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Member since: Fri Feb 22, 2008, 11:09 AM
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Time to target the traitors!

It's time we start identifying the Senators from the "Treasonous GOP 47" who will be up for election in 2016. I know that one of my senators, Rob Portman, is up for election and I will be doing everything I can to be sure the citizens of Ohio know that he is a traitor!!! Now is the time to hammer these traitors and defeat them and send them into permanent retirement!

Where's the parade?

Today marks the "official" end of the US-Iraq II war. I applaud the President for following through on his campaign promise to get us out of Iraq. Now, let's see what this effort accomplished:
1. Nearly 4500 US servicemen killed. Estimates of Iraqi casualties vary.
2. An Iraqi government split by religious affiliation.
3. A proto-nuclear state in Iran with ballistic missiles ready to defy the world on proliferation.
4. A pan-Arab revolution spreading through the Middle East.

I think we need to get our military forces out of an overexposed position. I hope an expedited withdrawal from Afghanistan is next. In the meantime: to all those who served; THANK YOU!!!
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