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Leave it to Politico to describe a corruption indictment as a tragedy


From Digby:

So he was a total phony. And a corrupt greedhead. There's no hint of tragedy in all that except for the Villagers who admired him so for his well-coiffed, "well-rounded" personality and his easy going style. They didn't want to look at the reality which was a man who changed personas like he changed his ties. The only consistency in him was ambition. And in second gilded age America, it doesn't take Woodward and Bernstein to go one step beyond that and look for signs of naked greed.

McDonnell ran as a right wing zealot and then changed into a centrist corporatist, which is the most soothing of all political trajectories among the Villagers. That's the trajectory that slaps the rubes of both parties square in the kisser. How great. They liked it so much that until fairly recently he was commonly seen as presidential material. And they don't have the excuse that he was from some far away state and they didn't know what he "really" was. He was, for most of them, their own Governor. They genuinely liked him a lot. That he turned out to be little more than a gifted conman makes them feel bad. And that's the real "tragedy" here --- Villager disappointment.



When the Anti-Choice Choose
By Joyce Arthur (copyright © September 2000)

Abortion is a highly personal decision that many women are sure they'll never have to think about until they're suddenly faced with an unexpected pregnancy. But this can happen to anyone, including women who are strongly anti-choice. So what does an anti-choice woman do when she experiences an unwanted pregnancy herself? Often, she will grin and bear it, so to speak, but frequently, she opts for the solution she would deny to other women -- abortion.

In the spring of 2000, I collected the following anecdotes directly from abortion doctors and other clinic staff in North America, Australia, and Europe. The stories are presented in the providers' own words, with minor editing for grammar, clarity, and brevity. Names have been omitted to protect privacy:

"I have done several abortions on women who have regularly picketed my clinics, including a 16 year old schoolgirl who came back to picket the day after her abortion, about three years ago. During her whole stay at the clinic, we felt that she was not quite right, but there were no real warning bells. She insisted that the abortion was her idea and assured us that all was OK. She went through the procedure very smoothly and was discharged with no problems. A quite routine operation. Next morning she was with her mother and several school mates in front of the clinic with the usual anti posters and chants. It appears that she got the abortion she needed and still displayed the appropriate anti views expected of her by her parents, teachers, and peers." (Physician, Australia)


"Recently, we had a patient who had given a history of being a 'pro-life' activist, but who had decided to have an abortion. She was pleasant to me and our initial discussion was mutually respectful. Later, she told someone on my staff that she thought abortion is murder, that she is a murderer, and that she is murdering her baby. So before doing her procedure, I asked her if she thought abortion is murder -- the answer was yes. I asked her if she thought I am a murderer, and if she thought I would be murdering her baby, and she said yes. But murder is a crime, and murderers are executed. Is this a crime? Well, it should be, she said. At that point, she became angry and hostile, and the summary of the conversation was that she regarded me as an abortion-dispensing machine, and how dare I ask her what she thinks. After explaining to her that I do not perform abortions for people who think I am a murderer or people who are angry at me, I declined to provide her with medical care. I do not know whether she found someone else to do her abortion." (Physician, Colorado)


"The sister of a Dutch bishop in Limburg once visited the abortion clinic in Beek where I used to work in the seventies. After entering the full waiting room she said to me, 'My dear Lord, what are all those young girls doing here?' 'Same as you', I replied. 'Dirty little dames,' she said." (Physician, The Netherlands)

"I had a patient about ten years ago who traveled up to New York City from South Carolina for an abortion. I asked her why she went such a long way to get the procedure. Her answer was that she was a member of a church group that didn't believe in abortion and she didn't want anyone to know she was having one. She planned to return to the group when she went back to South Carolina." (Physician, New York)

"I once had a German client who greatly thanked me at the door, leaving after a difficult 22-week abortion. With a gleaming smile, she added: 'Und doch sind Sie ein Mörderer.' ('And you're still a murderer.')" (Physician, The Netherlands)

"My first encounter with this phenomenon came when I was doing a 2-week follow-up at a family planning clinic. The woman's anti-choice values spoke indirectly through her expression and body language. She told me that she had been offended by the other women in the abortion clinic waiting room because they were using abortion as a form of birth control, but her condom had broken so she had no choice! I had real difficulty not pointing out that she did have a choice, and she had made it! Just like the other women in the waiting room." (Physician, Ontario)

oldie but important, much more here:

Charles P. Pierce: "Mitt's looking better and better."

Another One Bites The Dust
By Charles P. Pierce at 11:30am

You know what job had worse prospects for the future than being the No. 3 man in al Qaeda? Having been a Rising Republican Star at the 2012 Republican National Convention. First, Chris Christie delivers the keynote on the topic of Chris Christie, Political Giant. Then, there was Marco Rubio, who was rather like the home team, except that he's taken his act on the road and become a cotton-mouthed stepper on rakes who abandoned his signature issue the first time someone in a tricorn yelled, "Freedom!" Then, there was "Bobby" Jindal, who was supposed to be coming back from his own failed debut on the national stage, only to find himself subsequently slapped around by his legislature, spending state money on creationist bayou madrassas, and trying now to keep David Vitter from succeeding him. I think Jindal may run for president of the United States on the grounds that Louisiana's sick of him. But nobody has crashed and burned more garishly that noted transvaginalist Bob McDonnell, who now faces multiple counts of being a shameless grifter.

The indictment's out, and it's a doozy. It's gooey and icky and full of all kinds of human venality and, worst of all for the McDonnells, their alleged corruption is very easy for the world at large to understand.

