you dismantle infrastructure, when you create an every-family-fends-for-itself world, you will find yourselves - if you even survive your childish folly - inside a reality that does not in any way, shape or form jibe with your deluded fantasies or the world as you once knew it. Even if you think your family compound is secure and well-provisioned, you will not be spared the heartache or the agony of the conditions you manifest with your Manchild delusions of violence and destruction.

You will create widespread vectors for disease, cause massive deaths of babies, children and the elderly, you will unleash a brutality that will take your own loved ones, you will see commerce completely end in your War Zones. With no public services, your towns will soon turn into festering, infectious cesspools, your children playing in steaming, putrid trash heaps and your young and old men dying of cholera and dysentery. Without road maintenance, materials will not be easy to move from manufacture to market. There will be no more happy little outings to celebrate your homophobia in long lines at chicken restaurants, let's just put it that way.

No WalMart? No Cheetos or Little Debbies or Slim Jims! Evar!

You see, I ask if you are ten because as you moved up in your school years, if you had an iota of respect for teachers and learning, rather than a lazy, spitball-spewing, jerkoff attitude, you learned that people tried living in truly dog-eat-dog societies (and many still do if you'd like to study the outcomes ) and it doesn't work out so well as in your delusions of a Glorious New Caucasian Kingdom.

The reason you drive on maintained roads to pick up your AR-15s, have a time standard so that you're not late for your militia meetups and emergency canned food sales, the reason you stop at stop signs and don't get creamed by chicken gut trucks, the reason you send your children to schools where they are taught math and science and reading and writing, the reason you can visit libraries in most towns, use the internet, eat inspected food at inspected restaurants, have your city water flowing freely and disinfected properly, the reason you get to listen to Rush Limbaugh, the reason your county health department immunizes babies against whooping cough and the elderly against influenza is GOVERNMENT.

( Yes, I do realize many of you are living with rain catchment systems, growing only heirloom veggies, using shredded coconut shells for baby diapers and eating only possum jerky and canned storage, homeschooling the kids and not immunizing them in case the authorities are secretly implanting mind control chips or injecting the Mark of the Beast serum, but still, I also know for a fact a great many of you Wannabe Warriors use all of the above government services and more - quite happily. )

Why do you get to drive down a paved road, after a hot shower, on your way to your job? Why do your kids get a basically free education, and your elderly mother get some means of support and your county get a few more computers for the public libraries and a new fire truck and some much-needed repairs on that bridge that spans the river? Why do most rural homes have access to the internet and electricity?

History provides the answer. Over time, people decided it was a lot more cost effective, safe and productive to consolidate services and utilities and routes of transport everyone needs so that individual people, free from the overwhelming daily burden of procuring the basics of life for themselves, could spend their time instead creating lifesaving drugs, making quality furniture, developing cheap, clean energy sources, teaching college students math for engineering and manufacturing applications, doing surgery, building shops, filming movies, playing slide guitars, and spending their older years not toiling away or dying for lack of health care or proper nutrition but contributing to their families by mentoring their grandchildren, traveling and helping support local economies all over the country, growing vegetables for the table, volunteering in their communities and simply resting and reflecting after their many working years. That was a long sentence. Re-read it.

You want everything to stop - you want everyone to stop - while you throw your semi-automatic temper tantrum. You want "war" to be everyone's occupation. You want to decide who lives; who dies based on your own prejudices. You want to be gods with guns instead of team players in a big nation.

You want old people to lay down and die if they are working class, disabled, poor. Just say so. You know they wouldn't survive a civil war, given that the policies of people you support have left many of those elderly already near starvation and homelessness.

Think, Oh Supreme Beacons of Untapped Violence and Rage. Think about what you are saying when you say you want a revolution. You will see your own flesh ripped apart. You will see and smell and taste your "utopia" rotting right there in front of you. See babies' corpses bloated in puddles and schoolchildren's limbs scattered at the bases of trees, and buildings bombed out and roving hordes of hungry people bashing other people's heads in over dead pigeons and edges of moldy bread . Your own rock-filled heads won't last long in that world. And the funny thing is, I get the feeling that most of you militia types posing for group shots in front of Bubba's camo deuce and a half, looking all mean and scruffy and ready to git 'er done, will toss a few grenades, take a few shots, scramble through the woods and then retreat like freaked out rabbits.

Why do I get the feeling that when the smoke clears, and you face the horror of what you've wrought, the deaths you've caused, the destruction you set in motion, you will cry like babies or kill each other in frustration and horror?

You want to blow up the nation just to prove what intelligent, modern people already know: A nation without structure, without concern for the well-being and rights of every citizen, is just a putrid excuse for what a human endeavor should be. You want to go back to a standard of your race on top and kicking ass. You're afraid other races will treat you as some of your race have traditionally treated those races. You assume there is a scale tipping in Non People's favor, and that your minority status will cause us all to regress, that the strides made by humanity will be undone just because your kind is not running the show by yourselves any more.

