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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
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Rape of 7-year-old in India marks the latest in series of attacks on girls

A 7-year-old girl is in critical condition at a New Delhi hospital after undergoing surgery for injuries she suffered while being raped with a metal water pipe, officials said Wednesday.

Her mother was by her bedside after the girl underwent hours of surgery. The exact type of pipe used in the assault is unclear.
A 21-year-old has been arrested in connection with the rape, which occurred in the district of Shahdara in the northeastern part of the city, said Meghna Yadav, a deputy commissioner with the Delhi Police.


In a series of tweets, Maliwal provided additional details of the attack, saying the girl, who comes from a poor family, had been lured to a park in Seemapuri, where the perpetrator assaulted her. She was bleeding "incessantly" after the attack, Maliwal tweeted.



Cathay Pacific spells its name wrong on side of plane

Cathay Pacific has given visitors to Hong Kong airport a surprise by spelling its name wrong on the side of a plane. The Boeing 777-367 was emblazoned with the words “Cathay Paciic”.


The plane had been flying overnight from Xiamen in China, where Haeco carries out maintenance for the airline. It arrived in Hong Kong in the early hours of Wednesday morning, having been part of the fleet since 2004.



Kavanaugh is one of the finest people Trump knows

Along with:
Michael Flynn
Paul Manafort
George Papadopoulos
Michael Cohen
Rick Gates
Alex Van der Zwaan
Richard Pinedo
Scott Pruitt
Bill Shine
Darla Shine
Rob Porter
Wilbur Ross
Steve Mnuchin
Ryan Zinke
Corey Lewandowski
John McEntee
Dr. Ronny Jackson
Mick Mulvaney
Tom Price
Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald

and Donald Jr and Eric

With that as part of his circle, I guess it's not extremely difficult to be one of the finest people he knows

1998 Is Not Really a Good Analogy

As the Republican hold on Congress becomes more tenuous every day, some within the Republican Party, and the media (either in Politico or Slate) are running with the narrative of 'Remember 1998!'
On the surface it may seem apt; a sitting president under fire, the public is not overly thrilled with the man sitting in the White House, impeachment, those who liked the president could not be swayed and those that did not like the president, likewise, could not be swayed and a solid economy. And that ladies and gentlemen is where the comparisons begin and end.

The reasons why are numerous. But, I'm going to stick with what I believe are the four strongest reasons why the comparison falls flat.
1. The President. In 1998 the President, Bill Clinton, kept a fairly low profile. President Clinton was completing his 6th year as president. People had seen what he was capable of, what his strengths and weaknesses were. Clinton had handled the economy, several homegrown terrorist issues, natural disasters that hit different regions of the country, etc. People had pretty much adjusted to what he was like, his strengths, his weaknesses, etc. Clinton was, for all intents and purposes winding down his presidency.
Trump is finishing off his 2nd year as president. People have kind of seen what he is capable of as president. People who like him, love him and people who don't like him, hate him. People have only seen a few things that Trump has done in a crisis. His handling of the economy, terrorist issues, mass shootings, etc. There is no full body of work to latch onto yet.
Unlike Clinton, Trump has politicized everything that has happened. There is not one event of prominence that has gone on in this country that Trump has not turned into being about him and his policies. If a non-white, immigrant commits a crime it happened because there's no wall and people need to built his high, beautiful wall. Wildfires in California, no aid or minimal aid only to the regions he won. Trump is unable (not unwilling) to see the 'Us'. It is all HIM and his followers.
Trump, unlike Clinton in '98, is able to run for another four year term.