16. On or about December 21,2009, MAUREEN MCDONNELL sent an email to JE,stating 1need to talk to you about Inaugural clothing budget. 1 need answers and Bob isscreaming about the thousands I'm charging up in credit card debt. We are broke,have an unconscionable amount in credit card debt already, and this Inaugural is killing us!! I need answers and I need help, and I need to get this done. MAUREEN MCDONNELL subsequently told JW that she could not accept the dress at that timebut that she would take a "rain check" from him.

Mitt's looking better and better.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/archives/blogs/politics/by_author/68/15;1

looks like Capitalist couture to me



bad company?

Republican Ally Says Wendy Davis' Bio Wouldn't Be An Issue If She Were A Man

Republican Ally Says Wendy Davis' Bio Wouldn't Be An Issue If She Were A Man

“If this involved a man running for office, none of this would ever come up,” Haskins told the Star-Telegram.

“It’s so sad. Every time I ran, somebody said I needed to be home with my kids. Nobody ever talks about men being responsible parents.”

“They wouldn’t be talking about Wendy if she weren’t a threat," she added.


David Koch "impressed & Inspired" by Chris Christie: "a true political hero. He is my kind of guy."

Chris Christie Lets Loose at Secret Koch Brothers Confab
In our exclusive recordings, David Koch introduces the New Jersey governor as "my kind of guy" and "a true political hero.
—By Brad Friedman | Wed Sep. 7, 2011 2:00 AM GMT


The gathering, after all, was a fundraising and strategy session for what Charles Koch described as a battle "for the life or death of this country." And Christie dutifully rallied the troops. "You, the people in this room, are the modern day patriots who will save this country or let it go by the wayside. It's up to us," he intoned during his nearly hour-long address.

He wasn't the only GOP governor in attendance that weekend. White House hopeful Rick Perry of Texas spoke earlier that day—revealing his trip only after an Austin daily confronted his spokesman. Rick Scott of Florida and Bob McDonnell of Virginia made the pilgrimage too. But Christie managed to fly to Colorado and back undetected. The governor's public-relations staff provided a copy of Christie's daily schedule for June 26, which included his Meet The Press appearance, but nothing more. After we told his deputy press secretary that we wanted to talk about Christie's Colorado trip that day, nobody from his office would return our calls, despite multiple attempts.

The governor demurred, as usual, when Koch audience members called on him to join the 2012 race. But he did seem to be laying groundwork for a possible future presidential run. Koch seminars, after all, are loaded with the type of donors presidential candidates crave. And in his introduction, David Koch lauded Christie as a "true political hero."

"Five months ago we met in my New York City office and spoke, just the two of us, for about two hours on his objectives and successes in correcting many of the most serious problems of the New Jersey state government," Koch said. "At the end of our conversation, I said to myself, 'I'm really impressed and inspired by this man. He is my kind of guy.'"

Audio & More:

I Have Seen the Future of the Republican Party, and It Is George W. Bush - By Jonathan Chait

When George W. Bush left office in January of 2009, the Republican Party was firmly in the grips of a quasi-theological belief in the power of low tax rates for the rich. In the face of a collapsing health-care system, rising global temperatures, an engorged financial system, and rising inequality, it produced an agenda that either ignored these problems or aggravated them. Some pundits hopefully posited that the twin shocks of the economic crisis and the 2008 election might prod the GOP back to reality. It seemed, at the very least, that the party’s economic policy apparatus could not possibly get any worse.

It got worse. Much worse.



Pentagon workers strike:“Mr. Obama-I work hard to serve American heroes & I shouldn’t end up with 0”

WEDNESDAY, JAN 22, 2014 06:00 AM PST
Breaking: Pentagon workers strike over poverty pay
“Mr. Obama, I work hard to serve American heroes, and I shouldn’t end up with zero”


Non-union cleaning and concessions workers at the Pentagon plan to walk off the job for the first time Wednesday morning, the latest in a series of federally contracted worker strikes designed to force the president’s hand. Organizers hope dozens from the Pentagon will participate today. They’ll be joined on strike by workers from the Air and Space Museum, Ronald Reagan Building, and Union Station, government-owned buildings where workers have staged a series of past one-day work stoppages for the same purpose.

“I moved back with my parents because I couldn’t afford rent,” 52-year-old Pentagon cooking and cleaning worker Jerome Hardy told Salon in a pre-strike interview. “My teeth are decaying, my teeth are bad,” he added, but “I can’t afford to take off to get my teeth fixed.” Hardy said after eight years of work at the Pentagon, “I still make $9 an hour. Eight years, I haven’t gotten a quarter raise, a dime, a nickel, nothing. So my bills are falling behind. I need more money.”

As I’ve reported, the strike campaign by the coalition Good Jobs Nation – backed by the union federation Change to Win – aims to urge President Obama to wield executive authority to raise labor standards for those employed under federal contracts. Taxes fund around 2 million jobs that pay no more than $12 an hour, according to the progressive think tank Demos; federal contracts worth $81 billion went to companies that had collectively paid out close to $200 million in penalties and back pay, according to congressional Democrats. “Mr. Obama,” said Hardy, “I work hard to serve American heroes, and I shouldn’t end up with zero.”

The White House and the Office of Management and Budget did not respond to inquiries last week about workers’ call for executive action. Since Good Jobs Nation’s launch last May, organizers say the campaign has secured a (reportedly inconclusive) meeting with the head of the General Services Administration, spurred union recognition for about 220 museum workers, sparked a Department of Labor investigation into alleged wage theft, and largely succeeded at using community protest to reverse or avert retaliation against strikers. But the campaign so far hasn’t received any direct public response from the president.

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