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NYT Editorial: McCulloch needs to step aside in this case or be replaced with a special prosecutor

The Opinion Pages | EDITORIAL

A Fair Inquiry for Michael Brown


Justice is a process, and it won’t necessarily result in the arrest the officer who fired the fatal shots, as many of the demonstrators say they want. Witness accounts sharply differ on the events leading to the shooting, and it’s impossible to predict whether the grand jury that began hearing evidence on Wednesday will indict Mr. Wilson. But those in charge have an obligation to demonstrate fairness at every step, and that means there cannot be even a hint of bias in the process.

For that reason, the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, Robert McCulloch, needs to step aside in this case, or be replaced with a special prosecutor by Gov. Jay Nixon. Mr. McCulloch’s parents worked for the St. Louis Police Department, and his father was killed on the job in 1964 by a black suspect while helping another officer. Last week he gratuitously criticized Mr. Nixon’s decision to put state police officers in charge of the response to the unrest.

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch investigation found that after a shooting in 2000, when two detectives shot two unarmed black men in the town next to Ferguson, Mr. McCulloch failed to bring any independent evidence to the grand jury. He claimed that “every witness” testified that the detectives were defending themselves, but secret grand jury tapes showed that several witnesses did not do so. When the grand jury chose not to indict, he said he supported the decision. That’s why many black elected officials — including Charlie Dooley, the executive of St. Louis County, where Ferguson is — have called for a special prosecutor in the Brown case, and more than 70,000 people have signed an online petition to that effect.


US Military Launched Secret Rescue Operation in Syria for James Foley, Other Americans

Source: ABC

US Military Launched Secret Rescue Operation in Syria for James Foley, Other Americans
Aug 20, 2014, 6:30 PM ET
U.S. special operations forces early this summer launched a secret, major rescue operation in Syria to save James Foley and a number of Americans held by the extremist group ISIS, but the mission failed because the hostages weren’t there, senior administration officials told ABC News today.

President Obama authorized the “substantial and complex” rescue operation after the officials said a “broad collection of intelligence” led the U.S. to believe the hostages were being held in a specific location in the embattled Middle Eastern nation.

When “several dozen” U.S. special operation members landed in Syria, however, they were met with gunfire and “while on site, it became apparent the hostages were not there,” one of the officials said. The special operators engaged in a firefight in which ISIS suffered “a good number” casualties, the official said, while the American forces suffered only a single minor injury.

The American forces were able to get back on helicopters and escape.

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/james-foley-us-military-launched-secret-rescue-operation/story?id=25060796

Cartoon: Fear of a black victim - by Matt Bors


The Stupidly Simple Science That Nails Michael Brown's Killer For Murder

7:27 AM PT: Courtesy nosleep4u-a summation-

Shorter version
PD report says MB charged from 35 feet away.
Wilson fired 8 shots.
MB died at 20+ feet away.

15 feet is at most 5 steps for a big person like MB.

5 steps for (A) MB to get up some speed (B) Wilson to judge its a charge and (C) Wilson to fire 8 shots.

Which is impossible. MB would have to have been "charging" like a tortoise.


GWB on ice

i know its for a good cause, but this pic really startled me...

OOOPs: Police Reporter Spreading Bullshit that "Ferguson Teen Attacked Cop" -RETRACTs STORY


Yesterday , the controversy surrounding the conflicting stories of Michael Brown's death grew hotter, when Christine Byers, a police reporter with the St. Louis Dispatch tweeted the following information about officer Darren Wilson:

Christine Byers ✔ @ChristineDByers
Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop's version of events in shooting #Ferguson
7:30 PM - 18 Aug 2014


But she backtracked, tweeting this semi-retraction hours later:

Christine Byers ✔ @ChristineDByers
On FMLA from paper. Earlier tweets did not meet standards for publication.
10:50 AM - 19 Aug 2014


Yeah, she was spreading this tale even though she's not reporting this story, or any other story -- she's taking a Family and Medical Leave Act leave from her job. But her rumormongering also spread like wildfire -- thanks to sites like The Blaze and (again) Gateway Pundit.


Is local law enforcement just tilting the story the way law enforcement always does with local media, but the result this time is that right-wing propagandists with a national base are listening? Or does someone in this process actually grasp how the right-wing puke funnel works? It's probably the former, but the result is the same either way: rumors and disinformation, once they're out there, get enshrined as fact on the right, and that colors the story for all of Heartland America -- and, by the way, for any potential Darren Wilson jurors. Whatever's going on, it's clear that the other side always work the media more skillfully



Shot 6 times...

America, You're Doing It Wrong


Pastor: "It is a tragedy that as a clergyperson I need a tear gas mask more than I need a collar"

REV. OSAGYEFO SEKOU: Yeah. Well, it is rather surreal to have spent the last six weeks as a scholar-in-residence at the Martin Luther King papers at Stanford and to get on a plane to fly home and to see the economic realities still at work some 50 years later, thinking about King responding to the Watts riots and the anger that he encountered when he went there by young people who were simply unconsolable when another young black man was shot down like a dog by a policing agency. And so, all of that added a bit of surrealness.

I was part of a group of local clergy. A lot of this work is led by local clergy, local organizations, like the Organization of Black Struggle. And so, we’ve been supporting, trying to calm young folks down, keep them out of harm’s way. I mean, it is a tragedy that as a clergyperson I need a tear gas mask more than I need a collar to be able to do the work that I feel called to do. And so, we’ve been attempting to kind of defuse the situation, de-escalate the young people’s anger, not because their anger is not righteous, that their indignation is righteous indignation, but we’re trying to protect them from the police. And so, in one of those instances—we’re attempting to do that. But let us be clear that we are engaging in work that should be not necessary in a democracy. We should not have to spend our time trying to protect children from police in their own community. And so, we’ve been engaging in that work. But the young people are unconsolable. Their hearts are broken. They’re in a tremendous amount of pain. A number of them we hear over and over again: "I’m ready to die because I don’t have anything to live for." And so, we’re attempting to engage that in such a way that we protect them, that they might be able to live and to be able to fight another day.

And lastly, I want to say that one of the things people can do nationally is, if you are coming here—and we need more boots on the ground—please contact local organizations, particularly the Organization of Black Struggle or the PICO Network and their local organizers here, to be able to be plugged into supporting the work that needs to be done on the ground. If you’re coming—at the risk of repeating myself, if you’re coming from out of town, please contact the Organization of Black Struggle and other local organizations so you can get your directives from them.

And that we’re asking the media to continue to do your job and to tell your truth and to be able to bear witness to as the Fourth Estate. You must hold accountable police agency and government officials.


Perry "Smug" Shot

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who was indicted last week for abusing the powers of his office, surrendered to the Travis County Courthouse to be fingerprinted and have his mugshot taken.

After he surrendered, the Travis County Sheriff's Office released his mugshot:

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