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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 404

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I see the president is still making up BS on the fly.

Besides isn't Mexico paying for the wall? Or was that just an old lie..... that's being replaced with this new lie of fresh bull crap. Fox news a proven source of BS.

She wants to hire her brother's mercenaries (Blackwater)

This is the direction that this has been heading. DeVos and Eric Prince (brother and sister).

Yet another intentional way to bleed money from taxpayers to further enrich themselves.

BS!!! Jeff Sessions. You pick and choose. States rights when it benefits you.

Federal laws when you don't like what the states have decided and legislated.

California needs migrant workers for picking the nations farm products. So if California want to treat migrant farm workers as a needed individual then why should the racist Sessions get to ignore that state's rights.

Drinks would be on the looser.... if memory serves me right.

Trump's buying!


#GOP THE PARTY OF DEATH why does the GOP deny millions access to affordable health care?

#GOP THE PARTY OF DEATH why does the GOP refuse to fix the cost of prescription drugs in America?

#GOP THE PARTY OF DEATH why does the GOP attack Medicare and Social Security?

#GOP THE PARTY OF DEATH why does the GOP attack food stamps and free and reduced school lunch programs?

#GOP THE PARTY OF DEATH why does the GOP ignore homeless veterans and others sleeping on our street?

#GOP THE PARTY OF DEATH why does the GOP fail to completely fund programs to stop the opioid epidemic & deaths.

#GOP THE PARTY OF DEATH Why? Do they only cater to the 1%.

Gun nuts (NRA) know what real data will show.

That's why they buy congress members to block any attempt to gather that data on a national level. The US public is being duped and ignored when it come to gun violence.

The obvious position of the GOP is to deny ANY science thus giving them cover on many fronts. Especially with the poorly informed or the purposely misinformed audience supporting the GOP sycophants.


He used the bible and religion as a weapon.

Paper ballots now and for the foreseeable future!

No more hackable, internet accessible voting machines that invite election tampering and add to that the GOP attack on voting rights and you have the makings of repeatable stolen elections.

Maybe the NRA will donate some of the reported.......

...... Russian money not use in the 2016 elections to his legal defense fund.

Is she really that dumb? Trouble perplexed?

Simple he is in bed with the Russians. Wake the F up Susie. This is the whole point. Trump doesn't want to Pi$$ off Putin because Putin has dirt on Trump and will spill it to get what he (Putin) wants. Sanctions would cut Putin off from billions of dollars he has squirrel away in off shore accounts.

If Trump doesn't apply the sanctions he gets two things in return. 1. No embarrassing/illegal evidence on Trump and 2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from Russia to dig Trump out of the deep financial hole he is in.

No wonder the country seems to be going down the $hitter.
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