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Sat Feb 10, 2024, 07:42 PM Feb 2024

Inside Biden's Five-Hour Face-Off with the special counsel

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Gift article, no firewall:

I still object to some editorializing slants in this article, but it's at least a beginning at giving the White House perspective.


The president’s attorneys felt the early October interviews went well, only to be stunned this week by Hur’s disparagement of Biden’s memory.


In the view of Biden’s team, the interviews proceeded in a routine, even dry, manner, as prosecutors asked Biden where he bought a particular file cabinet and how certain boxes were packed.

Biden himself was focused at the time on more immediate and world-shaking matters, having just made a round of phone calls to U.S. allies that would affect the roiling situation in the Middle East.

Biden and his attorneys even discussed postponing the interview, but they ultimately decided against it. They had already blocked off two days on the president’s schedule and, with the investigation already dragging on much longer than anticipated, were eager to put it behind them. They never contemplated resisting Hur’s request for the interview, figuring Biden had little to hide and would benefit from being transparent, according to members of his legal team.

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Inside Biden's Five-Hour Face-Off with the special counsel (Original Post) yardwork Feb 2024 OP
How did his lawyers even allow this? Trump answered questions that were submitted to him, no direct questions. dem4decades Feb 2024 #1
I don't know. yardwork Feb 2024 #4
Then shame on them. have they ever met a Republican, especially a Federalist Society one. dem4decades Feb 2024 #6
Because it's not Joe Biden's style to be like Trump or to allow his lawyers to not "allow" him to handle ancianita Feb 2024 #7
I'd like to move on but the local paper, the rightwing press, the Trump MAGA Nazi's won't let me. I defend Joe dem4decades Feb 2024 #9
I see. ancianita Feb 2024 #10
Great suggestions! yardwork Feb 2024 #12
You you seriously don't think I've called out the editorial board of the local paper? dem4decades Feb 2024 #23
The short answer - No. slightlv Feb 2024 #15
Good point. c-rational Feb 2024 #24
My gods, the man consistently misspelled Afghanistan!!11!! From 2008!1! How can we trust him?! Hekate Feb 2024 #2
Good article, for the most part. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #3
I felt the same way. Annoying editorializing. yardwork Feb 2024 #5
I can't remember the date my Dad died... slightlv Feb 2024 #16
It means you're a human being who grieves in your own way. yardwork Feb 2024 #17
I hear you, slightly. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #18
I am so sorry that happened to you, sheshe. yardwork Feb 2024 #22
Thank you, yardwork. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #29
I am so sorry... slightlv Feb 2024 #27
Reminds me of when my father died in 1998. yardwork Feb 2024 #28
Love to you and yours, slightly. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #30
TtY for this, yardwork. 💙🌊🇺🇸🕯️🕊️ Cha Feb 2024 #8
Happy to share! yardwork Feb 2024 #13
So Important.. I guess you Cha Feb 2024 #20
I missed that! yardwork Feb 2024 #21
I would have posted it Cha Feb 2024 #25
Would you care to correct headline? brooklynite Feb 2024 #11
Sure, darlin. yardwork Feb 2024 #14
Good answer! Snort, Snicker. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #31
Sandbagging. That's not adversarial! dpibel Feb 2024 #19
We need to start referring to Hur as dobleremolque Feb 2024 #26


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1. How did his lawyers even allow this? Trump answered questions that were submitted to him, no direct questions.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 08:13 PM
Feb 2024

So Trump could have his lawyers write the answers, and then Trump himself would say he didn't remember 45 times in those questions. Did Mueller write in his report that Trump's memory was failing?

This just sucks, Trump gets kid glove treatment from Mueller and Joe gets worked over by Hur.

Biden's lawyers should have said the precedent was set by Mueller, written questions only, and demanded that treatment.

Can we do anything right?


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7. Because it's not Joe Biden's style to be like Trump or to allow his lawyers to not "allow" him to handle
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 08:42 PM
Feb 2024

the interviews his way.

Joe is honest. Hur is political. Joe knew that. This was not a legal team mistake.

And at the appropriate time, before the whole nation, Joe fired off the appropriate swear words about the lousy 400 page report by the lousy special counsel that he knew would exonerate him above all else.

We should follow Joe's lead and move on. He's got more important things to do and so do we.


(11,372 posts)
9. I'd like to move on but the local paper, the rightwing press, the Trump MAGA Nazi's won't let me. I defend Joe
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 08:48 PM
Feb 2024

all the time but right now the other side id on the offensive and it's relentless. I'm not worried about true Democrats but if they (MAGA right) can chip away at Joe with those in the political middle it's a problem, one that could have been avoided.


(36,511 posts)
10. I see.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 09:07 PM
Feb 2024

If you don't say these things to the paper, but only here, you're not defending Joe, you're preaching to the choir.

Just sayin'. And if you did write your OP to those papers, you'd risk showing the opposition that Democrats can be rankled by what doesn't rankle Joe, and so it wouldn't be helpful to Joe or the election cause.

