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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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I am sorry to say this, but there is no higher authority than President.

For some reason, Dear President Obama did not fully embrace the power of the office. He didn't use the internet or the bully pulpit to take to task the immediate challenge by the GOP to the validity of his election. He didn't understand that no matter what he did, the GOP would obstruct.

With Trump we see how the power of the Presidency has been resurrected. Trump doesn't do anything he doesn't want to and no one can or will tell him otherwise. And he does it boldly, out loud, and with no pretense.

Right before my very eyes I'm watching the dismantling of long-held traditions and the chaos of intermingling private security with the Secret Service.

For the handfew GOP who might question or challenge Trump's policies, they are in mortal danger of losing elections by being ripped apart on Britebart; GOP voters bible.

No press conference.
No tax returns.
No divesting of holdings.
No respect for the fact that we have only one president at a time.
No respect for diplomacy.
No repect for the truth,no qualms about lying each and every day.
No intention to stop fighting via Twitter.

He has the power to redefine what it means to be president, and he is freely, without obstruction, doing it right before our eyes.

Starting today, I am adopting a new term when speaking about the poser-in-chief.

It will be a new verb called being "Teena Colebrooked." Teena is the "sorry" Trump voter who lost her home at the hands of Trumps pick for Treasury, Steven Mnuchin.

a new term for being screwed over by the poser-in-chief.

Here is how it could possibly be applied:

"Seniors have been Teena Colebrooked by the new Medicare Plan."

"The poser-in-chief Teena Colebrooked the environment."

Why was Ivanka in the meeting with the Japanese? Does she speak the language?

Is she window dressing?
Will she have a take-a-way from that meeting that she will use to influence one of Trump's

How can this continue? Won't she be overseeing the non-blind trust of his holdings?


Call Chair of the Oversight Committee, Sen Jason Chaffetz, UT
D.C. 202-225-7751
Provo 801-851-2500

Is it time for Nancy Pelosi to graciously set aside to pave the way

for a fresh face?

I think so. The biggest problem with long serving elected officials is that they many times become tone deaf.

They are so enveloped in self importance that they don't recognize that people turn them off and stop listening.

The Democrats need to start, RIGHT NOW, that they "get it". Congressional leader would be a good place to start.

I went to the RNC last week and walked through the streets.

I had several interesting conversations, among them was with a tee shirt vendor selling very vitriolic messages. I asked how was business. She said just as I hoped. I said I understood she needed to make a living and hoped she would be voting for Hillary. She blinked and looked quite surprised and high fived me saying of course. I didn't buy anything from her, and moved on.

I talked with anti Hillary protestors wearing "Hilllary for Prison" tee shirts, some carrying bullhorns chanting "lock her up." They dressed like scruffy hippy types and were mostly young 20 somethings. I said I understood they needed to make a living- so is it worth it? One young man said he made more in 4 days than he did in 4 months.

Point being. It's probably a good idea for the WSJ, NYT, and other rags to disarm these demonstrators to learn who they really might be.

If Ninga can do this, anyone can.

Point being. It's very possible that printed stories might not contain the entire truth.

Ninga also says "painting with a broad brush leaves many bare spots on the wall"

No one thing is all

Bobby Kennedy and the Rev Martin Luther King are raising arms in

solidarity - casting their powerful aura and energy down on Bernie Sanders words and endorsement of Sec Clinton.

Listen dear citizens, and you will hear the words of a man of the people, who only ever wanted to hoist those at the bottom of the ladder onto his shoulders, and to a better life.

Comey is a clever and sophicicated snake-in-the-grass. He keeps

circulating back to his "opinion" and editoralizing re Sec Clinton's supposed judgement.

Lots of quotes for GOP fodder, unfortunately, not many of which will declare that no laws were broken.

Just crap.

Al Gore had Nader, John Kerry had Dean....

Hillary Clinton has Sanders.

This time it's different. The Party and presumptive nominee will recognize the voters who support Sanders by incorporating some of his policies into the party platform.

Gore and Kerry might have fared better had they adopted some of the policies of their closest competitors.

Sen Sanders will stand with Sec Clinton on the podium and declare that the Democrats are the true party of inclusiveness. He will declare a win for those policies that will help restore the middle class.

Hillary Clinton is very smart and she has already championed this move.

Mark my word. Remember where you heard this.

Love to my progressive peeps!

Bernie Sanders? Who is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, virtually unknown, has received nearly 9 million primary votes to date, that's who he is!

This is astounding. That his messages resonated with nearly 9 million people. The importance of this can not, and must not be left at the curb.

Hillary Clinton is known world wide. She is the most well-known woman in American politics.
To date, she is only 3 million popular votes ahead of Sanders. This is astounding. This is meaningful that she did not stop him, the unknown, in his tracks earlier in the primary season.

Bernie Sanders, the unknown, did not and does not have the support of many progressive Democrats, like Sen Sharrod Brown - very few to no nationally known progressives have taken the stage to stand in solidarity with Sanders and his message because the Clinton's spent their life time doing political favors, rasing money and collecting political chits to cash in for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Senators like Brown owe the Clintons. This is a simple and true fact.

Elizabeth Warren did not show up for Sanders, not because he and his message isn't valid or worthy, but because she blinked. Hedge for one second...and the moment is lost.

Who will step into Bernie Sanders shoes and lift the movement to their shoulders to carry it on?
That person will need to introduce themselves to the American primary voter, Sanders at their side.

While I am heart broken Sanders has not catapulted over Clinton, I am hopeful that this is time the progressive movement will not wither away...like it did with McGovern and the death of Bobby Kennedy...

Please tell me you are with me and won't go away...please tell me you are in it for the duration.

Hey guys, I love you all, but it's just not working...

You might as well be standing in the corner talking to the wall because your wordy diatribes about how the other candidate is so awful - falls on deaf ears.
What, You say! But but but!

Please tell me why voting for your candidate is a good thing, post links, show examples, argue forcefully. The nana nana boo boo finger pointing does not resonate!!

Too much work? Not as much fun?

It's just not working. DU has become a hot mess of borning pissing matches. I've been a member here since 2003, although not a prolific poster, I've read a lot and learned a lot.

This from Ninga, who,turns 72 tomorrow. (Although I really think and feel like I'm 40!)

The end.
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