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60+, semi-retired, from a corner of a red state in the PNW

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Meanwhile, next door in Idaho:

In 2016, the legislature passed a bill which was signed into law specifying that local governments, and local voters, can have no say over containers, including plastic water bottles and bags and restaurant carry-out containers – even though the state doesn’t regulate those.

Nothing like the "local control is best" or "invisible hand of the marketplace" gang ensuring that local control cannot happen. Apparently, this bill was written because a manufacturer of plastic stuff was getting worried after a few local communities started making noises about regulating plastic shit.

Big bidness, small bidness, it doesn't matter. If it makes money, our red-state GOP loves preventing regulation despite the negative effects on the public or environment.

"I doubt this asshole will face any doubt or torment in prison."

Maybe, maybe not. My understanding is that incarceration is especially tough on people with convictions against kids.

He absolutely should have been locked up by now. He has spent time in both Kentucky and federal prisons. Today's Idaho Statesman listed a mile long account of assault, sex, drug, parole violations and weapons charges over many years in California, Tennessee, Kentucky and Utah. How his 30 year old ass got to Idaho I don't know. Given his past, he simply should not have been out on the street.

Beside little Ruya, the other victims and their families, there is another person whose life will likely be forever changed. That is the woman who allowed this guy to stay at her apartment, in the same complex as the refugees, for a few days til she kicked him out for bad "behavior". That apparently set him off on his deadly rage. I cannot imagine the guilt she must be feeling right now.


Despite Idaho's redstate reputation, for many years Boise has been a haven for refugees fleeing awful conditions in other countries. This tragedy has brought that community closer together and our larger community closer around them.

Peace to little Ruya, her family, friends and everyone else affected by this senseless act.

yes, yes and YES.

Several years ago I was trying to explain that concept to a co-worker. He kept on insisting that it is the capital/investor class who decides to plop down a business, anywhere they wanted, and the market would magically appear. Demand was created by supply according to him. Snap your fingers and the demand would materialize.

A white winger, born, raised and lived most of his life in a small rural town, he talks as if he's cosmopolitan and wise to the heady ways of the world because of what he read somewhere or heard on the AM radio. Yes, pretty much the boorish, insufferable type.

We don't speak much anymore.

He's still an idiot.

Amnocrisy of convenience.

Where they conveniently forget to live by the same standards as they would have others live by.

Good, thoughtful words that should carry us as people.

"matured enough as a people to extend fellow-feeling to those whose looks and lives and experiences place them outside outside our own understanding."

That is what should make us, as a species, different than other animals. Hell, I'm struggling enough with "matured enough as a person" all the while slowly losing hope that as a citizen, then a human, with the Wheels of the World in our hands, we're losing our way.

Another DU'er just commented in a post of mine

about that very thing. It hadn't occurred to me til just then. Remember a few months ago, when it was being said that tRump was now getting comfortable with the presidency? How he was learning the ropes, the shoes were breaking in, he was learning the limits/extents of what he can do? I think that was about how he was learning to "work it" to benefit him.

I think he's working the market in at least two ways:

First, getting his/javanka's/associates' financial ducks in order before he intentionally creates chaos. They can buy/sell, however they will, to take advantage of projected turns before he initiates some hare-brained tweet, comment, policy, etc. that riles the markets. Win/win for them.

Second, as you said, unblock: working it til right before the election, then he can unleash the bull by rescinding some of the selected shit that he's doing in order to pop the markets. Win/win for them and maybe the GOP. True bullshit. Truly evil. That whole group of miscreants truly needs to be cast out. Or rather, cast in, as into prison.

Of course, how do we know, prove or stop that is what they are up to?

When simplicity is thrown towards their altar of spin, no matter the subject,

you get their usual conflation, complications and eventual contradictions. Do the Democrats do this? Not to this degree, in my view. An example is this recent interview of Don Lemon getting Steve Cortes to begin sputtering when pressed to answer the generic simple question:


Don Lemon was great with his calm, focused manner.

Yes, classic bullying behavior

I think part of it is they are surprised when we do fight back. It puts them at a loss, so they reach deep into their (limited) arsenal and pull out "snowflake" because it implies fragility to whom it's directed or "politically correct" which in my view, is just another term for good manners, because it sounds like a big word.

The patriotic American commercial I want to see:

fade in to a laughing, engaged family eating dinner, then "These people pay their fair share of taxes",

fade out and back in to a bustling small business on Main St., then "So does this business",

fade out and back in to the regional power plant, then "This corporation does too",

fade out to black for a second or so, fade in to a frown-faced tRump, staring at the camera with his arms folded, while behind Resolute, then "This man does not",

fade out to black, and the on-screen script says "Why not?" fade slowly to back.

This commercial might take 15-20 seconds and repeated often enough, who knows?

I've been growing a beard, remaining uncut, as a form of singular protest

since November of 2016. At least one other member of DU is/was doing the same thing. As you said, I figured dRump would last a few months, six months tops. It's been 19 months of his miserable occupation of our house and I don't see an end either. I am learning that for every surprisingly stupid thing he says or does, it is surprisingly and stupidly accepted by his base and their GOP herders.

While not to a Gandalf state yet, it continues to grow: long, gray, turning white, for as long as it takes.
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