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wocaonimabi's Journal
wocaonimabi's Journal
February 27, 2014

Removed to make some people happy

Ya all might as well delete your commets too other wise SOME will get all upset.

Next I will be accused of not being a Democrat, I don't love Pres Obama and I kick small animals and hate kids too,

February 22, 2014

America wants Justin Bieber Deported! So how should it be done?

We get a really big dude, like football player big, who gets to do the deporting. The Deporter and Deportee (Bieber) go up to the border, then the Deporter grabs the Deportee by his collar and belt and then throws him across the border and shouts don't ever come back! Like when a bouncer throws a drunk out of the bar.

Of course this is shown all over the internet and TV live.

Another idea is the Government contracts with Acme Products and builds a giant sling shot to launch him back to Canada.

February 16, 2014

Many seem upset over the VW Union Vote

I know I am and thought that it was very shortsighted on the part of the workers but that is there choice, it does not matter how you feel on the subject unless you work there.

Now the question I have is how many bemoaning the vote always purchase US Union Made Automobiles?

I know I always buy union made autos and refuse to buy non union made automobiles, I won't even consider anything else.

Would Union Membership be so low if more people were purchasing Union Made Autos and other goods?

February 14, 2014

The kindness of strangers

Thanks for the Valentines Heart!

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