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WV: Vaccine Hesitant Are In 'Death Lottery,' Governor Says

Dog with permanent smile finds forever home

On this day, July 4, 1986, Run-DMC released Walk This Way, featuring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

Happy 4th if you can keep it.*

My New Friend From Chile Wants Me To Explain To Him Trump People

Gubernatorial candidate Perez quits law job after learning firm is defending Maryland in

Dog with the cutest underbite gets second chance at life

Trump's Statements at FLA Rally Can be Used as Incriminating Evidence in DA Vance's Tax Prosecution

Dog Adopts A Stray Kitten That He Found Alone

Kitten Rescued from Street Is Sweet and Healthy in Amazing foster Family

Liquor board refers Nellie's case to D.C. attorney general

Thanks to Blogslug for my new 2 x vaxxed avatar !

Oh, darn; I forgot Harry "The Hipster" Gibson's birthday a week ago.

A Capital Fourth.....on PBS.......IT's been fawking awesome.....

Tibet's first bullet train line enters service

Ran out to Aldi this afternoon

2022 US Senate Elections from states the Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Flo Rida on CNN put on a good show.

Suez Canal says deal reached to free seized vessel

Colombia jails alleged superspider in mafia web

BTC: Newly-released recording lands Giuliani in major trouble

6 months after Capitol assault, corporate pledges fall flat

Hold On, I'm Coming - Sam and Dave

Link to DU thread on home made dog wrap to reduce terror

"...we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

Link to DU thread how to make home made dog wrap to reduce terror

The fireworks were spectacular!!!

Feds question relief funds for Florida teacher bonuses

Racists are everywhere

OTM: The Road to Insurrection

I mean, wow. DC killed it! I have never seen fireworks like that. Awesome.

Stars and Stripes Fornonthinkers

Insurers are making demands of 40-year-old buildings after Surfside condo collapse

The Daily Show: Dul-Sayin' - What July 4th Means to Black Folks

'Summer of Soul,' 1969: Harlem Festival Mostly Forgotten, Until Now, Concerts By Music Greats: Film

Should We Turn Our Back To Racist National Anthem?

The Blood Order - Hitler's BANNED Devoted Nazi Cult

DeSantis vetoes auto insurance overhaul bill

President Biden delivers Independence Day remarks on Covid response - NBC News

***1776 NOW! TCM

Happy 4th!

Frederick Douglass had nothing but scorn for July Fourth. The Black abolitionist spoke for the ensla

Police response to mentally ill people is under scrutiny. Denver may offer way forward.

Dr. Fauci Says Fully Vaxxed People Should Still 'Go The Extra Mile' And Wear Face Masks In Low Vacc

Love love love

Humor for the evening.

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 'Lord Have Mercy'/Psalm 135, 'Eksomologiste'


not sure if there are any pets in there--but if there are & it was my furbaby i'd be losing my

Al Franken: Andy Slavitt On His New COVID Book - Preventable (July 4, 2021)

☦ Orthodox Christian Prayer Service for the Sick and Ill-Afflicted

Is the Iron Range (or near to it) waking up?

Hounded (Pupsitting Part 2) - Simon's Cat

2022 US Senate Elections from the states the Democrats will win by a landslide to a narrow margin.

This Time - Waylon Jennings

How? How did this cat know? How?

White people need to chill.

Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico ranch listed for $27.5 million

Our cat bravely hung in there tonight with all the booms, for a while...

Former NY Asst. AG who prosecuted Trump U. wishes Weisselberg a great independence day, maybe

Almost True: How 700 news broadcasts got an American Farm Bureau report totally wrong

Lawsuit alleges Fenn retrieved treasure, kept contents

Anyone else just trying to wait out the fireworks?

Trump SEVERE DEMENTIA on FULL Display in PATHETIC Rally Speech - Christo Aivalis

Eleven days after partial collapse, remainder of Surfside condo is demolished

In Congress, July 4, 1776.

