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a kennedy

a kennedy's Journal
a kennedy's Journal
December 31, 2016

It's funny....these bowl games??? Lotsa black players, and not so many black fans

In the stands. Looks like all white, and I bet alumni. Or is it just me??

December 21, 2016

at the gym today and saw on CBS one of my fav women reporters from MSNBC.......

Alex Wagner, hard to believe she's been gone since July of 2015. Wow, I do miss her, and she looked great today.

December 20, 2016

I need ideas for what do young teen girls like??

I send home made valentines instead of holiday cards......and I need ideas for stickers for a few teen girl valentines. I tried searching duck duck go, and almost all responses were sexual in nature So just thought I'd ask if any of you would know....I don't have any idea. Thank you.

December 18, 2016

Just bought my husband a Sonos speaker for his Christmas present......

We plugged it in and are now listening to one of our favorite genre, smooth jazz......and I know lots here HATE it. Not us....we love it.

December 15, 2016

Sorry DU..... gonna have to leave, I just can't handle tRump's name here any more.....

and it's everywhere......he's going to be president unless SOMETHING HAPPENS. and I just can't handle it.

December 14, 2016

I dispise RoJo........

Just to even think he's the Senator from Wisconsin for his second term.....JUST MAKES ME SICK.
December 12, 2016

I just bawled through the 2016 and last White House Christmas decorating.......

had it taped and just watched it. I bawled through the whole thing knowing some asshole, egomaniac, orange, piece of excrement is going to be there next year. It was on HGTV. I bawled through the whole thing knowing the Obamas will be gone.....AND I'M JUST SICK TO MY STOMACH.

December 10, 2016

So when did it become the norm for adult children, nieces or nephews, to

NOT send a note of thanks for monetary gifts?? Our nephew's wife was in a car accident, she was fine, except the car was totaled. We sent them a check for 1000.00 to help with the purchase of another one,and never received a note, text or acknowledgment of it. I called after three weeks and asked if they had even received it and they said oh yes, and thank you very much. Then my niece got married Sept 23rd, we gave them 50.00 for the wedding present, it's her 2nd marriage, and we still haven't received a note of thanks yet. What's up with that?? Am I wrong or is a note of thanks still considered proper.

December 7, 2016

Is there anyway DU can take the image of tRump off from the home page please.......

I am trying my hardest to NOT see his disgusting face and there it is on the home page of DU. Would it be possible to remove it please??? JMHO.

November 27, 2016

Higher ground.....on Saturday night on Public Radio.

OMGAWD......A W E S O M E ..... all Nations, all Countries, MUSIC FROM ALL OVER. My ears are on fire. My love of all these Nations, and Countries is making me weep, how beautiful how all encompassing and soon will be blown off the map when tRump gets in office. I so hope I'm wrong........ I weep for all mankind.

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