Just a suggestion... You'd do better to criticize the local paper as hype that just parrots their corporate owners' horse race hype
-- because their corporate owners have been losing status as 'kingmakers' (cite a public poll on media), and
-- because they keep ignoring and disrespecting what the Biden Harris administration has done for Americans' wallets (cite a consumer confidence poll), and
-- because they will fail again, two national cycles later, to respect the power of the national Democratic coalition of voting Americans (cite a nat'l poll and not an internal Republican poll.)

Maybe add criticisms of more stupidity below, just to highlight and correct the lazy reporting or Hur errors. Readers would love if a local did that.

It seems hard but it's a good hard, and you never know where or how far your influence goes.


(11,372 posts)
23. You you seriously don't think I've called out the editorial board of the local paper?
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 10:04 PM
Feb 2024

They don't care, they only wish to feed their hateful, uneducated, racist clientele, so they can push their antiregulatory business philosophy and have foot soldiers for the Nazi mob.

And interacting with their readers is like playing whack a mole, you disprove one of their lies, the just move on to another.


(3,119 posts)
15. The short answer - No.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 09:22 PM
Feb 2024

We always have to take the high road... and we're getting our butts kicked, and losing our country. Time for the gloves to come off, IMNSHO. To do this to such a fine man is totally irresponsible. Furthermore, when we take back all three branches of government, anyone who served under trump in any department - from the lowliest to the highest - is kicked out. It's these hangers on that are going to do us in. They should have been kicked out at the start of the administration. Time to get serious about government by the people, FOR the people... NOT for the rich, for the stupid, and for the egomaniacs... not to mention the evil.


(91,650 posts)
2. My gods, the man consistently misspelled Afghanistan!!11!! From 2008!1! How can we trust him?!
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 08:28 PM
Feb 2024

Jesus Christ on a Trailer Hitch, Hur and his team were really reaching.


(84,489 posts)
3. Good article, for the most part.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 08:36 PM
Feb 2024

The slants really pissed me off though.

- Hur would repeatedly deride Biden’s memory during their time together.
-Biden was queried when he purchased specific file cabinet
- The session started roughly on time, a rarity for the perennially late Biden.
-Hur later reported that Biden could not recall the year with specificity.

Why TF would he remember when he purchaced a f**king file cabinet? Oh and the 'perennially late Biden.' He is the POTUS of the United States and has a few more important issues going on in the world.

As for the specific date that his son died! WTF!? Out of the blue, a question out of context in the interview.

Hur makes me want to hurl.


(3,119 posts)
16. I can't remember the date my Dad died...
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 09:24 PM
Feb 2024

a horrible, seminal event for me, which I still grieve to this very day. I guess that makes me a horrible, no good person.


(62,040 posts)
17. It means you're a human being who grieves in your own way.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 09:42 PM
Feb 2024

My mother passed away in 2022 and I still have to pause to remember the year, and I would have to look up the exact date. And I'm the executor of her estate. And I'm not president of the United States, dealing with an international crisis while setting aside valuable time to respond to stupid questions about a pointless investigation.

Meanwhile, it turns out the FBI didn't bother to check a locked closet at Mar A Lago that apparently holds more top secret documents Trump is hiding.


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18. I hear you, slightly.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 09:45 PM
Feb 2024

Sorry for his passing.

I don't remember the date my brother committed suicide. I remember it was raining the day I found out. I had to inform my mom and take care of her.


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29. Thank you, yardwork.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 11:58 PM
Feb 2024

It hit me hard and I was a mess. I had nightmares for a year.

You never get over things like that. Joe Biden saw his son have a stroke then the brain tumor and then died. He lost his son. Tears.


(3,119 posts)
27. I am so sorry...
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 11:25 PM
Feb 2024

anything I was feeling had to be tamped down deep inside. I had to take care of mom, make arrangements, write the obit, keep the rest of the kids together. I spent more than a month at mom's house making sure she was gonna handle things when I went home to my family.

The one thing I remember was running to catch up to his gurney. He gave me this "look" and I remember saying it's ok, I'll take care of mama. Don't worry. Ive always wondered if I hadn't given him "permission"... stupid thought, I know. But your mind does do cartwheels doesn't it.


(62,040 posts)
28. Reminds me of when my father died in 1998.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 11:36 PM
Feb 2024

His death happened to fall near a date that was important to him, which is the only reason I remember it. I had young children, a mother who'd just had a stroke...

I remember the feeling of not having time to grieve. It would come on me and I'd push it aside, saying to myself that I didn't have time to cry that day.


(84,489 posts)
30. Love to you and yours, slightly.
Sun Feb 11, 2024, 12:03 AM
Feb 2024

It is never easy to pick yourself and others back up after a loss like that.


(299,239 posts)
25. I would have posted it
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 10:07 PM
Feb 2024

But I’m on my phone for now..

It’s insane. I hope they get major Backlash


(95,580 posts)
11. Would you care to correct headline?
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 09:13 PM
Feb 2024

The article says “face-off”. A “stand-off” implies an adversarial situation which the article does not claim.


(2,958 posts)
19. Sandbagging. That's not adversarial!
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 09:50 PM
Feb 2024

It's pretty clear from the article that Hur had an agenda that was a bit of a surprise to the Biden side of things.

I guess you can pretend that it's not an adversarial situation if only one side knows they're being an adversary.

But, in all, a singular odd moment to come down with the fantods.

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