Couple spots TINY one-eyed kitten behind a fence

Even in the U.S. he couldn't escape the label 'untouchable'

Hendrix, 1969, Star Spangled Banner, Woodstock

demolition of Champlain tower. today.. .video

The Island of isolation

Wolves of Ipswich

Proud Boys Are Trying To Infiltrate Local Governments Across The Country - Ring of Fire

Horse owners say New Mexico regulators violated civil rights

Tensions Grow Between Trump and DeSantis

Fireworks poll

Bayard terminates police chief

White Supremacists March on Philadelphia

Dana Bash and Don Lemon were a hoot tonight

UK: Minister Says Wearing A Mask Will Become A 'Personal Responsibility' After 19 July

SURFSIDE COLLAPSE - sequence simulation

Local officials concerned about legal cannabis

Pro golfer Gene Siller and two others shot to death on golf course

Former Playboy bunny, New Mexico congressional candidate Sparkle Plenty dies at 77

Resident of older waterfront high rises are uneasy..keeping go bag by the door

Scale, details of massive Kaseya ransomware attack emerge

Queen awards George Cross to NHS to mark 70 years of public service

Major overhaul of liquor laws takes effect in New Mexico

I may need to sedate my dogs tonight....


A 4th of more Blue than Red/White - not Debbie DOWNER. Can you believe a "Vaccinated !" PIN?!

As water levels drop in Elephant Butte, Reclamation prepares for conditions not seen since the 1950s

Newly-released recording lands Giuliani in major trouble - Brian Tyler Cohen

Inalienable is an adjective that means unable to be taken away. Unalienable is

Linda Lyndell - What a Man

Survey: Half of New Mexicans approve of governor's job performance

Fauci on masks: wear one in low vaccination areas.

An *upper* not a Debbie DOWNER from me for a change: Lenny humiliating 1/3 Tenor

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - July 4th, 2021 - (Examination of Covid response with Dr. Fauci)

Covid-19 cases is again surging in Russia and these are the reasons

*The One and Only Dick Gregory. (ShowTime now, ch. 545.)

COVID-19 surging in Indonesia, South Africa; world toll down 5%

Abalone Rescue!

Flying car completes 35-minute test flight between cities

Newly Elected US Senators during the next US Congressional Session based on seniority.

The Communist Party claims to have brought prosperity and equality to China. Here's the real impact

David Loggins - Please Come To Boston

I'm stunned. No fireworks heard here

Question: US fireworks laws

Prince - America (Live 1985) [Official Video]

Iconic American Song Reimagined - NBC News

David Finckel plays Mendelssohn's 'Cello Sonata No. 2', Parts I.II.III.IV.

Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

Free - Prince

John Denver - Grandma's Feather Bed (1991)

Felt like a jolt of a quake in L.A., 12:58AM

Condo Wreckage Hints at First Signs of Possible Construction Flaw

John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy (Audio)

Carolina Chocolate Drops "Cornbread and Butterbeans"

Prince - Don't Play Me - Live 2006

All The Critics Love U In New York (2019 Remaster)

NENA - 99 Red Balloons - (1984)

Free (2019 Remaster)

Free (2019 Remaster)

Sparks - The Existential Threat

"The Number One Song In Heaven"

Matt Gaetz comes out of the KKKloset

Science turning real wood clear

Biden's Schedule for Monday, July 5, 2021


all 160 new shopping carts were stolen from a San Francisco Safeway within 1 week

Female engineers play key roles on IndyCar teams

Israel Sees Decline in Pfizer Vaccine [Infection] Efficacy Rate, Ynet Reports

Today in history: the first bikini

As a student, Tracy Stone-Manning sent a letter on behalf of eco-saboteurs. It's now complicating...

