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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 04:44 AM
Number of posts: 20,143

Journal Archives

Federal Reserve Bank of NY: 7 million people are 90+ behind on car pymt

This is quite bad. Makes you wonder how many other bills they're unable to pay?
Also reported that 60% of all credit racked up over the past 10 years is in China




When Animals Appear at Sporting Events (PIC HEAVY)

FC Barcelona Cat

Giraffes walking for the next hole.

Squirrel corralled at Man City. Could be a fan. He looks excited

Cat and Everton Goalkeeper

Bees in Kansas City. After the incident, Royals manager Ned Yost said, “It’s just important for the environment… in terms of pollination with all the crops.”

Kangaroo golfers

BIRDS!!!!! Alfred Hitchcock may have been right.


Mick Fanning at the World Surf League, Jeffrey's Bay. The shark is tangled in Fanning's surf leash

A dog ran onto the pitch between Macedonia FK Vardar and Rosenborg of Norway.

No he's not dancing. A bat got into the arena

Lyndon La Rouche dead at 96

The Alex Jones, before there was Alex Jones has passed on to his great reward.

Actor Joo Won (Moon Joo Won) Discharged from Military Service

33 Year Old Korean actor Moon Joo Won has completed his military duty.

Joo Won's career took off with his landing a role in King of Baking, King Takgu in 2010
In 2011 he was in the TV series Ojakgyo
In 2013 he was in the series, the Good Doctor a drama about a surgical resident with autism and a savant. ABC in America made a series The Good Doctor based on the Korean television series

There's just no pleasing republikkans

Last year they whined and sniveled because the Democrats did not clap
This year they whine and snivel because House Speaker Pelosi clapped

I wish they'd make up their mind

So Special: Na Haeun (나하은)

My daughters love her. All five of them are very talented dancers

It's time to end using the term 'racially insensitive'

It's racist.
We don't say, "Semitically Insensitive". We say anti-Semitic or antisemite
Joe Ricketts did not write racially insensitive things, he wrote racist things
Trump does not make racially insensitive comments, he makes racist comments

Why is it so much easier for people to say "He/She is antisemitic." But, it is so fricking difficult to say, "He/She is a racist."?

OPINION Why it's dangerous to equate the Left and the Right

For reasons that are perfectly understandable, many believe we are living in an age of uniquely toxic and rancorous politics. From Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric to Europe’s atmosphere of rising nationalism and pervasive anti-immigrant sentiment there is a growing sense of crisis and anxiety in liberal democracies about which many are rightly concerned.

But amid this climate, it has become fashionable to contend—particularly in the media—that left and right share equal or near equal responsibility for this state of affairs. The equivalence isn’t simply false—in today’s world, it’s downright dangerous. In this all-too-popular framing of current events, politics are imagined to be a kind of horseshoe—with left and right diverging from a supposedly reasonable, level-headed middle ground and converging at each end. To put it mildly, this is a case of “both sides-ism” at its worst.


A little historical perspective serves us well here. In the 20th century, left-wing anger gave us minimum wages, weekends, Medicare, and environmental regulation—institutions cherished by millions of Canadians. Even in some of its earlier and less hardline incarnations, the right resisted these reforms and sometimes sought to push things in the opposite direction.


It’s also become evident that there is a real and visceral ugliness festering on the fringes of conservatism, one made frighteningly visible by social media. And, in the age of Trump, elements of even the mainstream right seem increasingly willing to flirt with exclusionary nationalism and entertain the crudest forms of xenophobia and cultural resentment.


DNA DISCOUNTS advertisement for "Aereomexico" airlines

Great Advertisement.
I especially laughed at the angry old guy when he found out his % and then his discount

Berlusconi announces candidacy for European elections

I had hoped that twit had died or was unable to leave his home due to ailment or was in jail
He's like a disease

Oh... and he's running out of a "...sense of responsibility."

trump, duerte, that ass-circus in Brazil and now this dip is back.
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