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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
February 15, 2023

Find you a partner who looks at you the way

cable news hosts look at the newest repuke Presidential candidate. The coverage of NH is completely over the top. Apparently, we will be treated to breathless coverage of her every move. For me, it's bringing back memories of 2016 and the countless hours of trump coverage.

Dems need to relentlessly point out that she is anti choice and anti democracy among many other horrible policy positions. Her smiling cutsie act is already making me ill.

February 12, 2023

What happened to the poster who wanted to discuss the Democrat Party?

I was reading a hilarious thread about a very earnest poster who was concerned about the Democrat Party, had 32 posts, and was afraid they were being silenced. But when I exited and tried to revisit, the whole thread was gone. Since I'm not a big football fan and everyone in my household is, I was hoping for some entertainment.

February 11, 2023

The more I hear about DeSantis

the more he seems worse than TFG. Really a lot worse, actually. I mean he actually has "policy" ideas and is a true wingnut conservative. He also is smarter than TFG (not that that is too difficult).

Bottom line: he could do a lot more damage than TFG. I say we root for the orange menace.

February 8, 2023

CNN is actually fact checking the repugs claims about SS!

And not just Daniel Dale. I've heard it multiple times from multiple journalists today. Credit where credit is due, since I am very quick to find fault with this network.

February 8, 2023

I am completely shocked

by the positive coverage of Biden's speech last night. Not that it's not deserved, of course. Why do you think they're being fair for once? I like it, but I am floored.

February 7, 2023

How to explain all this atrocious pre SOTU coverage

They're trying to set up conflict and suspense to increase ratings. Of course cable (including CNN and MSNBC) are doing it in the lamest way possible. Treating the repugs as if they have valid points and both sidering everything. Yeah, that makes me want to watch their coverage and "panel discussions".

I will be watching but I'll watch my local channel here in CA who just hired recently retired Rep. Jackie Spiers as an analyst.

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