Matt Gaetz: Russia has a military advantage because they don't deny their 'white rage'

A bit of a line up at the breakfast bar, this morning

Trivia For Citizen Kane (1941) Fans

Rubio Hypocrisy: The Marxist Left Wants To Silence Dissent (Also Dissenters Should Just Move

tweet of the early morning

Breakfast Monday 5 July 2021

Golf pro, 2 others fatally shot at Atlanta-area country club

The Biden Administration Announced It Will Remove the Hyde Amendment

Malawi Pride and press freedoms in Palestine: human rights this fortnight* - pictures/Guardian

A peaceful moment for you today

Hypocrisy was built for them...

Former Murdoch Exec: Fox News Is Poison For America

Elephant Butte Reservoir - Largest In NM - Projected To Drop To 1% Of Capacity By August

Seriously are there any exceptional countries on the planet?

Why aren't people showing the flag for the 4th?

Perhaps the most brilliant rotten idea I've ever had.

The Rundown: July 5, 2021

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 6/30/21

The Best Comics of 2021 (So Far)

The Roberts Court is destroying voting rights -- winning back state legislatures is the only answer

Maga goggles! -by Tom Tomorrow

I live a few miles down the road

Monday TOONs - MAGA Goggles 2021!

Can Democrats Stomach A National Voter ID Law To Please Joe Manchin?

On this day, July 5, 1954, Elvis recorded "That's All Right Mama" at Sun Records in Memphis.

On this day, July 5, 1971, the 26th Amendment was formally certified by Richard Nixon.

Why is Free Speech TV not showing the Stephanie Miller show?

TOON Bonus - Bloom'n Hobbes

The Weisselberg Indictment Is Not A "Fringe Benefits" Case

Sinema emerges as Senate dealmaker amid progressive angst

Well, this was terrifying!

USA: In June, 10,000 more Americans died of #COVID. 99.2% of them were unvaccinated.

Task force on "indoctrination in schools" goes after successful programs for poor, immigrants

So Jeff Bezos Is Stepping Down as CEO of Amazon

Nearly 500K residents have signed up for Michigan's vaccine lottery

How did everyone's non human

Company behind Keystone XL seeks $15B in damages from US

BTRTN: Our Surfside Condo Democracy

BTRTN: Our Surfside Condo Democracy

After 20 years, if the Afghan forces cannot stop the Taliban, what makes anyone believe that they

Today feels like a new era is about to begin...

Tropical Storm Elsa headed to landfall on central Cuba coast

Proof that Trump was never audited

Has anyone else noticed the ratcheting up of rhetoric on Fox in the past few weeks?

I report. You decide. Biden's America versus Trump's America

how about this


Watch Joy Behar's priceless reaction to Meghan McCain announcing she's leaving The View

Cat songs

Scientists quit journal board protesting 'grossly irresponsible' study claiming COVID-19 vaccines...

Olbermann has the answer we should be giving to every MAGAt RE: Ashley Babbitt

Trump is asking random Mar-a-Lago visitors to recommend lawyers to help with his legal issues, ...

Pfizer vaccine efficacy drops in Israel as delta variant spreads

Prosecutors say spreadsheets from Trump Organization offer a road map for its indictment....

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Trying to tactfully expose racists that claim they are not racist

They Were the Nice, Older Couple Next Door. Then the First Body Turned Up.

Private review in WI... Someone needs something to do with their life

Hottest June In 110 Years Of New Zealand Climate Records; 2C Above Historic Averages For Month

SEE THIS MOVIE: "In the Heights"!!!

7 Republican Senators Ask Biden To End Trump's Failed Trade War

Trump Just Got Even Cozier With QAnon

Can we figure out how to get the ERA enacted? Is it hopeless, an artifact of "then" and not "now"?

Spare a thought for all deceased pets in Surfside

Trump has cut off Rudy Giuliani, and is annoyed that he asked to be paid for his work...

Good Day DU (July 5, 2021)

It's really that simple.... (John Pavlovitz)

Does Fred Perry Clothier Support Proud Boys or are the PBs trying to Damage Their Brand?

