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Gender: Male
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Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
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Rep Jordan defended by former Ohio State Univ Wrestling Coach

Former Ohio State University head wrestling coach Russ Hellickson said in a telephone interview, “Jim Jordan didn’t know anything. I didn’t know anything, and I don’t think any of the other coaches knew anything.”

Which begs the following question: While coaching together, when did they discuss not knowing about what Dr Strauss was doing?

"Hey Jim did you hear nothing about Dr Strauss who was doing nothing illegal or unethical?"
"No, I hadn't heard anything."
"Neither have I."

The entire justice system here is run by black women.

South Fulton, Georgia

Chief Judge: Tiffany Carter Sellers
Interim Police Chief: Sheila Rogers
Solicitor: LaDawn "LBJ" Jones
Public Defender: Viveca Famber Powell
Court Administrator: Lakesiya Cofield
Chief Court Clerk: Ramona Howard
Court Clerk: Tiffany Kinslow
court Clerk: Kerry Stephens


I tried to better divide the names from their positions, but the space bar did nothing.

Faux News Concerned about people obeying the laws of the land

Remember this guy?
Freeloader extraordinaire.
Cliven 'I Want Freethings' Bundy.
Funny how little concern they had for the law when this freeloading, deadbeat, clown wouldn't pay his fairshare like every other rancher has been doing for the last three decades

The tweet I'm saving for Roseanne's conservative apologists

Twit from Shill O' Lielly

Roseanne Barr’s vicious personal attack on former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett came out of nowhere and cost Ms. Barr and the entire staff of her program their jobs. @ABC/@Disney could not continue with the show without insulting millions of Americans.

I don't twit. But, I found it here


I was dumbstruck when I saw that. The cynic in me thinks it's because he's trying to get back on TV

Black 14

I've posted a couple of stories/videos on what happened in '69 at Wyoming UNiversity
This one I found especially interesting because it contains more footage and reports from 1969
The 10:19 mark also has an interesting question/comment, that is true today
I'll let the viewer decide how relevant

Martin Lewis sues Facebook over fake adverts with his name

Martin Lewis, the consumer advice and money-saving expert, is suing for defamation after it published dozens of fake adverts featuring his face and name.

He is seeking exemplary damages in the high court, arguing that Facebook failed to prevent or swiftly remove false advertising that has both tarnished his reputation and lured unwitting victims into costly scams.

Lewis said he would not profit from any damages won, which he would donate to charities combating fraud, but that he hoped the action would prompt the site to stamp out scam adverts.


He said Facebook had failed to stop the adverts despite his complaints and action. “It is consistent, it is repeated. Other companies such as Outbrain who have run these adverts have taken them down. What is particularly pernicious about Facebook is that it says the onus is on me, so I have spent time and effort and stress repeatedly to have them taken down.


Wow! What a family (South Korea)

I'm referring to the Cho/Jo's (Depending on the English version you use-- the family uses Cho)
Cho Hyun-min, Senior Vice-President of Korean Air, and the youngest daughter of Hanjin Group (Korea) CEO/President Cho Yang-ho, has been suspended after it was revealed she threw water in the face of an advertising manager.
The Hanjin Group in true PR failure, first claimed she didn't hit hit the manager in the face. Then, likely realizing that throwing water on another person is unacceptable period, changed their story to, she threw the cup on the floor, Hyun-min (I guess before she knew the companies PR spin) claimes she pushed the cup of water, it landed on the floor and it accidentally hit the man (in the face).

For those of you unfamiliar with the Hanjin Group, Hyun-min's older sister Cho Hyun-ah is derisively referred to as the 'Nut Rage' after her melt down at JFK airport over a bag of nuts.
According to sources, the father has no anger issues, but all of his children do.
This is commonplace in Korea among the third generation Jaebol (the grandchildren of the founders of some of Korea's largest companies). Samsung's young heir's and heiresses have been described as petty, ignorant of how the company is run, corrupt and have been accused of using company assets as a personal piggy bank. Their father has been hospitalized, mostly in a coma, for many years. One of his children reportedly tried to run someone over with a car at the Shilla Hotel

Scientists discover 15 new planets orbiting red dwarf stars

Scientists have announced the discovery of 15 new planets orbiting small, cool stars near our solar system. The stars these planets are orbiting are called red dwarfs. The scientists say that one of the new planets is a “super-Earth” that could harbor liquid water on its surface.

One of the brightest of the red dwarf stars that have been discovered to have orbiting planets is called K2-155 and it is about 200 light years from Earth. This star has three transiting super-Earths that are slightly bigger than our planet. The outermost of those three planets is dubbed K2-155d and has a radius 1.6 times the Earth.

That planet is thought to be in the host star’s habitable zone. The findings the scientists have made are based on data from the Kepler spacecraft’s second mission and follow-up observations from ground-based telescopes including the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii and Nordic Optical Telescope in Spain. Scientists say that K2-155d could potentially have liquid water on its surface based on three-dimensional global climate simulations.

The research team lead Teruyuki Hirano from the Tokyo Institute of Technology Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences says that in the simulations made by the team they assumed the composition of the planet was Earth-like. He points out there is no guarantee that is the case.


Tony McGee got kicked out of Wyoming with the Black 14 but still made it to the Super Bowl

Tony McGee had no idea what would come next after he and 13 other black players were kicked off the undefeated and nationally ranked Wyoming Cowboys football team in the midst of the 1969 season. The defensive end had been playing like an All-American and maybe even a future pro, racking up 11 sacks in just four games. But now his football career, his college education and his entire future were in doubt.

One thing McGee knew for sure was that he would never play for Wyoming again. As far as he was concerned, the ouster of the group that came to be known as the Black 14 had revealed head coach Lloyd Eaton as not just a hard-edged taskmaster but also a hardheaded racist.

Wyoming’s black players had proposed wearing black armbands in their home game against Brigham Young University. A few wanted to protest the Mormon Church’s dictum forbidding black members from becoming priests. But for most of them, including McGee, the beef was more personal: BYU’s all-white squad had hurled racial slurs and cheap shots at black players during their game a year earlier.

But when the black Wyoming players raised the idea of a protest with their coach, Eaton did not want to hear it. Instead, he berated and insulted them, saying they were troublemakers, half of whom did not know their fathers. Then, he kicked them off the team. McGee recalls Eaton saying the players could go back home to live off “colored relief.” Or, if they were lucky, maybe they could go play for Morgan, Grambling or some other historically black college or university.


Pictures from the First CPAC Conference -- sort of. (KInd of pic heavy)

The first pic is of Fritz Julius Kuhn, the leader of the German-American Bund (C-PAC of the 30's)

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