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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2004, 08:50 PM
Number of posts: 7,753

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Ben Carson....why is he not doing anything in medicine..?

The man was indisputably a brilliant neurosurgeon.

Why isn't he consulting/teaching/mentoring/something?

I know everybody gets to decide when they are going to retire, but guys with life-saving skills and his kind of experience need to teach their craft to others. Don't they? Aren't they in demand?

Is there something I've missed? Some scandal or something?

Additionally, is it possible he's got some sort of dementia starting..? His affect is so low-key that it makes me wonder. Are his strange beliefs and lack of knowledge about such things as foreign policy topics that he should know about indicative of anything other than the usual Tea delusions?

I was chuckling with a friend about Trump...

No fucking way he could actually get elected... clown.. etc.

Then my friend reminded me that not only did we actually elect Dubya (2nd term at least), but the Italians - nice people, really - actually elected Berlusconi. Prime Minister 3 times.

I peed myself just a little.

Tell me Trump is an impossibility.


A little computer help here....

I have a Mac Powerbook. 10.6.8

When I go to certain sites, and a video starts - even an ad - sometimes the 'puter just freezes, until after about 10 seconds the message "Shockwave video is not responding" After I tell it to shut shockwave down, the page opens and everything is OK.
I don't have an app for Shockwave, so I suspect it's embeded on the page or in the video.
How can I cure this problem.
(Hey.. all you young smartasses... I'm 72, but I've been using a 'puter since you were shitting yourself on a regular basis. Just gimme a straight answer.)

Multiple fatalities after whale-watching boat carrying 27 sinks off Vancouver Island

Source: Seattle Times

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Canadian authorities say there have been multiple fatalities after a whale watching boat with 27 people on board sank off Vancouver Island.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre confirmed that the vessel made a mayday call shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday near Tofino, British Columbia.

The B.C. Coroner’s Service said more than one person died.

Asked how many were dead, British Columbia Coroner spokeswoman Barb McLintock said in an email: “Multiple but we don’t yet have a firm number. Still a very fluid situation so we really are not sure yet.”

Read more: http://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/canadian-authorities-whale-watching-boat-carrying-27-sinks/?utm_source=WhatCountsEmail&utm_medium=Breaking%20News&utm_campaign=Breaking%20News%20Alert

The boat was out of Tofino, which is on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
That water is damn cold. And can be rough. I think most whale-watching boats have float-suits for their people, but I dunno how much that would help in that area.

Stay tuned.

Headline at Not-Very-Breitbart today.....


I got nothing ... nothing. I'm just sitting here stunned.

Anybody listened to AM hate radio recently..?

Got a new truck and was fiddling with the radio. Clicked onto AM mode and got about a minute of Medved. I lasted a minute because I was so gobsmacked by the shit he was saying. And he's relatively sane, compared to the stuff I read than Han-nutty and Limbaugh say.

Apparently Medved missed the Republican-dominated committee report that exonerated the State Dept and Hillary on Benghazi.

And Bill Clinton is at fault for the 9-11 attacks.

Jesus H Christ on a rubber crutch...

There are areas of this country where you can only get RW radio on the AM dial. No wonder people are fucked up.

When the Dems win the WH again....

... and make big gains in the Congress...

I say when.. not if...

What are people like this going to do?

(From the comments on a Kitsap Sun (WA) article about a guy open carrying on a city street. ALL the comments are RW, and supportive of Rambo Jr. pictured below)

"We will take our country back from extremists, as soon as the next Presidential elections and the current occupant of the White House vacates the premises. The Nation has had it up to their eyebrows with the "extremists" who have hi-jacked society for the past 7 years. Thank the Lord, only one more year remains before the Country is re-claimed and the healing can begin."

Rachel Maddow tonight....

Rachel was quoting some amazing state about what the Repubs believe... Obama born in another country... Cruz born in this country... wild and crazy shit.

I was installing my dishwasher and missed the source of those stats.

Anybody hear where she got that stuff?

Interesting fact...

Only about a third of American households have a gun - or guns - in the house.

Shows you the power of lobbying. And money.

Interesting stuff here:

Post on Facebook seems bullshit...

... mostly because the guy is a Teabagger. He says Home Depot doesn't give veteran's discounts.

Anybody got any scoop on this one? Both Lowe's and Home Depot say:“We offer a 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, to all active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members with a valid military ID.
All other military veterans qualify for a 10 percent discount during Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.”

Lowe's policy is about the same.

Both apparently want DD214 or equivalent, or military ID for current and retired military, or disabled vet ID's.

The FB post...."David Carleton
So I am at Home Depot today and the older gentleman in front of me shows his ID for a veterans discount. The clerk tells him he does not qualify for a discount so the gentleman asked to see a manager. They ask me to go to another line because this may take a few minutes. I tell them no thanks I want to hear this.
So a young cocky full of himself moron comes to talk to the gentleman and says no you do not qualify. The gentleman tells him he has always gotten a discount there. So the moron says well we have told our people to tighten the rules and we only give what corporate requires we give and you do not qualify. The gentleman says he will then take his business elsewhere. The young moron replies that is your choice. The gentleman starts to leave and I step in.
I tell the moron if one of your idiot friends walked through the door right now you would have the option of giving him a discount and with your attitude you would do it. So step over to the register and give this guy his discount. He says he does not qualify for it.
So I tell him look here is how this is going to work. Either you give this guy a discount and I call Home Depot corp and tell them how good of a manager you are in spite of the stupid policy.
Or I go home call Home Depot corp tell them I stupid the policy is and their manager is a moron, then I blast face book and it goes viral and you get to be the moron you are.
I think you know which one he chose!
So people please blast Facebook with this story.
It was store E Spokane #4714
5617 E Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
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