Charges Against the Trump Organization a Master Class in Tax Evasion

One dead, three injured in Adventureland Raging River accident

At the Florida condo they did a SIGNIFICANT detailed search and rescue for pets in the . . . .

Seth Abramson on Trump direct contact w/ insurrectionists...


Lax Enforcement Let South Florida Towers Skirt Inspections for Years

Trump's New Spokesperson Tweets Article That Says His Election Claims Are A Lie

all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bobbart bass, no treble .... warning graphic

Hackers behind holiday crime spree demand $70 million, say they locked 1 million devices

Perhaps this story is well-known, but I'd not come across it before. The Carters are unbelievable.

Know Your US Destructionists: Preate Crime Family (friends of Steve Bannon) and Doug Mastriano.

The Predictable Backlash to Critical Race Theory: A Q&A With Kimberle Crenshaw

50 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

So trumpig soldiers the proud boys taking plea deals , the rats are eating each other

WI businessman tries to overturn Trump's loss...

Zello: A Recruitment & Organizing Tool For The Far Right

Morning whole osprey family

My take on our flooded basement.

The Tech Cold War's 'Most Complicated Machine' That's Out of China's Reach

Meghan McCain's Antisemitic Zionism

Britain Prepares To 'Live With The Virus' And Remove Nearly All Covid Restrictions: WaPo

Chinese astronauts make first spacewalk outside new station

3 more bodies found after remaining section of Florida condo complex demolished; death toll at 27

Biden celebrates a July 4th 'emerging from the darkness'

Single dose of psilocybin spurs growth of neural connections lost in depression

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) Admits 'Worry' Democrats Will 'Expand Health Care and Education'

Nothing excusing the slaughter of Jamal KHASHOGGI. Just fascinating.

How some companies play 'fast and loose' with executive benefits: Trump's charges, explained

Is Mike Lindell smoking crack again?

Pandemic milk preparedness

'That Person Is Nina Turner': Progressive Nabs July 4 Endorsement of Largest Ohio Newspaper

Sea Snot in Turkey

Home of Democratic state senator 'is shot at 23 times'

Melanoma's Sister, Ines Knauss, Posts Anti-TFG Tweets On Secret Account

38 percent of voters say they are more proud to be American today than last year

A former Fox exec blasted the network for peddling Trump's election-fraud claims

Trump is running scared.

GOP Rep Thomas Massie Schooled After Claiming Military 'Will Quit If the COVID Vaccine Is Mandated'

Rescuers fight time, weather in Japan landslide; over 100 missing

Hard rock doesn't age. Here's proof, from 30 years ago

Now that the Fourth is behind us, can the "media" stop haranguing Biden for lack of 70% vaccination?

Columbus Blue Jackets goalie dies after fireworks-related Fourth of July fall

Bill Cosby defends TV wife Phylicia Rashad after she celebrated his release

Yes, Trump Really Did Lose Michigan - WSJ Editorial


Garage Rock from Zambia - Witch


Sign I saw coming home from the 4th.

I'm Ready

After 50 years, Colombia seems to have given up on drug war

It's a Hard Life; A Very Hard Life

Social Media App Launched By Trump Adviser Was Hacked On Its Launch Day

Sexual harassment scandal threatens to derail Arizona election audit

Protests across The Country Call for Bolsonaro's Impeachment

Fox networks refuse to run President Joe Biden's Independence Day address

Biden administration formally launches effort to return deported veterans to U.S.

Young Tony Soprano Rises in The Many Saints of Newark Trailer

Frozen out of my MacBook Pro

Cartoons 7/5/2021

I Live In Sweden!