2. The Economy. Good, solid economy. Low unemployment. What could possibly be the problem?
Two things:
A. When Clinton took office, almost everyone realized the economy sucked. When Trump took office, the economy had been improving for a few years. It wasn't the greatest economy in history, but it was getting better. So, Trump inherited an improving economy. Also, in his first year, he inherited a budget that was still much an Obama Budget, not a Trump Budget.
The best way to describe it is this, 'Tomorrow Bill Belichik dies and I am named the new head coach of the New England Patriots. I inherited the team and players with which he built the Patriots. The only thing I could do in the first year, barring a serious slate of injuries, was ruin the team. I still have Belichiks economy: Tom Brady, Gronkowski, his coaching staff, etc
People seem to understand this. Which is why Trump is not getting the credit he feels he deserves
B. By November of 1998, Clinton had been in office for 6 years. So, we had five years of Clinton's economy. Most people knew and accepted that even if they were only voting for the Democrats because they were pissed at the Republicans, they would keep the five years of economy that Clinton had helped build. So, in effect, they were steering the ship straight into Clinton, as opposed to away from him.
By voting Democrat in 2018, they are steering away from Trump.

3. We Now Live in Year Zero. A term from when Pol Pot took power in Cambodia. When Pol Pot seized control he announced that a new era had begun, there was no past, only the present and future. Trump has sort of done the same thing. All the good that has happened only happened after he was sworn in. He has left little wiggle room for the Republicans running for Congress to claim that things were pretty good when Obama was president because it will likely rile Trump and he'll turn to Twitter and hammer them.
Clinton, on the other hand, was more than willing to share success with the Democrats in Congress, so the Democrats were able to claim credit for some of the successes of the economy.
According to Trump, before he was inaugurated the country was a vast, impoverished wasteland, ruled over by Obama... oh... and Congress just happened to be run by the Republicans that are running re-election now. So why would I vote for a Republican who incompetently mismanaged all those years from 2010 until 2017?

4. Fatigue. This ties in with all three previous. Say what you want about Obama, or Clinton, or either Bush or even Reagan, like 'em or hate 'em, we were not inundated day-after-day-after-day with a narcissistic screed about something or the other that the President of the US feels the need to whine, complain or whatever about. The other five were not obnoxious, psychopathic, fabulists who couldn't stand not being seen, spoken to , or spoken about every damned day. We were not 'blessed' with the relentless daily lies, whining, complaining that we are subject to now.
The public tires of it after awhile, because most people don't feel they have to know what the president, any president, thinks about everything that happens every day. Presidents go on vacation and relax. Unless there is a crisis, they're pretty much invisible to the public eye. Not Trump.
I don't care who the president is, I live in Korea, the President here is Moon Jae-in, my favorite President. But, I don't want to hear from him every day on every issue just because he has some insecurity that the world might turn without his say (or twitting) something that has no reflection on his duties or because his feelings are hurt.

These are four reasons why I feel 1998 is not a strong comparison to 2018. There are others, I know.
The Blue Wave may not come, but I suspect it will because Trump is a serious millstone

One race I will be watching closely from Florida

Florida-18. It's R+5.
The current rep is Mast (R-sucks)
One of the people running against him in the primary is Dave Cummings (Gun Nut). But, Cummings is also extremely pro-environment (for a republican he's practically a tree hugger)

He is concerned about state or federal government not having effectively addressed the toxic algae dumps which have turned the waterways black, killing fish, birds, dozens of manatees, and damaging fragile ecosystems in our estuaries.
"The last dump destroyed the summer tourist season by closing our beaches and harming the economy, yet our current congressman has done nothing to prevent the next incident. " (current congressman being Mast)

According to a few places that have written on Cummings, he seems actually sincere and doesn't see the solution as being drill for oil and wipe out endangered and threatened species.

I think I want him to lose because I think his voters are the ones the Democratic candidate has the best chance of picking up, or at the very least, not voting in the GE for either.
I don't think Mast voters, were he to lose to Cummins, would vote for the Democrat since Mast is more reichwing than Cummins

Thoughts by anyone from Florida on this race

John McCain's 106 year old mother will be attending his funeral

She is a fairly active 106 as well

If Donald Trump gave the eulogy at McCain's funeral.

