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Member since: Wed Mar 3, 2004, 08:03 PM
Number of posts: 50,934

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The IRS just called me from Ontario to say I'm risking jail and suspension of my social security.

The voice mail was polite, though. He wrapped up with "thank you and have blessed day."

I don't want Trump to drop out.

If Trump drops out, the Republicans will replace him with a "reasonable" sounding conservative who could win the election. Once in the White House, the RNC will proceed to hide all the treason, all the illegal activity that took place during this corrupt administration. It will be swept under the rug and we'll never know most of it. We'll never be able to fix it.

I want tribunals. I want congressional investigations. I want grand juries. I want it all exposed, down to the rotten filthy roots, so that we can finally clean out the rot and rebuild our country.

Trump seems to think that testing causes COVID-19

Ponder what that means.


Bloomberg has more going for him than it might seem.

He's an actual billionaire who is spending millions of his own dollars on ads attacking Trump. They're good ads.

Bloomberg has fans among educated progressives who like his public health policies and his commitment to the environment. These folks are part of Sanders' base, and they vote.

It's too early to tell, but this could get interesting.

Let me know if you want a heart!

Just ask! I'm in a happy mood and giving away hearts!

I believe that this will hurt Trump's chances of re-election.

There is a faction of Americans - on both the left and right - who tolerated/kind of liked Trump because they believed that he was anti-war. Lefties who believed that Hillary was a bigger hawk, conservatives who care only about the stock market, etc. There are millions of these people, and they vote, and they're suddenly very upset with Trump.

The Republican politicians, white evangelicals, and racist right-wingers will trot out the party line in the days and weeks to come. Trump has their full support and nothing will budge them. However, Trump just lost support among a group of people who now have a very good reason to vote against him, even if they don't particularly like the Democratic candidate.

This was a stupid move on many, many levels. None of us know what this will lead to or what the consequences will be for our nation. I'm certain, though, that one consequence is fewer people supporting/tolerating Trump.

How many of us have a loved one who is or could be homeless?

Homeless people are the latest target of the Republicans. This leads me to wonder how many of us have relatives or loved ones who are or could be homeless. And, I know that some DUers are homeless.

I have several loved ones who are at risk for being homeless due to economic difficulties, mental health issues, and the high cost of housing.

I want to speak out against this latest vilification of people who have done nothing wrong, but are targets of authoritarian propaganda.

What is this Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda is all over the internet. Where did he come from? I saw the latest SW movie and there was no baby Yoda - although admittedly I fell asleep in the middle - wait is that a spoiler - sorry!

When Gabbard was in the military did she have access to classified materials?

Has Trump been seen leaving Walter Reed Hospital?

Do we know if he has been discharged? I'm reading reports that Trump hasn't been seen since he was admitted to Walter Reed. Is this true?

(I know his twitter account has been active and his spokesperson says he's fine. That's meaningless. I'm asking if he's been seen in person.)
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