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The media should stop quoting Kellyanne Conway, because that would be conspiracy

to break the Hatch Act. It seems fairly simple - when a government office has determined that a government official is breaking the law, no one should be trying to help her do that by broadcasting or writing anything she says. She shouldn't be in her job, and every time they repeat what she says, or give her airtime, they are abetting her.

OK, FoxPravda will continue using her. But the proper media should just say they're ignoring her from now on.

Miles Archer

The news cycle of the last 24 hours is makin' that vein on my temple throb, and throb, and throb

1). Sarah Sanders quits. Don't let the door hit ya...

2). Office of the special counsel recommends Trump firing Kellyanne Conway for multiple violations of the Hatch Act. White House counsel wrote an 11 page letter saying that Kellyanne is swell, just SWELL. Lawrence O'Donnell just called that letter "a legally empty defense." He just played the clip of Conway smirking and saying "Let me know when the jail sentence starts."

3). DOZENS of guests on EVERY MSNBC show talking about how Trump "welcoming" help in the form of "opposition research" from foreign entities is proof that he has "gone too far" and "learned nothing from the 2016 election" and this time "ignorance is no excuse" and...DRUM ROLL PLEASE..."something" must be done.


The scary thing about Sarah Huck's departure...

...is that we'd thought no one could be worse than Spicer. It curdles the mind to consider how much worse her replacement will be, given that particular trend in this administration.



Huckleberry hopes she is remembered for her transparency and honesty.

If that's the case, in less outrageous claims, I would like to remembered for being in the baseball Hall of Fame, and for inventing Snickers.


Anyone notice that Sarah Three Names

made sure she attended the state dinner in England before she left office?

She got paid to do nothing for months, then got paid to go to a fancy dinner with British royalty right before quitting.

Nice gig if you can get it, I guess.

boston bean

Impeachment will not remove the mad orange king from office.

Voting him out is the only way.

May I humbly suggest that be our goal and stop with the constant dem bashing?

Cause really there isn’t a fucking thing more that can possibly be done that gets he fucking orange anus off our backs....


the big diff between help from putin and hep from steele-

steele got paid. it was a straight up, above board contract to ask legit questions.

pootie put gave a gift, in secret, and completely expected a quid for his quo.

it's the difference between buying something and bribing someone....


I object to electability arguments mainly because of their circular nature.

Supporting a candidate based on the fact that they are "electable" basically boils down to supporting the person who one believes other people will support because they also believe other will people support them, and so on ad infinitum. It is a little bit like investing into a "hot" stock that is going up simply because it is going up.

The problem with such trends is that they are true right up until they aren't.


Yesterday, When Trump Announced, "That's How Business Done," He Clued in America & the World

He is not in the White House to act as president or govern. He’s only there to do business, to enrich himself and his family, and is completely fine with breaking the law to do it. Trump is a loud and proud criminal and has dared us to do anything about it.

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