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60+, semi-retired, from the SW corner of a red state in the PNW

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Perhaps, but if that process started

and with a corresponding wind shift in their base, they could be seen as "saving the country", especially since Pence would be primed and ready to go.

I gotta say, that prospect really has me worried too - Pence in, "trump was a sick man, he needs help" and his base (evangelical anyway) doing an about-face and marching to Pence's tune. Never missing a beat. Now, for the Jeff Flakes of our world, they've got future plans, getting out now is good. Wash their hands and wait.

I think there's a clue in the last sentence of his tweet:

"No Collusion, so they go crazy!" 45 has that well-know habit of projecting and I think that is what he did here. so they go crazy shines a light, I think, on where he is at right now. In his own mind, his own upstairsville, subconsciously he's starting to realize he's lost it. Of course, consciously he would never admit it. He just doesn't know it. Yet.

My take is the finger/nipple thing

symbolizes the immediacy of the tanmans self-serving, narcissistic nature in juxtaposition with the anticipation of his soon-to-be fulfilled (but never really can be), breast shaped, two-scooped, lacto-pleasure. Milk/mommy/mammary issues? Chocolate? Dunno.

I'm unfamiliar with his artwork, but as you say Vc3, I'm impressed by his talent too. This particular example is very powerful, in my opinion.

Yes, this.

Politically correct = good manners. Remember "good manners"? Argue without insulting. Don't wipe your nose on your sleeve. Treat others as you might want to be treated. Don't slurp your soup, talk in the library, tease the dog, make fun of others' misfortune, fart in the elevator? Perhaps not sharing political or religious opinions with strangers? Remember?

Some folks have basically co-opted political correctness as "what lefty elitists do" to excuse their own awful, base behavior (bad manners). It gives their coarse nature free reign. So now they can be as ugly, bigoted and hateful as they choose, because otherwise it would be politically correct.

good point

another thing I keep thinking about is the beer-drinking, tobacco smoking, outta shape and overweight, dress-up-in-camo/body-armor weekend warrior and their pals WOULD NOT stand a chance against a formally trained, motivated and professional fighting force. Not-A-Chance. There's a big difference between the Bubba's who work at WalMart and people who's job is being soldiers. Or marines. Or the local swat team.

It's always the money, it seems.

Greed, pursuit of inordinate wealth, avarice, whatever it's called, just follow it and see where it takes one. I always get a kick out of the thumpers beating their chest about ours being a "Christian" nation, when right in front of their noses the evidence suggests otherwise. Perhaps, greed is the biggest of the so-called seven deadly sins and maybe the reason for the other six.

Why? Big money at the top of the heap.

Old wealth leveraging the wheels of the world. Dark wealth controlled by unknown (to us) faces and forces. Unimaginable wealth that calls the shots even to the likes of the Koch brothers. Yeah sure, the so-called "liberal media" pretends to report the news, but if it hits too close to home or uncovering their agenda, nothing, time to pull the plug. Like dark matter in the universe: the science says it's there, but we don't know where and are unsure of its nature.

Of course, I have no proof and would be the first to say I sound a whole lot like a tin-hatted conspiracy kook. But I have a blind faith in the idea of the inherent evilness of the pursuit of wealth for wealth's sake. Not much good can come from that chase. Just follow the money trail upward while observing the misery all around us. The ubiquitous misery that never. quite. gets. attended. to.

So, in my opinion, that's why. As kooky as it might sound.

His affinity for conflict doesn't sound like leadership to me.

One would think an environment of harmony and respect would beget unity. If you want non-productive division, sow all the conflict you can. One would think, anyway.

thanks for your reply - back on track here

I woke up this morning feeling a little more uneasy than usual and went exploring my personal stream-of-consciousness jungle when I should have stayed in camp. Certainly before coffee. Coincidentally, your points 1 and 2 are simplified in a bumper sticker on my truck, which I should've peeked at before rambling off.

It's doubtful I'm the only one who feels they are living in that well-known Yeats poem and lately his "rough beast" seems to be advancing ever closer. I just keep wondering why the red-hats insist on shitting the nest by scorching the earth? We ARE the hand that feeds them. They don't get it. When is enough, enough? Or, to paraphrase a quote by (I don't remember) "When everyone is content, everyone is content". Thanks again

In his mind, just doing the Lords work. You know, his lord...the one with the sagittate tail. nt

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