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UNC on lockdown for 'armed and dangerous person' two weeks after fatal campus shooting

Source: Raleigh News & Observer, NC

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill issued an emergency notification at 12:54 p.m. The alert says there is an “armed and dangerous person on or near campus.”

The university issued two additional alerts, at 1:29 p.m. and 1:54 p.m., urging people to continue sheltering in place on campus. Faculty and staff are advised to. Go inside immediately. Close windows and doors. Stay until further notice. Follow directions from emergency responders or university officials.

The report follows the fatal on-campus shooting of Zijie Yan, an associate professor, less than three weeks ago. That shooting sent the university campus into lockdown for more than three hours. Tailei Qi, a graduate student, is accused of first-degree murder in Yan’s death.

All schools in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools district have been advised to enter “secure mode,” the district said. Classroom instruction will continue as normal, but doors will be locked and people will not allowed in or out of school buildings.

Read more: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/crime/article279293124.html

Two weeks after a professor was shot and killed on campus. Students are terrified. I'm watching local news WRAL and there are clips of students running to get to shelter. The little kids in the Chapel Hill - Carrboro Schools are on lockdown again.

Updates says it was the boyfriend of a disgruntled employee who showed up in the Student Union waving a gun.

Looks like an all clear now.

Way too many guns!!!

Biden is the only one I want for president in 2024.

There isn't anyone else I want for president in 2024. Just Joe Biden.

Why? Because he's the only electable one who knows what we're up against and can handle it.

I never thought I'd think this. I haven't been a particular fan of Biden's until recently. I liked him as Obama's vice president, but I never thought of him as president material.

Well. I think he's done an incredible job. Considering what we're up against, and what he inherited, and the low down dastardly behavior of the Republicans, I'm impressed.

I want Joe in 2024.

Great tweet by George Takei on the budget deal


Kevin: We’re holding the economy hostage!

Joe: You won’t pull the trigger.

Kevin: I really don’t want to.

Joe: Sit down. We’ll do the budget like we normally do, just earlier.

Kevin: No new taxes!

Joe: You control the House. There would have been no new taxes anyway.

Kevin: Spending freeze!

Joe: There would have been a spending freeze anyway.

Kevin: Okay.

Joe: Here’s a budget. It looks like what we’d arrive at later anyway, right?

Kevin: Right.

Joe: We good?

Kevin: Uh, yes? I may need help getting it passed. My people hate me.

Joe: We understand. Hey, Hakeem, can you help Kevin out?

Would you hand over a car you had just rented?

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the Citibike rental kerfuffle, in which a woman who was assigned a rental bike is being accused of being a racist Karen because she didn't allow a group of teens to take the bike she'd just rented.

If you're not familiar with the story, google it.

For people blaming the woman - who had just completed a 12-hour shift as a Physicians Assistant at Bellevue Hospital in NYC - I'm curious.

Would you hand over a car you'd just rented?

It seems to be an exact analogy.

I go to Hertz and rent a car. A kiosk gives me paperwork with the license plate of the exact car I've rented. There is no human clerk. I rented the car using an app. If I don't return it, I owe Hertz for the value of the car. I walk up to the car I've been assigned, in its numbered space, and a stranger is standing next to the car, saying it's really theirs. I say, nope, this is the car I was assigned by Hertz. I get in it. The stranger and their four buddies surround the car and prevent me from leaving. I'm startled, confused, scared. I ask them to back off and leave me alone.

They start filming me. They upload the video to the internet and accuse me of being a racist Karen.

Would you hand over the car to the stranger?

I figured out who DeSantis reminds me of.

He's that mean weird kid who followed the bullies around in middle school, hoping that they would include him.

The bullies used him as a tool to pick on their enemies. There was nothing he wouldn't do in his pathetic and futile attempt to be included, no cruelty too extreme, no self-debasement too far. In the end nobody liked him. The bullies thought he was pathetic and excluded him from their inner circle. Everybody else loathed him.

He didn't recognize any of that. He sniggered and giggled and acted conceited, and when he got caught doing mean stupid things he whined and blamed others.

So what's the right wing's excuse this time?

As yet another mass murder destroys people's lives, I wonder who MTG, Lauren Boebert, Tucker Carlson and the rest will blame this time?

Transgender? Apparently not this time.
Minority? Apparently not this time.
Woman? Nope.

Well, Marge?

Would someone be willing to give me a brief catch-up for the Super Bowl tonight?

I'm going to a Super Bowl party tonight. I used to watch college football but I've never watched much pro ball and things have been pretty busy in my life lately so I literally had to look up who is playing tonight.

If anyone feels like giving a summary of the two teams, what to watch for tonight, etc., I would be grateful!

I'm grateful to the scrappy kid from Scranton.

Joe Biden is turning out to be exactly the president America needs right now. With literally everything - including the immediate future of the planet itself - hanging in the balance, we need a fighter.

Keep telling it like it is, Joe. You're talking to me and millions of us.

(And props to Beto and Fetterman for their plain talk campaigns, too. And that Native woman in Alaska who just beat Sarah Palin.)

P.S. To the MSM: we're not buying what you're selling anymore. The editorial board of the Washington Post - I'm talking to you. We're at war for our democracy. What side are you on?

Beware those carrying fear, uncertainty and doubt about Democrats.

If you hear or read something that makes you think less of Democrats, think about who stands to gain if Republicans take over Congress in this fall's elections. There's a lot at stake. Who will make billions of dollars if the Republicans are allowed to fully enact their sociopathic plans?

The invasion of Ukraine isn't going well for Putin. Who would he want back in the White House?

If Republicans take back the majority in just one house of Congress, they will block every single effort by Biden. Biden will be blamed for everything that happens and Trump or someone like Trump will be elected in 2024.

Your friends, relatives, online buddies may be well-meaning but the propaganda is real, it's everywhere, and it's designed to be very persuasive. Beware of the agenda behind negativity aimed at Democrats.

An example of racism from the so-called "far left."


The first response is right on target. I know many people are frustrated that the Democratic Party isn't progressive enough. But the problem I see with some of the alternatives - such as the Democratic Socialists - is that the very real lived experience of black and brown people is ignored and even - as in this case - mocked by white people who consider themselves "progressive."

Do better. Be better. Even this older white woman knows that discrimination against black people for the way they choose to wear their hair is real. And it's deeply racist.

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