You're just not that important in the scheme of things. Most Non People don't really care how far you go in life, as long as you don't hold them down to get there. You imagine a conspiracy of race, only because you have conspired to harm based solely on race. But any race can be judged unworthy. Caucasians are known to do horrific things to their own babies, to each other, just as easily and as cruelly as Non People do. No race is safe from sociopaths and control freaks and sadists.

You claim to want simple, free, and unencumbered lives, but your desire to kill others based on prejudice and fear and hatred proves you only want this for yourselves, and not for anyone else. The only things simple, free and unencumbered in that equation are your non-functioning brains and your dead souls.

Just remember before it is too late. If you unleash violence in an attempt to achieve your childish version of Candy Land for Racists and Sociopaths, the guilt will never leave your awareness. What you will see cannot be unseen. The blood on your hands will never wash away, no matter how bitterly or blithely you conspire to shed it.

There is a way to make bloodless, positive change but you are too lazy for a Constitutional approach. You like the Hollywood version so much better. With you all starring as the lusty heroes, of course. Which brings me to the second question.

Where in the hell is the motivation and the bravery coming from? Answer that question and we will all know the cold truth. Did you order some bravado from the Cabela's catalog? Or maybe they sell "Do Something Besides Watch TV" spray now at Walmart? Real, real cheap?

Because when it comes to protecting your families from corporations, your kind are doing a piss poor job of showing any ambition or courage. You want me to believe you 'll "take a stand" against corruption and oppression yet you're all to damned timid to demand your employers pay you decent wages? Seriously? Let me ask that again: You are too frightened to ask for a RAISE, but you're going to take up arms against the U.S. Military? For Real?????

You're too weak to join with other working class people to demand pay you can live on, health insurance and safe workplaces. You'll happily let corporations blow you up in their fertilizer factories, sell you dangerous products and force your state government to imprison you so that for-profit prison corporations can make profane amounts of money. You don't care if corporations frack your water supply, choke the Gulf of Mexico with oil and Corexit or take over your local schools. You bend over for corporations, but expect us all to believe you have the mettle to take on the US Military?

Let's get real.

You're all to worried about what the other Manly Man fools will think to ever challenge your real enemies. So forgive us for laughing our asses off when we hear you say you have any fight in you.

The truth is, organizing workers to strike for better working conditions; writing and lobbying Congress to punish corporations who outsource, pollute and who cheat the worker out of his wages and the nation out of its fair share of tax revenue (for providing transportation and energy infrastructure, educated workers, security and laws without which the corporation could not function); actually boycotting those corporations in a focused way to achieve results; attending public hearings; taking corporations and corrupt governments to court...blah, blah, blah....all those boring, non-violent means to enable positive change are too much work for you. Too much thinkin' and readin' and writin' in them thar solutions, correct?

You like the sure solution a bullet provides. A little fast bloodshed is so much less labor intensive than reading, writing and organizing fellow citizens to work with government to make life better. You don't really need a whole lot of intellect or any work ethic to fire a gun. Even small children can be taught to pull a trigger and kill with success. But that law-makin', legislatin', time consumin' non-violent stuff just doesn't do it fer yins.

You wanna shoot all the town officials in the morning, nail the New Town Rules to the courthouse door at lunch, and be back in your man caves watching professional wrasslin' by the afternoon. Motivation? You're the laziest skeeves on the planet, for Glen Beck's sake!

And you know you need a lot of guns to have your way without actually working for it. So now you have them.

Get "in the moment" and look around as you go through your day. (If you are out in your bunkers already, you're lost and you have nothing to contribute to this society so I'm not talking to you. Build your utopia out there in the wilderness, ManBeasts. I've no doubt we'll see most of you again on TV when we have to rescue all the children you abuse and young women you rape and hold hostage. You're violent thugs who believe in Social Darwinism, that Might makes Right, and you are anarchists and bloodthirsty beasts just like the gangbangers in Chicago or NYC or LA or Atlanta. Violence is your solution to everything, like the rabid dogs you mimic.)

If you live in a nice little subdivision house, drive to work in the morning and pick up the kids from school in the afternoon, head home to make dinner and settle down for your nightly FOX Hate Porn, think of all the things that went right for you all day. The water that came out of the tap, the stop lights at the intersections, the paint lining the lanes to keep you from running into other cars, the school books your child has in her backpack, the refrigerated meat counter you perused at the grocery store, the EMTs and law enforcement working the wreck on the interstate, the sign telling you you're almost home, the letter that arrived, the bridge you crossed, the radio station you listened to for traffic reports, the crossing guard at the school, the State park where you and the kids will go camping and fishing this weekend, the weather alert on the TV warning you of local dangers, the electricity that keeps you comfortable and the war that isn't raging outside your door.

