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wnylib's Journal
wnylib's Journal
June 6, 2024

Smart donkey finds way through gate.

This is an old video that might have been posted here before, but here it is for anyone who missed it. Just click where it says "Watch on YouTube."


June 6, 2024

Whew! Finally recovered from my spring covid shot

that I got yesterday morning around 11 am.

The first bivalent shot, which I got last October, hit me harder than previous covid shots, and this second bivalent one hit me harder than the first one. Headache, nausea, all over body aches, fatigue, achy eyes from slightly elevated temperature.

I just lolled around all day today and didn't get dressed until 7 pm. I wanted to go to a nearby convenience store just to have some fun by telling the anti vax clerk there that I'd just had a shot. Last time she actually backed away from me like she might get contaminated by electromagnetic rays shooting out from my vaxxed body. But, the store had closed early when I got there. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, just to get her reaction.

Getting the shot was eventful. At 9:40 am, as I sat in the waiting room of my primary care office on the 2nd floor of a very large medical building, I heard loud beeping in quick succession, followed by a pause and more beeping. Meantime a set of lights on the wall flashed on and off. A fire alarm! But I thought it was probably a mistake, an electrical malfunction. There was no smoke anywhere. I hesitated to respond, mostly because I did not know where the staircase was and I knew that, if it was a real alarm, I should not use the elevator.

Then a nurse came to the waiting room to tell me and the one other person there to follow him. He led us to a staircase that was already crowded with employees and patients headed down to the first floor exit and across the street.

Nobody knew what set off the alarm. Someone thought it was a drill. After several minutes, a city fire truck appeared from one end of the block and another one came down the street from the opposite direction, blocking all traffic from entering the area.

We waited half an hour before being cleared to go back inside. At least it was a beautiful, sunny day. Turned out that there was construction going in another part of the building and either sawdust or an overheated power tool set off the alarm.

But I noticed that all the employees knew exactly what to do and were attentive to getting patients out the door with firm and calm directions.

May 25, 2024

What words or concepts did you or someone you know misunderstand or misspeak as a child?

This question was inspired by another OP that asked what creative words of children became family terms for something. But I'm curious about any accidental misunderstanding or mispronunciation you or another child might have had.

I remember seeing a TV documentary (or ad? Not sure now) as a child that showed dolls on an assembly belt being put together. So I thought that's how babies were made, too, only in a hospital where parents went to pick up the finished product.

Word mistakes - Christmas Carol, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. There's a line that says, "Angels bending near the earth to touch their harps of gold." I thought it said "hearts of gold" because that was a phrase I'd heard to describe good people.

But I was very confused by another line that says, "The earth in solemn stillness lay" because I thought it was "stealin' a sleigh." What kind of angels would steal Santa's sleigh?

I had a godmother who doted on me as a child because she had sons and I was the daughter she never had. She bought me nice outfits for school in September and special gifts for birthdays and Christmas. When very little, I called her my fairy godmother because, to me, she was like the ones in fairy tales. My parents thought it was cute and did not correct me. But when I used the term in front of cousins, I was embarrassed by their laughter. "She's not a fairy godmother, silly. She's just Aunt Elaine."

Any other childhood misunderstandings?

May 23, 2024

More cats and children

May 23, 2024

Children and cats compilation

May 22, 2024

Whew! Dodged a weather bullet. But still concerned about regions near me (western NY, southeastern Ontario, Canada)

After 3 days of high 80s F with high humidity, thunderstorms were predicted today.

Clear skies turned gray around 10 am. Just before noon the wind kicked up to 35mph with gusts to 50 mph. Ember (cat) went behind the couch, which she usually does only when she hears rain on the windows. I closed the bedroom door to keep her from hiding under the bed in case the weather got worse and we had to take shelter.

The winds lasted about half an hour, then died down as a light rain started. No thunder, no lightning.

But Buffalo's NPR station announced severe thunderstorm warnings with 60 mph winds, hail, and possible structural damage for areas north and northeast of me. Then a tornado warning and heavy hail for southeastern Ontario, Canada (also northeast of me).

The tornado warning was discontinued while I typed, but severe thunderstorms are still going on to the north and east of here. Guess they blew over my area.

The good news is that I was able to coax Ember out from behind the couch while the strong winds were still ongoing. I put her into her carrier and put the carrier next to me, away from windows and the sound of wind. When the wind and rain cleared up, I opened the carrier door. She stepped out cautiously, peeked around a corner at a window, saw gray skies, and went back inside the carrier.

That's good news because I've been trying to teach her that the carrier is safe shelter from rainstorms and fire alarms so that I can grab her and run if necessary. She's catching on.

May 21, 2024

Now that Trump's defense has rested without testimony from him,

I want to see the media flooded from now to the end of the trial with clips of him insisting that he would definitely testify.

But will that happen?

May 12, 2024

US offering Israel intel on Hamas leaders whereabouts if Israel makes no major operation in Rafah.

According to the Times of Israel, referencing the Washinton Post, the US is offering sensitive Intel on locations of Hamas leaders and their tunnel hideouts IF Israel does not launch a major operation against Rafah.

The US is also offering tent encampments for Palestinians displaced from Rafah and a humanitarian aid infrastructure for them.


Looks to me like the offer would make targeting Hamas leaders more precise than a major operation in Rafah would. It also would address humanitarian concerns and aid that Biden has said are necessary during this war.

May 8, 2024

University at Buffalo (UB) student arrested for posting threat of violence directed at Jewish students.

During a Holocaust remembrance gathering on campus by Jewish students, a non Jewish student posted on social media a request for someone to shoot them up. That post was reported by several students to campus security.

Buffalo station WGRZ reports on the incident here:


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