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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 5,387

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I've spent the last 24 hrs reading everything I can get my hands on, and sadly

haven't found anything of great substance to indicate that anyone is going to move on the
Nunes debacle.
Saying he should recuse himself is meaningless if Nunes and the GOP continue to stonewall and ignor.
So Comey is not going to testify- now what?

Who is doing what when? i can't stand this!!!

I think the WH press corps is a little bit too

timid. Most ask questions and don't push back when Sean wriggles out.

So far, no hard evidence Trump will be touched.

So depressed.....

if the reason that Merick Garland could not get a hearing was because it was the

last year of Obama's presidency. Then it follows, that nobody should get a hearing while Trump administration is under investigation.

Stop Gorsuch now!

Disgusted with cable news cutting away from Gorsuch hearing to cover

Spicer briefing. Missed seeing Sen WhiteHouse grilling.

Only have one C-Span.

Shumer & Pelosi hammering Sessions at pressers

In the last half hour. Hopefully links willl be posted.
Lying, unqualified Sessions must resign.

SOS to Aaron Sorkin.......

We need a 2017 edition of "The West Wing"...
Binge watching original tomorrow....

Hand wringing aside....Tomorrow is a devestating day for America.

Trump will bask in the same limelight of those many scholars that went before him...
He will gaze at his supporters offering adoration and approval.
He will say to himself....yep, I am the boss and retribution awaits anyone who dares to cross me.
They will not make me do anything that will tarnish my crown.

In the meantime, we have to wait and trust that those who can, will do everything in their power to stay the course toward impeachment.

Right now, I have no hope. History informs my fear. I hope I'm wrong....

Ladies and gentlemen, watch, right before your very eyes, the

evil genius marketing wiz....gas lighting expert. Motor mouth at work. Lie, lie, lie.
So many at one time.

Only time will tell, how long, and if, he will get away with all this shit.

First and fore most, he is a marketing evil genius.

Sessions hearing: Ted Cruz eviserates Democrats during his questioning.

He lies and lies.

Democrats will respond???

I am sorry to say this, but there is no higher authority than President.

For some reason, Dear President Obama did not fully embrace the power of the office. He didn't use the internet or the bully pulpit to take to task the immediate challenge by the GOP to the validity of his election. He didn't understand that no matter what he did, the GOP would obstruct.

With Trump we see how the power of the Presidency has been resurrected. Trump doesn't do anything he doesn't want to and no one can or will tell him otherwise. And he does it boldly, out loud, and with no pretense.

Right before my very eyes I'm watching the dismantling of long-held traditions and the chaos of intermingling private security with the Secret Service.

For the handfew GOP who might question or challenge Trump's policies, they are in mortal danger of losing elections by being ripped apart on Britebart; GOP voters bible.

No press conference.
No tax returns.
No divesting of holdings.
No respect for the fact that we have only one president at a time.
No respect for diplomacy.
No repect for the truth,no qualms about lying each and every day.
No intention to stop fighting via Twitter.

He has the power to redefine what it means to be president, and he is freely, without obstruction, doing it right before our eyes.

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