Arlington company Eviation unveils electric airplane design

In crosshairs of ransomware crooks, cyber insurers struggle

Autopsy: Columbus goalie died of chest trauma

TFG took a 'sudden interest' in Ghislaine Maxwell when discussing who to pardon

Son of couple who died in FL condo collapse: "They always wanted to go together - and they did"

Why Republicans Condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene, But Not Paul Gosar

Afghanistan: Soldiers flee to Tajikistan after Taliban clashes

U.N. envoy tells Belarus to free political prisoners as U.S hints at sanctions

U.S. Case Against Julian Assange Falls Apart, as Key Witness Says He Lied to Get Immunity

French champagne industry group fumes over new Russian champagne law

Seems like election tampering is A-Okay in Arizona...for Republicans

Americans, Can You Answer These Questions? By David Shipley July 2, 2021

This is cute, with callbacks to many different dance fads:

World's tallest horse dies at age 20 in Wisconsin

Ex-Mueller prosecutor says charges against TFG Org are likely a 'shot across the bow'

Bolivia Arrests Two Ex-Army Generals Linked to the 2019 Coup

Ummm....not just no, but hell no.

Pa. man charged after allegedly screaming at cars, exposing himself

A restaurant owner says raising wages to $15 would solve her labor shortage

Nina Turner in the Democratic primary for the 11th Congressional District

Republican governors urge vaccine-hesitant residents to get Covid shots

Racial differences in COVID mortality rates linked to unequal hospital quality

Cartridge carrage will not move from the right side of my HP 6968.

Census takers worry that apartment renters were undercounted

Philippine air force plane crash kills 50, wounds 49

Pa. man was taking underwater pictures before drowning

Versailles - ROSE

Many multi story beach condos in FL have been turning in their inspection reports late


1 million Pa. residents have missed their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

9 days to go before the online event featuring Jennie Mayle and Martin Walker,

'Killing spree': Wisconsin's wolf population plunges after protections removed

Tough Guy White Supremacists Given Lesson In Politeness By Good Citizens Of Philly

A Lawyer Representing Capitol Riot Defendants Is Giving Her Clients the Basic U.S. History Lessons

What a difference a day and a location makes, here in Sheboygan.

Arizona Republicans seem to think election tampering is OK as long as it benefits them.

What Barriers to Citizenship Mean for Voting Rights

White hysteria, Critical Race Theory, and eyes that dare not see

Bookkeeper sentenced in fraud case; previously stole $60,000 from another company

Acappella groups - VOICE PLAY

Trump, Giuliani, AZ GOP chair pressured Maricopa cty to stop counting ballots.

COVID-19 outbreak reported among Galveston Co. church members after camp

Berta Cceres assassination: ex-head of dam company found guilty

This giant 3D display of a calico cat in Shinjuku is incredible.


US left Afghan airfield at night, didn't tell new commander

Corporate Pledges After Insurrection Fall Flat

Penguin Town on Netflix

Best Picture in 2004: Million Dollar Baby

Tajikistan calls up reservists to bolster border as Afghan troops, fleeing Taliban, seek refuge

Well, I finally got around to watching "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

Plant-based burgers?

Courts may see spike in people wanting to serve on juries

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Adam Kinzinger on calling Trump to testify for January 6 Committee - (Brian Tyler Cohen interview)

Acoustic, but not pretty. Soulful but not soft

Keilar: Trump appears to admit to facts of case against his company (CNN)

Two Golden Retrievers & Husky Welcomes Cute Litter Of Newborn Kittens

Opossum Covers His Mom's Face In Kisses

3D Maze Screensaver (Windows 95)

Afghanistan: A forgotten war in a "graveyard of empires" - CBS Sunday Morning

Delta flight from Tampa to Minneapolis returns to gate due to passenger mask issue

Afghanistan: Taking stock as U.S. withdraws - CBS Sunday Morning (really heartbreaking)

Weekly Ludi #21

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 5, 2021

Update on SF's sinking Millenium tower. Values plummeted then soared again

We have all seen food prices go up due to suppy

Mexico arrests former top police official for torture

..loneliest road in America.. Recommended to stay away or bring survival gear

A grim Independence Day weekend in Chicago was marred by violence, with nearly 90 people shot

Only in America do we throw birthday parties like this:

Historic moment in Chile as Mapuche woman elected president of Constituent Convention

Byhalia Pipeline canceled!

