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KRUGMAN: Centrist Pundits "Will Always Invent Some Reason Why Obama Just Isn't Doing It Right"

Today in Well, Duh


So Klein admits that Republicans just don’t want to make a deal. Their objections to the deals on the table aren’t sincere; if convinced that Obama has met their demands, they just make more demands.

I think it’s important here to understand the broader implications.

The whole push for a Grand Bargain has been based on the notion that we can reach a fiscal deal that takes the whole fight over the budget off the table. What Klein has belatedly learned is how unlikely such a Bargain really is; but the same logic tells us that any Grand Bargain that might somehow be struck, via Obama’s mystical ability to mind-meld Star Trek and Star Wars or something, wouldn’t last. In a year — or more likely in a minute or two — Republicans would be back, demanding more tax cuts and more cuts in social programs. They just won’t take yes for an answer.

Meanwhile, it’s not just Republicans who refuse to accept it when Obama gives them what they want; the same applies, with even less justification, to centrist pundits. As people like Greg Sargent point out time and again, the centrist ideal — deficit reduction via a mix of revenue increases and benefits cuts — is what Obama is already offering; in fact, his proposals have been to the right of Bowles-Simpson. Yet the centrist pundits keep demanding that Obama offer what he has already offered, and condemn both sides equally (or even place most of the blame on Obama) for the failure to reach a deal. Again, informing them of their error wouldn’t help; their whole shtick is about blaming both sides, and they will always invent some reason why Obama just isn’t doing it right.


Bernstein Reveals Woodward (2005)

I called Carl Bernstein to ask what he thought of his old partner's behavior. He was loyal as ever but he did say something very revealing -- and unintentionally damning. "This investigation," he told me, "has cast a constant searchlight that the White House can't turn off the way it has succeeded in turning off the press. So their methodology and their dishonesty and their disingenuousness -- particularly about how we went to war -- as well as their willingness to attack and rough up people who don't agree with them are now there for all to see. They can't turn off this searchlight, which is shining on a White House that runs a media apparatus so sophisticated in discrediting its critics it makes the Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Ziegler press shop look like a small-time operation." And these are the very thugs that Woodward was protecting while attacking the guy operating the searchlight.

more blasts from the past here:



NYPD lied under oath to prosecute Occupy activist

NYPD lied under oath to prosecute Occupy activist


After being arrested, the Manhattan District Attorney's office presented Premo with a deal that would have let him off the hook by pleading guilty to lesser charges. Maintaining his innocence, however, he was determined to fight the case in court.

Premo was “facing serious charges and potential substantial jail sentence, even though he never should have been arrested at all,” his supporters claimed in a post published on The Laundromat Project website.

Nick Pinto of the Village Voice says he was nearby during the December 2011 rally and recalls watching Premo’s arrest from a distance. In his report from court this week, Pinto explains how the details provided by the NYPD in this trial have been fabricated to such a degree that the allegations presented by the cops turned out to be literally the opposite of what occurred.

“Premo charged the police like a linebacker, taking out a lieutenant and resisting arrest so forcefully that he fractured an officer's bone. That's the story prosecutors told in Premo's trial, and it's the general story his arresting officer testified to under oath as well,” Pinto writes. He adds that attorneys for the defendant underwent a lengthy search to try and find video that verified their own account yjpihj, and found one in the hands of Democracy Now. “Far from showing Premo tackling a police officer,” writes Pinto, that video “shows cops tackling him as he attempted to get back on his feet.”



Dick Cheney Tears Into Condoleeza Rice For NOT Bowing To His Will

Dick Cheney Tears Into Condoleeza Rice

In an upcoming documentary about the legacy of Dick Cheney, Foreign Policy notes the former vice president lashes out at Condoleezza Rice for overriding his recommendation to bomb a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007.

Said Cheney: "I thought (destroying the reactor) would reassert the kind of authority and influence we had back in '03 when we took down Saddam Hussein and eliminated Iraq as a potential source of WMD. Condi was on the wrong side of all those issues so we had significant issues."

"In his 2011 memoir In My Time, Cheney called the former diplomat 'naive' for her attempts to negotiate with North Korea and said she once 'tearfully admitted' her mistakes to him in his office."



Bradley Manning is a true American hero.

Bradley Manning is a true American hero. Thousands of soldiers consider themselves heroes just for enlisting and taking a tour overseas, claiming they are protecting Americans when really they are running our name through the mud and murdering thousands of foreigns civilians in an illegal war. Bradley Manning actually earned his "hero" status but doing what was right. He did not "aid the enemy" unless the American people are the enemy because he gave us the knowledge of what was actually going on over there. Good luck man. We are praying for you. My children will know your name.

unfortunately, this is from Russia Today

EPIC FOIA - US Drones Intercept Electronic Communications and Identify Human Targets

EPIC FOIA - US Drones Intercept Electronic Communications and Identify Human Targets
New records obtained by EPIC under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection is operating drones in the United States capable of intercepting electronic communications. The records also suggest that the ten Predator B drones operated by the agency have the capacity to recognize and identify a person on the ground. Approximately, 2/3 of the US population is subject to surveillance by the CBP drones. The documents were provided in response to a request from EPIC for information about the Bureau's use of drones across the country. The agency has made the Predator drones available to other federal, state, and local agencies. The records obtained by EPIC raise questions abut the agency's compliance with federal privacy laws and the scope of domestic surveillance. For more information, see EPIC: Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Drones.


KRUGMAN Explains Sequestration: “This was designed to be stupid”

“This was designed to be stupid,” Krugman said. “The whole point was, this was supposed to be a doomsday device that would force the Democratic and Republican parties to reach an agreement. Of course, they didn’t, and here it goes.”

While the effect of the spending cuts would take time to manifest, Krugman told Schultz, they would definitely be felt by late 2013.

“This is exactly what the doctor did not order,” he said.


“If we would just stop cutting, the growth would probably keep going,” Krugman answered. “If spending had grown as fast in this recovery as it has in past recoveries, we’d be spending something like $200 billion a year — state, local and federal — more, maybe $300 billion a year more. Maybe $300 billion a year more. We’d have about a million and a half more public sector workers than we do right now, because we’ve been laying them off at unprecedented pace. So, I think $300 billion a year of additional spending would be appropriate and would mean, if we did it, that we would be pretty close to full employment at this point.”



Zing: Its the coverup, not the crime.

Its the coverup, not the crime.

His misreporting on the nature and history of the sequester is one thing. And, aside from being wrong, its almost too much inside baseball even for people like me.

But in taking it a step further and then charging the White House (as if Gene Sperling is the man in charge of the place) with threatening him, he has tried to cover over his mistake with this act of misdirection. One that even his more sympathetic colleagues have a hard time taking seriously and it seems he’s lost the fight on his original point.

Love the irony.

Arch and snarky. But I think he’s basically right.


George Takei: POTUS Got It Right Coining "Jedi Mind Meld" Phrase

...actor, director and activist George Takei, who played Lt. Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek: The Original Series, insists the president actually got it exactly right.

“Jedis are the guardians of peace and justice. And mind meld is the Vulcan way of having the force of pure, clean communication between one mind and the another,” Takei said on “The Ed Show” on Friday. “Well, that’s what the president is trying to do–bring those two forces together.”

And, the White House finds a way to 'meld' these two memes:

The White HouseVerified account

We must bring balance to the Force.
#Sequester #JediMindMeld


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