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60+, semi-retired, from a corner of a red state in the PNW

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Yes, it might. For a while.

But it wouldn't change the reason why this might be necessary. And here's my argument: When those billions of lives are dependent on an alternate means of production rather than a traditional means, who is going to be profiting on these new sorts of developments? Those billions (including you and I) are not. And when push comes to shove, after a problem turns up in our new system of production which limits it's output? Who is going to be eating then? Not you and I, but the folks who can afford it.

Same thing with clean air and water. We might discover a way to make clean air out of old Chevys and clean water out of old Fords. We might be able to provide for everyone for a while, but when that human designed system begins failing and push comes to shove, it won't be you and I breathing that clean air and drinking that clean water. It will be those who made it impossible to dig a well on our newly uninhabitable land.

No, it starts with changing how we use what we have to equitably benefit a sustainable population. We've got to stop messing in our nest because it's the only one we have. I don't have much hope that we shall be able to so because it just doesn't pencil out for those driving the bus. And right now we've missed the last stop and well on the road to nowhere, IMO.

It was a fun read. Thanks for this, niyad.

Aged Lenny, rise up to your call
Of cold winter day and long solstic thrall
A spark, then gleam to bright furnace beam
we begin our journey to new vernal squall

With the above toast and a glass of champagne, we fire-up our old furnace each year. We try to keep from doing so until the week between today and next weeks cross quarter day. This year however, its seasonal start-up came a couple of weeks early.

We must be getting colder as we get older.

If the surveyors were in the "entire street" only,

then it might be just a topographic survey, for civil design of drainage improvements, sewer, utility improvements, etc. Usually they will collect enough corner evidence to establish any public right-of-way but not necessarily enough to analyze for a full-blown property survey. If your neighbor has been maintaining things in the right-of-way, there is not much she can do: "The King will get his due". Utility easements might encumber a certain width of private property adjacent to and outside of that public right-of-way or side/back property line. The utility(s) in question has/have specific rights and restrictions spelled out in the easement documents or on the plat (if platted).

If you saw the surveyors digging up and measuring corner evidence or setting property corners in back yards/lines, it is probably a property boundary survey from which a Record of Survey and property description may likely be prepared and recorded with the county. Part of their job is to uncover, measure and record all available monument evidence, lines of occupation, etc. to analyze and prepare for subsequent filing with the county. In that case gaps, overlaps, encroachments and/or non-prescribed uses as you mentioned may be noted on the survey.

If your neighbor's property is an unplatted parcel and not part of an adjacent platted subdivision it might have some senior rights. That is where surveyors, attorneys, courts, lots of money and likely bad feelings come in to play. Suing for adverse possession or some kind of prescriptive right, IMO, is an ugly, expensive, somewhat rare, last resort thing to do. I've seen once friendly neighbors turn into bitter enemies fighting over little strips of land, that in the big picture don't amount to much. It's far better to try and iron things out before it gets to that point.

Long story short: Go to your county assessors office, ask some questions, see if there is a recently recorded survey you could look at, etc. Maybe ask the local highway district if they are planning on anything. Or if you know the name of the survey firm, they might be willing to shed some light. If they were city or county surveyors, my guess is they were doing a little design topo for some kind of improvement. Good luck and try to stay out of court.

On the one hand, we have a War Hero. On the other, there is a Whore Weirdo.

Rest in peace, Senator, with a fair breeze at your back.

The orange guy? May gale force, restless nights rack any conscience you may have.

I'm liking what I'm hearing here,

especially the recognition that the entire community are all stakeholders, including any specific shareholders. It's way past time that external costs are diligently examined and mitigated along with the usual corporate proclamations of community benefits "because jobs".

Whether or not this proposal gets anywhere is a different story. I think the shitty oligarchical foundations of our current corporate MO have been set, poured and backfilled too, with republican nonsense. Perhaps the typical business as usual structure can be redesigned and placed atop of?

Good luck Senator, this new ACA will likely send the redhats over the edge.

Interesting ideas on why the defense rested it's case in there.

Here's a comment from that which made me laugh. RE Manafort:

Dr. Random J. Gopher
‏ @Winkypopo
Replying to @Popehat

It also doesn't look great when your client rotates his eyes in two different directions to check for predators, then licks one to clean it.

9:51 AM - 14 Aug 2018

Sorry, I don't know how to do the twitter copy thing.

This is unfortunate but somehow comforting.

Because you've been there before and still have hope, you've engaged with a redhat working to find a common thread of humanity through facts or reasonable argument. Their eyes glaze over or they start to do the Gish on you. Voices might rise til once again, you realize it's pointless to go further.

Now, you can take that unfortunate comfort in knowing you are not likely to progress, so why try? It's your choice. Know when to stop. Save some time. You might better advance your argument and have more fun in talking to your dog.

The hope, though beaten down, remains. When to apply it on a facts bereft subject, is a clearer choice.

+1. Excellent post - especially your 2nd paragraph.

Keep the citizens in a state of constant assault by the next biggest sporting event, celebrity-studded gala or latest handheld flashy thing and you'll keep that citizen from thinking about the problems that DO exist and questioning how best to solve them.

We'll dance to most any tune our corporate pipers care to call and wearily march in lockstep to our dreary, unsatisfying jobs unaware that our pawnish path has already been determined by unknown plutocratic chess masters.

We've got to figure out a way to jam the game plan. We can start by GOTV this November.

"We inherited a situation where Russia was running all over the United States".

Um, okay...sure.

You also inherited a sound, strong Obama economy, which was soon claimed to be the result of tRump's leadership. But now that Russians are crawling all over your asses, it's someone else's fault?

That shit ain't gonna fly with most folks. Folks with a brain, anyway.

Meanwhile, next door in Idaho:

In 2016, the legislature passed a bill which was signed into law specifying that local governments, and local voters, can have no say over containers, including plastic water bottles and bags and restaurant carry-out containers even though the state doesnt regulate those.

Nothing like the "local control is best" or "invisible hand of the marketplace" gang ensuring that local control cannot happen. Apparently, this bill was written because a manufacturer of plastic stuff was getting worried after a few local communities started making noises about regulating plastic shit.

Big bidness, small bidness, it doesn't matter. If it makes money, our red-state GOP loves preventing regulation despite the negative effects on the public or environment.
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