Chances are, to quote the US president, you didn't do that all on your own. All of those every day events work so smoothly you only notice when they don't. Your daily routines can be counted on because of government. "Government" is most definitely not your enemy.

If you didn't get to take that government-mandated break at work, blame your employer, not the government. If your pay won't cover your most basic living expenses, blame your employer, not the government. If you can't afford health care, blame the Medical, Insurance and Pharmaceutical corporations, not the government. If you, instead, want the government to do something about it, elect people who promise to actually do something about it. Make government work for you by voting for people who will work for you. Register to vote now, and elect a brand new congress in the fall.

If your boss makes a bejillion dollar bonus every year, and you live on minimum wage, why would you blame all of the government for the fact that Congress won't make the corporations pass a minimum wage law? Are you stupid? Confront your congressional representatives and your senators with letters and phone calls outlining your needs and demanding they stop giving welfare to corporations and stop eroding collective bargaining. Don't take your anger out on someone else's children, on your local cops, on the BLM or the liberals you hate down the street. But as far as that goes, you won't contact your representatives. You won't confront your own masters. You want me to believe you have the gonads to attack the US military when you won't even stand up for your own wages?

You revolutionaries are not revolutionary at all. Many truly revolutionary Americans have formed groups to non-violently protest bad laws and poor political decisions and corporate malfeasance. Laws are changed when voters really care to change them. But you are too cowardly to join them. No, you seethe with hatred and have death fetishes because of another public service: our broadcast airwaves. Unfortunately - and I believe criminally - those airwaves have been taken over by violent zealots who have brainwashed you into hating yourselves.

FOX, Clear Channel and Cumulus are the true enemies of our American way of life. They are the Corporate Voice of Death to America. They despise you, they are using you, they laugh at you and those fantasies of yours they spend billions to stoke, yet you are too stupid and so full of the hate for your fellow man they foment to see it, and you do their bidding as their stooges, their willing fools.

If the "gubbmint" were as corrupt and oppressive as you claim, do you really think we'd have the current non-freaking-stop "Hate Gubbmint and Obama Radio" playing on the public airwaves in every city and village in America? You've got to be the dumbest rocks on the planet to not see the irony, and FOX, Clear Channel and Cumulus love you for it. They speak only for the corporations, but you are so vapid and easily led, you honestly believe they care about you when they talk about freedom. No, Big Boyz, they only want freedom for the corporations - freedom to pollute, cheat and lie to you. And your sorry little selves just eat it up like candy because they know exactly how to manipulate your prejudices and your fantasies.

Your lives are so easy, but you will willingly make them agony just to get the chance to shoot your guns and have a little bit of glory. Only self-hating idiots would do something so horrendous to themselves and to their own families.

If you do try your Second Amendment Remedy, be aware that you are doing the same thing as if you had blown up your home merely because the dishwasher was broken. You won't win, because most of us don't want to blow up our home. We won't go there with you. We will build on what we have, not tear it all down to fix smaller, inevitable problems. This is what grownups, and patriots, and good parents do.

( What would be revolutionary?
Voting for politicians who actually care about you, and not about the millionaires. Try it! )

Those of you who want to start a violent revolution are merely traitors and terrorists. You don't deserve your children and you don't deserve your easy lives. You are not manly, virile or courageous. You are yellowbellies who cower behind bullets, not valiant champions who stand up to the real evils in our midst. You are opportunists who hope to capitalize on social instability to thug your way to the top, since sociopaths like y'all can't seem to find any other way to success. You are intellectually lazy, fear-laden, weak excuses for community leaders. You cowards want to lead your children and your elderly to desolation and untimely death for your own self-aggrandizement.

But selfishly dream on, Big Boyz, of your own blood-soaked futures. It's a whole lot easier and far more cowardly than actually doing the real work that could lead to a brighter tomorrow for your children, for your nation, for us all.

May 9, 2012

If the NC Rightwing Taliban Want to Save Hetero Marriage, They'd Outlaw DIVORCE

I wonder how many of the cruel NC voters who pulled the lever to ban gay marriage are actually divorced from their first spouses? How many showed their "reverence" for marriage by ending their own marriages?

How many are like Newtie Pie, having inflicted selfish wounds on their own spouses in the name of their own self-interest?

You see, Rightwing Christians will NEVER vote to deny themselves the right to do wrong. They LIVE to do wrong in their own pathetic lives. They cheat on their spouses, beat their kids, divorce left and right. Divorce is higher in the Bible Belt than in anywhere else in the nation...

But the American Taliban believe that if they can keep SOMEONE ELSE from having a right, this suddenly erases all of their own sins. It doesn't matter how awful they are as human beings; they are "more moral" because even if they can't control themselves they can control people they don't even know.

If they want to sanctify marriage, they should completely outlaw divorce.

Never gonna happen.

But anyone who voted against marriage in NC is a lying, hypocritical sociopath.

That is all....

Except a to those who are hurting.

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