In Iowa County That Heavily Backed Trump, Republican Voters Weigh Other 2024 Hopefuls

Almost everyone in the supermarket today was masked. Only a few days ago, I noticed fewer masks.

How Local Elections Could End Democracy - The Damage Report

At Hoover Dam, less water means less power

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine sending state troopers to U.S.-Mexico border

In Capitol Siege Lawsuit, Judge Refuses to Side with Rep. Eric Swalwell Against Rep. Mo Brooks

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to Send Highway Patrol Troopers to Border

Rep Eric Swalwell brings the fire

So I'm thinking of of a leftist "militia"

Merkel sees strategic case for Balkan states joining EU

Richard Donner, Director of 'Superman,' 'The Goonies' and 'Lethal Weapon,' Dies at 91

Richard Donner, director of 'Superman,' 'The Goonies' and 'Lethal Weapon,' dies at 91

State strips visas of 55 Central Americans engaged in corruption

'The epitome of hypocrisy': 17 Tennessee Republicans accepted PPP loans -- but want to slash...

Massie Says Soldiers Will Go AWOL Over Vaccinations

Richard Donner Dies: 'Superman', 'Lethal Weapon' And 'The Goonies' Director Was 91

Far-right militia takes hold of island town in Washington: They're 'becoming the new norm'

In case you've not met Karen

Mercury Public Affairs, is partnered with Turner's own AMARE PR

At least 150 people fatally shot in more than 400 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend

Ultra-contagious COVID Delta variant "wreaking havoc" worldwide

Cute kitten distracts mom from studying for a test!

APFA to Participate in the United Against Slavery National Outreach Survey for Transportation

Nhl goalie killed by fireworks to the chest..10 ft from morter

***Submission Thread for the July Photo Contest: Abandoned***

***Comments Thread for the July Photo Contest: Abandoned***

"Love Train" with a Twang

The Kesaya Ransomware Attack is a Really Big Deal

Everyone should read Samuel Moyn's case for Supreme Court reform

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 6: Star Signs

TCM Tuesday

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter discuss their 'extraordinary' 75-year marriage

On the path toward hothouse earth

Elsa weather time lapse -- Key West and Miami -- July 5, 2021

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 7: From Hollywood to the Heartland

Surfside pushes back on report on delayed building repairs

NYT Essay: Everything I Know About Hope I Learned From My Dog

Journalists attacked, hurt in Tbilisi Georgia at anti-LGBT protest

How I improved the lives of the citizens of my state

We'll Know When Climate Change Really Has Gone Too Far To Stop Or Reverse.....

Kokoroko - Carry Me Home live at the Royal Albert Hall

Tig Notaro on HBO CW

Atlanta Woman Startled By Wild Cat (serval) in Her Bed

Trump aides laughed off a rumor that he would run for the House in 2022 because it's a 'real job' th

In Capitol Siege Lawsuit, Judge Refuses to Side with Rep. Eric Swalwell Against Rep. Mo Brooks -- For

The UK currently has 1,657,270 positive cases of COVID-19

Nerija - The Fisherman: EZH Sessions

Elie Honig Rips Barr: 'I'm Not Going To Be Polite, He's A Liar'

How a Far-Right Militia Infiltrated an Island in Washington

Newen Afrobeat - Chaltumay (Official Video)

Lynching Preachers: How Black Pastors Resisted Jim Crow and White Pastors Incited Racial Violence

Congresswoman at Border With Trump Skipped In-Person House Vote Citing Pandemic

If Trump were subpoenaed to appear before the Select Committee?