Hello. Thank you everyone. It is great to be here. Your favorite Republican president is giving today's eulogy. It is an honor for the Mc Cain family, I am certain. I mean, who wouldn't want me giving their eulogy? Look how great the economy is doing. I mean, don't listen to the fake media about anything. McCain and I had a great relationship, because I am such a forgiving and friendly guy.

About McCain. Let me start by telling you about his last primary. He came to me on his hands-and-knees begging me to endorse him. I told him, I said, "John, I don't know. I think your opponent is a better person and would make a better senator than you." But, he begged and pleaded with me to do him this favor. I could have said, no. But, I didn't. I said, "Okay, I'll endorse you." And you know what, like every candidate not from Alabama that I have endorsed, he won. Yes, he won, thanks to me. And how did he show his appreciation? He didn't. He voted to keep that horrible Obamacare. He even did the thumbs down as he did it. I was shocked! Shocked! That he had betrayed me, after all I did for him. Sad. Very sad.

There was also the time that I said something off the cuff about heroes. You know, I like heroes who weren't captured. Later I said he was a hero. But, he still held a grudge. Not me though. No sir. I got over it. It's just sad he couldn't move on.

I see crooked Hillary, Bill and the Obamas are here. Not sure why. I mean, what could they possibly add to this momentous occasion? Yes, it is sad and terrible that McCain kicked off, but I am here to give the eulogy. So, it's good. Am I right? Am I right? I remember the night that I won the presidency. Crooked Hillary lost and I know it had to be soooooooooooooo hard on her. But, the country is soooooooooooo much better off now with me as president.

I can see the looks of anger on the faces of the McCain family. I better stop talking about crooked Hillary. And who really wants to hear anything about the Obamas? Am I right? Am I right? (aside to an aid) "Why aren't the McCains nodding to agree with me?

There is just so much winning go on, I can hardly keep up. But, you know the lyin' media. They refuse to focus on the real crimes, the real collusion. They don't talk about how great I am doing as president. How great this country is doing. We're respected again around the world. But, I'm sure they won't write anything about how sensitive and inspirational this eulogy is. About how I mentioned the time McCain asked for my endorsement and I generously gave it.
This is the greatest eulogy in history ladies and gentlemen. I know if McCain could, he'd rise from the casket, give me a standing ovation and apologize for betraying me.
Thank You

Review: Citigroup's 2008 bailout won't be its last

If history is any guide to the future, Citigroup will be in the middle of whatever financial crisis Wall Street manages to cook up next. Or so say James Freeman and Vern McKinley in “Borrowed Time: Two Centuries of Booms, Busts, and Bailouts at Citi,” a new book examining the $180 billion bank’s troubled past. The institution bailed out in 2008 has suffered repeated failures of over-aggression and lack of foresight, while Uncle Sam’s open wallet has blocked meaningful reform.

In its early days, Citi was a politically connected bank with poor lending practices controlled by a management team with alcohol problems. The bank came close to failure in the Panic of 1837, but was bailed out by John Jacob Astor, the beaver-pelt mogul who installed a capable top executive. For the next 72 years, Citi was capably run and grew to be the nation’s largest bank, albeit with only one branch, taking on deposits in “panics” because of its perceived solidity.


Having suffered two near-death experiences in a decade, Citi was at least conservative for a generation. The next bailout came courtesy of Walter “countries don’t go bust” Wriston in 1982, when Citi, heavily over-leveraged, lost well over 100 percent of its capital in loans to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. This time, the regulators’ response was to provide liquidity and pretend the loans were solid, which worked until the end of the decade, when the Latin American bad loans were joined by dud real-estate loans (including a heavy exposure to developer Donald Trump). Citi was described as “technically insolvent” by the House Commerce Committee chairman in 1991 but was privately rescued by an injection of preferred stock from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.


Verdict in trial of Reuters reporters in Myanmar postponed until Sep 3

Source: Reuters

poor health of court official

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-myanmar-journalists/verdict-in-case-against-reuters-journalists-in-myanmar-postponed-to-september-3-idUSKCN1LC080?il=0

Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopath: How To Spot The Differences

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