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Brazilian city shuts schools and transport as drug gangs avenge leader's killing

A city in Brazil ordered schools closed and suspended public transport after the police shooting of an alleged leader of a drug trafficking ring sparked retribution attacks from gangs, government officials said.

Dozens of buses, public buildings, banks and personal vehicles in Manaus – the capital and biggest city in the state of Amazonas – were targeted by a drug trafficking organisation in revenge for the killing, the state’s government said. Twenty-one vehicles were burned, and Governor Wilson Lima on Sunday requested deployment of the national guard.


Amazonas state’s security secretary, Louismar Bonates, said the attacks were ordered from prison in response to the death of alleged trafficker Erick Batista Costa, known as “Dadinho”. He was killed by police on Saturday night during an operation in the Redençao neighbourhood, west of Manaus, local authorities said.

In broad daylight on Sunday, assailants threw petrol bombs at bus stations and banks and also burned tyres, according to images shown on television. Fearing attacks, shopkeepers shut their stores.


First Trump, then Netanyahu, now it's Keiko Fujimori

In case you were thinking the next rieichwing autocrat running for national leader to claim voter fraud in their loss would be Bolsonaro in the next election in Brazil, you'd be wrong; perennial Peruvian presidential candidate and three-time loser, Keiko Fujimori the horrid offspring of convicted criminal Alberto Fujimori (former President of Peru) is now claiming, without any proof whatsoever that her opponent, Pedro Castillo is stealing the election from her.

“It’s extremely regrettable that when the result is not favourable, that the candidate talks about fraud. It’s terrible,” Fernando Tuesta, a political science professor at Lima’s Pontifical Catholic University, told national radio broadcaster RPP on Monday night. “They have been talking about fraud because they don’t want to respect the result,” he said.

There will be a recount of the votes, as the election will be close. Then, maybe, Keiko Fujimori will bring in the ninja group to count ballots, trying to prove that some were bamboo ballots and others were shredded, fed to chickens and then the chickens incinerated because... that's what they'd do in a 1960's Batman TV episode or something

Prisca Matimba Nyambe: who is the dissenting judge in Ratko Mladić case?

Judge Prisca Matimba Nyambe has booked a place in legal history books for presiding over one of the most significant appeal chamber hearings on genocide and crimes against humanity, while disagreeing with almost every one of its rulings.


On Tuesday, she pronounced the words “Judge Nyambe dissenting” repeatedly as she dutifully read out the chamber’s decisions while disowning them. By her dissents she signaled that she believed the original trial, which ended in a life sentence for Ratko Mladić for genocide and crimes against humanity, was fatally flawed and that the Bosnian Serb general deserved a retrial.

Nyambe also indicated she accepted Mladić’s version of the removal of up to 30,000 Bosnian Muslims from Srebrenica, after the enclave’s fall to his forces, was done for “humanitarian reasons”.


In 2012, she caused consternation about legal observers by dissenting from the court’s conviction of one of Mladić’s generals, Zdravko Tolimir, in which she said the massacre of about 8,000 men and teenage boys from Srebrenica was the work of “a small group of individuals operating in an unauthorised and secreted manner”.


The Baffling Frustration that is the Bears

The Bears have traded up to draft... another qb
I don't think there is another team that is more inept at, not just drafting quarterbacks, but handling the position than the Bears
The Bears picked up Dalton. last year it was Foles. They made Trubinksi a top 5 pick.
Now, with two overpriced veterans on their roster (Floes and Dalton), the Bears will be spending a small fortune on another quarterback.
Last quarterback they drafted that turned out to be good was Mad Mac

Honolulu Prosecutor Promises Independent Investigations Into Police Shootings

Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm said on Thursday that his office will conduct independent investigations into two recent fatal shootings by Honolulu police officers and will approach the review process differently than his predecessors.

“This is a new administration, and we are looking at all the practices and procedures, and we are going to do things differently,” Alm said at a press conference. “I believe it is critical to have an independent but thorough, objective investigation into both of these cases and for any future police-involved shooting of civilians.”

In the past, HPD would investigate its own officers after they’d killed someone and would send their completed investigation – along with their conclusions and recommendations – to prosecutors a year or more after the incident, Alm said.

Now, police are cooperating with the prosecutor’s office to immediately provide reports and evidence, including body camera footage, Alm said.


Sen Amy Klobucar Speaks with Democrats Abroad April 29th

Join us on April 29th, 9am Eastern, as we talk with Amy Klobuchar about S1 - the For the People's Act, the importance of voter protection legislation, and how we can help advocate for the issues that are important to Americans abroad.

