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Gender: Female
Hometown: NYC
Home country: USA
Current location: NYC
Member since: Mon May 26, 2008, 09:46 PM
Number of posts: 24,634

Journal Archives

A Political Ideology (Tim Wise - White Privilege)

I figure I would post this for everyone. I think many posters seem to forget the magnitude of racial profiling and by it's very nature the racism based on discrimination and stereotypes are racist. And due to that, Zimmerman's actions, be him White or Hispanic or White Hispanic, what he did is racist---because racial profiling is a byproduct of racism.

I felt Tim Wise talks about this best and most eloquently.

Speculation: Trayvon and Zimmerman Confrontation...

I was reading this thread:Can we discuss the two minutes between George's 911 call and Trayvon's death

And ran across this post by KansDem [link:http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002503070#post95|What happened to the Skittles and Iced Tea?
The reason why I ask is, whenever I'm carrying objects to a destination, I find myself preoccupied with getting there with those objects intact. That's why I find it hard to believe that Martin attacked Zimmerman. What did he do? Put his Skittles and iced tea down on the ground so he had his hands free to pummel Zimmerman? If things were moving too fast, did he throw them down? Did Martin try to fight Zimmerman why holding onto his recently-purchased items?

What happened to his merchandise?]

I answered here.

Basically the above post got me to thinking. If the undertaker for Trayvon stated that he saw no signs of a struggle on Trayvon's hands or body. And in the video we can see that Zimmerman doesn't seem to have been dealt a hard blow to his body as he claimed to have stated. Or at least his father, his brother, his friend, and his neighbor attested too. Then I really started to think about those things that Trayvon had in his hand.

If I'm being followed and I even make a detour to avoid a guy who I think looks suspicious so I could get home. And then I see the freak in front of me like a horror movie. I would use whatever I got to ward the guy off. Additionally, Trayvon played football at one time. I would assume he's got a good throwing arm and decent aim. What if he threw his iced tea at Zimmerman and it was a direct hit. It's possible it could lead to a broken nose, but most definitely it would lead to a bloody nose. Then I pictured if you get hit in the face you might duck down a bit. What if Trayvon then threw his cellphone at Zimmerman's head. It would fit in line with Zimmerman's injuries.

But it would also suggest that Trayvon was acting in self defense and it would also support the claim he was crying and screaming for help if Zimmerman then pulled out his gun on Trayvon. The kid is sort of trapped. He could run back where he came but the guy came from that direction. Not to mention a gun would sort of freeze me, personally. I don't see myself thinking I could outrun a gun but I would scream for help and plead with the person in front of me not to kill me.

It's just the post above got me thinking---cause really what did happen to those things. It makes me wonder as the poster above where the hell were the items in relation to the crime scene. But I could see evidence like that to support Trayvon being totally contaminated or destroyed by these inept police officers.

More and more I'm figuring that Trayvon used what he used on hand as his defense weapon than actually take on Zimmerman, as Zimmerman claimed and we were focusing on. What if it went down this way?

What do you guys think?

The crying woman on the 911 call for Trayvon Martin.

I was listening to her again. I listen to her a lot because her call really gets me. A single woman, probably White, alone, no family, barely any friends and dealing with something like this.

I had heard her say this before but it caught my attention this time in regards to the discussion on gun laws; she says, "When someone is screaming help, don't you wish you could so something? I mean, I don't have a gun or anything..."

It was the line she says in bold. To see that the way she sees to protect someone to take out a gun. This is hardly attacking her, but it seems like so many of us don't see the police or anything of that nature really as a protective force. That we need to meet violence with violence. I have to wonder what would have happened if she did have a gun. I actually sometimes wonder about the 13 year old boy with the dog and if this woman had a gun what would have happened if they both showed up at that scene. I get the feeling the 13 year old would be lying on a metal slab along with Trayvon.

And this White woman would be in over hear head as to who to believe --the Black boy (or boys if they were both there) or the neighbor.

But again this goes back to this gun culture and cowboy mentality that we as Americans have. Don't get me wrong. As a Black female from NYC, I love to go shooting regularly. But it would never cross my mind to use a gun on anyone. A sheet of paper, sure thing...a human being - never.
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