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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
July 22, 2015

My letter to Sen Mark Kirk (R-IL) Iran Nuclear Deal

Mark Kirk is the Republican US Senator from my state

I got your e-mail and read your opposition to the deal. I can only say how disappointed and irritated I am at your position.
You seem fixated on making the agreement a political one in your opposition to the administration. In case you missed it, the deal was brokered and approved by the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China.

Do you have so little respect for our allies and the administrations of David Cameron and Andrea Merkel that you honestly believe they would agree to a bad deal with Iran? Do you really think so little of our allies?

I guess that question was answered when you signed that letter to Iran. For some reason, the signers assumed the leadership in Iran was ignorant of how US politics work, even though many of them were educated in the United States.

The position of many who oppose the deal seems to rest on their belief that PM Netanyahu is more knowledgeable than British Intelligence, German Intelligence, French Intelligence, Russian Intelligence, Chinese Intelligence and our own intelligence services. Let us not forget that PM Netanyahu said two decades ago that Iran would have a nuclear missile in a year - they didn't. That the invasion of Iran was a good ifea and would go well - it didn't. And he is again peddling that same rhetoric about Iran and a nuclear missile again. At what point do you stop listening to someone who is wrong on substantive issues?

Lastly, to use the editorial page of the Chicago Tribune to bolster your position is laughable. The Tribune is owned by the Ricketts' family. This is a highly partisan Republican family. The governor of Nebraska is a Ricketts. There is a hugely clear bias on the part of teh Tribune and it is not in support of the President.

Count me as unimpressed by your efforts and disgusted at your disrespect for our allies around the world.

July 14, 2015

If the Bible wasn't citing it, would you discriminate against gay people

I found the question on Pennlive.com.
Though the question appears to have been asked by a reader it is a good one
Love to hear what sanatorium, bush III (the third is almost always horribly awful), cruz and the rest of the anti-gay crowd would say

(That includes shadfly, fishman at the afa, and the rest of that rot)

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