This should be good. Hoping many Dems Abroad sign up.


Greg Gutfeld Implodes When Asked if He's 'Off His Meds' Over Chauvin Take

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld absolutely melted down on Tuesday after drawing the ire of several of his colleagues for his reaction to the news that Derek Chauvin was found guilty for the murder of George Floyd. One colleague wondered aloud whether Gutfeld was “off his meds,” setting off an on-air implosion.


“I’m glad that he was found guilty on all charges, even if he might not be guilty of all charges, I am glad that he is guilty of all charges because I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames,” he (Gutfeld) said, eliciting groans from the other Five co-hosts.


After Pirro chastised Gutfeld, insisting that we “do not sacrifice individuals for the sake of how people feel,” the broadcast turned to Fox News analyst Ted Williams, a former homicide detective, who laid out the merits of the case.

“I heard Greg a few minutes ago, and I gotta tell you, I don’t know—Greg is off his meds if he believes that there was not evidence,” Williams exclaimed, causing Gutfeld to absolutely lose it, shouting: “Excuse me?! What did you say?! What did you say?! Excuse me?!”


The police officer who fatally shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo was listed as a victim on an incident re

The police officer who fatally shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo was listed as a victim on an incident report. One law-enforcement expert said it's 'an old cop trick meant to muddy the murky waters.'


The report identifies the officer as Eric Stillman, 34, listing him as a victim in an aggravated assault of a law-enforcement officer. According to a tactical-response report that COPA released, Toledo was armed with a semi-automatic pistol, which was "displayed, not used" during the incident.

Tom Nolan, a law-enforcement expert who previously worked with the Boston Police Department, told Insider that listing the officer as the victim in the incident is "a long-used and hackneyed police trope" to recast the "focus of culpability and blame onto the actual victim of the police deadly-force incident, i.e., the person who the police killed."

"Thus the victim, in this case, the unarmed dead child who is shot and killed by police becomes the 'perpetrator,' and the police officer shooter, the killer, assumes the posture and pose of 'victim,'" he said. "It's an old cop trick meant to muddy the murky waters and is often used in the aftermath of what we cops call a 'bad shoot.'"


"It is done in a time where law enforcement wants to try to be cleared of a controversial issue or they want to try to gain more of the sympathy or, you know, more of a view that they are the victim themselves and not the state or not that the guy just had the gun in his hand," Titus told Insider.


Marlon Brando on Rejecting His Oscar for 'The Godfather' The Dick Cavett Show

Marlon Brando is interesting as he talks about not accepting the award, about how he felt badly for Sacheen Littlefeather because they weren't listening to her. And that he boos she was getting were really directed at him and he felt badly she had hat happen to her
I like that he's given lots of time to collect his thoughts and just speak without being coaxed, or interrupted
His on Hollywood and its treatment of non-whites is quite good
I vaguely remember when it happened. I was almost 9
What I remember was that a Native American woman (referred to as Indian at the time) was on stage and there were boos from people in the audience. I didn't really grasp what was going on. At first I thought maybe she had come on to stage and grabbed the award before Brando could get on stage

A giant FU Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Racquel Welch

Absolute Power: The Astonishing Personal Photos Of Nicolae Ceausescu (7 pics)


Nicolae Ceausescu, sporting a bandaged trigger finger, watches his wife, Elena, take aim with a shotgun during a New Year’s Eve hunting trip in 1976.

A Romanian diplomat is whipped on the backside by Ceausescu while crouching over the carcass of a hare. The photo was taken during a hunting trip with the heads of Romania’s diplomatic missions in 1969.

This was some kind of ritual that hunters went through. Even his own son was forced to participate at some point.

Elena cuddles with her son, Nicu, the heir apparent to Nicolae Ceausescu.

Crowds gather upon Nicolae Ceausescu's arrival in Pitesti, near Bucharest, in 1966. The photo was taken a year after the former shoemaking apprentice rose to power in Romania.

Women in the northwestern Bihor county, which has a sizable ethnic Hungarian community, welcome Ceausescu. The sign displayed in the background reads like a poem: “Romanians and Hungarians, we are fulfilling our duty; arms stronger, minds more beautiful; the Party, Ceausescu, Romania, are for us the world's most precious things.”

Nicolae (in black jacket) and Elena Ceausescu (with white blouse) on a balcony overlooking Bucharest’s University Square. The pair were welcoming the arrival of Soviet troops to Romania after a coup overthrew the country’s pro-Nazi ruler in August 1944.

Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu at a New Year’s Eve party in 1988. It is one of the last photos of the couple stored in the archive.

I left out the pics of the dead bears
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